World War Burst S2: Part 7

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[15:46:15] <Marina> PRESENT DAY - After a meeting with Col. Vaughn, our albino heroine walks up the stairs of Wightshead to Henriette's room, opening the door without a knock. What she's greeted with is the sight of the Gaulian girl leaping out the window, to which she politely closes the door back to how it was and curls her lips into a smile. "Good girl," she says to herself in a hushed whisper, and continues along- it's Bridget's room where she stops, raising a fist to the door and hesitating. Every few seconds she brings it closer, prepared to knock, and stops. Frustrated, she eventually gives up after a full fruitless minute and leans against the Princess' room's door, crossing her arms and scowling.
[15:47:05] <Bridget> "Oi!" Bridget can be heard on the other side, opening up the door. "Wot caen Ae dae yae fer?"
[15:48:04] <Marina> "Eek!" Marina almost falls flat on her face, scrambling as the door rams into her backside. She turns around, clearly flustered. "It's… nothing… I apologize."
[15:48:17] <Marina> "I mean, sorry. I mean, I didn't intend to bother you."
[15:48:33] <Marina> It's probably been a few days since the last time the albino dared to speak to her at all(?).
[15:48:34] <Bridget> "Ah? What'cha wont?"
[15:48:58] <Bridget> She looks at Marina curiously.
[15:49:13] <Marina> "I was just…" She looks down, eyeing the floorboards. Floorcarpet? Floor. "… You're not busy now, are you?"
[15:50:28] <Bridget> "Nae!" she grins, grabbing Marina's arm and pulling her in, locking the door after. She sits Marina down on her bed, and Bridget sits across from her, grinning.
[15:51:20] <Marina> "Aa-" She gasps but gives in, letting herself get pulled along like a ragdoll. Once seated, she looks more nervous than ever, and isn't drinking tea for once. Maybe the two are related?
[15:51:51] <Marina> "It's just… I'm just curious."
[15:52:06] <Bridget> "Aye?"
[15:52:55] <Marina> "Your identity. Why did you let it… be known? If it's something that major, you could have easily kept it quiet." She looks at the wall, somewhat vacant. "I'm still not sure if I believe it myself."
[15:54:55] <Bridget> A moment, a sigh. "You had mentioned it to Us, that who We were did not determine what We needed to do and that you felt that We would be the same regardless of who We were. We are not used to that." a look down. "We….like you a great deal Marina. It is difficult for Us to express that oftentimes. But you have beaten Us in fair combat and We respect that."
[15:57:07] <Marina> A hand raises to half-cover Marina's forehead. "That… I… see. I understand. Yes, your identity doesn't define who you are… to some." The last part of the line is whispered, grunted even. "Sorry, I'm not sure I'm used to those dramatic changes in speech of yours yet. Not to mention the Royal 'We' is something I've only read about in books."
[15:59:15] <Marina> "But it's… different. I don't plan to treat you any differently myself, but…. aaargh." Her head gets buried in her hands. "I just wish I didn't know, I guess."
[16:01:12] <Bridget> "We…are aware." A grin. "Talking like this is not easy for Us to do. Our accent is rather firmly ingrained." before Bridget places an arm around Marina's shoulder and pulls her into a hug. "Aye? Ae dunnae amend yae knaughing." She smiles a little more and hugs Marina tighter. "Ae raspect yae sae Aem' faen with yae' knaughing."
[16:02:24] <Marina> "I.." She sniffles and then smiles, returning the hug best she can. "Alright. I'll respect you as a combatant no matter who you are, anyway- in fact, I thought I'd ask if you'd be willing to spar again sometime."
[16:04:09] <Marina> "It might take a bit of practice, though. After all, neither of us would be able to get away with it with our pendants on again," her stoic shell cracks and she lets out a bit of a giggle.
[16:07:39] <Bridget> A small nod and a giggle of her own. "Aye. Caould use Aeur fists!"
[16:08:29] <Marina> "… I wish." She quietly scoffs and breaks the grip, looking down. "If I were that physically capable, I never would have needed magic in the first place."
[16:09:19] <Bridget> A moment. Clearing her throat. "Would you mind telling Us why you agreed to serve?"
[16:10:37] <Marina> "It was just… to…" Her already-red eyes begin to well up, but she wipes them before they start pouring red streams again. Staring straight into Bridget's eyes, she gives up after a moment and sighs.
[16:11:11] <Bridget> Another hug. Tightly. "Yae caen cry. Ae won't tael."
[16:11:18] <Marina> "My father was in the military. I wanted to be like him." She blushes and turns away, like she just revealed an embarrassing secret. "That's all."
[16:13:18] <Marina> She stops making eye contact too. "It's… nothing significant. I just felt I needed to prove myself."
[16:14:49] <Marina> Not hugging back this time, Marina looks down to her hands. Shaking. After some effort they stop. "Like I am… I probably wouldn't have lived very long. Discovering magic was nothing short of a miracle- then again, I suppose that's what magic is usually considered in folklore anyway."
[16:16:12] <Bridget> Bridget doesn't pry. She just nods and hugs more. After a few moments. Minutes really. "Ae'm glad ye daed it."
[16:17:09] <Marina> Ohh yeah, Marina is definitely not one to break the awkward silence herself after something like that. "… Thank you."
[16:18:31] <Marina> "Being emotional isn't my strong point." Finally, she leans back on the bed with a sigh. "It isn't very feminine. It's no wonder boys have never been interested in me."
[16:18:56] <Bridget> "Ae…Ae lake ye." After a few more moments. "Laek all tha' squad. Baet….yer'…" Bridget blushes a little, a lot really, it shows up on her face. "Baet thaer' stuupid."
[16:19:14] <Bridget> "Ae'm interested~" she grins, reddening even more.
[16:20:05] <Marina> "Hehe. Stuup- … ah." Her eyes widen, transforming their juicy red centers into tiny dots. "Interested? W-Well, that wasn't quite… what I meant."
[16:21:09] <Bridget> Bridget giggles and gets up, unlocking the door and giving Marina another hug. "Aye. 's nae problem! Jus' yer' nae ugly n' Ae laek ye' a lot!"
[16:22:11] <Marina> "Oh… uh…" Marina CLEARLY has no clue what to do, returning the hug. After a few seconds she relaxes more. "Well… I suppose you're not entirely wrong about them."
[16:22:51] <Bridget> "Aem a' Princess! Ae'm never wrong!"
[16:23:14] <Marina> "Right now they're on a wild goose chase for LeClair on Col. Vaughn's orders." She stands up herself, rolling her eyes. "Leave it to an old man to understand a young girl's heart."
[16:24:57] <Marina> "I actually came to visit because I was curious how you entertain yourself in dull times." Her face is still a LITTLE red but it's okay because it matches her eyes. "I'd finished all of today's chores, and even I feel like I spend too much time alone lately."
[16:26:15] <Bridget> Bridget grins. "We are asking you to keep this secret" she pounds a segment on her wall and….there's a bookshelf in there. Hidden. With tons of books!
[16:26:44] <Bridget> "We enjoy reading :3"
[16:27:04] <Marina> Marina's eyes sparkle. "Are… All of these yours?"
[16:27:08] <Marina> What kind of books are they~?
[16:27:42] <Bridget> Many histories and fictional books! Some science books! War reports though these appear to be more stories.
[16:28:53] <Marina> 10/10, they just get even sparklier. "I can't believe it… you actually FOUND something by this author? And this volume, every library I'd been to was missing it!"
[16:29:09] <Marina> "Oh… uhm… I'm sorry."
[16:30:16] <Marina> "… Hee."
[16:30:39] <Marina> "Hehehe. I'm amazed that THAT'S what you ask to be kept secret and not 'being a princess.'"
[16:31:04] <Marina> "You certainly are the most unusual person I've met."
[16:33:28] <Bridget> "Mmmm, Ae tare~" she laughs.
[16:33:30] <Bridget> trae*
[16:35:13] <Marina> "I see… you might be missing some that I have." She bends over, observing each shelf in detail. "Maybe you'd like to borrow some of mine at some point?"
[16:35:30] <Bridget> "Aye!"
[16:36:06] <Marina> "Okay then," Marina says with a girlish smile unbefitting her usual self. "I'll bring some over sometime- don't worry, I won't tell the others."
[16:36:25] <Marina> "In fact, now might not be the worst time while they're all occupied."
[16:37:46] <Bridget> "Aye!" again, even more eager, giggling as she gives Marina a kiss on the cheek, impulsive
[16:38:00] <Marina> Marina STRAIGHTENS THE FUCK UP.
[16:38:45] <Marina> … And then loosens up a second later. "I've already mentioned you're unusual once today… so I guess I don't need to again."
[16:39:09] <Marina> "But for some reason, I feel more comfortable around you than most other people… I must be strange too."
[16:42:51] <Bridget> "Ae'm plaenty straenge!"
[16:42:59] <Bridget> She smirks. Looking pleased really.
[16:44:14] <Marina> "Well, at least I don't have to worry about offending you." Standing up, she tries to be stoic as usual, but can't help smiling. "Stop by my room if you want to, then, I'll have some of my favorites ready… and tea too, of course."
[16:44:55] <Bridget> A grin, more of one. "YAe'll sae mae 'n a draess!"
[16:46:17] <Marina> And a giggle. "A princess' dress? I'll look forward to it, then. Maybe we could arrange a spar soon too, after all? I'm feeling more confident."
[16:46:56] <Bridget> "Aye! Ae'll baet yae this taem!"
[16:47:20] <Marina> "That, I'll be looking forward to too." And then she exits the room… was that a wink?
[16:54:59] <Marina> Shutting the door behind her, she mutters a word or two, assured only she can hear it, and walks nonchalantly back to her room. As today's tea touches her lips while alone in her room, she catches herself in an unexpected giggle. Her eyes gaze around the room, observing her mythology and fiction collection, and once they stop back on the liquid she sees in its reflection a frown.
[16:55:02] <Marina> /thing