World War Burst S3: Part 2
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Jul 03 18:07:08 * Oxford has changed the topic to: All vessels must be registered with Albaean Military Command - Alle fartøjer skal være registreret hos Albaeansk Militær Kommando
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Jul 03 18:16:41 <Oxford> During the summer months, the rocky shores of Fjendet bear the brunt of the North Seas' frequent summer squalls. Glasholme, nestled on the lee side of the island, is sheltered from the worst of the waves, but the rain still falls unabated in dense gray sheets.
Jul 03 18:19:38 <Oxford> From the bar in the basement of the old town meeting-house, the rumble of thunder is muffled by the thick stone walls. Nearby lightning strikes cause the electric lights to flicker intermittently, plunging the room into darkness every few seconds.
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Jul 03 18:27:29 <Henriette> "It will have to do!" Henriette says, marching from one of the rennovated offices upstairs.
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Jul 03 18:28:10 <Kraken> "Still isn't done though, needs a name." Naida leans over the counter of the bar, racking her brain.
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Jul 03 18:31:19 <Oxford> Rain beats against the small windows around the tops of the walls. The drain at the bottom of the stairs into the basement isn't keeping up - Naida can see a trickle of water washing over the doorjam and into the room.
Jul 03 18:34:58 <Naida> With a sigh, she grabs a bucket and attempts to angle it just right to catch some of the overflow.
Jul 03 18:35:15 <Naida> "How about 'The Rusty Tub?'"
Jul 03 18:36:08 * Henriette has made her best attempt to seal the leaks within her own "room". "How crude, ma belle. Perhaps something a little more ambitious, don't you think?"
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Jul 03 18:36:38 <Naida> "What…what do you think a tavern is?"
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Jul 03 18:38:33 <Rosalyne_Holst> "We don't have much to work with anyways Henriette. It'll have to do. I propose we call this place the Rusty Tub." She says tring t change the conversation to something else.
Jul 03 18:39:00 <Henriette> "Just because it is not currently sophistique does not mean it cannot possess un nom chic!" Henriette replies indignantly. Despite the cold, she's wearing her stylish wardrobe proudly. Thick wool can still look good!
Jul 03 18:42:30 <Cille_Lund> "That sounds better than it ought to, really. The Rusty Tub…" She's still trying to get over that whole episode, but it does ring well. And seeing as everyone's patching leaks to this place, the least they could do is talk about it too! "Though if we're actually going for a sophisticated look at any point in time, we'd need a broader name. …What sort of look are we going for?"
Jul 03 18:43:20 <Rosalyne_Holst> "It's a Pub, there is so much we can do to make it look better without making it into something else. And we don't have the money to change it to something else." Rosalyne says flatly, maybe they should get some couches for their rooms or something.
Jul 03 18:43:49 <Naida> With a thick laugh, Naida wipes away a tear. "We have beer, not wine. Cheep beer even. Unless you have skills you've failed to mention…"
Jul 03 18:45:31 * Henriette glares at Naida. "Vous avez un mauvais sens de l'elegante, ma cherie," she replies with a look that says she knows perfectly well what language that way.
Jul 03 18:45:33 <Henriette> *was.
Jul 03 18:45:38 <Oxford> At their current rate of consumption, the grimy barrels of beer will last all summer. Ambitions beyond personal use, however, will require fresh supplies in short order.
Jul 03 18:47:26 <Rosalyne_Holst> "If we sell this beer we can get more beer to sell and MAYBE make this place look more welcoming than it actually is." She puts a mug somewhere to stop a slow dripping near the wall.
Jul 03 18:47:50 <Naida> "Vooze 'aves unmauved sense the lee leg ant, eh, Ma cherry to you too, dear."
Jul 03 18:48:42 <Henriette> "Gaulian is a better language than that beastly tongue I hear here."
Jul 03 18:49:42 <Naida> "I'd agree but I only hear it in more sultry contexts."
Jul 03 18:50:37 <Henriette> "What are you implying?"
Jul 03 18:51:34 <Naida> Shrug. "Simply that the language seems to ward off clothing."
Jul 03 18:52:41 * Rosalyne_Holst nods.
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Jul 03 18:53:55 <Oxford> The two girls face each other across the uneven stone floor in front of the wooden bar. The Cimbrian girls are on one side, Henriette on the other. A single electric lantern swings uneasily from a hook in the ceiling between them.
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Jul 03 18:54:37 <Henriette> With a gasp, Henriette slams her hands down on a table in time with a clap of thunder. "Such a thought must only cross the minds of ces estrangers grossiers! Gaulians sont un peuple fier avec une belle langue! Au moins, nous ne sommes rien comme vous brutes!"
Jul 03 18:55:03 <Cille_Lund> In the end, the only thing they're brewing is rivalry. Teamwork for our country! …Cille wonders when she'll be able to actually use these powers (whatever they are, specifically), but until then, she's…helping manage a tavern? Sure. OK. …Still, this place is more fitting of the name 'Leaky Bucket', but if you don't have anything nice to say, so on.
Jul 03 18:55:52 <Naida> After a rather confused look during Henri's rant passes, Naida beams a coy smile. "…are you trying to seduce me?"
Jul 03 18:56:36 <Lily_Blevins> It's at this point that Lily comes CRASHING DOWN THE STAIRS! "Is the tub ready or should I wash in the rain~?"
Jul 03 18:57:13 * Rosalyne_Holst really can't avoid laughing at that. She covers her mouth to avoid being too loud.
Jul 03 18:57:40 * Henriette only makes a frustrated noise in response. She turns away to hide the tears quickly forming at the corners of her eyes.
Jul 03 18:58:30 <Cille_Lund> …And with rivalry, sexual tensio-suddenly, Lily! Never been more welcome! "The tub's probably gonna stay rusty, rain's good!"
Jul 03 19:01:42 <Naida> With an even more amused look toward Lily, "Depends whether you have shame or not."
Jul 03 19:02:12 <Lily_Blevins> "Shame is for mortals I'm a fairy!"
Jul 03 19:02:37 <Oxford> The tub has, in fact, resisted most efforts at cleaning, but running enough water over it has essentially washed away all of the loose rust, at least.
Jul 03 19:02:44 <Cille_Lund> "You could probably wash in the rain without leaving the tavern anyway. Leaks everywhere."
Jul 03 19:03:19 <Rosalyne_Holst> "I figured as much. You're going to get arrested if you're seen though." Rosalyne seriously considers getting herself a drink.
Jul 03 19:03:40 <Naida> "Unfortunately…remind me to lay the charm down on one of the locals to see about fixing this drainage."
Jul 03 19:03:47 <Lily_Blevins> "Naida where's the people soap?" She's starting to scavenge around the room for the soap.
Jul 03 19:03:54 <Oxford> As if to prove Cille's point, another slow drip appears in the ceiling above her head, splashing down on her hair.
Jul 03 19:04:52 <Naida> "Ask your companion there, I've mostly been handling the tavern parts." She nods toward Henri.
Jul 03 19:06:26 * Henriette is still trying not to just burst out crying.
Jul 03 19:07:13 <Lily_Blevins> "Henri where's the soap are you okay what's wrong?"
Jul 03 19:08:23 <Naida> "…she's fought…like for real right? And a simple observation brings her to…does magic make you crazy? Is that her equivalent of crazy whereas the absentminded one may have been tardy less often before?"
Jul 03 19:09:05 <Henriette> "I am fine, ma belle," she replies, trying to wipe away the tears. "I do not know what came over me. I have just started to cry sans preavis, recemment."
Jul 03 19:09:09 * Rosalyne_Holst serves herself a beer and begins drinking as she watches the other girls go at it. It's not like she ehas anything better to do right now.
Jul 03 19:09:23 <Henriette> She chooses not to respond to Naida.
Jul 03 19:09:24 <Lily_Blevins> Lily is STILL LOOKING FOR THAT SOAP
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Jul 03 19:12:22 * Rosalyne_Holst raises an eyebrow at Naida's comment, "Yeah, does using magic make you change someway? Like her?" She points at Lily.
Jul 03 19:13:18 * Henriette has wings and a goddamn halo.
Jul 03 19:13:35 <Naida> Yawn.
Jul 03 19:13:49 <Rosalyne_Holst> "Mentally that is."
Jul 03 19:13:55 * Lily_Blevins has cat ears. "Of course it does, if you strain yourself really hard…oh, there it is!" She pulls up the soap!
Jul 03 19:14:03 <Lily_Blevins> And a tail.
Jul 03 19:16:15 * Rosalyne_Holst takes a sip of her drink
Jul 03 19:16:34 <Cille_Lund> …Nnnnn. WATER. If she put a mug or something to catch that, she'd hear the drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. …Maybe she can find something better at sealing gaps than catching the water? If she knew what she could do, there'd be an easy answer to this, but…wait. They ARE nuts. …and maybe that isn't constant dress-up. …Now that she thinks about it, why would she ever think that? Those
Jul 03 19:16:34 <Cille_Lund> things move pretty life-like. "…That makes sense. Magic makes you nuts, huh?" BECOMING NUTS FOR YOUR COUNTRY.
Jul 03 19:17:24 <Lily_Blevins> "All right, off I go!" She tosses off her dress and runs out to the back! undergarments follow quickly afterwards.
Jul 03 19:17:40 <Naida> Naida turns her gaze on the new(est) girl. "So what's your take on all of this impossibly bullshit ma- oh, she's really doing it, huh."
Jul 03 19:19:47 <Rosalyne_Holst> "I'm honestly not surprised anymore." she says impassionattely. Her gaze follows Lily as she takes another sip.
Jul 03 19:20:02 <Cille_Lund> After a brief moment of pondering, she joins Rosalyne's drinking, then responds to the team jer-the manager. "We get superpowers, but if we use it, we go crazy. …And the more crazy we go, the more we use it for things that aren't important."
Jul 03 19:21:01 <Henriette> "If you are going to go bathe, ma belle, at least do so in a clean bath!" Henriette calls, and some instinctive need to clean summons forth her magic. A brilliant flash of light issues from Henriette for a moment before disappearing.
Jul 03 19:21:23 <Cille_Lund> "…Well, we better get a reason before we burn the whole place down, or cover it in an eternal night." Shrug.
Jul 03 19:21:40 <Naida> Naida feels a little rejuvenated by dat magic, though is completely oblivious as to why. "…so there's training right? Or do we just get ambushed and hope we don't die?"
Jul 03 19:23:11 <Henriette> Getting tetanus would be bad for them all. Lockjaw and whatnot.
Jul 03 19:23:14 <Cille_Lund> "Magic seems to be an intuitive thing, so with our luck, probably the latter."
Jul 03 19:24:21 <Rosalyne_Holst> "I'd like to try it oncce before actually fighting for real actually. Just to know what I'm capable of."
Jul 03 19:25:08 <Naida> "Well so far we know you can pick up tubs and I can fall into and out of Hell. So there's that."
Jul 03 19:25:29 <Henriette> With a sigh, Henriette stares very seriously at Naida and does her best to stifle her accent and potential tears. "Magic, while intuitive, has very real repercussions. You may suffer mutations of both body and mind, and overuse can spawn a malevolent creature based on your emotions."
Jul 03 19:25:46 <Oxford> Lily steps outside into the rain, thick ferns and grasses sprouting up magically to shield her from neighboring eyes. The patter of rain is much louder here, but in the background she can hear something else as well. A low-pitched thrumming, like a cross between a car's engine and a hummingbird. A sound she's heard many times before, in the skies above Ternwald.
Jul 03 19:26:05 <Henriette> "So while training would be a good thing, I would not wish the same changes that I suffer upon you so soon. Get used to your powers in small doses."
Jul 03 19:26:06 <Rosalyne_Holst> "YOu speak from experience? Abut the creature made from your emotions?" SHe asks.
Jul 03 19:26:08 <Lily_Blevins> :<
Jul 03 19:26:32 <Lily_Blevins> INSIDE SHE GOES, picking up her clothes on the way. "PLANES"
Jul 03 19:26:46 <Henriette> "Or perhaps you will recieve training sooner than expected."
Jul 03 19:26:59 <Cille_Lund> "It was more like you bringing hell to us, there. …And I'd like to try it out, but, well, nothing to try it out ON without causi-speak of the devil."
Jul 03 19:27:21 <Naida> Naida returns Henriette's serious stare. "…thank you for the heads up. But I meant…like…the only fighting I've ever done has been with my fists…and I don't think that will cut it in this case."
Jul 03 19:27:29 <Lily_Blevins> She puts them in a nice pile, picks up her pendant, and transforms. No real point in DRESSING UP JUST TO REDRESS. "We gotta' go go go!"
Jul 03 19:29:06 * Rosalyne_Holst leaves her half-finished mug on the counter and stands in front of Henriette. "Lets go get the pendants!"
Jul 03 19:30:31 <Henriette> "One moment, ma belle…" Henriette makes her way upstairs slowly and patiently. The planes will not destroy all of the city in the coming few minutes, and calm is a virtue in these fights. She retrieves the pendants from the case in her room with care not to let the other girls know the combination and gives one to each girl. "They will come back to me afterwards. Understood?"
Jul 03 19:30:39 * Henriette gives each girl a fierce stare.
Jul 03 19:31:50 <Cille_Lund> …Being calm. BEING CALM. …No, not feeling it, but best to wait patiently anyhow. Deep breaths and all that. "Understand!"
Jul 03 19:32:20 * Rosalyne_Holst shrugs, "Alright." She says nervously, she hasn't been in actual battle before. SHe gulps.
Jul 03 19:32:33 <Lily_Blevins> Lily streeeetches in her taller, more adult form, near the door. "Ready when you girls are~"
Jul 03 19:33:26 <Lily_Blevins> She pulls out a headset from the suitcase after Henriette pulls out pendants, and tosses the others otu to the other girls. "We'll need these for communication!"
Jul 03 19:34:39 <Cille_Lund> Pendant, get. "…I've seen enough crazy things, just channel the ridiculousness of it all and it shouldn't be as bad!" Cille hopes that works, as PENDANT GET. Transfooooooooooooorm! …And headset get! …Do these things look water resistant? Technology is technology, after all.
Jul 03 19:35:35 <Lily_Blevins> "On your head flip the switch here to turn it on speak into this part!"
Jul 03 19:36:23 <Oxford> The clunky tan headsets, and their attached radios, clash noticeably with Lily's vividly coloured uniform. As the girls put them on, they can hear a low buzz of static that crackles loudly in time with the thunder.
Jul 03 19:37:02 <Lily_Blevins> "All right, follow my lead, just don't think about gravity and you can fly!"
Jul 03 19:37:15 <Naida> Naida clutches her pendent, a little excited by the feeling of power that returns as she explodes once more in gross fungal tentacles and all that jazz. "Well seeing as how I've slapped physics in the face once now, how bad can a few planes be?"
Jul 03 19:37:19 <Naida> *pendant
Jul 03 19:37:30 * Rosalyne_Holst puts on the the pendant, presses the button and focuses. The wind picks up and she is covered in a perfectly white swirling cloud before stepping out. In her transformed state.
Jul 03 19:37:43 <Henriette> As Henriette puts on her headset, it glistens with the same brilliant light that surrounds her and turns into a small tiara in her hair. "Watch us, and you will get… err… how is it said… the hang of things?"
Jul 03 19:37:48 <Lily_Blevins> She jumps out the door, and goes UP UP UP INTO THE AIR
Jul 03 19:39:46 <Cille_Lund> If she can will herself to become amazing like this and FEEL AMAZING like this, maybe she can tell the earth to screw off too! So, GO OUTSIDE! And…alright, seperate thoughts from sanity, works for everyone else…LIFTOFF.
Jul 03 19:49:06 * Rosalyne_Holst follows behind Lily somehow knowing how to fly instinctively. Hey they were right about it being natural.
Jul 03 19:55:57 <Cille_Lund> Once she feels more natural, her own headset becomes glasses. They went somewhere, but there they are again, in a different form!
Jul 03 19:56:47 <Naida> Naida's become gross bacteria that infiltrates her ears.
Jul 03 20:00:37 * Rosalyne_Holst 's stays as a headset, although a more futuristic looking one.
Jul 03 20:01:44 * Rosalyne_Holst normally has the headset anyways.
Jul 03 20:06:24 <Oxford> The night sky is split by lightning, and the outlines of the approaching aircraft are lit up by the flash. There are five planes, coming in very low over Glasholme. Two are larger, twin-engined craft with a single large cylinder slung underneath each. The other three are small; nimble-looking biplanes with enclosed bubble cockpits and machineguns sprouting from their wings like claws.
Jul 03 20:08:32 <Henriette> "Two bombers," Henriette calls once the girls are airborne. "Three fighters, Lily. We shouldn't let the bombers get within distance of attacking the city, but we cannot let the fighters bring us down." Mysteriously, in this time of combat, her accent is all but gone.
Jul 03 20:10:40 <Lily_Blevins> "Got it! I'll hang back and make sure nothing gets past me then!"
Jul 03 20:10:42 <Naida> "So…hit the fat ones?"
Jul 03 20:11:06 <Lily_Blevins> "Yup!"
Jul 03 20:11:25 <Henriette> "Watch us and follow suit," Henriette says. "Don't get caught out without backup."
Jul 03 20:12:08 <Lily_Blevins> "Those are higher priority! But try to get all of them if possible!"
Jul 03 20:12:31 <Naida> Naida notably is trying her best not to look down at the gross bacterial tentacles.
Jul 03 20:13:53 * Henriette floats up beside Naida, grinning. "I presume you will be a menace to those bombers with those."
Jul 03 20:14:19 <Oxford> Now that they've spotted the planes, the girls can track them even through the pouring rain by the way they move against the background. The formation sweeps into the city only about a hundred metres above the peaked rooftops, axe-shaped Novgoraadi insignia visible against their dull metal hulls.
Jul 03 20:15:03 <Naida> "You'd do well to stay out of my line of sight at the moment, Gaulian."
Jul 03 20:15:30 <Cille_Lund> "If the big ones reach the city, that's bad…but the fighters will hit us harder, and getting knocked out of the sky could be worse…" Decisions. Halting advances would be best, regardless of what's advancing…oh god, she still doesn't know how to hit things. …Maybe she could…will her magicial will onto the enemy planes…violently.
Jul 03 20:19:08 <Oxford> The five planes are at the edge of town, while the girls are rising up from their tavern just off main street. Between them, about midway through, a large chapel steeple rises above the surrounding houses.
Jul 03 20:25:44 <Lily_Blevins> Lily closes her eyes, focusing, before tossing out a pair of tiny tiny seeds that hit the two bombers, one then the other, a vine sprouting between them, glowing a red, ominous color. "Henriette, show them how it's done!" Despite the pouring rain, Henriette begins glowing as if radiating sunlight.
Jul 03 20:31:33 <Henriette> "Oui, madamoiselle!" Henriette says, lifting an arm in a delicate gesture towards the planes. Light swirls from around her dress, coalescing in a pulsating orb in front of her. It launches, lancing clean across the sky, but if you looked directly at it, you wouldn't even be able to tell it was there from how the light bends around it. It's only when it makes impact with a plane that the
Jul 03 20:31:35 <Henriette> light disperses into a glittering cloud of razor-sharp glass.
Jul 03 20:36:25 <Oxford> The shards of glass slice into the bomber's hull as though the aluminium was paper. Long gashes open up, exposing the interior to the wind and rain outside. She follows it up with another attack right on the heels of the first, and something in the plane's left engine coughs and sputters as glass blades slice into its inner workings.
Jul 03 20:36:31 <Henriette> And as if the magic were just pouring out of her, the invisible strand of light connecting her to the enemy planes ripples as another spark shoots out along it. It flickers over the second bomber, leaving a magical residue that tugs at the metal in strange ways.
Jul 03 20:37:00 <Henriette> "Cille, want to give it a shot?" Henriette says.
Jul 03 20:38:57 <Cille_Lund> "Sure, let's give it a shot!" She's the first one to actually move TOWARD the planes in order to give it a shot.
Jul 03 20:39:49 <Oxford> As the first bomber is struck, the vines connecting it to the second pulse and glow with energy. Glowing globules well up from the first bomber and shoot along the vines like bubbles in a straw, splashing glowing green energy over the other bomber's wings and canopy.
Jul 03 20:43:10 <Cille_Lund> And…how's this work? …Focus her might on…the same one everyone else is targetting…!
Jul 03 20:47:12 <Cille_Lund> …And shoot a clear but quite visible wall at the linked bomber! …Did she just shoot a wall? …Well, planes go forward fast, it'd probably hurt.
Jul 03 20:50:28 * Rosalyne_Holst speeds past Cille and heads straight for the secondary bomber, going PRETTY DAMN fast. Her gauntlet spits out a sword handle that she catches it midair. The handle materializes a solid straight metal blade and she deads to slice one of the first heavy fighter's wings.
Jul 03 20:50:45 <Oxford> The bomber's nose crumples as it runs headlong into the wall-like distortion. Once again, as it hits, Lily's vines glow with energy and transfer an additional jolt to the second bomber.
Jul 03 20:52:22 <Cille_Lund> "I…just shot a wall!" HOW'S THAT EVEN WORK.
Jul 03 20:52:29 <Lily_Blevins> "Cool~"
Jul 03 20:57:44 <Oxford> As Rosalyne swoops in at the bomber, it makes just a slight course deviation, and its wing passes just inches from the tip of her blade. She can see the plane's machine gunner, lit up by a flash of light, hunched in his ball-turret, swivelling frantically.
Jul 03 20:58:08 <Cille_Lund> Attempting to get the hang of things, she works some wall magic on Rosalyne. They're walls, right? Why'd she hit someone with it. Let's try this~
Jul 03 20:59:39 <Oxford> One of the small fighters sees Rosalyne's approach and pulls around to intercept her, arcing up and over to bring her before its guns.
Jul 03 21:03:17 <Oxford> The other two fighters advance in formation, spotting Cille hovering just above the chapel's belltower. They swing towards her and make a coordinated strafing run, muzzles lighting up against the darkened sky.
Jul 03 21:03:53 * Rosalyne_Holst sees the plane coming from far enough away and instead of turning with it she keeps climbing with her speed advantage and successfully manages to get away before heading towards the bomber.
Jul 03 21:10:01 <Oxford> The bullets tear into the old steeple, ripping apart the wooden shingles and sending chips of stone showering toward the street below.
Jul 03 21:12:47 <Cille_Lund> They gonna try to shoot her? SHE KNOWS SHE CAN WALL NOW, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Each bullet volley meets a barrier placed aggressively, and even forcibly shoved forward to send some of the bullets back. We're playing Pong now.
Jul 03 21:13:06 <Naida> Naida waves a hand and the two bombers begin to rust slightly, before launching a salvo of necrotic arrows at her prey.
Jul 03 21:14:10 <Naida> 2d6+9+2d6
Jul 03 21:19:13 <Naida> The arrows pierce through each plane. The bombers suffer a terrible malady, the engine of the planes begin to immediately rust rendering the planes useless, but beyond that the arrows pierce the pilots, immediately necrotizing their flesh even as their planes are rendered inoperable. The fighter remains miraculously in the air, but even if he manages to survive the fight, it seems hard to believe he'll survive much longer.
Jul 03 21:19:54 * Oxford has changed the topic to: Harbor->Port->Tavern->Chapel->Outskirts
Jul 03 21:20:23 * Rosalyne_Holst covers her nose with her forearm, the air around her got extremely stale and stinky.
Jul 03 21:21:08 <Naida> "Hey! I got some! It IS intuitive, isn't it!" She probably shouldn't be this excited to take lives, but hey, it was a new experience!
Jul 03 21:21:20 <Lily_Blevins> "Y-yeah, like I said…" Lily grimaces.
Jul 03 21:21:39 <Henriette> "Stand back," Henriette says, a single shaft of light piercing through the skies onto her form alone. She begins to glow brighter and brighter as she assumes all of the magic in the air into her body. She flies into a central position, trying her hardest to look authoritative. Gotta be a true leader.
Jul 03 21:22:02 <Cille_Lund> G-geez. The idea of making a barrier on her nose comes to her, but NO HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR MAGIC, CILLE. Just take it, like…everything else!
Jul 03 21:28:00 <Henriette> There's a massive thunderclap as a stream of lightning pours down into Henriette, and the space around her shudders with magic. The other girls actually hear her scream in pain, but there's an intense grimace when the light finally fades. The space around the fighters on the far side reflects their images seemingly into infinity before it collapses in upon itself, and suddenly the fighters
Jul 03 21:28:00 <Henriette> are just gone. It's as if they never existed to begin with.
Jul 03 21:28:56 * Henriette promptly passes out.
Jul 03 21:30:57 <Lily_Blevins> !! She dives down to catch Henriette, yelling out as she does so. "Finish up, I'll catch Henri!"
Jul 03 21:31:34 * Henriette recovers just as Lily catches her. "S-sorry, ma belle. Wanted to show off a bit. Might have overdone it…" She grins.
Jul 03 21:32:06 <Lily_Blevins> "Why are you always such a dummy!?"
Jul 03 21:33:21 <Henriette> "I never did learn to hold back…"
Jul 03 21:34:03 <Cille_Lund> AND there's her ticket to stop thinking about the stench: complete destruction god damn. …But with the enemy in sight, stop thinking about anything else. Even if they've not got long.
Jul 03 21:36:45 * Rosalyne_Holst chases after the last plane and as it begins to turn to avoid her she uses her maneuverability to make a tighter turn at a faster speed and as she catches up with the biplane she swings her sword thrice in less than a second and blows out the biplane's upper wings and slices through its tail, leaving the cockpit alone, at this altitude the pilot shouldnt be able to jump out
Jul 03 21:36:45 * Rosalyne_Holst anyways.
Jul 03 21:39:32 <Naida> "Oh my, it's not nearly as hard as I was expecting! They just willingly die?"
Jul 03 21:40:50 <Lily_Blevins> "They all gone? Let's land, then, meet back at the tavern!"
Jul 03 21:41:11 <Henriette> Panting, Henriette says, "That was easier than I expected. Do not think that the next fight will be so simple, ma cherie."
Jul 03 21:41:37 <Cille_Lund> "Hey, those fighters were good shots! Didn't get much chance to shoot, but they were still good shots." Exhale. Wow, she got shot and didn't die. "Can't shoot through a barrier, though~!"
Jul 03 21:42:47 <Oxford> The Novgoraadi pilot has enough time to make an attempt to bail out, but not enough for it to matter. His stricken cockpit plunges into the darkened township below, crashing into a small home. It erupts in flame, a harsh red wound on the dark gray rooftops of the town.
Jul 03 21:43:33 <Naida> "FUCKFUCKFUCK" Can decay stop fire? Is that a thing?
Jul 03 21:44:27 * Rosalyne_Holst goes back to the tavern at a leisurely pace. Humming the Cimbrian national anthen as she does so. "I never thought I would destroy a Novgraandi plane." She has the biggest smile on her face you've ever seen, "I hope I get to destroy more."
Jul 03 21:44:30 <Oxford> Wreckage has fallen in other parts of the city as well. Tendrils of smoke and the sound of sirens rise up through the lightening rain.
Jul 03 21:44:42 <Henriette> "S-starve the fire of oxygen?" Henriette adds helpfully, holding her side even as the stitch hurts intensely.
Jul 03 21:45:10 <Lily_Blevins> "What's wrong!?" She lands with Henriette in tow by the tavern now, and jumps up into the air, to get a good view of it.
Jul 03 21:45:46 * Henriette doesn't actually land on the ground. She just continues hovering above it even though her transformation is starting to peel back from the edges.
Jul 03 21:48:11 <Cille_Lund> …Ooooh. That's gotta hurt. …They get hurt. She doesn't get hurt. …SHE LIKES IT. But she doesn't like just letting after battle damages sit there. …But she DOESN'T like how Rosalyne went slightly off-center just there. Magic is dangerous. Let's follow Rosa!
Jul 03 21:49:12 <Naida> Naida quickly acts to attempt to will the fire away, her element quickly working to devour the oxygen to asphyxiate the flame. Of course, who knows how that would affect oxygen-breathing people in the area.
Jul 03 21:52:45 * Rosalyne_Holst stands by the entrance to the tavern while she hums some more. She is happy for some reason.
Jul 03 21:53:12 <Lily_Blevins> Lily rushes over to Naida, just in time to see her WILLING THE FIRE AWAY
Jul 03 21:54:25 <Oxford> As the searing heat of the fire dies down, Naida can make out shapes in the rubble. A crushed bed, a toppled dresser, and the remains of the fuselage of the enemy fighter. She can even see the body of the pilot, still trapped inside, with one hand melted into the glass of the cockpit.
Jul 03 21:54:44 <Cille_Lund> It isn't too long before Cille joins her! "You seem pleased! …Like, really really pleased. Scarily pleased!"
Jul 03 21:56:48 <Naida> She reflexively throws a hand up over her mouse and her place in the sky begins to fluctuate erratically. Don't get noxious and fly, kids. The smell of her own bacteria-ridden hand doesn't do much to keep her stomach from churning and escaping.
Jul 03 21:57:27 <Naida> *mouth
Jul 03 21:58:52 <Rosalyne_Holst> "Yeah! I managed to shood down an Novgraandi plane!" She says loudly, "If we shood down enough we should be able to make it easier to hold them back!" Her transformation disappears and she stretches.
Jul 03 22:01:01 <Rosalyne_Holst> shoot*
Jul 03 22:01:17 <Oxford> A young girl, no more than six or seven, stumbles out from the corner of the smoldering building. She rubs her eyes against the smoke and looks around in confusion. "Mommy?" the little girls asks.
Jul 03 22:02:18 <Lily_Blevins> "What's going on Naida what happened what's…"
Jul 03 22:02:19 <Naida> Naida quickly descends to meet the lass. "Please, come with me, it isn't safe here!" The desperation in her eyes is likely visible even to the young girl.
Jul 03 22:04:00 <Oxford> Only fear is reflected back. "Mommy!" cries the girl, shrinking away from the tentacled abomination hovering above her. "Mommy!"
Jul 03 22:07:03 <Cille_Lund> "That…is pretty cool, I'll admit that! Can't get too carried away, though." She untransforms right after. "I got doubled teamed, but they couldn't get me~!"
Jul 03 22:07:16 <Lily_Blevins> There's a pause, before "Naida, get back, we'll call the deputy."
Jul 03 22:08:31 <Naida> She glances at the remains of the girl's home. "Nono, it's all right, we'll…we'll make sure…we didn't mean to…it wasn't supposed to…please…it's alright!" A few paces take her closer to the frightened little girl.
Jul 03 22:10:13 <Oxford> The girl scampers back on her hands and knees, fleeing back towards the still-smoking ruins of her home.
Jul 03 22:11:06 <Rosalyne_Holst> "I get the feeling that I could outrun a bullet if the planes shot at me." She takes a deep breath, "No, I'm sure I could." She tightens her fist and looks up to the sky.
Jul 03 22:11:42 <Lily_Blevins> Lily dives in and grabs Naida. "We need to GO, you already messed it up, we'll get the deputy!"
Jul 03 22:13:20 * Henriette is leaning against the door at the tavern. Her transformed state all faded away, but she's still not touching the ground. "Don't get too confident, mes cheries…" She smiles at the pair. "But you both did well! Be proud to have served your country."
Jul 03 22:14:58 <Naida> Just as the nymphoid lays her hands on Naida, the Cimbrian pulls the pair through the void, immediately appearing before the young girl. With a sympathetic terror, she lays a hand on the child and pulls the three of them back to the tavern, momentarily experiencing the burning terror that is the shadow world.
Jul 03 22:18:28 <Lily_Blevins> Lily shivers and gets off Naida, she grasps her pendant and then…grimaces, taking her hand off it, before running over to the little girl and grabbing her hand. "We're taking you somewhere safe!"
Jul 03 22:18:49 <Oxford> The three girls reappear in between Henriette, Cille, and Rosalyne, and the air is filled with the sounds of screaming. It takes a moment to ascertain which of them the screaming is coming from; after a moment it's clear it's the little girl.
Jul 03 22:18:58 * Henriette stares at the newly arrived trio and more specifically at the little girl. Are you fucking kidding me. "Explanation, now."
Jul 03 22:19:00 <Rosalyne_Holst> "I'm sure I would be able to if I get more practice. Whoah!"
Jul 03 22:19:40 <Lily_Blevins> Lily drags her inside the tavern before she can get SOAKED
Jul 03 22:19:46 * Rosalyne_Holst looks at the little girl confused.
Jul 03 22:20:03 <Henriette> "Hey, hey, Lily… Explanation! What is she doing here? Who is she?"
Jul 03 22:20:28 <Lily_Blevins> "Plane fell on her home!"
Jul 03 22:21:12 * Henriette sighs heavily. "And you brought her here?"
Jul 03 22:21:23 <Naida> Naida eases herself to the ground (via magic tentacles), holding her hands over her face. "She was…she was going to go back int othe falems…"
Jul 03 22:22:46 <Oxford> The screaming hasn't stopped, but it's slowing down, punctuated by ragged gasps of breath. After another few minutes it has weakened to a faint whimpering.
Jul 03 22:23:41 <Lily_Blevins> Lily gives her a hug, shooshing her. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry…"
Jul 03 22:23:49 <Lily_Blevins> She keeps repeating it
Jul 03 22:24:58 * Rosalyne_Holst pales a bit, was that the plane she shot down? She gulps, she doesn't really want to know.
Jul 03 22:25:28 * Cille_Lund has quit (Ping timeout)
Jul 03 22:25:31 * Hissori (PI.0772D3F5.05038979.1D94D31B|irossiH#PI.0772D3F5.05038979.1D94D31B|irossiH) has joined
Jul 03 22:25:38 <Henriette> The stress causes Henriette to burst into tears again. "We can't keep her! What happened to her parents? Are… are… you serious?" She stares at the new girls, holding out her hand. "Pendants. Now."
Jul 03 22:27:38 <Lily_Blevins> "I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry…"
Jul 03 22:27:38 <Naida> Her pendant is torn off and thrown toward Henri. "I WAS TRYING TO FUCKING SAVE HER! FUCK THESE THINGS!"
Jul 03 22:28:41 * Rosalyne_Holst takes off her pendant and shoves it into Henriette's hand. She doesn't say anything but her expression isn't necessarily happy. Is that some guilt on her face?
Jul 03 22:31:42 <Hissori> SUDDENLY, THE DARKNESS WAILS. …Or no, Naida's traumatizing another little girl. Nothing to see here. …would be a lie. GOD DAMN. She…is most definitely handing back her pendant after that! Eeeeesh.
Jul 03 22:31:55 * Hissori is now known as Cille_Lund
Jul 03 22:34:09 * Henriette does her best to stifle her tears and go see to Lily and the little girl. "She probably speaks Cimbrian, et… et…" She sighs before addressing the little girl. "Hvad er dit navn?" she asks in halting Cimbrian.
Jul 03 22:35:45 <Lily_Blevins> Lily lets go, she doesn't know a word of it, but she's about as teary as the girl is.
Jul 03 22:40:19 <Oxford> The girl shies away and doesn't reply immediately. Instead, she balls up her tiny fists and rubs them in her eyes. "…Ingra," she says at last, without looking at Henriette.
Jul 03 22:42:32 <Henriette> "Ingra. Der er et paent navn! Er du… errr… okay?" She continues. She knows enough, and she probably looks the most motherly of the girls since she looks adult-like and whatnot.
Jul 03 22:43:09 <Cille_Lund> …god, what even happened? SUDDENLY, HELL OPENS. Little girl crying and screaming. …Brought here with magic as an alternative to her running into the fire (as opposed to dragging her, maybe that makse sense), suddenly another language…Cille learns a lesson she probably shouldn't have learned from this whole ordeal. Might as well remain on standby in case the situation develops!
Jul 03 22:44:30 * Rosalyne_Holst looks at the girl but she doesn't really know what to do with her, she isn't good with little kids. Yeah…
Jul 03 22:46:01 <Oxford> The child looks at Henriette, blinks once, and starts bawling again. Which, in a sense, answers the question succinctly.
Jul 03 22:46:37 <Henriette> "Errr… Did I say it wrong?" she asks one of the other girls.
Jul 03 22:48:27 <Rosalyne_Holst> "It was fine, she doesn't seem fine though. Maybe we should take her where you found her?"
Jul 03 22:51:30 <Lily_Blevins> Lily's face screws up at that :S
Jul 03 22:51:32 <Henriette> "She must have had parents, right? Were they out of the house?" Henriette asks. She puts a hand gently on Ingra's cheek. "Ingra, min skat, er det vil vaere okay…"
Jul 03 22:53:19 <Oxford> Ingra doesn't say anything more, but the sobbing subsides slightly at least.
Jul 03 23:04:38 <Oxford> Later, when she is old enough to reflect, she'll remember this as the day her life changed irreversibly, but in the present moment it feels like it might as well have ended. Outside, the sound of sirens grows and fades as the town's fire-carriage passes down the street. Glasholme smokes gently in the dying rain, and the sound of thunder grows fainter as the storm moves off into the distance.
Jul 03 23:04:47 <Oxford> /session