World War Burst S2: Part 2

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[18:41:41] * Oxford changes topic to 'This Evening: Ternwald Local Defense Volunteer's Meeting'
[18:55:34] <Oxford> Ternwald Public is a low brick building just off the main street of the quiet seaside town of the same name. The only school for miles, it serves as the only educational option for the small town's children. In room "A," the beloved Mrs. O'Doughty teaches the lower levels, from squealing kindergarteners through sixth graders, who look longingly across the hall at room "B."
[18:58:41] <Oxford> The girls are halfway through their first day in "B" - home for seventh through twelfth. Mr. Fortaw stands at the front of the class, giving the younger students a lecture on algebra. The older students, including the five newcomers, are seated at desks in the back of the room, working independently on an essay assignment.
[19:03:20] * Lily is scribbling furiously, occasionally pausing to make small strokes back where she was writing before, probably for punctuation!
[19:04:46] <Marina> The Albaeno sits 1,1in the second window seat from the back, having been as antisocial as she could get during their introduction. In fact, she'd been the typical 'student who focuses on actually doing their work' for the moment, so needless to say she's happily working on the essay. At least it's not math.
[19:05:14] * Henriette is trying her best to write, though she stops often to stare up at the board and towards the teacher. She's having an exceedingly hard time coming up with the right Albaean words, though her script is quite graceful, a clear sign of her proper upbringing. With a sigh of relief, she reaches the end of her current paragraph and glances at the nearest of her group.
[19:05:54] <Bridgit> Brigit is, to be honest, not very happy. She's broken a half dozen pens already, snapping htem in two and has ink all over her, black ink, the girl amost steaming with rage. The paper is half shredded through, the desk looks somewhat bent, and she's utterly pissed. All in all, not nearly as bad as it could be!
[19:06:06] <Oxford> The prompt is one they are fairly familiar with, having seen it several times over the last few years: 'Describe a unique skill or talent you have, and explain how you can use it to contribute to the national defense."
[19:09:35] <Cloral> Loewin sits right up front, as close to the 1,1attention as she can get. She has already completed three drafts of her essay, each accompanied with an outline. Two have had all relevant details inked out as they lay helplessly to the side. The third has uncommonly precise formatting. Uncommon to the point that the right side is just as aligned as the left.
[19:09:49] * Lily is also one of those people who sticks their tongue out when they're concentrating on writing, fun fact.
[19:10:19] <Bridgit> Brigit has probably given up on the essay to be honest.
[19:10:45] <Henriette> Henri, naturally, is avoiding speaking about her powers. Her choice of response is regarding her knowledge of Gaulian culture and socioeconomic tendencies. These are ideas she can easily write into Gaulian, but Albaean proves an elusive language with which to express herself. At least it's a pretty looking script!
[19:11:39] <Marina> Marina's answer is short and to the point, though within the required limit, whatever that may be. She doesn't need a reason to make it obnoxious or lengthy, so finishes quickly and sets it to the side. As for what the answer actually is? That's a secret!
[19:12:45] <Oxford> In the row in front of them sit the few other students their age, who are likewise hard at work. The high school contingent of the class has more than doubled thanks to the addition of the Wightshead girls, and is now significantly more slanted toward the female side?
[19:12:48] <Oxford> *.
[19:14:48] <Bridgit> "Ach, cannae have 'nother piece o' paper?" muttering at the teacher.
[19:16:01] <Cloral> The Sachsenese girl's paper reads much more like a legal document than a high school essay: obnoxious, redefines terms that are pretty obvious, and so goddamned pretentious. The subject itself concerns the importance of maintaining standard business practices in war-time.
[19:16:03] * Lily ends up wiht a paper that's enthusiastic, and going on about making herbal poultices to treat wounds on the front line and other things, but it is full of hasty punctuation errors, some of which are filled in, and there are some letters at the beginning of sentences that have the capital scribbled over a lower case, and some "ands", "buts" and "ors" scribbled out from trying to
[19:16:05] * Lily turn her run-ons into normal sentences.
[19:17:09] <Lily> Also there are flowers and animals doodled in some corners~
[19:18:09] <Lily> While the animals are overly simplistic, the flowers are actually incredibly detailed and look like they're from a scientific book, minus all the silly labeling of anatomical parts.
[19:18:35] <Oxford> Mr. Fortaw is already on his way over when he hears the question. "Oh. Uh, yes, certainly," he says, taking a step back to his desk to grab a piece of notebook paper. He walks over and slides it onto Bridget's desk. Then, upon seeing the state of the northerner's workspace, he leaves again and returns with a thin stack of paper and an extra pair of pencils as well.
[19:19:34] <Bridgit> Brigit thinks for a few moments and carefully, carefully writes. Caaaaaaarefully. It's better than "I fight good", but it's probably closer to "I can kick the shit out of a man twice my age and three times my weight."
[19:19:40] <Marina> Once it's finished the red-eyed girl closes her eyes and sits back in her seat. Maybe she's drinking imaginary tea? Every now and then she cracks one eye open to peer around at the other students in the classroom, just in case they're staring at her or something. Or perhaps she's just curious what they're doing.
[19:21:01] * Lily continues writing on and on, occasionally doodling in another flower or wolf. She actually manages to fill out two pieces of paper easily, as surprising as that sounds.
[19:22:20] * Henriette idly toys with the strands of her hair, staring again at her paper. She glances again over at Lily, noticing the girl's ease at writing and feeling pretty jealous. Looking back down at her own page, she's only gotten about three quarters of one page done. Suddenly, she frantically scribbles out a word she hadn't noticed she wrote in Gaulian and tries to think of the appropriate
[19:22:21] * Henriette Albaean translation.
[19:22:47] <Cloral> Loewin finishes her report, cover sheet and bibliography included. She places aside her writing tools, sorted by length, and sits quietly.
[19:23:04] <Oxford> The albino is, as a matter of fact, getting a few odd looks from one of the girls in the class. Her gaze doesn't linger long, and she looks away quickly when Marina meets her gaze, perhaps not wanting to offend.
[19:23:59] * Marina smiles to herself upon noticing and goes back to relaxationmode.
[19:24:40] * Lily 's essay stays on point for the first piece of paper but during the second she starts getting off topic and talking about which flowers smell the nicest and which are the tastiest to animals and which are irritating to human skin but look pretty and etc etc
[19:25:20] * Henriette is rather grateful that Marina is the target of most people's stares rather than herself. She's probably conspicuous for decorating her uniform, as it sports a lace trim around the skirt hem and a sturdier pleat, but other than that, she's pretty normal if she doesn't speak.
[19:27:08] <Oxford> The other students seem to be wrapping up as well, and talking quietly amongst themselves. Mr. Fortaw has noticed, and comes over to go over the assignment.
[19:28:26] * Henriette begins to panic as she isn't remote done with her essay.
[19:28:28] * Lily is still writing somehow!
[19:28:37] * Bridgit hands over the assignment, muttering something about stupid weak pencils.
[19:29:24] <Marina> Marina's answer is just confident, almost arrogant in how much faith in her ability she has. That might have something to do with why she was (likely) first in the class to finish.
[19:29:35] <Oxford> "Are we all done? Good, good," says the young man, nodding to himself, then pausing to push his glasses back up his nose before continuing. "Would anyone like to share their answer with the class?"
[19:30:40] * Marina keeps silent. It's not anyone else's business.
[19:30:43] * Lily 's hand shoots up!
[19:31:01] <Cloral> Loewin's is shortly after Lily's.
[19:31:23] <Cloral> She glances back and you can see a rage in her eyes at being beaten in the hand-raising game.
[19:31:35] <Henriette> Shrinking back so as not to be seen, Henri, which is actually how she's introduced herself, keeps out of visibility. Her hands are fidgeting in her lap, miming a knitting action to keep her calm.
[19:32:37] <Bridgit> "Eh…"
[19:35:01] <Oxford> The other students have also raised their hands. "Yes, Dirk?" Mr. Fortaw says, calling on a boy with sandy-blonde hair and tanned skin.
[19:39:20] <Oxford> Dirk clears his throat and stands up. "Um, during the Zone evacuation, my dad took his fishing boat out to help transport the soldiers across the straits. So uh, maybe we could use civilian boats and stuff for transportation or patrolling or that kind of thing?"
[19:42:21] <Oxford> Mr. Fortaw nods enthusiastically. "Yes, that's right. During the evacuation, many of the fishermen from this town volunteered their boats to get our soldiers off of the mainland. Anyone else? One of our new students?"
[19:42:38] <Cloral> Loewin's hand raises as high as she conceivably can. Which isn't very high.
[19:42:38] <Lily> Her hand is still perfectly straight up!
[19:43:59] <Oxford> "Lily?" he says promptly, happy to see students ready to answer.
[19:45:07] * Cloral shoots Lily a quick, dirty look.
[19:48:32] * Bridgit raises her hand too
[19:48:58] <Lily> She slams her hands down on the desk to push herself up and then gets in a ready stance to DASH ot the front of the classroom, shakes her head, and then walks normally (but briskly!) to the front of the classroom, turning around to face the classroom, her hands balled into fists in front of her, up to her chest, as she begins speaking, her eyes sparkling. "Soldiers get hurt in war ALL
[19:48:58] <Lily> the time and we're always running out of medicine which means that our hardworking soldiers are dying simply because there isn't medicine so I think that we should all start gathering up flowers and plants to make poultices and…" She starts going on about specific details that the player hasn't bothered to research yet. "…and that's what we could all do and it'd be really nice if
[19:48:58] <Lily> we could get more for them and thank you for listening I'll let someone else talk!" 8D
[19:49:05] <Lily> She walks to her desk on her own~
[19:51:05] * Cloral has advanced to the trademark use of supporting her raised hand with her other hand, well-known amongst the try-hard type.
[19:51:19] * Bridgit raises her hand a bit, a slightly wicked smile on her face.
[19:53:40] <Cloral> She has also raised slightly out of her chair to try to steal some extra height, for we all know the highest hand-raise is the strongest.
[19:53:58] <Oxford> "Thank you, Lily, that was very good. Now, uh," Mr. Fortaw pauses, torn between Bridget and Cloral. "Ah, how about you, Cloral?" he decides at last.
[19:54:33] <Cloral> She gives a slight nod to Mr. Fortaw and quickly stands at the front of the room, biting her lip in irritation at having to follow Lily. After a quick and elegant clearing of her throat, she begins pouring into her speech, with only a small notecard for reference. "The prompt is inherently problematic: the assumption is that unique talents exist, rather than atypical feats. I shall
[19:54:33] <Cloral> continue on the assumption that the latter is what was intended. Furthermore, it is unclear whether natural talent or learned knowledge is intended. As natural talent generally informs later accrued knowledge, I shall further continue on the assumption that the prompt implies atypical knowledge. Continuing, expression of this knowledge could slidly invalidate its uniqueness, and thus I
[19:54:34] <Cloral> am expecting it to be considered pre-delivery. All these requirements aside, the talent I shall describe is an understanding of effective business practices. While there are a plethora of business types, first and foremost, the primary truth by which one resolves all business matters is the truthiness of their word. One can not engage in business with misdirection and guile in their
[19:54:38] <Cloral> heart. Additionally, sloth is completely unacceptable. Sloth here shall be noted to mean laziness, not the animal known for the attribute of its name. Take pride in your, or the company's, work. With these three fundamentals in mind, it would be quite easy to effectively manufacture required products of any sort in the honor of our great nation. These features in their non-complete forms
[19:54:43] <Cloral> can be seen often throughout Albaea, but rarely in full form. This is our primary advantage over Novgoraad. They rarely are able to manifest even a single of these elements and for this reason are inferior. Thank you." Seat retaken, with an arrogant snear at Lily.
[19:55:04] * Lily claps!
[19:55:28] <Bridgit> "Ya' mind me goin' next?"
[19:55:45] * Marina looks over to the shorty and gives one nod. That's it.
[19:59:00] <Cloral> Bridget's casual disregard for standard hand-raising procedure is like nails on a chalkboard while you lick a popsicle stick to Loewin. Lily's clap doesn't help either.
[19:59:14] <Oxford> The tall, brown-haired teacher blinks in surprise as she finishes her essay, not entirely sure what to make of it. "Well… thank you, Cloral. Bridget, if you'd like to, alright. We'll break for lunch after that." He nods and puts his hands behind his back, waiting for her to begin.
[20:00:22] <Bridgit> He….shouldn't have. The girl runs to the back, grabs her claymore, and rushes at the teacher. She's quick, very quick. A loud CRASH as the desk is in two pieces, on the floor, the teacher unharmed. "Ae cann split a man in 'alf." she grins. "And I ain't full grown yet" she beams as she sits down, claymore still with her.
[20:00:46] * Lily claps!
[20:00:54] <Oxford> Mr. Fortaw blinks.
[20:00:56] <Bridgit> "Woman too, ain't tha' type too discriminate."
[20:01:16] * Cloral looks like she's going to be sick. Or is sick. Or was sick. All three?
[20:01:18] * Marina shakes her head.
[20:02:50] * Henriette is actually so busy fidgeting that she hasn't noticed any of the people talking so far. In her head, she's already made three woolen scarves.
[20:04:23] <Bridgit> "Ya' ain' hurt, right?" the pink haired girl looking over.
[20:06:35] <Oxford> The teacher turns to look at the desk behind him, papers still floating down like loose debris after a bomb impact. He turns back to Bridget. "Class," he says, voice quiet but clearly audible in the shocked classroom, "I think we'll have lunch outside today. You're dismissed for an hour. Bridget? Stay a moment, I'd like to have a word with you during lunch."
[20:07:26] * Lily clasps her hands in excitement. She can eat outside!
[20:08:54] <Cloral> Any minute now, MPs are going to storm into the building and throw them all into some prison for blowing their disguise in so incompetent a manner. Right?
[20:09:06] <Bridgit> "If ya' wanna expel me, go ahead~. I bet'cha ain't got tha' balls." she grins, broad.
[20:09:12] * Marina facepalms, getting up as soon as the other students do.
[20:10:24] * Lily gets up and runs out~, looking for a nice sunny spot where she can sit down and take her shoes and socks off~
[20:10:47] <Cloral> "Bridget, you'd do well to remain silent until you're speaking with a lawyer or someone of…more potent authority." She remains at her desk, trying to decide how much time she has.
[20:11:42] <Marina> "Good luck," Marina mutters to her incompetent not-Scottish comrade on the way out. While she goes, she tries to see if she can catch up to the girl who was giving her weird looks earlier.
[20:12:53] <Oxford> Mr. Fortaw waits until the other students have filed out. He can hear the hushed conversations begin the moment the students get through the door. With an exasperated sigh, he examines the wreckage of his ruined desk.
[20:13:16] <Henriette> With an audible SIGH, Henri rises and sways out from the room, feeling faint as she unwraps her sandwich in the yard. It's a rather modest portion of a sandwich with slices of chicken breast, green lettuce, onion, olives and slices of hard-boiled eggs. She's sitting rather away from other students, and keeps glancing up to accidentally make eye contact with the non-meguca students.
[20:14:36] * Cloral trails Henriette, thinking maybe they aren't completely doomed. It probably makes sense if the teacher knew. Probably. Hopefully.
[20:17:42] <Oxford> "I liked that desk, you know," he says quietly, frowning at the clean split down the center of the flat-top. "It belonged to the man who taught here before me. Worked here for thirty years."
[20:17:43] * Lily notices Henriette's sitting by herself and moves over to join her, having an egg salad sandwich!
[20:19:49] <Bridgit> "…." a few moments. "….sorry" it's actually heartfelt. "Ae could tryn' fix it?"
[20:20:18] <Henriette> Henri has a mouthful of sandwhich when Lily arrives. She chews for a moment, still keeping herself from talking and meeting the gazes of other students, particularly the males who keep staring at her.
[20:20:50] <Oxford> He pushes one of the severed cabinets with the toe of his loafer. "Might try. A good desk can last a long time. It's the kind of furniture you can pass down to your children."
[20:21:33] <Oxford> "The easier thing to do would be to not slice it apart in the first place, of course. That didn't occur to you, did it?"
[20:23:10] <Lily> "Hi!" She sets her shoes and socks down before plopping down on the grass, legs in front of her, and begins eating her egg salad sandwich. Homf, chew, chew, chew, chew, swallow. "What'd you write about?"
[20:23:41] <Bridgit> A few moments. "Nae. Ae ain't…" a few moments. "Ae ain't used ta'…this."
[20:25:11] <Henriette> Chew chew swallow. Chew swallow. "Oh, uh… I know a bit of Gaulian… err… economics. I could not figure out how to say many words though." She's still staring across the yard at the other students.
[20:25:18] <Oxford> Fortaw has concern in his voice as he leans in. "Where did you go to school before being evacuated? Home-schooled, or…?"
[20:26:51] <Lily> "Mmmm? Oh, because it's not what you're used to…awww. That's too bad! Do you need like, help with that? Maybe you could talk to me more or talk to animals because that's fun or just read a dictionary but that's really boring!"
[20:27:36] <Bridgit> "Me ma taught me 'ow ta' read. Ae ain't doin' much schoolin'"
[20:28:31] <Henriette> "I do not understand how speaking to les animaux will improve my Albaean, Lily…" Henri says as she takes another bite of her sandwich. Sandwhich. Yeah. It smells pretty good, actually, because it doesn't sport any of the typical condiments other sandwiches do.
[20:29:03] <Cloral> Incidentally, Loewin is spending her lunch time watching a small unit of ants attempt to move a dead grasshopper whilst wishing she had her pendant to assist. This is totally better than eating. Maybe there's a reason she's short.
[20:29:03] <Oxford> "But you clearly had an education…of sorts." He gestures pointedly to the enormous sword.
[20:29:33] <Bridgit> "Aye! Ma' pa n' ma' retainers taught me!"
[20:29:50] <Marina> Marina's reluctant to go outdoors at all but trails toward wherever her secret admirer goes anyway.
[20:29:51] <Lily> "It lets you practice, and practice is the most important thing, right?" Sniff sniff. "…can I have a bite of your sandwich? It smells really really good and I'll let you have some of mine if you want so pleeeeaaaase?"
[20:32:13] <Oxford> The young teacher crouches down by the ruined desk and begins gathering up the loose pages that have scattered everywhere. "They didn't happen to teach you any carpentry, did they?"
[20:33:13] * Henriette glances down at the other half in her lap. "Oh, oui. I am already starting to feel full. You may have the rest of mine." She takes the last of her half then and chewchewchews.
[20:33:40] <Lily> "Oh, okay!" She finishes up her sandwich and then omnomnom.
[20:35:30] * Cloral has taken to carving out lines in the dirt, attempting to impose some manner of traffic order upon the ants.
[20:36:00] <Bridgit> "Aye, they did."
[20:36:08] <Lily> She eats quickly, the sandwich Henriette gave her quickly disappearing. "Wow, that was pretty good! Did you make that yourself? I tried making mine but cut myself with a knife so I had to go ask Mistress to go help me and she did and then I made a nice sandwich but it wasn't anywhere near as good as yours are you sure you're not a secret chef?"
[20:36:26] <Bridgit> "Do ya' got some nails n' wood?"
[20:37:37] <Henriette> It's a sandwich that Henri made herself! "Oui. Oh! Ma chérie, I can always make you lunch so that you eat properly." Henriette, of course, had to learn to make her own lunches after she moved in with her foster family. She's a homemaker, it would seem. A homemaker that shoots down planes.
[20:37:51] <Oxford> "Unfortunately not. Though," he says, surveying the wreckage, "I think most of this can be saved. It's only really the writing-top and the middle cabinet that will need to be replaced."
[20:39:12] <Oxford> "Still, this will probably take you a little while. There's a lesson in there, somewhere. It takes a lot more effort to build something up than it does to tear something down."
[20:40:01] <Bridgit> "….Aye"
[20:41:12] <Lily> "That'd be great I wonder if I'd start looking like you if I ate like you or if I'd start talking funny but that's more upbringing than food I guess so maybe not but maybe I'll get skinnier like you are which would be kind of cool because that'd probably mean I could run around faster which would be niiiiice!"
[20:42:37] <Oxford> "Good. Then, for the next three weeks, you'll be in here with me during lunch. You can spend that time on my desk, for starters. Are we clear?"
[20:43:50] <Henriette> Fatty. "I am not maigre, Lily. You are far more délicat than I." She blushes at the praise though. She's an easy to one to take advantage of there.
[20:45:24] <Bridgit> Bridget nods and shrugs.
[20:46:53] <Oxford> He nods, running a hand through his short-cropped hair. "One other thing. The sword can stay outside my classroom for the rest of the semester. Really, I'm not sure what I expected when I let you bring it in the first place."
[20:48:05] * Marina shakes her head at her blatant homosexual classmates, even if that may not quite be what she thinks of them. It's more about the fact that they just fool around too much. Those things could be one and the same, though, so she decides not to think about it and instead tries to find where the girl who was shooting her looks earlier went. If this was a horror story she would lure her behind the building and drink her blood but fortunately it isn't.
[20:48:54] <Bridgit> The girl grumbles but nods.
[20:49:34] <Cloral> "GOGOGO!" Probably the loudest thing in the area at this point, Loewin is cheering on the ants as they've finally formed a large enough force to be able to begin moving the grasshopper. She's pretty damned excited.
[20:50:44] * Henriette staaaaares at Cloral for a moment, confused.
[20:50:59] <Oxford> "Alright. Put the pieces over there by the storage closet for now, and when you're done you can eat your lunch. We wouldn't want to-"
[20:51:13] <Lily> "I wouldn't call myself delicate my feet are all tough from walking on rough roots and I've gotten plenty of cuts and scrapes before so I think I ended up pretty tough actually but I guess I'm not THAT tough! What's Cloral doing!?" She SWOOSHes her head to look at Cloral.
[20:52:05] <Henriette> "Staring at something. I am not sure, ma chérie."
[20:52:20] <Bridgit> Bridgit shrugs and….actually lifts the pieces of the desk and puts them into the closet. The big ones. Girl is strong, even without magic!
[20:55:36] <Oxford> Mid-sentence, Mr. Fortaw is cut off as an awful wail slices through the air. The klaxon comes from the belltower of the church in the main square, and is echoed by another in the lighthouse by the point. He pauses with the cabinets in his arms, just long enough to register the situation.
[20:57:22] * Marina cuts off her stalking mission to calmly reconvene with the others.
[20:59:19] <Oxford> Outside, the girls can hear the siren even more clearly. Most of the older students seem to have gone home for lunch, but the younger students are still here, fingerpainting in room A. When the alarm goes out, Mrs. O'Doughty hurries around, gathering them into a line to head down into the bomb shelter.
[20:59:36] * Lily bolts up in a hurry at the sound of the siren!
[20:59:44] * Cloral huffs irritatedly at the siren, ruining her ant-leading fun, before looking to her friendly neighborhood Sp- lesbian fighters.
[21:00:20] <Marina> The albino approaches the other girls with a sigh. By the way she's an albino, has that been mentioned yet?
[21:00:21] * Henriette would get up to run off after Lily, but she's busy putting away her lunch in case some of it winds up on her uniform!
[21:13:40] * Lily is fidgeting a bit, and then eventually gets to running in place, ready to GO
[21:15:05] * Henriette finally gets her food put away and rises to her feet!
[21:15:40] * Marina is already on her way without a word to the others.
[21:16:25] * Bridgit races out to the others. "Oi, sups?"
[21:18:02] * Cloral glances at the group before running after Marina. Hindsight says they probably should take a more subtle approach, but hindsight can go to hell.
[21:18:42] <Marina> "It's time." To Sh- I mean Brigi- I mean Bridget.
[21:20:25] <~Oxford> The town is filled with activity, like an ant's nest that's been suddenly uncovered by a farmer's plow. Store owners rush outside to close wood panels over their display windows, while pedestrians scurry for the nearest bomb shelter.
[21:22:00] <~Oxford> Mr. Fortaw walks swiftly but calmly toward the school's shelter, passing the girls on the way. "Probably nothing," he says, more annoyed than fearful. "Just a fly-over by bombers headed for the interior."
[21:23:01] <Henriette> "Don't we need to get somewhere private? Our secret cannot get out, non?" Henri says to Lily. It's a little like Superman, right?
[21:24:48] <Lily> She nods. "We're supposed to get to Mistress Stranahan quick quick fast fast!"
[21:26:09] <Marina> "That's right. Let's not draw attention to ourselves- our duty is still our duty, though."
[21:28:06] <~Oxford> The school is only about a mile from Wightshead Estate. The streets are empty, and what few cars are on the road are pulled over with their doors open, abandoned by their drivers.
[21:28:58] <Henriette> Henri can't actually remember the way back to the mansion. She's looking anxiously at Lily, hoping she leads the way soon.
[21:29:30] <Lily> "C'mon!" She starts running off toward the Wightshead Estate, now that th eplayer knows it's reasonable for her to do so~…then stops, looking at the group, seeing how apprehensive Henri is, and grabbing her hand and running
[21:30:20] <Marina> Marina would've tried to ask for directions if there were people on the streets- but there aren't! And knowing how foolish she'd look asking the street or the buildings themselves, decides to just take Lily's lead and hopes for the best.
[21:30:26] <Bridgit> And now, she's Brigit is following (SCREW NORMAL NAMING CONVENTIONS, SPELLING IS FORE LAMERS!)
[21:30:56] <Lily> (Maybe she doesn't actually know which way her name is spelled?)
[21:31:09] <Marina> (She can't bridge the- oh I can't even start)
[21:34:30] <~Oxford> Running back to the mansion takes precious minutes, and when they arrive Maj. Stranahan is waiting by the door. Laid out on the patio are five sets of harnesses and electronic equipment, neat and orderly.
[21:35:00] * Henriette stares. "C'est quoi?"
[21:35:57] * Marina tried to keep up with the others, keeping her usual stoic attitude, but by the time they arrive she's definitely in the back, completely out of breath. Sort of embarrassing.
[21:36:54] <Bridgit> "Was'goin'on?"
[21:36:56] * Cloral is just ahead of the amelanistic girl but breathing hard!
[21:38:51] <~Oxford> "There you are!" says Stranahan, opening up the black attache case at her feet. From within she retrieves five pendants handing them out to each girl as they arrive.
[21:38:54] <Lily> "Hey what is it where are we going what are we fighting!"
[21:39:32] * Lily puts her pendant on, tucking it down the neck of her dress.
[21:39:33] <Marina> "I spologize… for… taking… so… long… ma'am," she says while huffing and puffing and managing which little of a salute she can.
[21:40:49] <Henriette> Henriette ties her own pendant very shortly after, taking care not to accidentally tie in strands of her hair. "Lily, ma belle, you have your shirt on inside out."
[21:41:03] <~Oxford> "Nevermind that," she says, gesturing toward the harnesses. "Get on your radios and get up there! I'll brief you in the air."
[21:41:06] <Cloral> "This would be easier…if we kept the pendants…" She transforms immediately upon putting the amulet on, wasting zero time units.
[21:41:19] <Lily> She blinks a few times. "What?"
[21:41:56] * Marina takes a moment to catch her breath, then slips her pendant on and prepares the radio equipment. Given a moment she gives a more crisp salute. "Yes, ma'am!"
[21:41:58] * Henriette pulls on the tag on the outside of her uniform. "You put it on inside out."
[21:41:59] <Bridgit> The girl grins and grabs her pendant. And is soon in blood red armor, her claymore significantly bigger and scrier looking. "ALRIGHT! LESS GET TA" KILLIN!"
[21:43:32] <Marina> Next to Bridget, Marina poofs into deep blue armor after a stock footage sequence. The draconic tail whips out of her back like last time and swishes around, as do a bunch of small ice swords that float around her. They're much tinier in comparison.
[21:46:09] * Henriette touches her pendant as the white color bursts outwards like flower petals, draping her form in her costume's dress and gloves. The ribbons materialize as her hair changes color, a brilliant light shining all around her. It's blinding to look at directly, actually, but if anyone is looking, they might see flashes of their own costume appear momentarily on her person before it
[21:46:09] * Henriette finally settles on her own full costume.
[21:46:39] * Lily shudders a little at Henri pulling her tag. "Um, let's talk about it later! We gotta' go go go!" She grabs her radio harness and straps it on, before 9FLASH, she's in a long green dress, not much in the way of modesty, her hair grown long down to her feet and green with lillies at the end of it. "C'mon!" She jumps out the door. "Um, Major, where's the coordinates so we can
[21:46:40] * Lily get to them we gotta' know where to go!"
[21:47:03] <~Oxford> The radios are a simple transceiver attached by a spring-coiled cord to a headset. When the girls transform, the radios don't - their flat brown-green clashes miserably with their colorful outfits.
[21:47:38] <Bridgit> On it goes!
[21:48:01] * Henriette stares upwards at Lily, suddenly aware of her change in appearance. It's rather startling to see the girl your height suddenly go 9AMAZON before your eyes.
[21:48:46] * Cloral growls as she shoves the radio into her helmet, attempting to get it to fit without just breaking it.
[21:49:32] <~Oxford> With the five girls transformed, Stranahan races into the mansion to man the radio.
[21:51:50] * Marina stretches and the floating swords spread out at her back- without a moment's further wait she springs up into the air and takes flight. They all trail behind her because they're really just for show, moreso than actually helping her fly or anything.
[21:52:48] <Henriette> Henri still hasn't picked up a radio harness, since she doesn't really understand what they're for. She's also busy staring at Lily.
[21:53:24] <Bridgit> "Yer' dallyin'" smacking Henri's butt.
[21:55:39] <Henriette> Affronted, Henriette turns, "C'était très désagréable! Am I supposed to take one of those hideous things? What are they?"
[21:55:41] <~Oxford> Moments later, her voice comes over the headsets, quite clear. "Whiskey-Bravo to all units. Cleared for take off ASAP."
[21:56:36] <Cloral> "Where are they?" Loewin scans the skys, looking for more dots.
[21:57:24] <Bridgit> "Mmm, 'm lookin' forweard ta' it!"
[21:57:32] <Lily> "Roger! 9Amazon ready to go! 2Alice, hurry up! Over."
[21:57:34] <Marina> "Roger," the albino radios back, having done… uhh, enough research on military operations to know THAT one.
[21:58:29] <Cloral> "Amawhat?"
[21:58:32] <Bridgit> And then a huge pair of demon wings seem to explode from her back. "Mmmm, 'm ready ta. Roger I guess"
[21:58:58] <Marina> As she looks down to see this, Marina's ice-wings hang down in shame.
[21:59:12] <Marina> "This is… ah…"
[22:00:26] <Henriette> Henri starts to get it, going to grab it. When she dons the harnass, though, it seems to meld into her costume, becoming a thin tiara along her head. She floats off into the air, mentally keying her radio. "Err… Roger? Je ne comprends pas…"
[22:01:19] <Cloral> Loewin rises into the air after the others. "Would someone speak plainly?"
[22:01:25] <Lily> "What is it, 11Albatross? Could you speak up because we gotta' go NOW! …over."
[22:01:35] <~Oxford> "Target is four, repeat, four 107s, heading 0-0-5, angels 15. Intended target believed to be Cremmwale. Maximum intercept window: 15 minutes."
[22:02:48] <Marina> "… 11Albatross." She talks to herself, not noticing she even turned her radio back on, but then headshakes. "Understood. 11Albatross, heading out. Over."
[22:03:08] <Bridgit> "Dae Ae get a codenam?"
[22:03:17] * Henriette is lost in parlance. "Oui, so je m'appelle 12Alice?"
[22:04:02] <Cloral> "Oh, I see. 6Alexandria ready. Uh, over."
[22:05:09] <Marina> "We only have so much time to decide, 7Armstrong. Take it or leave it."
[22:05:28] <Bridgit> "…Eh. Ah'll taek it." a shrug.
[22:09:01] <Lily> (1,1We were seriously considering Assmack but that'd be goofy)
[22:09:16] <~Oxford> The enemy bombers aren't visible from this altitude. Somewhere in the clear blue sky above, four metal titans laden with death rush toward their destination.
[22:09:16] <Marina> (1,1Asssmack; you forgot an s)
[22:10:34] * Henriette shakes her head, ignoring the radio connerie and instead trying to figure out where they're heading.
[22:12:12] * Lily is taking a flight path straight for the planes, leading the others if necessary, heading UP UP UP
[22:12:13] * Marina speeds in the intended direction, tail swishing. No real reason, it's just a tail. No reason there's a tail there either, or at least, not one its bearer has discovered yet. Maybe it's just to look scary? … That would help if it was actually scary-looking. It really isn't.
[22:12:52] * Bridgit follows
[22:13:34] * Cloral follows her comrades in arms in their endeavors to eradicate the Nov scum.
[22:13:40] * Lily has little drops of shiny water dripping from the lillies at the end of her hair, leaving a shiny trail for the others to follow if they're a bit behind!
[22:14:20] * Marina foll- oh who am I kidding she's practically leading nect to Lily, considering flight speed is what she's good at. Just not running speed.
[22:14:34] <Cloral> She also curses about there being too much green just barely audible over the radio before they break the clouds.
[22:15:20] <~Oxford> The mansion and grounds grow small below them. The puffy white clouds in the distance are the only thing that breaks the blue dome around them.
[22:16:06] <Henriette> Taking the others' movements as a clear sign about their intended direction, Henri speeds up to catch right up with Lily. "Ma chérie, I did not realize you grew so tall this way~"
[22:16:20] <Henriette> She's not taking the time to speak much over the radio. It's a pain in the asssmack.
[22:18:13] <Lily> "Mmmm? Oh, yeah, I guess I do get pretty tall when I'm transformed, I haven't noticed it that much because I'm not on land usually when I'm transformed so I can't see how much bigger I am than the plants and all!"
[22:32:18] <~Oxford> The first to see the enemy bombers is Henriette. A glint of light off the propellor draws her eye to a cluster of dots, small as gnats in the at this range.
[22:35:55] <Henriette> "Ah! Ennemis… ah… over zere!" Henri exclaims over the radio, not even using proper parlance. She speeds off ahead of the other girls, hoping she can get a suprise hit on the enemy.
[22:36:47] * Lily snaps to attention. "Engaging target! Over!"
[22:37:08] <Bridgit> Bridgit follows, grinning like a loon. "Save some fer' me ya' poofs!"
[22:37:09] <Marina> "Understood. 11Albatross engaging - over."
[22:37:55] <~Oxford> As they draw closer, the dots resolve into recognizable shapes. The enemy planes are much bigger than the torpedo bombers - twenty metres long, with four engines and fuselages bristling with ball turrets.
[22:44:50] * Oxford changes topic to 'Bridget->Cloral->Henriette->Marina->Lily->Bombers'
[22:45:40] <Bridgit> For once, instead of being crazy, she radios to the ohters. "Ya' wanna take out the leading bomber first?"
[22:46:01] <Lily> "That sounds great go for it!"
[22:47:35] <Bridgit> "A'ight!" And she races towards Bomber 1, hoping to go from under it, putting the bomber between herself and the others, stabbing at its belly, trying to slice it into two
[22:56:06] <~Oxford> Their formation is tight, for being this far from the target. Interlocking fields of fire protect the bombers from all angles, and as Bridget swoops in from below, the two bombers to either side of the leader open fire from their tailguns. Arcing tracers converge on her before she's penetrated the formation, splashing against her barrier and sending her tumbling through the air.
[22:58:02] * Marina smirks from her position. Man does it feel good seeing a new girl get shown up instead of being the new girl getting shown up.
[23:02:27] * Cloral swings her sword at the lead bomber, expecting the explosion of energy she previously experienced and for everything to blow up! Except that didn't happen. Instead she nearly gets shot right out of the sky from the beginning. Damn pendants.
[23:02:32] <Henriette> Henri, eager to utilize her powers, goes ahead and charges up all of her energy to form a barrel about her arm not unlike the ones equipped to the foe's planes. With a tatatat, the weapon fires a stream of white light towards one of the planes. "I will use votre arme as mon! Merci."
[23:04:13] <~Oxford> Cloral meets the same fate as Bridget, this time at the hands of the lead bomber's dorsal ball. The Novgoraadi gunner roars as he stitches her with fire, golfball-sized bullets raining down on her before she can execute her attack.
[23:11:03] <Henriette> The bullets rip through part of the foremost plane's nosecone, exposing electronics and other mechanical parts to the open breeze. The humid air shorts some of the systems out, and Henri's energy whirls back into her back ribbon with a loud vrrrrm. "I have finally had une réussite!"
[23:11:56] <Marina> 11Albatross giggles to herself at how energetic Henriette is for a second, but makes absolutely SURE it doesn't transmit on the radio or anything. She quickly seriouses up and stares out at the enemy planes- to nobody's perspective but her own and those of the enemy, her eyes gradually darken, from a bright scarlet, to a deep crimson, to a dark burgundy, to a pitch black. She grins ear-to-ear as the skies darken, even though nothing looks unusual to the other girls, and her blue wings darken to take on a more monstrous form.
[23:18:11] <~Oxford> In the bombers, on the other hand, the effect is unusual to say the least. The bombardier in the midle-left bomber suddenly sees a gaping maw open up below the plane, eternally dark and writhing with unseen monstrosities. Panic grips his heart, and screams soon echo throughout the shiny metal hull of the bomber.
[23:20:03] * Lily pulls out a capsule of dirt out of her dress, then carefully tugs out a vine of her hair, pulling some dirt out and spreading it along the vine, the vine starting to turn into more of a blob-plant as she tosses it at the front bomber, the blob exploding into thorny vines which attempt to get a hold on the bomber.
[23:20:04] * Marina watches the planes' reactions and mutters to herself with her radio unknowingly still on, scratching her head. "I suppose it needs some work."
[23:22:37] <Lily> The vines grab hold of the plane, entangling it, the thorns on the vines glowing an ominous red as the vines continue to constrict the plane!
[23:22:57] <Henriette> Henriette instinctively responds to Marina's comment. "What is it you did, ma chérie?"
[23:23:53] <~Oxford> The lead bomber has taken a beating, but the formation holds. If anything, they pull in tighter, their training taking over as each man covers his sector to defend the flight as a whole.
[23:24:06] <Marina> "An explanation might be in order later, 2Alice. I'm not entirely sure how to use it just yet."
[23:24:34] <Henriette> "Oh, uh, of course~ Uh… 11Albatross…"
[23:26:28] <Marina> "Don't be so hesitant, we're likely stuck with these so you should remember it. At least, I hope 3Amazon didn't only choose it because of my- … Never mind."
[23:26:55] <~Oxford> Major Stranahan's voice comes in over the radio. "Flight, Whiskey-Bravo. You're reaching the edge of your flight radius - we'll already have to come out to pick you girls up. Pick up the pace, over!"
[23:27:52] <Lily> "Roger!" She takes a breath in.
[23:28:12] <~Oxford> Glancing down, the terrain below looks entirely unfamiliar. Getting caught up in the pursuit, the girls have chased the bombers far inland from Ternwald, and are now deep in the countryside.
[23:28:19] <Cloral> Loewin sheathes her sword. "I recommend holding actions briefly until I try something out. It may help with our coordination."
[23:28:20] <Henriette> Nodding at Stranahan's order, Henriette doubles over in what appears to be pain, but suddenly, her waist-ribbon grows a little larger and takes on a platinum hue. Around her right arm is some form of shimmering substance now too. "We will, then."
[23:28:54] <Bridgit> "Eh, sure."
[23:31:03] * Oxford changes topic to 'Henriette->Cloral->Bridget->Marina->Lily->Bombers'
[23:31:21] <Henriette> "Nous allons rapidement mettre fin à cela, uh… 6Alexandria. What am I waiting on?"
[23:31:25] <Marina> "Understood," Marina pulls back to around where Bridger's at, looking the berserker over. Her icy wings still seem kind of jealous.
[23:34:21] <Bridgit> "Hey" a grin at Marina. "Ya' wanna smash 'em up ta'gether?"
[23:35:16] <Marina> "I see you have the strength you bragged about, 7Armstrong, but no control," she nods with a sly grin. "I'll take the lead to make sure you don't miss this time."
[23:35:55] <Henriette> Shaking her head, Henriette extends her arm and lets out a piercing shriek, like scraping metal across glass as she sweeps towards the enemy planes, the leader and his nearest neighbor are caught in a rush of silvery light that make the skies around them shimmer.
[23:40:03] <Bridgit> "Eh, 'd make a comment or somthin', but, after we take 'em out"
[23:40:13] <Bridgit> She grins a bit.
[23:41:15] <Marina> "I'll accept it." Nodding, Marina holds her arm out forward and spreads all five fingers; as she does so all the swords floating at her back spread off and begin closing in from the sides.
[23:47:07] <~Oxford> She flits past them, and for a moment it seems as though nothing has happened. Then the lead bomber seperates cleanly along the wingline; everything in front of the wing slides away and both part turn sideways in midair. The bloody halves of an unlucky Novgoraadi tumble out, followed moments later by his screaming crewmates as the bomber starts its long descent to the fields below.
[23:47:58] <Lily> !
[23:48:29] <Lily> She watches the plane go down, hesitant, but then turns to the other planes.
[23:48:39] <Henriette> Again, Henri doubles over, but this time it's actual pain. "Oh, une mauvaise idée…"
[23:49:16] * Cloral shrugs. "You should have waited, 2Alice. I'm going to teach everyone a little pride in their position. Over." She slaps her hands together and closes her eyes, a wide grin forming. The other girls feel a slight inspiration of Pride, dispelling any superficial doubts they may harbor. Clouds near her are pulled in briefly, where they adopt the image of a roaring lion before
[23:49:17] * Cloral quickly dissipating.
[23:50:07] <Bridgit> "Ya' ready?" the girl looking ready, eager almost.
[23:50:59] <Marina> The blades begin to close in on the enemy, most especially the one that seemed affected by her fear power earlier. "… Now!"
[23:51:26] <Marina> They home in on that one AND the bomber nearest it too.
[23:52:21] <Bridgit> ANd then…Bridgit flings her sword. And it explodes, growing at least thirty feet long, massive, cleaving towards one of the bombers like a gigantic boomberang. And then, after the first, it curves towards the second, before flying back to the girl's hands and shrinking slightly, down to only about 10 or so feet.
[23:58:16] * Marina forgets her own position while bringing her hands inward, controlling the movements of the ice-swords like a puppetmaster's strings. Unbeknownst to herself, sending the blades plunging into the planes leaves her practically wide open.
[23:59:30] * Lily sees one of the planes turning to shoot Marina and rushes in, her hair growing into a shield that deflects part of the plane's attack, but she's still hit by a few bullets, ending up scratched, bloody cuts all over her arms and legs. "Watch your position!"
[00:01:24] <Henriette> "I am not feeling bon du tout…" Henriette mumbles, as she begins to sink out of the sky slowly, floating lower and lower. "I suppose I should not be so brash with mes attaques. The Major said as much…"
[00:01:55] * Marina shrieks a little bit but rights herself right as she finishes drawing the blades back to herself, gasping a moment. Her face briefly flushes the same red as her eyes. "I… apologize. I appreciate the save, 3Amazon."
[00:05:08] * Lily takes in a breath. "We're all hurt…we need some sunshine!" She does a flip in midair, water droplets spilling out of the lillies in her hair until there's a field of raindrops above all the girls, the sun's light filtering through, creating a gentle prismatic light that spills down onto the girls, easing their wounds.
[00:05:59] <~Oxford> The two bombers holding the middle of the formation take the full brunt of the attacks. One falls to Bridget's giant sword, its fuel tanks igniting in a fireball that sends shreds of metal spraying in all directions. The other takes Marina's swarm of swords right through the engines, and each of the four spews black smoke, one after the other.
[00:06:01] * Marina is so thankful the pendants protect them from 'negative weather effects' or however that works right now, else she'd probably be feeling the sensation of turning to dust.
[00:06:54] <~Oxford> The plane lolls to one side, slipping into a long death-spiral into the ground. Chutes open as the crew bails out, though not every member of the eleven-man crew makes it out in time.
[00:13:11] <~Oxford> The final bomber breaks off from the target and starts to turn for home. It opens its bomb-bay doors and begins jettisoning its cargo of bombs onto the farmland below.
[00:13:36] <Lily> !
[00:14:10] * Oxford changes topic to 'Marina->Bridget->Cloral->Henriette->Lily->Bombers'
[00:15:04] <Marina> "Cowardly." Marina shakes her head and holds her hand out, all the iceblades crackling together into one. She heads off toward the bomber without a second thought.
[00:15:09] <Lily> Lily does a flip, causing more raindroplets to form above her, the sun's rays magnifying into a laser going straight for all the emptied bombs (clash)
[00:20:34] <Lily> A large prismatic laser cuts across the bombs, cutting through them and creating a series of explosions in midair, above the farmland. Lily had to move much further down to hit the bombs without searing some of the farmland, however, so she's pretty far out from the rest of the group.
[00:21:20] <Cloral> "Yes, yes, just like that!" She grins as the feelings of Pride grow further. Low levels of doubt are gone completely and an alien courage starts to manifest.
[00:22:16] <Bridgit> "Watch how 's done!" A laugh as Bridgit rockets forward, over the plane, landing on it and slicing the entire thing into two, ideally in such a manner that its crew will have maximum time to escape. She's nothing if not considerate.
[00:22:44] <Marina> The blade drags along the top of the enemy bomber, breaking off into shards of frozen shrapnel that impale the enemy aircraft as it goes. By the time Marina finishes ripping across it she spins around in place and takes a light breath, which manifests in another set of blades emerging from her back and floating behind her.
[00:23:32] <Henriette> An immensely bright light begins to swirl around Henriette. "I… I don't think I can hold zis back…" she mumbles out onto the radio. "12A-alice is going… going… urk."
[00:23:39] <~Oxford> The final bomber shudders as Marina's swords lance down across its tail, tearing jagged chunks from the aluminium hull. A trail of grey smoke gushes out as the lines break.
[00:28:23] * Marina blinks a couple times and blips on her radio. "Whiskey-Bravo, do you read? 11Albatross may also be feeling a bit 'under the weather.' Over." She's pretty nonchalant about this building feeling of hating everyone and everything trying to get out.
[00:29:17] <~Oxford> Several things happen simultaneously.
[00:39:30] <~Oxford> Bridget's attack rips into the final bomber, slicing it nose-to-tail with a single slash. The entire superstructure folds in half, held together by only a few strands of metal along the lower edge of the fuselage. The crew would indeed have time to bail out - if not for the other events occuring.
[00:43:22] <Henriette> The energies begin to swirl faster around Henri. She lets out a strange noise, not unlike her earlier screech, but now with a third voice within it. The white light that composes her dress also turns the same platinum color as the ribbon and swirls about her body in a strange cloud. Through it, the others can see a strange otherworldly place, a place that resembles the world around them
[00:43:23] <Henriette> but with strange creatures crawling about with black faces and dripping tongues. They look like they're trying to escape from whatever window has been opened. Suddenly, the image cracks and a brilliant burst of light bursts from Henri's body. All around her, the energies flow and distort the world, causing the area within 20 meters of her suddenly becomes flipped. Right becomes left and
[00:43:23] <Henriette> people's perceptions are distorted. It's quite confusing, and the energies cut and grate against the others.
[00:48:45] <Henriette> With the explosion, Henri's appearance returns to her old self and she immediately plummets from the skies, body twisting listlessly in the air. Her eyes are closed, as the blast knocked her unconscious, and the silvery substance surrounding her before trails behind her.
[00:49:38] <Lily> ! She flips around at the sound of the explosion,a nd then goes in to catch Henri before she hits the ground!
[00:52:59] <Marina> Icebitch propels herself backwards out of the mirror image as soon as it begins happening, watching the 'strange creatures' as she goes. They look familiar to her. After getting to a safe zone, she gives a light nod to herself, affirming herself that she already warned the radio, and cracks a grin. The same thing that happened to one of the enemy pilots happens again, her eyes becoming literal pitch black pools. Only the same thing happens to everybody else, the sky darkening and everybody nearby losing track of who's whom, each of them taking on the form of unrecognizable pitch-black monstrosities for the moment.
[00:53:33] <~Oxford> The stricken bomber has no chance - the searing light engulfs them plane entirely, and when it fades only ashes remain.
[00:54:26] * Cloral barely manages to realize Henriette is exploding in time and drops away from the blast, her Pride channeling still in full swing. She gasps sharply, sputtering a few confused words into the radio. Most are pretty improper.
[00:55:27] <Bridgit> "Haaaa! Fuck! Watch where ye' blow next time! Idjit!" The girl flying up and somehow avoiding the explosion, the bodies and so on of the bomber shielding her.
[01:09:26] <Bridgit> And then Bridgit turns, and her eyes glow red. Her face into a huge grin as she turns to Marina. THe area around her seems to glow crimson with blood and battle as she smirks. A huge smirk. "Oi, 's was easy. Wanna fight 'r somethin'?" she's hefting her sword, a massive aura of rage surrounding her.
[01:09:57] <Marina> Grinning a horrifying blackfaced grin bigger than her head, Marina turns her radio off. "That's a good idea. I was just about to ask myself, 7Armstrong- how about that spar you asked for earlier?"
[01:10:20] <Marina> Marina's black opposes the crimson, trying to tear the aura to shreds with its own.
[01:12:39] <Cloral> "Maj- I mean…Whiskey-Bravo, the hostiles are eliminated, I think we're ready for pick…up?…" She continues though it's clear she's addressing Bri1,1 it and Marina rather than the radio. "Hey, we're done, we win, etc! We don't have to fight anymore."
[01:14:56] <Marina> "We don't have to, but we're already here. We can consider it training~" Marina's unusually giddy about it.
[01:16:06] <Marina> Two ice-swords come into her hands and she grasps them tightly- the other four hang around at her back, pretending they're wings.
[01:16:15] * Oxford changes topic to 'Cloral->Bridget->Marina'
[01:16:33] * Bridgit pulls out her sword, waiting, grinning, eager.
[01:18:08] <Cloral> "What the hell, one of us is already completely unconscious! Let's just go back!"
[01:18:30] <Marina> "She'll be fine."
[01:18:47] <~Oxford> "Roger, Alexandria - get to the ground and figure out where you are. I'll send a car for you as soon as you've got a location." The Major has no idea what's going on between Bridget and Marina even as she speaks.
[01:18:54] <Bridgit> "Yeah, gotta take care a' this now."
[01:19:12] <Cloral> "She just blew up! How can you just say she's fine?!"
[01:19:37] <Bridgit> "Still breathin'?"
[01:19:41] <Marina> "She'll be fine," the grinning horrorterror snarls.
[01:20:03] * Bridgit grins and uses that distraction to race forward, a bolt of red, and slice forward with her sword. Her massivefuckoff sword.
[01:22:44] <Lily> "6Alexandria, I've got her, she's just fine and sunny, stop worrying! Over!" Lily's voice comes up on the radio.
[01:22:50] <Bridgit> And then…Marina feels something in her heart. The blow strikes her, but it's not that obvious at first. Sure, sword, ow. But…she's…her heart is beating faster and faster and faster and….it's pounding in her chest, painful. Exceptionally painful as she feels her anger building up, yes, but poisoning her too. Starting to clench at her very being, exceptionally painful.
[01:23:23] <Marina> "… It's perfect."
[01:26:55] <Marina> "Perfect perfect perfect perfect." She's poisoning herself. Marina's darkness aura just goes CLOMP and covers the everyone as the girl herself starts cackling, disappearing into the darkened pool herself. Seconds later the cackling comes from every direction, as does the noise of her heartbeat which is now audible, and pairs of red eyes pop up everywhere. Constantly. More and more and more.
[01:27:14] <Marina> "4That's good! DO IT AGAIN," echoes from EVERY direction.
[01:27:24] <Cloral> "Lily! They're talking about due-" Her voice fails as Bridget ambushes Marina. "DAMNIT, LILY, THEY'RE FIGHTING! Make sure Henri stays safe!"
[01:28:56] <Marina> From Cloral's perspective it probably just look like Marina's a cackling crazy person.
[01:29:24] <Lily> "Got it! I'll make sure she's a-ok, so you make sure they don't hurt each other too bad, okay? Let me know if either of them fall down so I can go and get them! Over!"
[01:29:28] * Oxford changes topic to 'Marina->Bridget->Cloral'
[01:29:28] <Marina> … Until she stops laughing to raise her hand and converge all six iceswords on the scotsgirl's position.
[01:34:19] <Cloral> Loewin dives in the way of the iceswords, shrugging off the minor sting. Hits like this will eventually wear her down. "Quit fighting, now!"
[01:34:59] <Marina> They all just melt in place; Marina shrugs and conjures new ones.
[01:38:56] * Bridgit attempts to slice Marina with her sword, really, it's a half hearted attempt. Poor dear.
[01:39:41] <Marina> In one perspective, the millions of red eyes all giggle and yawn in a malevolent chorus. In another, Marina yawns and floats in place. Guess which one's which!
[01:40:16] <Cloral> With the sound of a roaring lion, Bridgit finds Loewin on the other side of her sword instead. The half-hearted attack manages to slip through Loewin's rushes defenses though Marina is unscathed. Relatively.
[01:40:57] <Bridgit> "Get tha' 'ell outta tha' way!" growling.
[01:42:24] * Oxford changes topic to 'Round 3: Bridget->Cloral->Marina'
[01:43:26] <Bridgit> Loewin's strong, but, she wants to beat Marina! BEAT THE STUFFING OUT OF HER! "TAKE THIS YA' RED EYED FREAK'O'NATUEER!"
[01:46:35] <Marina> One of the red eyes turns to a 4♥ shape instead. Then another. Then another and another and then all of them, until they all blink out of existence leaving the scene of Bridg(e/i)t in the sky, impaled through the stomach with a freezing sword. It's cold to the touch, though it takes a second to realize.
[01:46:57] <Marina> As soon as Marina realizes the illusion is dispelled she just yanks the entire blade out.
[01:48:46] * Bridgit staggers back, a blade in her stomach, couging blood as she gapes, in clear pain.
[01:49:23] <Marina> "Sad, sad, sad~ When you asked for a fight, I thought you had technique beyond 'being a berserk fool with no head on her shoulders.'" If there's any blood on the sword she pulls back then she just flicks it off, into the sky. "Is that it?"
[01:52:10] <Cloral> Loewin barks out at her adversaries. "What the hell is the matter with you two?" A soft golden aura softly flares to life around her and spreads about the combatants, invoking a feeling of diminished Pride. "You two chose to fight for Albaea. To put your lives on the line for a selfless purpose. And now you bicker like unfettered schoolchildren?! You bring shame to your lineages!"
[01:53:44] <Bridgit> "ugh…why'm Ae bleedin'?"
[01:53:54] * Bridgit looks down at her stomach, her rather furiously bleeding stomach.
[01:54:45] * Marina looks to the side for a second, contemplative, but shakes her head. "My lineage… you don't know anything about that. A duel should go until… one… side… falls…"
[01:56:14] <Marina> The sword in her hand melts furiously, but halts the process when it takes on the shape of a rapier. Marina just points it forward. "How about it? Do you resign?"
[01:57:04] * Bridgit looks about to say something defiant, glaring, "Never ya' frakkin tw…." and suddenly winces…and winces more…suddenly screaming as she holds her hands to her head. Blood starts exploding from there, eyes looking up, back to their normal yellow as she screams in obvious pain, the beginnings of something beginning to poke out of her head, blood red at the tips though it seems to darken to black as she throws her head bac
[01:57:04] * Bridgit almost collapsing to the earth. Another long scream, this one lasting almost a minute before she goes silent, panting furiously as she looks up, hands falling by her sides, a pair of long blood covered horns standing from her forehead, pointing upwards.
[01:58:48] <Cloral> "Lily, heads up, the short one looks to be falling."
[02:00:35] * Marina just stood in place with the blade pointed outward without moving while all this happened. About partway through the scream she put a hand to her forehead, too, like she'd gotten a migraine.
[02:01:03] <Lily> "Roger that! Over!"
[02:01:48] <Bridgit> With a sickening crunch…the horns suddenly retract, more blood spurting out as she collapses…detransforming as she falls.
[02:03:30] * Marina blinks a couple times and dispels the sword in her hand, confident that the duel is over. Like any respectful opponent, even if a close look at her eyes would show remorse for what she'd just done, she dives for the falling girl herself, hoping to prevent her from any worse fate than she'd already suffered.
[02:08:18] * Cloral sighs and addresses the radio once again. "Alright, I think we're secured for pick up now, Moth-…Major." Call signs be damned. "Henri and Bridgit; Marina's on her last legs. Lily and I are fine enough."
[02:12:47] <~Oxford> Lily shoots toward Bridget, wind racing through her hair. She can tell at once that she isn't going to make it - the angle is bad, having to come across from where she set down the unconscious Henriette. The amazon reaches out toward the falling girl, fingers wide, just out of reach. As she cries out, a streak of blue darts down from above.
[02:15:18] <~Oxford> Speeding toward the ground, the streak scoops up Bridget's limp form and pulls up just feet above the ground. Marina cradles the northern girl in her arms, and at long last sets her feet back on solid earth.
[02:15:23] <~Oxford> /session