World War Burst S2: Part 3

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[18:04:11] * Oxford changes topic to 'No Lifeguard Until Summer —- Swim At Own Risk'
[18:10:53] <~Oxford> The rain has finally let up, but the sky is still hidden behind a thick blanket of gray cloud. Still, a day off intercept standby means a day to spend on other pursuits, and so for the first time since their arrival at Wightshead Estate, the girls of Major Stranahan's flight are taking a picnic lunch down to Ternwald beach.
[18:17:00] * Marina brought her favorite with her- though much to her dismay, every flavor of tea she brews has tasted the same as of late, and the crimson disappointment has been ever-so-apparent in her eyes. With little culinary skills to speak of otherwise, she's mostly hidden behind the shadows of the others' masterful girly cooking arts. Maybe she made a sandwich or something.
[18:18:53] <Marina> Sometime during the offscreened time that's passed, Marina had formally apologized for her disorderly conduct, et cetera, et cetera. And spent at least one day nursing Bridget back to health, guilty as she felt about inflicting such an unnecessary wound. Her mannerisms still haven't changed much, though.
[18:19:03] * Bridget_MacDonald has a mash and a hash that looks…rather delicious. And a ton of sausages and eggs and the works. Really, a traditional Scottish breakfast for this one.
[18:19:55] <~Oxford> As they reach the top of the low embankment seperating the beach proper from the town around it, a wide half-moon of gray gravel stretches in front of them, broken only by a pair of lifeguard's stands and the occasional piece of driftwood.
[18:20:19] <Bridget_MacDonald> "'s daed 'ere."
[18:20:27] * Henriette probably spent hours agonizing over clothes after the rain went away. The lovely pitter-patter of the drops was soothing, but with the sun out… "Oooh, je l'adore!" Henriette coos. She's wearing a hand-made purple sundress and carrying a rather large red-and-white checkered cloth sack with her. It's all full of things she's made for herself and the other girls to eat. There's
[18:20:27] * Henriette also a section of it containing her swimsuit and a towel just in case.
[18:23:32] <~Oxford> The waves roll in and out against the shoreline, leaving white lines of foam stranded on the damp sand. The tide is about halfway to high, coming in slowly but inexorably.
[18:23:55] <Cloral> Loewin doesn't need lunch! She's just here for the…apparent barren wasteland of a beach. Without attendants or anything. "…and whose idea was this?"
[18:24:03] <Lily> Lily has a white sundress, contrasting with her black hair, it's pretty much the exact sundress she has in her reference image. Whether she brought some kind of swimsuit with her is hard to tell, besides, 1930s swimsuits were usually just onepieces or "go in your skivvies"
[18:24:24] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Nae tae' bad." The Highlander's got her sword with her. Of course she does.
[18:26:17] <Marina> GUESS WHO HATES SUNBURNS no really one guess. Oh, you got it, yeah- should've phrased it as a more vague question. Anyway Marina shows up wearing more clothing than people should in summer and searches for a shady spot when they arrive, content with sitting away from the others and sipping candy.
[18:28:37] <~Oxford> It was, perhaps, not what Major Stranahan had imagined when she suggested the outting. With no intercepts in over a week, it hardly feels like the time to worry about getting enough time off, but nevertheless she seemed insistent.
[18:30:05] <Cloral> Because describing outfits with a unique blend of specificity and ambiguity is the cool thing to do, Loewin groans. "I'm going to feel a whole new level of stupid if we actually get an alarm today…"
[18:30:24] <Henriette> A week is long enough to Henriette to have fabricated a fantastic new hat as well. It's on Lily's head, actually, at the moment, a broad-brimmed bergère hat. "I think it's a lovely place pour se détendre."
[18:31:39] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Wot'rya'takin'boot?" Somehow, Bridget makes that all one word, giving Henri a flat look. She's in…uh…a kilt. And shirt. It's shockingly sensible for the girl.
[18:32:33] * Lily is almost single-mindedly walking down the beach to find a good place to set down a towel or whatever and sit down.
[18:33:36] <Henriette> "Se détendre? Err… how is it in Albaean? To take a break from daily troubles? Err… relaxation?"
[18:33:41] * Marina pours herself a drink and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. She makes a face afterward. "I'm not a fan, myself, but it's better than doing nothing."
[18:34:13] <Marina> "And yes, LeClair- it's relaxing."
[18:34:22] <Lily> "Vacation!" Lily says, before flopping down a white towel on the ground and sitting on it.
[18:34:30] <~Oxford> It doesn't take too long to find a spot that meets her exacting standards. Though, for her companions, the patch of rough sand she decides to lay her towel down seems essentially the same as every other part of the beach.
[18:34:54] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Oooooh! Vacation! HA! Caen dae tha!" she laughs and pulls out a flask full of a strong smelling liquid.
[18:36:36] <Cloral> "I don't think we've actually earned a vacation yet…" She actually does have 'kill fun' as a life goal.
[18:40:30] <~Oxford> The wind was hardly noticable during the walk down to the shore, but now that they're out in the open it tugs against their hats and the corners of their towels.
[18:40:48] <Lily> "This is the spot with the softest sand and the best sun!" She says, laying down on the towel she set down. She bolts her torso up suddenly, though, and gives a little yell to Marina. "Do you need a parasol or something like that?"
[18:41:01] <Henriette> "Well, consider it a fin de la semaine, then! We work and now we have fun, oui?" Henriette says, twirling about in the beautiful spring air.
[18:41:53] <Marina> Marina glares daggers at Lily and retorts with a sarcastic response. "Did you bring one?" … Unless they actually did bring parasols, in which case her tone sounds exactly the same anyway.
[18:42:22] <Lily> "I did!" She rummages in her bag and pulls out a cute white frilly parasol!
[18:43:06] <Bridget_MacDonald> "'s naec out!" she laughs as she kicks off her boots and runs into the water, in her clothes. So what if it'll take forever to dry out her kilt?
[18:43:44] <Marina> "… Oh, you-" She looks dumbfounded for a second and shrugs. "Sure."
[18:44:15] * Marina boringly walks over to take the parasol and sets it up. "Thank you."
[18:45:11] * Cloral looks briefly with disgust at Lily before turning back to the sediments. "I do not think this is fine enough to qualify as 'sand.'"
[18:45:14] <Lily> Her bag, if one is wondering, is a simple white purse, big enough to hold a parasol and some other odds and ends. She hands it over to Marina, nodding. "I brought it for you, but then I forgot about it for a while, then I saw you in the shade by yourself and remembered and I'm sorry I took so long! That's something important, I should've given it to you as soon as you got here!"
[18:47:18] * Henriette frowns for a moment but then wanders down the beach after Bridget, but only up to her calves, trying to avoid getting her dress wet. "Bridget, ma belle, you are getting your clothes all salty! They will be détruit!"
[18:48:18] <Bridget_MacDonald> The girl shrugs and, lifting her legs, shucks off her shirt and kilt and…and….oh. She's wearing a bathing suit under it. What? You think she's like that?! The clothes land, maybe on Marina's head as she laughs and leaps into the water. "WHATCHOO WAETIN' FER! GET YER" ARSES IN 'ERE!"
[18:48:54] <~Oxford> The saltwater quickly soaks up through Bridget's kilt, and her splashing leaves bits of her shirt sticking against the flesh beneath.
[18:48:59] <Marina> She smiles a little at Lily's run-on sentence. If she's rolling her eyes, it's not obvious enough for Lily to see it. "I don't mind. I doubt we'd have stayed long enough f-" PLOMF, the clothes do land on her head, and she just stands there as they slide off.
[18:49:29] * Bridget_MacDonald giggles a bit at the sight, no malice, just some amusement.
[18:51:02] <Lily> "…maybe I should've got an umbrella!"
[18:51:43] * Marina sighs and lies down, throwing the clothes off herself. And then looks at Lily, ponderingly….
[18:51:46] <Cloral> Loewin's clothes quite definitively cover up every inch of her torso, all the way up to her neck. She's taking great pains to make sure even an inch below her neckline remains covered at all times. Coming to the beach at all was probably a mistake.
[18:51:54] <Marina> … Nah too lewd.
[18:52:01] <Marina> Throwing BRIDGET'S clothes.
[18:53:04] <Henriette> "And ruin mon ma robe d'été? Je ne crois pas!" Henriette replies. She is smiling however as she walks around in the edge of the waves, feeling the sand between her toes.
[18:54:39] * Lily blinks at Marina. "Is there something you wanted?" She lies back down, baaaasking in the sun. Swimming is fun, too, but she prefers taking in the sunlight~
[18:54:49] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Eh, it'll dry" that…was comprehensible! Weird! "Caeman!"
[18:55:14] <Bridget_MacDonald> She flops into the ocean, enjoying herself. Huh. Her suit looks to have a place to keep her flask, which she's drinking while she's backstroking
[18:56:12] <Marina> "It's nothing, nevermind," to Lily. At this point Marina takes a sip of her tea, making a face at how it still tastes awful. And then she watches Bridget with a sigh. "No, thank you- … well, maybe later," she reassures. "Maybe."
[18:56:26] <~Oxford> An especially large wave races in, and water washes up over Henriette's feet. The water is frigid, and when it washes back out to sea the wind makes her wet skin goosebump instantly.
[18:56:49] <Henriette> "Would you have je devienne nu?" she says. "I left mon maillot de bain with Lily."
[18:58:21] <Lily> "Okay, let me know when it's later~!" She takes a sun-nap~
[18:59:15] * Marina sighs yet again. As the waves wash close, she glares at them with all her might. Stupid waves.
[18:59:21] <Henriette> "And the water is très froid! Brrrr."
[18:59:37] <Bridget_MacDonald> And suddenly a Bridget. Sopping wet, grinning down at Marina. "Ya' comin'?"
[19:00:38] <Marina> "No! I said…"
[19:00:44] <Marina> "…"
[19:00:47] <Marina> Siiiiip.
[19:00:52] <Bridget_MacDonald> Grab Marina's arm, tug tug a little.
[19:00:57] <~Oxford> Water from Bridget's swimsuit drips down icily on Marina.
[19:01:22] * Lily zzzzzzzzz
[19:01:53] <Marina> "Aah!" Marina has the physical strength of a tiny puppy without being transformed! She helplessly accepts the drag and drops her cup, groaning.
[19:02:26] * Lily pops open an eye as Marina gets dragged off. "It later yet?"
[19:02:36] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Yer' frosty, aye? 's nae tae bad! Caemman!"
[19:03:09] <Bridget_MacDonald> She's beaming at the girl. If told no, she'd probably let go. Will Marina do it in time?
[19:03:39] * Cloral steals Marina's place after her kidnapping by the sea people, glad to have a scapegoat.
[19:04:40] <Marina> Nope! Still feeling guilty about kicking Bridg(e/i)t's ass earlier, she reluctantly takes off her overclothes. Okay, maybe ONE minute in the water is okay, and she wouldn't be wearing a swimsuit 1,1even though it's a one-piece at all if she didn't expect this to happen.
[19:05:04] * Henriette watches Bridget and Marina carefully. Should she change? The waters are so cold though! Très froid, even! And, actually, she'd have to wander away to change. Hmm… there's a lot of trouble to be had with that, but then she'd be alone on the beach, the only one on the sands who isn't sleeping or being Cloral.
[19:08:00] <Bridget_MacDonald> Dragging the girl into the water, it's freezing, not that the HIghlander seems to notice. Her grin near splits her face. "Thought ya'd bae waelln' ta' come in!"
[19:09:15] <Marina> "Well, my sk-" On second thought she doesn't want to bother explaining her condition to the silly northener and ignores it. "… All right, I'll accept that as a challenge."
[19:10:08] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Ha! 's tha' spirit!" She actually hugs her. HIGHLANDERS.
[19:10:51] <Marina> "Hehe…" Marina squiggles about, trying (and failing) to hide her embarrassment, and then pulls back.
[19:11:09] * Marina steps into the freezing water, unaffected, and closes her eyes for a second, taking a deep breath. Then she rakes an arm across the water, aiming a SPLASH at Bridget's face! "Let's go!"
[19:11:31] <Bridget_MacDonald> 'Haaa! Yer' on!" leaping back and SPLASH! Right into Marina's face.
[19:12:42] * Cloral is wearing an incredibly conservative dress intended for that empowering business-look, totally unfit for the beach, unless one is attempting to purchase the beach or otherwise industrialize it.
[19:12:50] <Marina> Marina shakes like a dog and aims more volleys! It's like she's already forgetting the scorching satan sun melting her flesh.
[19:13:31] * Bridget_MacDonald does not falter under the volleys! But she's giggling and enjoying herself thoroughly.
[19:15:30] <Elsa> A very orange and white magical girl flies down towards the beach circling around where the girls are playing on the water before heading over to the beach and landing there. Upon a closer look she is wearing some kind of jester outfit, her hair is orange, and with six arm-length orange wings. And with a flash of fire the jester outfit is gone and there stands a girl wearing an Albean
[19:15:30] <Elsa> Air Force formal wear uniform, her wings tucked under her overcoat, wings pointing downwards.
[19:15:56] <Lily> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[19:17:06] * Henriette is still standing lost in thought when suddenly IS THAT A PERSON WITH WINGS? Henriette sighs. "I should get used to comme c'est étrange this place is becoming."
[19:17:18] * Cloral stares. "…perhaps it's been too long since I've been in the sun…" She rubs her eyes, mouth agape when the winged girl doesn't disappear and lets out a startled yelp. "I think we're under attack! …Wait…that's…one of our uniforms…"
[19:18:02] * Marina is kicking water volleys by this point, already completely out of breath and about to fall over facefirst. Eventually she notices somebody appearing and slowly turns, leaving herself wide open.
[19:19:18] <Marina> Blink blink. "That doesn't look like Maj. Stranahan…"
[19:20:06] <Lily> Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[19:20:25] * Elsa looks around, "I should really avoid beaches, sand is one of the only things I can't just burn off." She thinks out loud, "Hey girls? Mind coming over for a bit?"
[19:20:32] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Huh…" waving over a bit. "Oi. Sup?"
[19:20:34] * Cloral shakes Lily. "I think something's happening."
[19:21:06] * Lily flails awake. "-no the bear's gonna'- oh!"
[19:21:50] <Marina> "… Let's go see." Marina notices that she's in the sun finally and groans to herself, ceasing her assault to walk over.
[19:21:50] <Cloral> Loewin is perturbed at being struck by the flailing sunchild. "No bears, it's weirder."
[19:22:32] * Elsa takes her overcoat off and hangs it from her arms, stretching her wings. A couple of flaps later she looks more relaxed.
[19:22:50] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Heh…" Bridget follows, humming. "Oi, ya' 'ere ta' summon us fer' some combat?"
[19:23:03] <Henriette> "Oh, uh… A senior err… what did they call us? Focus users?" Henriette mutters, wandering over near Elsa. She's still dressed in her sundress, compared to her companions' swimwear.
[19:23:46] * Lily shakes herself awake and turns to Cloral. "Ah! Did I get you? I'm sorry, I tend to do that when I wake up!" She bolts up, noticing the Parasol dropped and picks it up, handing it to Marina on the way to walking to Elsa~
[19:24:25] * Marina puts her clothing back on, happily donning it, and grabs the parasol, giving Lily a nod of thanks. She squints over at Elsa, mostly observing the wings. "That uniform… I see."
[19:24:41] * Elsa glances at at Bridget, and then asks "Hey nice to meet you, my name is Elsa. So who here is Henriette, Marina and Bridget?"
[19:25:03] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Aem' Bridget"
[19:25:04] <Lily> "Not me! I'm Lily, nice to meet you Elsa~!" Wavewave!
[19:25:24] <Marina> "Warrant Marina Martel, reporting," she shakes the wetness off again and gives a salute.
[19:25:51] <Henriette> "Ehh… oui, Henriette LeClair, mad- err… Oui, madame."
[19:25:55] * Cloral hangs back by Lily, apparently not cool enough to be singled out by weird winged people, giving Elsa nothing but a curt nod.
[19:27:14] * Elsa immediately gives each of the girls she asked for a not so gentle smack on the side of their head. "You. Bloody. Idiots. Don't over extend yourselves like that!"
[19:28:08] * Bridget_MacDonald grins. She likes this woman. "Haaa, yeah, yeah, aem' saerry!
[19:29:42] * Marina cringes a bit, holding her salute. "Extend… as in, our last sortie?" She gives Bridget a guilty glance but looks back, confused at how this mysterious girl would know about their fuckup but accepts it. "Yes, I apologize. I feel as though the decisions I made then weren't my own."
[19:30:50] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Eh, 's mostly mae fault. Ae baet'd 'er."
[19:30:51] * Henriette actually gasps when the smack comes. "You do NO- I mean… err… oui…"
[19:31:08] * Elsa crosses her arms, pointing at both bridget and Marina, "You two especially, if you keep it up your hair and eye colors might change colors again, or something. I mean just look at me." She turns to stare at Marina, "But you used too much power which led to that."
[19:31:09] * Bridget_MacDonald shrugs. "Wasn't tae bad. 'll maek suer tae' not do it 'gain"
[19:31:27] <Bridget_MacDonald> "OH! AH! Yeah, red n' green before" pointing
[19:31:43] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Ae dannae mind it." a shrug.
[19:32:32] <Cloral> Frown. "It was considerably less enjoyable being in the middle of you two."
[19:32:46] * Marina imagines her hair and eye colors changing… that sounds good, actually. But she shakes it off. "Y-Yes, ma'am. I'd intended to spar, but the… effects we were feeling affected my choice of the time and place. I know now to be more careful in the future."
[19:33:32] * Lily is hanging in the back with Cloral. "It also wasn't enjoyable trying to catch you guys, especially because I almost missed Bridget!"
[19:35:25] <~Oxford> Now that they've stopped moving around as much, the wind against their bare, wet skin is chilling. Even Bridget can feel a shiver run through her body.
[19:35:26] <Marina> The albino pits a hand at her hip, "Blevins- as the victor, even if my thoughts were clouded, it would've been irresponsible of me not to make sure she was safe once the spar concluded. Even in my blind rage I wouldn't have killed her."
[19:35:29] <Elsa> "You know, if you use too much magic you might end up like me and, well, until recently the scientists we have to deal with were a bunch of idiots." She says disdainfully.
[19:36:46] <Cloral> "From some of the attacks I intercepted, neither of you were particularly concerned with avoiding murder."
[19:36:51] * Bridget_MacDonald shivers a bit.
[19:37:04] <Marina> "End up like…" Marina involuntarily twirls her parasol around a bit, glancing at the wings. "Pardon my rudeness, but… are they… real, ma'am?"
[19:37:18] <Henriette> "Oui… Je suis très désolé, madame," Henriette replies. She thinks about telling Elsa that her powers need her to use more than she should, but there's a time and a place to voice such concerns.
[19:39:06] * Elsa raises an eyebrow at Henriette, "What did you say? I don't really understand you."
[19:39:26] <Bridget_MacDonald> "HA! Ae ain't thae only one!"
[19:40:23] <Elsa> "You aren't far behind pinky."
[20:39] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Mmmm"
[20:39] * Bridget_MacDonald shrugs and beams.
[20:40] <Henriette> "Oh, uh… I am… sorry, madame."
[19:43:04] <Cloral> "Excuse me, ma'am. Why is it that you…flew here? It seems an unnecessary use of a pendant when you could have simply walked from Wightshead."
[19:43:05] <Bridget_MacDonald> Haaa, Pinky. She likes that.
[19:43:18] <Elsa> "And yes, the wings are real." She answers flapping them around a bit.
[19:44:15] <Bridget_MacDonald> Bridget grins more. "Ae wan' some!"
[19:45:09] <Elsa> "Uhh well with regards to the flying, lets just say I did it the proper way, without using a crutch." She dismisses that, "Or I used one of the really old model pendants from the last war."
[19:45:24] <Marina> "I see," she nods understandingly. "They look well-kept… I can't imagine they'd be comfortable to get used to, though," she trails off the last part so as to not sound rude. The way she's staring at them probably looks rude anyway.
[19:45:51] <Marina> Parasoltwirl.
[19:46:53] <Elsa> "It gets some getting used to, takes me a while to clean them."
[19:46:56] <Cloral> "I was more or less informed that older models were incredibly unreliable and it was implied they had a high mortality rate…which would mean…you…didn't use one? Unless you're quite mad."
[19:48:53] <Elsa> "Listen girl, I kept using magic till I got all of this and I kept my wings." SHe crosses her arms, "I'm a bit crazy."
[19:49:15] * Bridget_MacDonald extends her hand for a high five
[19:49:44] * Marina tries her best not to be amused. "I apologize. Those most be questions you hear all the time."
[19:50:30] * Henriette is still timiding it up, just listening in case Elsa has something to say.
[19:50:33] <Cloral> "I believe she came here to ANSWER those questions for us, if a discussion earlier with Stranahan is relevant."
[19:51:49] <Elsa> "Yeah, thats pretty much why I'm here."
[19:52:55] <Marina> "I suppose so." She makes sure the parasol is blocking all the sun's rays from her it possibly can, fearing for her skin.
[19:53:09] * Lily is nodding along, keeping silent for now.
[19:53:27] <Cloral> "Well then, what is the most problematic or destructive result of overuse of magic you've witnessed?"
[19:53:29] * Elsa leaves Bridget hanging on the high five for a bit before reciprocating it. Punishment for being stupid
[20:52] * Bridget_MacDonald grins. Oh, she knows she fucked up. But she's okay with that
[19:56:43] * Elsa crosses her arms "Well, the most destructive thing was…I went crazy tried to burn the academy down. I managed to get my pendant to Westfield before I lost control. There was some burnt hair, and burnt papers." She sighs
[19:56:44] * Marina notices and frowns, considering Elsie's discontent.
[19:57:32] <Lily> "You went crazy? Like Marina and Bridget did?"
[19:58:08] <Marina> Siiiiiiiigh. "I FELT like I was mostly in-control untiil it was over…"
[19:58:17] <Cloral> "Don't think they went that out of control. But I'm presuming your power is something related to fire, so that would inherently be more dangerous."
[19:58:22] <Elsa> "Then there was the time where I swear I lit clouds and fire when my magic went out of control."
[20:57] <Elsa> on fire*
[20:58] <Cloral> "I…was unaware that was possible."
[20:58] <Lily> "You lit…water…on fire…" She's…it seems like she's actually smiling pretty wide at that for some reason
[20:00:28] <Elsa> "There were a vouple of times Cait and FLauri had…whats the word? CLones I guess?"
[20:00:37] <~Oxford> The wind catches a parasol and rolls it a few strides across the beach. From the direction of the ocean, the raindrops across the water make a sound like sand pouring over a drum. The picnic basket sits abandoned by the towels on the sand.
[20:01:32] <Cloral> "Clones?" It's funny becau- "Then what is the most noble feat you performed with your magic?"
[20:01:54] * Albino is now known as Marina
[20:02:45] * Henriette is kind of idling, staring longingly into the sea. She doesn't really CARE what this conversation is about. She just wants to do stuff.
[20:02:50] <Marina> Sure are a lot of names being dropped. Marina listens quietly, assuming these are probably her CO, comrades, et cetera. She also feels for the poor parasol, considering how important her own is to her right now.
[20:02:52] <Elsa> "I got in a submarine and lit on fire while forcing it to fly…I guess?"
[20:03:10] <Lily> "What."
[20:03:41] <Cloral> "You…were…so…it was a supermarine?"
[20:03:45] <Marina> "… So we shouldn't expect 'magic' to be something that makes sense. I see."
[20:04:00] <Elsa> "You'll find ways to be creative with your powers, I kindof can enchant things as well."
[20:04:21] <Marina> "Considering that it's called 'magic,' that only makes sense," she gives a nod.
[20:04:21] <Henriette> Wandering away for a moment, Henriette tries to collect some of the food in her satchel. Maybe they can stop and have lunch or something.
[20:05:15] <Marina> "So what can you tell us about the pendants? Is there a certain way to use them to minimize the… incidents we've been having?"
[20:05:25] * Lily goes back to help henri with picking up the stuff~
[20:05:36] <Cloral> "Define 'enchant.'" Because the word is normally used to scam poor people with random trinkets full of 'great power.' Considerably lacking in great responsibility.
[20:06:07] <Bridget_MacDonald> )(Brb!
[20:07:12] * Elsa dicides to answer Cloral's question first, "Nothing luck related, I kind of can make cars fly, give actual protection or make weapons stronger for a bit of time."
[20:08:03] <Cloral> "Oh…you…you DID mean…I…thank you for answering my questions." Her power is starting to feel a little inadequate.
[20:08:04] * Henriette is laying out food on a blanket quietly, hoping that the group will notice one of these days. She's made a point to stay out of the conversation lest she be HIT IN THE FUCKING FACE again.
[20:08:28] <Elsa> "And well, I think the pendants a crutches and more dangerous than they're worth, basically junk or worse than that."
[20:08:45] * Lily pulls an egg-salad sandwich and starts eating it.
[20:09:00] <Lily> From the picnic basket, that is.
[20:09:00] * Bridget_MacDonald goes over to her own box of food. Haggis, mmmm <3
[20:09:27] <Lily> "Hey guys why don't we go talk over her!?"
[20:09:36] * Marina tilts her head, pondering. "… Are you implying that we should abandon 'magic' and… become pilots instead, perhaps?"
[20:10:11] <Marina> "Considering what little training we've had for the amount of power we use…" Hmm hmm hmm.
[20:11:27] <Elsa> "You didn't know? You ca-" She covers her mouth, "Yeah I don't think I can talk about uhh…practice?" She says suspiciously.
[20:12:00] <Lily> *here
[20:12:01] * Marina looks suspicious. "I… see."
[20:12:39] * Henriette is content to just sit and eat for now. She's got a container of sliced apples and bread and jam with her.
[20:12:47] <Cloral> "Despite your best efforts, you have most certainly confirmed we can use magic without them. Or at least it's possible we could. Do you hesitate on continuing because it's more dangerous or because you were told not to discuss it?"
[20:12:55] <Marina> "Considering we're only allowed access to our pendants on sorties, there isn't much opportunity."
[20:14:09] <Marina> "But…" Oh, huh. "The entrance she made…"
[20:14:22] * Elsa takes a step back, looking nervous…"Ehehe uhm, no?"
[20:14:49] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Ye'll gaev us tha' pendaents?"
[20:15:57] <Marina> "… I don't think it's our place to be questioning her explanations," she gives Cloral a sigh.
[20:16:19] <Henriette> "Lily, I don't know how much I like this girl…" Henriette says.
[20:16:36] * Lily waves another sandwich from where she's sitting with Henriette over to Elsa and the girls. "There's foooood heeeeere!"
[20:16:37] * Cloral nods. "Definitely the latter. Interesting. Possibly related to why Stranahan only lets us use them for missions, despite the unnecessary problems it causes."
[20:18:35] <Marina> "Regardless," she sighs AGAIN and starts to head over to the foodz. "I'd like to hear more about why you seem to dislike the pendants so much, if you wouldn't mind."
[20:20:15] * Elsa runs away towards Lily and the other, less questioning girls.
[20:20:20] <Cloral> Loewin misses the social cue completely! Which is weird because her social stat is her highest mundane stat. "If we don't question them now, it could be harmful in the future. She is here specifically for our questions." She follows the albino on auto-pilot, gears turning about how to not require a pendant.
[20:21:41] <Marina> "… I guess she minds," she speaks in a softer tone to the short girl. After a shrug she follows over to foodland, content to actually eat something.
[20:23:18] * Henriette cringes at Elsa's approach, sticking to nibbling on her bread and jam. She's not even really making much headway on it. It's just a reason to not talk.
[20:25:03] * Lily hands Elsa an egg-salad-sandwich when she comes over~! "I made these myself I hope you like them a bunch!"
[20:25:19] * Cloral opens her mouth to ask one last question, but all that pours out is a series of harsh phonemes that sounds totally like Novgoraadi! There's still quite clearly an upward inflection at the end as in a standard question, and she looks to Elsa expectantly.
[20:26:37] * Marina doesn't mind her question not being answered- clearly it's on purpose. Smiling softly she just takes the sammich or whatnot she herself made and chomps it. It's terrible.
[20:27:03] <Elsa> "Thanks!" She takes the sandwich and places her palms on each of its sides like she was about to do something, but stops herself and gives the sandwich a bite.
[20:27:13] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Anaewan waent saem haggis?" mmmm. Nomnomnom Haggis.
[20:27:16] <Bridget_MacDonald> Also, blood sausage.
[20:27:55] * Lily perks up. "Black pudding! I love black pudding!" She takes some of the blood sausage and puts it on her sandwich.
[20:28:27] <Elsa> "My Novgraandi isn't good, can you ask again?" She says before smacking Cloral on the head, not too gently either. "Thats what happens when you overextend yourself."
[20:28:58] * Bridget_MacDonald is happy to share!
[20:29:16] <Lily> Nomfnomfnomf
[20:29:20] * Marina keeps to herself, just shaking her head. It's a wonder who she's shaking her head AT.
[20:29:31] <Henriette> "It's northern Albaean, ma belle."
[20:29:39] * Cloral takes considerable offense to the smack. "W-What?! Saying something about the enemy and smacking me seems HARDLY appropriate an answer!"
[20:29:55] * Henriette immediately timids up when she realizes she actually CORRECTED Elsa.
[20:31:08] <Elsa> "You spoke Novgraandi, something like that happened to one of my wingmates, she spoke gibberish and sometimes mixed words. Oh and I'll have one of those blood sausages." She says taking one.
[20:31:09] * Marina manages a light giggle to herself. "… And I thought Maj. Stranahan was lighthearted."
[20:31:12] <Marina> Chomp.
[20:31:27] * Elsa noms on the sadwich, and then on the sausage
[20:31:29] <Lily> "Henriette, ma belle, she was talking to Cloral, not Bridget."
[20:31:32] <Bridget_MacDonald> It's very good!
[20:31:42] <Marina> "Novgoraadi," Marina shamelessly corrects Elsa. Without any of the timid Henri had!
[20:31:43] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Ya' laek it?"
[20:31:58] * Marina takes a sip of tea, sniffing it first. She makes a face.
[20:32:26] <Lily> There's an actual hesitation when Lily says that, it's obvious she sprinkled in the gaulian just to get Henri's attention. Or maybe because 'ma belle' is a cute phrase. Who knows!
[20:32:33] <Henriette> "Oh, Lily, are you picking up on mon langage?" Henri says nervously, turning quickly away from Elsa's conversations.
[20:32:59] <Cloral> Loewin is pretty sure she totally as fuck did nothing of the sort this winged philistine suggested but shuts up anyways.
[20:33:40] <Elsa> "Both this sandwich and the sausage are delicious."
[20:34:28] <Marina> … Elsa is silly, the kuudere albino considers to herself and concocts a perfect plan.
[20:35:02] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Aem glad ya' like it! Onna me' Pa's raetaerners maed it"
[20:35:08] <Marina> "A drink?" She offers Elsie a cup of tea- it smells (and tastes, just in case) like nauseating candy and not tea at all. But it looks like and has the texture of tea.
[20:35:56] <Lily> "Thanks~!" She gives Elsa a smile and offers some of HER tea, a teacup with mint tea in it that ACTUALLY TASTES LIKE MINT TEA
[20:38:00] <Elsa> "Oh thanks! She says taking the -" She looks conflicted as to which tea to take…and decides on the polite option of the mint tea, seeing as Marina's was secondhand.
[20:38:25] * Henriette is sipping her own packed "fruit juice".
[20:39:22] * Elsa takes out a bottle of wine from…somewhere, it looks like a sweet brand. the bottle is mysteriously uncorked.
[20:41:28] * Bridget_MacDonald slams back a shot of scotch from her flask.
[20:41:43] * Marina retracts her offer understandingly, taking a sip herself. Eh, she's used to it by now.
[20:41:44] <Lily> Siiiip.
[20:41:47] <Marina> Siiiiiiip.
[20:42:29] * Cloral prowls back toward the manor, irrationally irritated about all of the sipping and the smack. But really to avoid the impending rain.
[20:42:31] * Henriette actually stole a rather nice bottle of wine from the kitchens the night previous, a reminder of days with her father. She's drinking it slowly, mostly enjowing the taste and spacing out more.
[20:43:44] * Marina stands up and gives Elsa a salute, following Cloral's lead and going back to the manor herself. There's really not much more to do here, so might as well- she does forget to give Lily's parasol back, though.
[20:44:56] <~Oxford> Out across the water, the sheets of gray rain have come close enough to make out the individual droplets. The storm makes landfall further down the beach, and the half-dried sand hungrily drinks up the water.
[20:45:39] <Lily> "…oh, looks like we'll have to go and I was hoping to swim a little I mean I guess I could put on my swimsuit in the rain but I don't think it works like that!"
[20:45:40] <Henriette> "Maybe… maybe we could convince the Major to give us our pendants que nous utilisons nos pouvoirs…" Henri mumbles audibly. She's already packed up mostly and is moving away from the rest of the group at a rather quick pace.
[20:47:59] * Lily is packing up her bag, getting the towel out from everyone else. "Miss Elsa, do you want to come back with us for a bit?"
[20:50:46] * Henriette sidles up next to Cloral on their way back, since they are the two out ahead of the others. "Cloral, ma belle, you seem agités, non?"
[20:51:18] <Elsa> "Uh sure, she says giving the sandwitch and the blood sausage the last bite and she stands up with her mint tea.
[20:51:21] * Marina was also one of those 'two.' Oh my, that's 2+1! Still seeing somebody go for the talk she just walks to the side instead.
[20:51:24] <Cloral> Her response is nearly groweld. "Why would I be? I got my answers."
[20:51:29] <Cloral> *growled
[20:52:34] <Lily> "Do you need one of us to lead the way then or do you have a reeeeeaaaally good sense of direction like I do?
[20:52:36] <Lily> "
[20:53:24] <Elsa> "Well, I don't mind the rain at all, I can kindof choose whether I get wet or not. You can lead the way Lily." She says, feeling more like walking the way back.
[20:54:18] <Henriette> "Well, I cannot say I much enjoyed notre interaction avec her… I do not care about ze rammifications of our pouvoir, myself," Henriette replies, fidgeting. "We have a job, non? We must do it regardless."
[20:55:20] <Lily> "Oooookay~" She finishes packing up and then walks to the manor, but through a different route than the other girls are taking, directly through a forest, which is shorter but doesn't have an actual path~
[20:55:33] <Marina> "I'm curious," Marina listens to Henri for a moment but then butts in front of her to get a spin on the Cloralmobile. "What was it that led you to that conclusion earlier?"
[20:55:50] <~Oxford> The walk back to the mansion is fairly familiar at this point. They don't manage to make it back before the storm catches up with them, and despite the tall trees that line the road they have little protection from the sudden downpour.
[20:56:51] <Cloral> "Which conclusion?"
[20:57:44] * Henriette looks irritated that she was thrust out of the conversation and resumes a quick pace away from the other two.
[20:57:45] <Marina> "Regarding magic without pendants. I had my suspicions, but I was far enough away from her when she arrived that I thought she might've simply been concealing one."
[20:57:55] <Lily> "This is the forest near the mansion I think I'm the only girl who goes here though and it makes me kind of sad that they don't want to check out the forest but there's nothing I can do to stop them and I mean most girls are scared of getting dirty or getting bugs in their hair or something like that!"
[20:58:08] * Elsa regrets follwoing Lily, her wings are managed to get some twigs and leaves on the but she shakes them off. However Elsa doesn't get wet on the way to the Manor, the drops of water turning into steam as they touch her.
[20:58:36] * Marina shoots Henri a glance, which probably looks meaner than it's intended to be from her perspective, but then continues. "My armor seems to be worn over my own, so…"
[20:59:07] <Elsa> "Well, these wings aren't easy to clean either. And they can start stinking if I don't clean them once a week."
[21:01:45] <Lily> "If I wasn't leading you here I'd probably hang back in the forest a while and let me get wet all over and oh man cleaning wings sounds awful do you like do it when you're taking a bath or in the mornings or what I'll let you know that my hair got really dirty from the forest the other day and I wasn't sure if I was going to get all the dirt out but Henriette needed a bath too so we
[21:01:46] <Lily> both took a bath and she got ALLLLLL the dirt out and some leaves and twigs and she found a tick that was really scary we had to run hot water over my head but now it's okay but I don't think ticks would be a problem for you if you can make water steam off you!"
[21:03:01] <Cloral> Her temper soothes somewhat, though continues to smolder. She doesn't even notice Henri depart. "I spoke with Stranahan earlier. There is little information on the pendants she claims to have knowledge of, only that older models were quite dangerous. I assumed our models aren't much better, since she only lets us use them for missions. But this new one flies in like it's second nature,
[21:03:02] <Cloral> and she's a veteran. If she was using so dangerous a pendant, she would not have just flown in. She called them a crutch. Now, either she's incredibly lucky and using an older one or she doesn't require one. Thus, I'm led to believe that it's simply that magic still isn't well understood. In our current state, it's not likely that we're to be of much efficacy since we only have pendants
[21:03:03] <Cloral> at certain times. Had we access to our powers at all times, we can most effectively serve our countrymen." The rhythm of her words steadily increase as she speaks.
[21:05:10] <Marina> "I agree," she chimes in immediately at the last part. "And that IS a reasonable assumption to make. I wouldn't have called her out so quickly myself without more solid evidence, but if something like that is possible I wouldn't mind learning more about if it's true."
[21:07:00] <Cloral> Unfortunately, the downpour worsens her mood considerably, sparking some weird positive feedback in rain. The soaked cloathing weighs down at the neckline, and one can see the top of a fairly large series of scars at the base of her neck.
[21:07:26] * Elsa looks at Lily, and resists the urge to hall her and Henriette a pair of Gypsies like a certain someone she knew. "I like to wash them in the bath. but sometimes I have to ask for help…for when the brush isn't enough.
[21:08:36] <~Oxford> The last of the girls has reached the mansion's entrance hall, still dripping from the rain. The mansion is still cold and a bit drafty, but it's much better than the alternative.
[21:09:10] * Marina quiets down, having conveyed her message of respect, and comes to the conclusion that Cloral may just be a secret badass who gets in street fights with thugs armed with knives when nobody's paying attention to her. She doesn't speak of it.
[21:09:25] <Marina> Also fuck yeah, having a parasol.
[21:09:26] * Henriette regrets not going back with Lily. She's actually rather lonely walking next to Queen Cold and Lady Logic. Her fingers fidget, miming her knitting actions, and she tries to think about the next thing she has to work on once they return. Maybe she could make something for the Major…
[21:09:36] <Henriette> She's also getting really soaked.
[21:09:59] * Lily 's sundress is starting to weigh down, sagging a little…Lily at FIRST doesn't pay it any mind but then when Elsa speaks up again she pulls it up! Then she reaches the mansion! "Here we are! Let me know if you need any help cleaning up!" She doesn't seem to mind being soaking wet, when she gets inside she SHAKES HERSELF OUT LIKE A WET DOG and then pulls her dress up a bit in
[21:10:00] * Lily case it sags down a bit.
[21:10:02] <~Oxford> A voice calls down from above, and Stranahan descends, a bundle of fluffy white towels in her arms. "Oh, you gals got soaked! Here, grab one of these, dry off."
[21:11:56] * Henriette arrives looking absolutely miserable. She takes a towel, gives Stranahan a sad frown, and reserves herself to a corner alone to try and dry off her hair and dress.
[21:11:57] * Marina finally notices what she's been carrying this whole time. "… I should give this back to Warrant Blevins, shouldn't I," she whispers to herself.
[21:12:40] * Elsa doesn't need it she is as dry as she left.
[21:13:25] * Elsa doesn't need it she is as dry as was when she left.*
[21:13:47] * Lily wipes her hair off and her front, then hands Elsa the towel. "For your wings!" She gives Stranamom a hug for the towel and starts heading up to her room~
[21:15:07] * Cloral casts a cold eye on her companions before drying off. "Does anyone require assistance?" The confusing mix of genuine intent and rage in her voice would likely lead one to assume she's a psycopath.
[21:16:00] <Marina> "Here. Thank you for letting me use it." Marina stops Lily before she makes it all the way back and hands the parasol over.
[21:16:07] <Marina> Her skin's still totally roasted either way.
[21:16:52] * Elsa grabs the towel not sure what to do since she is already completely dry, she stares at Lily for a few seconds before handing it to one of the other girls, turns out its Marina. The towel is quite warm.
[21:17:00] <Lily> She takes the parasol back, nodding "Tha- oh my god your skin you are coming with me we are going to fix this up it's going to be okay!"
[21:17:13] <~Oxford> "No problem. I see you all met Ms. Elsa," the Major smiles, before turning to the winged veteran. "They didn't give you any nonsense, did they?"
[21:17:13] <Lily> She grabs Marina's hand and starts dragging her to her room.
[21:17:42] * Marina takes the towel and can do nothing about being dragged. "Actually, it's a-" WHOOSH
[21:18:36] * Cloral looks over in ragefright at Lily's outburst and 1,1chuckles.
[21:19:45] <Lily> She takes Marina into her room, which is a bit messy, with a few plants near the window. She reaches into one of the drawers and pulls out a sharp knife turning to Marina. "I'm gonna' fix you right up!" She raises the knife high and cuts down on 1,1the aloe plant by her window.
[21:21:33] * Marina raises a finger to say something. COME ON Lily wouldn't even harm a plane, why would she harm a person? Still she just looks confused as fuck. "It's just a…"
[21:22:31] <Cloral> Her temper fairly diffused, the rain would lighen up quite a bit. Loewin notices Henriette's self-exile to the corner and silently assists in drying her off anywhere she may have missed or been unable to see. Presumably, it's considerably unnerving instead of touching.
[21:22:47] <Marina> SIGH "Never mind, do as you please."
[21:22:55] <Lily> She chops up the aloe plant and starts applying some of the gel from the inside of the plant on Marina's burnt up skin.
[21:23:14] <Henriette> It actually is. Henriette isn't used to this friendly-not-friendly bullshit and murmurs, "I can handle myself, ma belle…"
[21:24:05] * Marina winces. Even still she can't resist a smile at Sillily's antics.
[21:24:48] <Cloral> Recalling her attempts at helping Henri earlier, she pulls away with a frown. "Doesn't mean you have to." She goes off to her room to change in privacy.
[21:25:25] <Lily> "I know it hurts a bit but you'll feel better in the long run!" She starts slathering it all over every bit of burnt skin on Marina~
[21:26:37] * Elsa ignores the girls and heads up to where Stranahan is. "Alright I think I gave them enough of an idea to not mess it up for a while."
[21:26:52] * Marina actually winces adorably during the process, despite her attempts not to. "T-Thank you. … But really, this I was hoping to stay inside to begin with…" Cringe.
[21:27:00] <Marina> +is why
[21:27:04] * Henriette squints at Cloral as she leaves, recognizing a pattern of behavior here. It's rare that she picks up on this kind of thing, but this is really bothering her. "What is…" She shakes her head and resumes trying to get dry, taking a seat by the window. She's considering heading out to a covered area to relax. It's not like anyone would notice.
[21:29:28] <Lily> "Nono, I know you get burnt up bad, but you need to get a little bit of sun every now and then! But you have to be pretty careful, y'know? I should've given you the parasol earlier I'm sorry!" Rub rub rub slather slather slather~
[21:30:01] <~Oxford> Stranahan nods. "Thanks for that. Hopefully they'll take it to heart." She points a meaningful glance at Henriette.
[21:30:19] <Marina> There are a bunch of rubbing noises and occasional gasps from Lily's room. "Yes, yes- I actually should have brought my own."
[21:32:16] * Henriette glances back at Stranahan, but she wasn't paying attention and thus responds with a "Quoi?"
[21:32:17] <Lily> "Naw, it's okay!" She finishes rubbing her dirty hands all over Marina, all the burns addressed. "Go take a cold bath or take a nap, should make you feel better! Let me know if you need a drink or something!"
[21:32:24] <~Oxford> "I looked over those files you sent over, by the way," Stranahan continues to Elsa. "I set up what I found in the extra bedroom in the east wing. The bed's made up, in case you want to stay the night before heading back north."
[21:33:34] <Marina> She blushes a bit and gives an embarrassed nod. "All right… much appreciated. Thank you, Blevins."
[21:33:53] <Bridget_MacDonald> ((BACK!
[21:33:58] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Sae, what nae?"
[21:34:04] * Elsa brightens up a lot and hugs the woman,"Thanks! Hopefully it will be enough! And…I uhh…they might think I don't use a pendant…they didn't really buy my excuse of using one from the previous war." She whispers, "And they asked lots of difficult questions and…I got very nervous."
[21:36:03] <Henriette> "Nervous? Likewise, Elsa…" Henriette chimes in. "I… I am sorry for… what did you say? Overextending?"
[21:36:12] <Marina> "… I may ask for a drink at some point, I've been having trouble brewing my own as of late. But I think that's enough favors for one night." Uncertain how to really say thanks, she bows out and exits, quite posibly TO take a bath.
[21:36:16] <Lily> Nodnod~! "Now out out out~" She geeeeently pushes Marina out of her room, until she starts walking herself~
[21:37:16] <Lily> Looks like she doesn't have to give her a push after all~
[21:39:44] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Oi!" Marina sees Bridget running towards her as she heads to bathe.
[21:40:11] <Marina> "Yes?" She spins around, curious. Still cringing a little for no particular reason.
[21:40:33] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Thanks." The highlander girl smirks, well, grins actually. It's a somewhat normal expression!
[21:41:18] <Lily> She walks downstairs now, satisfied with treating her, and goes to see what OTHERS are doing. She's still a bit wet in her hair and her skin's damp, and her hands still have some bits of aloe gel on~
[21:41:33] <~Oxford> "Ah…" Stranahan returns the hug and pats the back of Elsa's head affectionately. "I wouldn't worry about it. They're not as bad about girls like you, anymore. Thanks to you, in part," she adds.
[21:41:37] <Marina> "For what? What I do is just part of my duty."
[21:41:45] <Marina> "…"
[21:41:57] * Marina looks left and right. "But you're welcome."
[21:41:59] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Eh, tha doctors said ye' waer in mae hospital room."
[21:42:02] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Kept watch"
[21:42:04] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Thanks"
[21:42:17] <~Oxford> She catches Henriette's eye and nods. "You too. Just try not to overdo it."
[21:42:18] <Marina> "Oh… T-They… told you."
[21:42:25] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Aye"
[21:42:52] <Marina> "I didn't want you to end up injured from my mistake. Nor did I want to have bitter relations as comrades."
[21:43:12] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Eh, 's a fair fight, Ain't gonna get pissed"
[21:43:15] * Henriette nods, but continues watching Elsa for a sign of reaction. Approval? Annoyance? Which is it?
[21:43:46] * Lily goes down, sees Henriette being awkward and Stranamom and Elsa being affectionate.
[21:43:50] * Marina nods, still mostly stoicfaced. "I suppose. Perhaps some other time we'll have a chance for a rematch- I wouldn't mind it, for training's sake."
[21:44:06] * Elsa smile and winks, "Just don't overdo it."
[21:44:11] <Elsa> smiles*
[21:44:50] <Bridget_MacDonald> "HA! Me neithar! Mmmm…yer' a nice girl Marina"
[21:45:23] * Henriette smiles brightly. Approval enough for her! Hopefully she'll get time to make sure Elsa is pretty yeah okay.
[21:46:03] * Lily waves to Henriette. "Heeeeenriiiiiiieeeeeete~"
[21:46:07] <Marina> "If you say so," she giggles lightly. "And you're a worthy opponent. Without the aid of magic, I wouldn't have dreamed of it."
[21:47:24] <Bridget_MacDonald> "HA! Eh, Ae laek magic! 's nice. Wishin' tha Ae'd end up laek Elsa. Love mae own wings all tha' tiem"
[21:47:56] * Cloral returns. Completely dry! How? It should be pretty goddamned obvious. She's grinning at the gathering.
[21:48:44] <Marina> "She raised a good point about cleaning them. My own 'wings' are essentially frozen water, themselves, so they do clean themselves, but then again, I don't have them when I'm like this." She looks behind her, kind of wishing they were there. Oh well.
[21:49:47] * Henriette waves back happily to Lily. She's still seated by the door, but she looks far less depressed now.
[21:50:22] * Lily walks up to Henriette with a smile. "Watching the rain hoping something interesting will fall down or what?"
[21:50:25] <Marina> "Either way, I hope you're fully recovered by the next time we sortie." Marina gives a gesture and escapes to the bath as suggested; maybe she's only going to brood and be edgy by herself. Who knows?
[21:51:05] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Baaaae!"
[21:51:48] <Elsa> "Well, at least theres more people with wings on this team. You can use them for braking and maneuvering too."
[21:54:56] <Henriette> "I… enjoy la pluie, and… Oh, ma robe est trempée!" Henriette says, remembering that she was totally rained on and has yet to change and hang up her clothing.
[22:02:11] <~Oxford> Stranahan nods. "Elsa, there's probably a lot you could show these girls about combat maneuvering. Do you think you'd be able to stick around for the weekend, run through some drills with them?"
[22:02:35] <Lily> "Oh, I guess you should fix that!" She shrugs, she actually likes being a little wet.
[22:04:33] * Elsa hmmms and says "Maybe, I gotta think about it, everyone's going to complain when I get back though." She sighs loudly…but I guess I can help.
[22:07:22] * Henriette rises and goes to head for her room. "Oui, I will go and change then. I should put away the leftover food and plats, anyway." She walks out to get into something that she can lounge around in because of the rain.
[22:14:13] * Lily sits down in her wet sundress and watches the rain while Henriette is changing~
[22:14:58] * Cloral looks around with weary and boredom and disappears again.
[22:17:03] * Marina is wet and naked and doesn't sing while in the shower because then people would think she's weird AND a ghost.
[22:17:31] <Cloral> Fortunately, everyone does think she's a weird ghost already.
[22:17:45] <Marina> That was the joke.
[22:18:15] <Marina> … On weirdness she does think Lily tries too hard to be weird on purpose, though. That's enough weird as far as she cares.
[22:19:35] <~Oxford> Stranahan smiles. "Thanks for that. I'll take care of the paperwork, don't worry. I'll get each girl to spend some time with you today or tomorrow."
[22:19:37] * Henriette comes back dressed in a warm wool-lined nightgown for lounging. She's made it herself, and it's decorated with a line of lillies, actually. She's probably made it very recently, and makes a point to show it off to the namesake. "Aimez-vous cela?"
[22:21:04] * Lily turns around at the words and looks Henriette over. "Oooooooh! I like that, it's really pretty~!"
[22:22:27] <Henriette> "I was trying it out first, but I haven't cut the fit to moi yet. I was wanting to make it pour vous," she 1,1gays.
[22:23:08] <Lily> Nod~ Nod~
[22:24:03] <Henriette> The bust does look a little tight, making it obvious that it's not really meant for Henriette, but she can't resist wearing her own creation a bit.
[22:24:36] <~Oxford> When Henriette returns to her room, she's greeted with a surprise: a large wicker basket stuffed to overflowing with yarn in a variety of vibrant colors. A set of long knitting needles, shiny with polish, stick out of the balls of yarn, gleaming in the light from the hallway.
[22:25:59] <Lily> She tilts her head. "That looks pretty tight…you sure you're comfortable in that?"
[22:26:41] * Elsa goes to her room and begins putting the info that Stranahan put together for her. Time to find out where Fauri is.
[22:30:58] * Henriette nods. "Oui, it is okay." She's not exactly bursting out of it. It's pretty simple to alter the bust to fit Lily better after the fact. It is pretty tight about it though, but with tracts like hers, everything has that problem.
[22:31:37] * Cloral returns again, still damp, but having changed to cover up her back. Suck it, evil-twin, you did nothing.
[22:35:13] <Lily> "Okay~" She resumes looking outside~
[22:36:59] * Bridget_MacDonald comes up at about this point, she's wet as can be, a huge grin on her face. Was she outside? HIGHLANDERS
[22:38:06] <Lily> There can only be one. Lily is not that one, unfortunately. "Hi!"
[22:41:12] * Cloral feels the slightest bit of irritation at something she can't name but represses it with most efficiency! She glances at Henri with a look of concentration before shrugging and also peering out at the rain.
[22:43:27] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Oi! Sups?" friendly at least. She smiles at the girls and sits down. "Dae any o' ye got any towles?"
[22:43:58] <Lily> "Ask the Mistress for them, she had them, they were nice and fluffy~"
[22:45:31] * Marina dries off with the towel Elsa threw at her once finished, by the way~
[22:48:44] <Bridget_MacDonald> "Aye? Where cannae fiend 'er?"
[22:54:05] <Lily> "Maybe check her office?"
[22:54:36] <~Oxford> Without much trouble, Bridget finds Stranahan, and in no time she's wrapped in a warm, dry towel. Outside the window, the spring showers trickle down. Raindrops dribble off the old mansion's slate tiles and lazily weave down the windows, unhurried by the larger concerns of war and peace.
[22:54:43] <~Oxford> /session