You Are Empty


The year is 2070

In the city of Neo-Detroit, largest population center of the Independent Hokkaido prefecture, steeps a quiet balance. People go to work, children go to school, things work as they should. At night, the streets are empty and quiet, devoid of crime and homeless vagrants. The blue streetlights illuminating the sidewalks for the benefit of animals and and the longing stare of the cold sky. The summers are cold and snowy, and the winters are extremely harsh.

Local politics are streamlined and well-greased, and the Yorokobi Corporation provides the city with cheap energy, affordable housing, free internet and countless jobs. Even as the rest of the world crumbles and rages against their own inadequacies, Neo-Detroit coasts along smoothly.

In such a place, why would Mahou Shoujo be needed?

Inside the steel-girded walls of Neo-Detroit, no one really knows - or maybe they just don't care. Sure, some overworked factory workers may tell stories about seeing things in the Murkworks, and all outside news broadcasts have been officially cancelled by the Yorokobi Corporation in lieu of the Yorokobi Report, but those things are no cause for concern.

All's well in Neo-Detroit.

But you're not in Neo-Detroit. You don't know where you are. There was a flash. Some pain. And now you're in a room somewhere with no memory for the last 24 hours. You'll just have to figure that out later.



All players start with one permanent Fallout Change from the Change table. The player can choose if it is a Magic, Heart, or Fury Change. The Player can choose one that is appropriate, but the DM would encourage against choosing one just because it is easy to conceal/ignore.

Make a character as normal. Feel free to put as much into your backstory as you want, but keep in mind that the first session will be the first time any of your characters experience magical-girl-ness. Because of what I just said, please don't bother coming up with a "Why I contracted" thing, because that will be dropped on your lap in the first session. Likewise, don't bother coming up with a wish ahead of time until your character learns about them ingame.


Name Player Element Power Attributes
Siu Nicholson Aun_Shi Blood Blood Manipulation F>M>H
Evelyn LeGrande Hospes Steel Animate Armor F>M>H
Sunny Brightfield Jinx Psyche Neurotype M>F>H
Clair Nakami Consilium Glass Glass Control H>M>F

Important Places in Neo-Detroit

Important Places in Dis


The Prologue is Empty Prologue - November 11th, made by Giantree/Bigwood
You are Empty~ First session - November 19th. Thanku, Giantree-Oniichan~
You are Empty 2 Second session - November 24th
You are Empty 3 Third session - December 2nd
You are Empty 4 Fourth session - December 16th
coming soon: Fifth(?) session - January 12th