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Jun 19 18:56:31 * Oxford has changed the topic to: "Klasse af '36 - Hav en god sommer!"
Jun 19 18:59:57 <Oxford> The summer sun shines down across the waves of Glasholme Strait, throwing back flickers of silver light toward the crowd gathered on the docks. The dull gray rectangle of the approaching ferry gradually gains definition as it draws near.
Jun 19 19:03:53 <Oxford> The first day of summer, and the children of Glasholme are returning once more. Too small to have a high school of its own, the town's youths have spent the last nine months at a boarding school on the mainland. Now, with the school year finally at an end, their parents have gathered to welcome them home in the sleepy fishing village's annual celebration.
Jun 19 19:06:59 <Oxford> Standing among the parents, Rosalyne and Naida can see the small, black-clad outlines of a few girls their age, leaning over the railing of the ferry to enjoy the cool breeze off the sea. They, like the others, are waiting for someone. Unlike the parents, however, they await a pair of strangers to the town.
Jun 19 19:11:53 * Rosalyne_Holst waits for the people she is supposed to wait for. Not really sure what they look like or what their names are. Why was she here again?
Jun 19 19:12:42 <Oxford> From the converse perspective, viewing the approaching dock from the deck of the ferry, Lily and Henriette can see the small crowd gathered beneath a banner in front of a row of high-steepled houses. Their first objective: to make contact with the Cimbrian potentials and go with them to the safehouse.
Jun 19 19:14:33 * Lily removes channel operator status from Lily
Jun 19 19:15:33 <Henriette> The water is a beautiful blue. The sky is a delicate gold and purple, afternoon in full swing. Indeed, it looks remarkably like any mainland town that Henriette has seen, which means she likely has no idea where they actually are. "Oh mon dieu, the… err… Sachsen coast is tres mignon! Lily, aren't you excited?"
Jun 19 19:15:51 <Oxford> In Rosalyne's hand, the decoded telegraph with their descriptions is little help. One, or possibly more, Albaeans. Possibly female, possibly young. No other description available.
Jun 19 19:16:57 <Naida> Naida watches the mini family reunions taking place all about them with a soft smile, seemingly unaware of why she's even there in the first place.
Jun 19 19:17:47 <Lily> A girl of about 16 in black, with matching black hair, rests on the railing. She has her eyes closed and is breathing in deeply through her nose. She's wearing a black beret on her head, a little too firmly centered than normal. Her hair is as black as her uniform, long and flowing down to the middle of her back. She has weeds growing out of the wood of the ferry at her feet. As
Jun 19 19:17:47 <Lily> the ferry comes to a stop, she stands upright, opening her green eyes to face her companion. "It's Cimbrian, Henri! And I love it I wonder what kind of flora they've got around here because I haven't studied much foreign stuff!" Her words come out rapid fire.
Jun 19 19:18:31 <Rosalyne_Holst> "Albeans, figures." She pockets the paper with the very undetailed descriptions, "They're not very helpful at all." She looks around for any Albean girls on the ferry…well, at least the ones that aren't meeting family right now.
Jun 19 19:21:45 <Oxford> As the ramp at the ferry's end comes down, the young Cimbrians swarm across into the waiting arms of their parents. Naida can see two of them, standing near the back, who seem less certain of where they should be heading.
Jun 19 19:22:14 * Henriette appears much older than the other girl. She could easily be mistaken for a young adult woman these days, long brown locks tied in a ponytail that sits over her shoulder. The light appears to bend around her form, shimmering with a golden glow. Also, wings'n'shit. "Cimbria? Damn! I thought pour certaines I had my geographie understood!"
Jun 19 19:25:47 <Lily> "What do you think they look like are they little like Cloral or big like you or maybe they'll be like me I kind of hope they're my size and age that'd be great!" She's on her tiptoes, scanning the people in the crowd for girls.
Jun 19 19:25:54 <Lily> But not like, in a gay way or anything.
Jun 19 19:26:38 * Rosalyne_Holst looks at the two girls that definetely do not belong. One of them with weird wings. Yeah, if there was any doubt before it is gone now. She steps forward towards the obviously ccrazy pair and and says in heavily accente Albean, "YOu girls Albean?"
Jun 19 19:26:46 <Naida> The clearly more attractive of the Cimbrians peers over the crowd towards the strangers with an amused smirk on her face and muses to herself. "The plot thickens…so presumably it's soup. Plot soup. Suppose it tastes any good?" She realizes she was talking mostly to her face.
Jun 19 19:26:55 <Naida> *self…
Jun 19 19:27:43 <Oxford> Resting at her feet, Henriette's black leather briefcase leans against the railing. Inside are four lumps of dull silver worth more than the entire town and its contents - Focus Pendants. The mission to train Cimbria's first Flight of Pendant Users rests on her shoulders.
Jun 19 19:31:25 * Rosalyne_Holst looks down at the briefcase without much interest.
Jun 19 19:31:41 <Lily> The younger looking of the two girls walks up to Rosalyne and looks her over, looking directly into her eyes. This girl, up close, seems a little too perfectly curved, her eyes the perfect kind of big, almost like a living doll. "Hi! Name? I'm Lily! I am in fact from Albaea but I don't know if it's your business so tell me if it's your business okay? Okay."
Jun 19 19:32:44 <Henriette> Standing a good four inches or so taller than Lily, it would be easy to feel intimidated by the angelic girl. "C'est vrai! Perhaps they will be… Oh! Oui, except moi. Je suis Gaulian, originally. Henriette, ma chérie."
Jun 19 19:34:06 <Lily> She's got her hands on her hips as she waits for Rosalyne to respond. There are some weeds at her feet (unless she's on like, concrete)
Jun 19 19:34:37 * Rosalyne_Holst takes out the telegraph paper from her pocket and gives it to the older looking one of the girls. "I think it is, I'm supposed to be meeting someone albean who is maaybe a girl and maybe more than one of them." Are you here for this?
Jun 19 19:34:43 <Naida> "Not very subtle, hm?" Naida leans in over Rosalyne's shoulder as though they were old friends. "Naida, charmed to meet you freaks~."
Jun 19 19:34:54 <Henriette> They could be sprouting up through the concrete if she's feeling particularly enthusiastic, though!
Jun 19 19:35:03 <Rosalyne_Holst> "My name's Rosayne by the way."
Jun 19 19:35:27 <Oxford> As per usual, leaving operational security in the hands of teenage girls is a narrowly-avoided disaster. The four girls stand together at the dock while the other students, accompanied by their parents, move back towards the town's main street, where rows of tables set with tasty local treats are arrayed enticingly.
Jun 19 19:35:36 <Henriette> "You are to meet a person who is two girls?" Well, Henriette could fit that bill, not that she'd say as much.
Jun 19 19:36:48 <Lily> "Maaaaybe a girl? I'm definitely a girl!" She puts a hand to her right breast, letting it squiiiish it slowly. "And you're definitely a girl, and she's a girl and calling me a freak is that the good kind of freak like a circus freak ro a bad kind like in a cement cell with all the rats and no plants except for mold?"
Jun 19 19:36:50 <Rosalyne_Holst> "Hey it's what the paper says, don't blame me."
Jun 19 19:37:37 <Naida> "Definitely the most fascinating sort of freak."
Jun 19 19:38:22 * Rosalyne_Holst stares at the black haired girl, "I thought my albean was good but, what?"
Jun 19 19:38:34 <Henriette> "I imagine that it is probably tout à fait spécifique, non?" Henriette responds with some level of aloof disregard. These two aren't winning many points in her book right off the bat, and she is their elder and superior, as far as magical things go. Their senpai, even.
Jun 19 19:38:43 <Henriette> Not that senpai is even a thing here.
Jun 19 19:40:30 <Naida> She glances around with a confused look. "I expected more…guns? Or secrecy? Or…something?"
Jun 19 19:40:55 <Lily> "I meant exactly what I said I mean I am a freak the best freak the freakiest freak and you should do your best to be half the freak I am!" She puts a thumb to her chest in pride. "Your friend here gets it, she knows exactly what's up. Except how things work. You don't get that miss. What was your name? Tell me your name you know mine!"
Jun 19 19:42:44 <Henriette> "I believe she is Naida, non?"
Jun 19 19:43:47 <Lily> "Oh right i should have read the brief that is how process of elimination is hi Naida I'm Lily we'll get to know each other very well how are you today also Henri I forget where we're going after getting these two are we like kidnapping them or hat?"
Jun 19 19:43:47 <Naida> "Or whatever else you'd prefer to call me, I suppose…how do things work then, Albaean?" There is a subtle sort of venom in the last word. Granted, Lily probably can't comprehend subtlety.
Jun 19 19:43:49 <Lily> *what
Jun 19 19:44:45 <Rosalyne_Holst> "Jeg begynder at tro, jeg er den eneste fornuftige en her." She says to no one in particular.
Jun 19 19:45:56 <Oxford> Beneath their feet, the rounded cobblestones of the dock stretch seamlessly down the alleyways to the town's main square. The ongoing celebration is now seperated from the four girls by a row of steep-roofed buildings, leaving them alone with only the ferry's crew. The men pay them no mind, simply going about the mundane tasks of their profession.
Jun 19 19:46:20 <Naida> With a sly grind, Naida speaks under her breath to Rosalyne. "De kan ikke hjælpe, at de er dumme~."
Jun 19 19:46:30 <Naida> -d
Jun 19 19:46:49 <Lily> "Whoa whoa whoa whoa hey don't get all fancy on me I'm just the messenger " she turns to Naida " is she- are you making fun of me? I hope you are, because I'm a freak. You'll be like me too soon~!"
Jun 19 19:46:56 <Henriette> "Lily…" Henriette mutters to her companion. "Learn Gaulian."
Jun 19 19:47:15 <Lily> "Um, oui?"
Jun 19 19:47:34 * Rosalyne_Holst chuckles "So, where are we going now then? Unless your whole plan is to wander around aimlessly."
Jun 19 19:47:37 <Lily> "Omelette du fromage?"
Jun 19 19:47:59 <Naida> "I am making fun of you and hope to make fun with you." Wink. It actually isn't meant lewdly…probably.
Jun 19 19:49:03 <Lily> "Anyway Henri do you got the notes because you know if I carried the notes they'd start growing and be hard to read and that would be bad!"
Jun 19 19:50:43 <Henriette> Err… "Non, Lily. Mais une tentative valide, ma cherie. A good try." Her briefcase is already in hand, which she is sifting through to find the debrief they both probably recieved and that they both probably spaced out through. "Oui. I have it…"
Jun 19 19:50:50 <Oxford> The safehouse prepared for Rosalyne is only a few streets away, on the other side of the town square. Her notes contain the address, and instructions for where the key has been hidden nearby.
Jun 19 19:53:12 * Rosalyne_Holst follows Henriette to the safehouse, and helps her with instructions when she can.
Jun 19 19:55:41 <Lily> Lily keeps her eyes open as she walks along the street. "So, what're your favorite flowers are there lots of flowers what's a good place for flowers what about trees any good ones and bushes too those can be cool!"
Jun 19 19:55:59 <Oxford> The shortest path is through the main square, where rows of sweet honeyed rolls and candied almonds have been laid out, courtesy of the Glasholme Mothers' Association. Other teenagers are milling around, enjoying the snacks and chatting with their friends and family. The four girls blend right in.
Jun 19 19:57:28 <Naida> Naida snatches a snack here and there, tossing some to Lily or Henriette. "Um…the kind that look and smell nice. The forest. The climbable ones. Also the forest. And the kind you can hide in? In an unexpected twist of fate, they would also be found in forests."
Jun 19 19:58:45 <Lily> "Of course they're found in forests but I like flower gardens and meadows with flowers too!"
Jun 19 19:59:01 * Rosalyne_Holst tries to avoid grabbing any of the stuff, it's for the other kids. "I'm sorry, I don't really know much about flowers so…Roses I guess?" She looks at all the flowers on the town square which she doesn't recognize. "The ones that look pretty are good too."
Jun 19 19:59:17 <Oxford> The mayor is beginning some kind of speech from a podium at the other end of the square. The townsfolk turn their attention in that direction, allowing the girls to exit without attracting any notice.
Jun 19 19:59:55 * Henriette is not really hungry. The ferry trip made her mostly seasick, which she has been finding more and more common since leaving their home behind. Also, she probably doesn't blend in much. She's a tall girl with huge boobs and angel features. Mirror wings is a bit conspicuous.
Jun 19 20:00:53 <Naida> "Are these real? Can you feel them? Do they work?" She pokes Henri's wings with curiosity.
Jun 19 20:00:58 <Lily> "Roses? LIke your name? You're laaaazy! I mean I like lillies a lot too but I try to branch out be cool try new things learn about the full palette of all things you know?"
Jun 19 20:03:57 <Rosalyne_Holst> "Hey! It's not because of my name. It's just that I really don't know any flower names!" She looks towards the big breasted girl with wings. Do you even know where the safehouse is?
Jun 19 20:03:58 <Rosalyne_Holst> "
Jun 19 20:05:29 <Henriette> "Oui, un peu. They are not physically attached to mes omoplates, so I can feel them like they are distant from me," she answers. Her wings show bizarre reflections, things back home in Ternwald that Henriette remembers, but also things that Henriette has never seen, things that only Naida knows, perhaps.
Jun 19 20:06:34 <Henriette> "They… do not work, exactly."
Jun 19 20:07:52 <Oxford> Outside the square, the town is quiet. Most of the townsfolk seem to be involved in the ceremony, if they aren't at work. The squat buildings on either side of the road are wattle and daub, with a few having first floors made of the same rough stone as the cobbled street.
Jun 19 20:09:22 <Naida> "Huh…" She switches interest to Lily, looking her up, down, and probably some other directions. "Why's stuff growing around you and why do you look like a doll and why don't you have wings?"
Jun 19 20:09:40 <Lily> "Oh, good, nobody's here, I hope you all don't mind if IIIIII…." She lifts her skirt up and a tail pops out of it, wiggling a little. "That's better!"
Jun 19 20:10:47 <Lily> "Oh uh. Well. Our job has…risks you could say like Henriette used to be my age and nto nearly as tall and I have a tail and weird ears have you noticed I don't have normal ears under my hair that's because of THESE!" She pulls off the beret, revealing two cat ears atop her head.
Jun 19 20:12:02 <Naida> Naida pokes Lily's ears and then gently grabs Lily's tail to get a look at it, because personal space is for chumps. "Does it help with balance? Did you get 8 more lives? Are you a witch? Well I guess that part goes without saying…oh I suppose this can all wait, I can't wait to hear the stories! Oh but that contradicts what I just said about waiting…"
Jun 19 20:12:26 <Lily> "I'm not a witch I'm a fairy!"
Jun 19 20:12:32 <Rosalyne_Holst> "Naida, I think we're going to be better off not using common sense while we're around this girls." Rosalyne looks incredulously at Lily as she finishes taking in just how weird Henriette is. "You know, maybe we should go somewhere safer to just go to the safehouse."
Jun 19 20:12:49 <Naida> "A saferhouse if you will?"
Jun 19 20:13:18 <Lily> That's what she says to being a witch, but when Naida grabs Lily's tail…
Jun 19 20:13:20 <Henriette> Sighing now that they've gotten away from the crowds, Henriette flexes her wings a bit. The halo above her head glows gently. "You have a great many questions to ask, Naida. Do not worry. You will have some etrange aberration for yourself soon enough, I imagine." Her words hold some level of moroseness to them, unfortunately.
Jun 19 20:13:37 <Lily> She sort of jumps up and then stays in place for a bit, a hazy look in her eyes. She drools a little.
Jun 19 20:14:31 <Lily> "…whaaaaat were we doing?"
Jun 19 20:14:41 <Lily> Blink blink. "Oh, safehouse!"
Jun 19 20:14:58 <Naida> "Well it's not like you have an ass growing out of y- oh fuck, sorry!…is she…is she alright? Well I mean aside from the fact that she has cat parts."
Jun 19 20:15:00 <Lily> She grabs Naida and Rose's hands and starts dashing towards its location.
Jun 19 20:15:24 <Henriette> "It happens, ma cherie."
Jun 19 20:15:55 <Oxford> They're close now, thankfully. The safehouse sits at the corner of two narrow streets, a two-story building with a recessed stairway leading down into the cellar from off the street. The main entrance is up three steps, a door of thick pine with a sign hanging above it.
Jun 19 20:17:44 <Lily> "Okay we need to get the key where's the key Henriette get the key before I bust down the door!"
Jun 19 20:18:00 <Oxford> Rosalyne's instructions advise taking the stairway down rather than up. A loose stone halfway down is said to conceal the key.
Jun 19 20:19:49 * Rosalyne_Holst gets dragged by Lily totally not expecting her to do that after she…. "Wait this is the house!" She digs her heels in the ground and holds Lily in place. "Down here." Rosalyne leads the way downstaris and puts the key into the lock, then turns it and pushes the door.
Jun 19 20:20:31 * Rosalyne_Holst of course grabs the key from under the loose stone before opening the door.
Jun 19 20:20:33 <Lily> She SKIIIIIDS to a halt before the door. "Open open open open!"
Jun 19 20:20:47 <Naida> "Sesame."
Jun 19 20:21:30 <Lily> "Sassafras."
Jun 19 20:22:14 * Rosalyne_Holst tries to filter out a certain annoying black-haired girl that keeps yelling.
Jun 19 20:22:16 <Naida> Naida gives Lily a puzzled look.
Jun 19 20:22:19 <Lily> After Rosalyne finishes opening the door she DASHES IN not dragging the girls and tries to find a seat is there a seat?
Jun 19 20:22:34 <Oxford> The pine door swings open partway, catches on the rough stone floor, and grinds to a stop, leaving a gap of about half a metre. Inside, the room is dark, and cool air wafts up around their ankles.
Jun 19 20:22:53 <Henriette> Trailing somewhat behind is Henriette, who is peering carefully over their shoulder for any unusual suspects. She assumes that the other girls know the area better than her, and besides, a rich girl like herself hardly has any knowledge of surviving on the streets.
Jun 19 20:22:55 <Lily> "Dark!"
Jun 19 20:23:20 <Lily> "Open the door more!"
Jun 19 20:23:21 <Oxford> Lily stumbles through the darkness, banging her shin on something low and wooden. The bench she's discovered proves a suitable seat.
Jun 19 20:23:42 <Lily> She topples onto the seat, a bit of a mess.
Jun 19 20:23:55 <Lily> Her head is where her behind should be, after all!
Jun 19 20:24:15 <Lily> She fixes herself up rather quickly and sits facing the other girls. "Ooooopen the door."
Jun 19 20:24:30 <Rosalyne_Holst> "I can't it's stuck." Rosalyne looks for an electric light switch.
Jun 19 20:24:40 <Lily> "Guess I'll make do then!"
Jun 19 20:24:48 <Naida> Naida motions for Rosalyne to go first while looking back to Henri. "Is your friend…always like this? Is this a side effect?"
Jun 19 20:26:21 <Henriette> Benches before wenches, ladies.
Jun 19 20:26:36 * Rosalyne_Holst stubles in the darkness and fails to fin the light switch.
Jun 19 20:26:46 <Oxford> Henriette, taking it more slowly, can see the dim outlines of a few tables, lined with rough wooden benches. The light seems to be coming from small windows along the top of the room's walls - what must be ground level from outside.
Jun 19 20:27:23 <Henriette> "Non, as far as my memory goes, she has always been this way, ma cherie. She is… how is it said… a 'go-getter'?"
Jun 19 20:27:51 <Lily> The room lights up, sunlight streaming in to show everything but the corners close to the door. "There! All sunny!"
Jun 19 20:28:23 <Naida> "…I don't think that's the right term for what I'm thinking…" And why does she keep calling me her cherr- what the fuck is light doing?
Jun 19 20:29:18 * Rosalyne_Holst finds the light switch and turns on the electric light. "Wait what's going on?"
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Jun 19 20:31:50 <Lily> "I told you, I'm a fairy! A fairy of the sun and the forest and the earth and all lovely things in nature!"
Jun 19 20:31:59 <Lily> "…and that's why I ended up like this."
Jun 19 20:32:51 <Naida> "…a wood nymph?"
Jun 19 20:32:58 <Henriette> "It may have gotten worse over the last few weeks, I think?"
Jun 19 20:32:59 <Oxford> The incandescent bulbs glow dimly in their sockets. Half of them are broken, and even as they watch one flashes and goes out with a faint pop.
Jun 19 20:33:52 <Lily> "A wood nymph, yes!"
Jun 19 20:34:02 <Lily> "…that was what the bad part of me turned into wasn't it Henriette?"
Jun 19 20:36:07 * Rosalyne_Holst sits down on one of the benches, "Why did you two come here anyways? Our superiors didn't tell us anything." She rests her ars on her knees, "I'm sure it has to do with why you two are so weird."
Jun 19 20:37:19 <Naida> Naida slides up next to Henri, staring intently at the briefcase. "So what's in the bag? Seeing as how you're not hauling all that much, it's gotta be something cool, riiiiight?"
Jun 19 20:37:38 <Henriette> "Oui, mais…" She doesn't actually remember why they came. EVERYONE KEEPS TALKING TO HER.
Jun 19 20:38:01 <Oxford> As light half-heartedly fills the room, its disparate elements gradually form into a more cohesive whole. The tables and benches form small boothes, while on the opposite wall a row of tall stools sits in front of a high bar. They are in the rathskellar beneath the old Glasholme Administrative Office.
Jun 19 20:39:26 <Lily> "Pendants. To turn you into fairies or witches or whatever you're gonna' be."
Jun 19 20:40:50 <Naida> The tavernkeeper's daughter regards the room with interest upon recognizing what it is, and immediately checks to see if the previous occupants had the good graces to at least leave them some kegs.
Jun 19 20:41:27 <Lily> "I think we might want to demonstrate for the new girls right Henri?"
Jun 19 20:42:15 <Henriette> Settling onto one of the chairs that isn't so… dusty with a grimace of discomfort on her face, Henriette looks around the room, debating cleaning everything in a frantic fit. "Quoi? Oh, oh, sure, if that is what you desire."
Jun 19 20:43:50 <Oxford> Naida finds the barrels that would contain beer stacked up behind the bar, right where she would expect them. The ones that have been tapped already release only a thin dribble of sludge when opened, but a few of the ones stacked behind still seem to have something sloshing within them.
Jun 19 20:44:24 <Lily> Lily kicks open the suitcase and grabs a pendant, putting it over her head. "Okay, you two have to watch me like looking away will kill you because while it won't but it's important to watch!"
Jun 19 20:45:48 * Rosalyne_Holst stares at the two.
Jun 19 20:46:16 <Naida> She leans over the bar to watch Lily with interest, after briefly scowling at the dust. That's no way to ru- oh it's a safe house, right…still though…
Jun 19 20:46:48 * Henriette watches patiently. Her transformation might be a little… bright, so she's going to do it secondly. Also, she realizes that this is the first time they've been off on their own with the pendants. It's a strange feeling.
Jun 19 20:49:26 <Lily> "Okay! So, here we go!" She clenches her pendant and WOOSH, her sort of explodes, a wave of pressure going from her, as her body becomes a green shimmering silhouette (without clothes, but there's no real details anyway). It stretches into a new shape, as flowers sprout all over her body and eventually coalesce into a brown druidic robe, and then her body solidifies, looking about
Jun 19 20:49:26 <Lily> Henriette's age now, her hair green with leaves and little lilies sprouting from it, the hair long enough to reach the floor. Her feet are bare, and besides her robe it's obvious she's not waring a scrap of clothing. Her tail and cat ears are still there, along with her perfect (more adult) proportions, although they're green instead of black, now. "This is me as a fairy."
Jun 19 20:51:20 <Lily> *she
Jun 19 20:51:57 <Henriette> "Faeries are smaller, ma cherie," Henriette says cheerily. She's got a broad grin on her face after the pendant transformation.
Jun 19 20:52:10 <Henriette> She holds her hands up about a foot apart for emphasis.
Jun 19 20:52:35 <Lily> "Faeries take many forms, some are the little cute ones, others are more sultry and humanlike like myself, still others don't look human at all!"
Jun 19 20:52:40 <Naida> "DRYAD!" She cries the word out in fascination, eyes transfixed on Lily.
Jun 19 20:52:53 * Rosalyne_Holst 's jaw drop, "Wait what? I heard a rumor or two but…" She looks up and down Lily's body (Non sexually of course) and tries to find an explanation for it. "Is that Albean's secret weapon?" Rosalyne isn't even listening to the conversation now.
Jun 19 20:53:20 <Lily> "Dryad! Yes that's right you're right thank you you get it!"
Jun 19 20:54:23 <Henriette> "Oui, et we are here to teach you to do the same, mes amours…" Henriette stands carefully. "Je believe they wish your help in the fight against Novgoraad."
Jun 19 20:54:29 <Henriette> "Lily, shall I now?"
Jun 19 20:55:27 <Naida> "Lemme guess, an ANGEL?!" She's basically crawled onto the bar in an awkward manner, as one does when their mind is being blown.
Jun 19 20:55:28 <Lily> "Of course!" Her voice has gotten a bit deeper, more sensual, compared to her sort of high-pitched fast talking from before.
Jun 19 20:56:41 * Rosalyne_Holst is being busy having her mind blown quietly with here eyes wide. She breaks the silence though, "Holy shit, this…damn."
Jun 19 21:04:27 * Henriette gently touches her pendant. The clothes she has been wearing, a summer dress and a scarf about her neck vanish in a stream of silver-white light. The light bursts forth towards the other girls in the room, reaching like vines to ensnare them, but instead they rescind rapidly and cover her in a white dress. The air around her shimmers with the same manner of illusions as could be
Jun 19 21:04:27 * Henriette seen in her wings, and now her hair is a golden color. When the light dims, she easily out-illuminates even the sunlight streaming in and has the dress with matching elbow gloves and heels. It's like looking at some angelic princess rather than a soldier.
Jun 19 21:07:16 <Lily> "And that's how it is!"
Jun 19 21:07:50 <Naida> After blinking away the blinding light, Naida's mouth forms a few words without sound. "…th-that's what we get to do?"
Jun 19 21:08:04 <Lily> "Do you want to try?"
Jun 19 21:08:05 * Rosalyne_Holst looks at the two girls, or rather the things they've become. "That's amazing." She says breathlessly. And then she gulps, "Are we going to do that too?"
Jun 19 21:09:51 * Lily pulls another pendant out of the briefcase. "Who wants to try~?"
Jun 19 21:09:55 <Naida> "FUCKYEAH!" She finishes her crawl over the counter of the bar, oozing over to rejoin the rest. "ME!"
Jun 19 21:10:12 <Henriette> "Something different, I'm sure, but similar…" Never one to waste energy, though, she dissipates the transformation with some willpower.
Jun 19 21:10:36 * Rosalyne_Holst quickly stands up and stretches her hand, "YES!" Her eyes are sparkling with excitement.
Jun 19 21:11:00 <Henriette> "Here, cherie, though I must have them back afterwards. Safety, you understand?"
Jun 19 21:11:10 <Lily> She hands it over to Naida. "There's a button on the side, do that and focus on your ideal self, fill yourself with fighting spirit or motivation or whatever! Be the best you can be~"
Jun 19 21:18:19 <Naida> After a moment of hesitation as she continues to stare in awe, Naida snatches the pendant. "What's it made of, what's it feel like, wha- oh fuck it…" She holds it close, staring in fascination. The room begins to grow…musty, a brief vile smell filling the room. The surge of light even briefly dims as the girl is embraced in a dark mold which hardens and changes color, taking on the appearance of a (rather revealing) outfit. T
Jun 19 21:18:19 <Naida> o complete the transformation, vile tentacles grow out from her lower torso, held together by mucusy web-like layer.
Jun 19 21:19:13 <Lily> Lily blinks and leans in to inspect her. "That's…you're like a sea animal! The ones with all the grabby parts!"
Jun 19 21:19:59 * Lily grabs the last pendant and hands it over to Rose. "Here, you try!"
Jun 19 21:20:15 <Naida> She stares down, an obvious look of disgust on her face. "…I…that is…not…not at all…what I was expecting." Ohgodshecanmovethem.
Jun 19 21:20:16 * Henriette involuntarily makes a noise of disgust at the sight but then quickly looks abashed about it.
Jun 19 21:20:32 <Henriette> Oh, good. If she's also grossed out…
Jun 19 21:20:38 <Henriette> That makes it okay.
Jun 19 21:20:53 <Lily> "So I'm a Dryad and you're a Naiad! I see I see! You're a fellow nymph I had no idea!"
Jun 19 21:20:57 * Rosalyne_Holst almost rips Lily's hand off as she grabs the pendant, "Let's see what I get."
Jun 19 21:22:32 * Rosalyne_Holst closes her eyes and holds the pendant in her hands and presses her hands to her chest. She wants to be able to shoot down lanes, move faster than them and beat them at their own game. The wind moves around the enclosed space and circles around Rosalyne in a vortex. Clouds cover her for a few moments before she comes out with an orange and black suit, a set of white metal gauntlets.
Jun 19 21:22:32 * Rosalyne_Holst and metal boots. There are small vents throughout her boots and back, always moving wind around. As soon as she notices how she's dressed she covers herself. "Not really what I expected." She says blushing and sitting down again on the bench.
Jun 19 21:23:55 <Naida> "At least you didn't…get…" She pokes one of her rotten tendrils. "…can I get a do over?"
Jun 19 21:25:08 <Lily> "I think you're fine! And Rose seems to be an Aurae I guess that's pretty cool too and Henri is an Aesteriae and together we're all Nymphs~"
Jun 19 21:25:33 <Henriette> "Mais… thematiquement, peut-etre it can be made to look… " Words fail her.
Jun 19 21:25:40 * Rosalyne_Holst looks at Naida, "At least I didn't end up like her, that's a good thing though."
Jun 19 21:25:50 * Lily glaaaaaaaaaaaaares at Rose for that
Jun 19 21:25:59 <Henriette> Shots fired.
Jun 19 21:26:45 <Rosalyne_Holst> green and black*
Jun 19 21:27:08 <Lily> She grabs Naida's hands and holds them. "Whatever you are it's part of you and the real you is beautiful no matter what other people say and I love you how you are and we'll all work together great!"
Jun 19 21:28:00 <Naida> She gives Rosalyne a hurt lo- what is she doing? "…you…should probably like…wash your hands…now…or something…"
Jun 19 21:29:30 <Lily> "I like getting dirty it makes it better when you wash yourself and we can get dirty together and help wash each other off and it'll feel great!"
Jun 19 21:30:10 <Rosalyne_Holst> "Fuck, sorry, it's just that I'm not used to any of this." SHe looks down at the floor.
Jun 19 21:30:13 <Naida> A morose look improves dramatically. "…you really ARE a freak."
Jun 19 21:31:13 <Lily> She gives a smile. "The freakiest."
Jun 19 21:32:12 <Henriette> "You know… in une manière gothique, it is quite… interesting, mes cheries. You must learn to hold yourself with confiance, mes belles."
Jun 19 21:33:00 <Naida> Squi(d)nt at Henri. "…do you have an interpeter?"
Jun 19 21:33:02 <Lily> "Goffeak, you hear! You're goffeak and you should love it!"
Jun 19 21:36:12 * Rosalyne_Holst rolls her eyes, "These pendant things are pretty great. How long are you albeans going to be here?"
Jun 19 21:36:42 * Henriette has no idea. "Months? Je cannot remember what they told us… Lily?"
Jun 19 21:37:02 <Lily> "Long as we have to! Maybe for the rest of our lives! Depends how long the war lasts! Or when they reassign us!"
Jun 19 21:37:32 <Naida> "Hm…well even if the epilogue is a little shaky, the following chapters could still make up for it. What next?"
Jun 19 21:37:37 <Naida> *prologue
Jun 19 21:37:45 * Henriette looks back at her notes to see who they even report to here, if anyone.
Jun 19 21:40:22 <Oxford> Once they get their radio online, there will be - or at least, there should be - regular check-ins with a handler in Wadden. But, according to their briefing, they are for the most part on their own.
Jun 19 21:41:28 <Henriette> Oh god. Everyone is doomed.
Jun 19 21:41:33 <Lily> "We just chill out until we get orders, make sure nothing is blowing up this town, you get the idea! This town is our turf now, it's our job as Nymphs to not let anyone in it get hurt!"
Jun 19 21:41:41 <Lily> She pumps a fist up.
Jun 19 21:43:10 <Naida> Less than enthused. "…Albaeans claiming our cities, how unusual."
Jun 19 21:43:20 <Henriette> "I believe that we were sent here because les militaires expects attacks here soon. We should be on our toes."
Jun 19 21:43:49 <Henriette> "Ma belle, je suis Gaulian. Please."
Jun 19 21:48:32 <Oxford> For the first time since discoving the pendants, Henriette and Lily are under their own authority. Their current mission, of training and supporting the first native Cimbrian Pendant User Flight, will take place out of the watchful eye of handlers and superior officers. Much like the other students from the ferry, their summer will be free from oversight, a time of self-reliance and self-discovery.
Jun 19 21:53:41 <Oxford> /end session