World War Burst S2: Part 1

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[18:12:10] * Oxford changes topic to 'Enlistment is the privilege of all citizens! Contact a recruitment office today!'
[18:19:23] <@Oxford> Spring, 1936. Through all the long, cold winter, the island of Albaea has slumbered beneath a white blanket. With the Grand Fleet of Novgoraad penned in by ice in their base at Varnik, and operations on the mainland slowed to a crawl as the mountain passes fill with snow, the news from the front has been quiet.
[18:22:47] <@Oxford> But now, as the first signs of spring fill the air, a new season of conflict seems ready to begin.
[18:25:30] <@Oxford> In the sleepy southern town of Ternwald, a wood-panelled sedan rumbles unhurriedly down a dirt road. Its spoked tired cut grooves in the soft mud, and the last snowfall of the winter drips down from the trees.
[18:28:21] <@Oxford> In the car are Marina, Henriette, and Loewin. The car is driven by a stern-faced man in the spare uniform of Air Force Intelligence, who through the entire trip has shown little in the way of humour.
[18:32:47] <Marina> Neither has the sudden albino, who has been holding strongly to the ideal of 'speak when spoken to.' That is to say, she hasn't spoken up on her own at all, or even shown a break of curiosity to look out the windows.
[18:34:20] <Cloral> The shorty on the other hand is giving the entirety of her focus to the windows, watching the scenery with a shade of a smile crossing her lips.
[18:36:45] <@Oxford> The beyond the windows, they can see the forest around them giving way to a more cultivated area, until the only trees are the thin maples planted to either side of the road. Between their narrow trunks, the girls can make out a patchwork of fields broken by the occasional fence or low stone wall.
[18:38:18] <Henriette> Unlike the taciturn pair, the rather expressive Henriette has been voicing complaints for most of the trip. "Oh, it is trè- errr… very cold out here. Is the journey much father?"
[18:40:34] <@Oxford> "Not much further." The officer's face doesn't change a fraction as he replies. That is, perhaps, the longest string of words she's gotten him to put together all day.
[18:41:36] <Marina> Despite having her eyes closed for most of the trip - self-conscious or just tired, maybe? - Marina cracks one open at Henriette's enthusiasm this time. "Is it that cold? I didn't notice." A piercing red glare shoots out at her- or, half of one, at least.
[18:43:59] <Henriette> "Oh, very cold! I am ashamed that I forgot to wear my woolen socks!" Henriette attempts to fit her hands under her armpits, hoping to keep her body heat centralized. "Far colder than home…"
[18:45:34] <@Oxford> The weather has turned warmer lately, but it is still as the beginning of the season, and winter has faded from no one's memory just yet. Above the tops of the trees is a patchwork of grey-bottomed clouds and soft blue sky.
[18:46:43] <Cloral> The business lass doesn't bother to turn from the window. "I'm quite sure you'll grow used to it."
[18:49:26] <Marina> "Exactly." The albino clamps her eyes shut and goes back to silence, keeping any irritation to herself.
[18:50:47] <Cloral> "That is, unless you run away." Loewin turns to Henriette with a challenging grin.
[18:50:48] <Henriette> Sitting upright, Henriette protests with hands clenched in her lap, "Non! I cannot wait for summer to come again with no more grey skies and no more itchy blankets!"
[18:51:22] <@Oxford> While most of the trip has been through Albaea's characteristic rolling hills, the land here is quite flat. Their destination, or so they have been told, is an estate on the southern coast, in the wide coastal plains that region is known for.
[18:53:51] <Henriette> :< "Hmph, I should expect as much impoliteness from being stuffed into this car for so long." Turning back to her own window, she blows her frustration as hot air onto the glass, fogging it up.
[18:53:52] <Marina> "Is that what you have a problem with?" Marina slowly picks her eyelids up. "I wonder if you know what you're getting into."
[18:54:25] <Marina> "To each their own I guess."
[18:55:26] <Henriette> "We have a job to do, do we not? I am here to do mon- my duty!"
[18:55:33] <@Oxford> A cluster of buildings come into view as the road comes to Ternwald proper's quaint town center. The majority of the buildings have slanted roofs and wooden siding, either painted in fading pastels or left a bare and weathered brown.
[18:56:59] <Cloral> "The slightest of teases is impolite to you?" She drops her face into her palm and shakes it. The thought that she personally enlisted rashly crosses her mind.
[18:58:23] <Marina> "If you say so," she crosses her arms while giving the short girl a curious glance. Deciding there's nothing left to say, she finally leans into the window and has a look outside for the first time all trip.
[18:58:55] <Marina> Or rather, gives the short girl a glance AFTER speaking to Henriette. She shows enough control to not roll her eyes during, at least.
[18:59:01] <@Oxford> The storefronts here are closed, for the most part, and as the car bounces over the mainstreet's cobblestones the girls can see an abandoned boardwalk on the other side of the buildings. Tourist season hasn't started, yet. With the war as it is, perhaps it won't start at all.
[19:05:23] <@Oxford> The road leaves the cobblestones, this time transitioning to a light gray gravel laid over the sandy soil. Though perhaps too subtle for their notice, the officer frowns slightly at their exchange, perhaps worried that the compatibility of this squad isn't quite what headquarters would've hoped.
[19:09:38] <Marina> "I guess it's not all that relaxing," Marina notes the bumpiness of the road even if it's a little better now. "So the sooner we get there, the better. Still, if we're going to be talkative on the way there then there are better things to do than complain."
[19:11:00] <Cloral> Loewin's eyes trail away from the window to scan the albino, mostly because…well…she's albino, that's weird no matter how you slice it. The pale girl seems rather difficult to read, a rather troubling notion. "It may be the most relaxation we'll have for a while." The observation is less playful than she intended.
[19:12:24] <Marina> She is, until she smiles. A very faint smile, but a smile nonetheless. "You're right. It's going to be different." She closes her eyes while smiling, go figure.
[19:12:43] <Henriette> "I will just be 'appy to stretch my legs when we arrive," Henriette says. Despite her complaining, she's been making an effort not to stare at her companions in the car, instead focusing her eyes on the scenery. "Better to be up and moving than stuck in this vehicle…"
[19:14:27] <Marina> "I'm sure there won't be any shortage of that," Marina leans back in the seat and goes back to watching the scenery. To Lo- Cloral she exchanges a glance but doesn't look very bothered, like she's used to people looking her over on a regular basis.
[19:15:49] <Cloral> The Sachsen half-pint simply grins at Marina upon being discovered and regards the whiny one. "Gaulian, hm?"
[19:18:19] <Henriette> Henriette's expression takes on a rather panicked hue now, her cheeks flushing. She keeps her eyes firmly on the scenery outside the car. Her hands tremble in her lap as she struggles to keep silent at the question.
[19:20:19] <Marina> "I see…" The albino looks over to Henriette's reaction and decides she doesn't need to add anything.
[19:20:44] <Cloral> Loewin nods at the reaction, chastising herself with a good temple thump. "I'm also foreign…er…half-foreign?…Sachsen. It may not be quite the same, but you needn't worry of any xenophobia from me."
[19:24:08] <Cloral> She leans closer to Henriette, another devilish grin beaming. "Unless of course, you do have something to hide."
[19:25:18] <Henriette> Still staring out the window, Henriette responds in her best composed voice, "Albaea is at war with Gaul. A Gaulian would have to be mad to fight against their homeland, would they not?" It's the only thing she says. Nevertheless, her hands are clenched rather tightly in her lap.
[19:25:34] <Marina> "…" Marina looks out the window instead of at either of the girls. "You're awfully nonchalant about it. I'd always thought reactions like hers were more… expected."
[19:27:19] <Marina> "I have to wonder why you're here at all if you think like that, though," she gives Henriette a look. Then closes her eyes again. "But it isn't my business."
[19:29:27] <Henriette> After a long silence, Henriette replies, "Because Gaul is not my homeland." The tension something something knife.
[19:31:49] <Marina> "That's not exactly what I meant," she looks amused, as if that was the reaction she was expecting. "In war you don't always pick your enemies. Whether her assumption about you was right or wrong doesn't matter, but if you… nevermind. I'm not here to give lectures."
[19:32:05] <Cloral> "And Sachs isn't mine! Do not hesitate to keep the culture and heritage just because of what some stupid statesmen decide to do."
[19:33:05] * Lily is now known as LilLily
[19:33:52] <@Oxford> The intelligence officer, strangely enough, would look almost bemused, if he were unprofessional enough to let it show on his face. Naturally, he'd vetted the foreigners' backgrounds personally.
[19:35:26] * Marina pinches her clothes a bit but keeps composed, returning her gaze to the window.
[19:38:09] <Henriette> With a glance at Cloral, Henriette's eyes drift over the mirror to the driver. "I am Gaulian, but Gaul is not my homeland," she replies calmly, regaining her lost sense of composure.
[19:39:21] <@Oxford> "We're here," the driver replies, as the car jerks to a halt with startling suddeness.
[19:39:51] <Cloral> "Either way, I'm sure we will have little trouble, hm?" Loewin sighs and closes her eyes for all of half a second before the driver speaks, irritated at her, or perhaps his, timing.
[19:41:05] <Marina> "So you…" Marina 'hmmmm's to herself but sits up at the announcement. Her eyes show all the excitement she needs so she doesn't need to say it. "I see, thank you."
[19:42:23] <@Oxford> The sedan comes to rest in front of a towering wrought-iron gate, flanked on either side by a moss-covered brick wall. The sign on the the left of the gate reads "Wightshead Estate" in curly brass script.
[19:43:19] <@Oxford> The driver gets out to unlock the chain, leaving the engine running and the girls alone in the car.
[19:43:38] * Cloral stares at the spelling of the sign. "I really hope that's spelled incorrectly…"
[19:49:14] <@Oxford> It takes him a moment to return to the car. The car pulls through the gate slowly. The trees here are taller, older; oaks mostly, with a few twisted spruce sitting in a grove to one side beyond.
[19:49:28] * Henriette glances outside as the driver leaves and sighs. "I am not avoiding my heritage for your sake," she says to the other girls. She shuts up as soon as he gets back.
[19:50:27] * Marina looks down in response. Seems like this is a good point to relax.
[19:51:51] <Cloral> "Ah…" Her mouth awkwardly takes a few shapes before ultimately closing. It's probably better to just shut up for now.
[19:55:35] <@Oxford> Looming through the branches, a traditional Albaean manse at last comes into view. Its roof, high and steepled, is covered in red slate shingles, overtop the pale orange sandstone walls.
[19:59:40] <@Oxford> Turrets on each corner of the mansion's wings look down over the front walk, where stairs lead up to a wide stone patio. On the top step sits Lily Blevins.
[20:00:31] <Cloral> "Charming, isn't it?"
[20:01:13] <@Oxford> The car pulls to a stop in front of the steps, but the driver doesn't turn off the engine. Apparently they'll have to see to their own luggage.
[20:01:52] <Marina> "Mm." The albino glances at the building but doesn't show much interest, seemingly wrapped up in thought. Once the car stops she watches to see if the others start to exit on their own before exiting herself.
[20:01:57] <Lily> She's kicking her feet absentmindedly, staring out into space, seeming to be enjoying the wind and sunshine. She kicks one of her feet forward and one of her Mary Janes flies up into the air, probably dropping right in front of the group 1,1or hitting someone on the head because she didn't notice anyone yet
[20:03:36] <Henriette> Carry her own bags? The outrage! Nevertheless, Henriette is a self-sufficient girl and, being next to the window, is the first out of that door. She watches carefully for when the door closes behind her and the driver can no longer hear before speaking again. "Ahh~ It is good to be outdoors again! Or at least out of that."
[20:04:07] * Marina shrugs it off and exits, giving the driver a nod of thanks. In her hurry, her door-closing is accompanied by a loud CLONK as the shoe hits her square in the forehead and bounces off.
[20:05:14] * Cloral slides out last, presumably being in the middle as the shortest. She's cut off by Marina's door closing and hops out Henriette's size instead with a huff.
[20:05:16] <Marina> The red-eyed girl stands still and glares forward a moment, comically reaching up to feel if it left a bump or something.
[20:07:04] <Lily> She's humming to herself as she kicks another shoe off~
[20:07:52] * Marina catches the other one and takes a step forward. "A-HEM."
[20:10:26] <Cloral> Loewin stands to the side of the car, curious what's taking the driver so long to unload their luggage but more than content to wait it out.
[20:11:13] <Lily> You can almost see the 4! that appears over her head that's actually only visible to the people watching the show, because ~animation~. She stands up, shoeless on the step in front of her, and looks down upon the girls here. "Oh, hi! Sorry I didn't notice you~, welcome~!
[20:11:15] <Lily> "
[20:12:22] <Lily> She waves, grinning
[20:12:42] <Henriette> "Oh, hello, mon cherie~" Henriette replies with a broad smile, now that adults are not within earshot.
[20:13:17] <@Oxford> Lily can tell, using her astute powers of deduction, that these must be the new girls the Major was expecting. Her orders were to get them moved in and assembled on the garden patio.
[20:13:18] <Marina> "Really." Marina still has one hand rubbing her forehead as she STARTS to pull the other arm back to return fire with the shoe, but decides against it and drops it on the ground. "I think these might be yours. Come pick them up."
[20:13:51] <Marina> She says while just walking past them and leaving the 'janes in a pile on the ground.
[20:14:06] <Cloral> "One would think the bellhops would at least wear their shoes…"
[20:14:33] <Marina> "Instead of using them as weapons? I'd agree."
[20:21:00] <Henriette> Henriette takes a hold of her bags and tromps by the lot of them, a farcry from her ornery car self. She's humming some tune as she walks past.
[20:21:07] <Henriette> Of course, she has no idea where she's going.
[20:21:18] <Lily> "They are!" She stepstepsteps down the stairs, not skipping a single step for a while, and then when she gets about 2/3rds of the way down she jumps down, landing hard on her feet, the expression she's making and the way she momentarily sticks her landing pose, she's trying to see how LOUD the impact of her hitting the ground is. She rushes forward and snatches them up, not putting
[20:21:18] <Lily> them on, instead holding them in one of her hands! "If you'll follow me, I'll show you to your rooms! But I can wait, it's pretty nice out today, the wind's nice and gentle and not terribly cold and the sun's beating down gently enough that you can't really feel it…so a lot like my mom!"
[20:21:28] <Lily> (…)
[20:22:16] <Lily> (*friends, not "my mom")
[20:22:27] <Lily> (BLARGH)
[20:22:48] * Cloral comes to the terrible realization that there is no one to take her luggage upon seeing Henriette and reluctantly seizes her belongings: a large bag that nearly dwarfs her.
[20:23:58] <Lily> "If you need help carrying them up the stairs I'll help because I'm really good at carrying heavy things but I dont' do it often because it's tiring, y'know!?"
[20:24:00] <Marina> "…" The albino looks a bit bewildered by her attacker being so ignorant as to what she'd just did and goes on to get her luggage. Every now and then she shoots the girl a red-eyed glare but it doesn't look like she's going to hold a grudge.
[20:26:26] * Cloral huffs, ignoring Lily's offer. She still has her pride.
[20:26:50] <Lily> If nobody asks for help, Lily just dashes up the stairs ahead of everyone~
[20:26:53] <Marina> "I'll pass, thank you." She SIGHs deeply and starts walking up the stairs herself. "If you wouldn't mind keeping your projectiles to yourself that'd be nice, though. And… are you not putting them back on?"
[20:27:00] <Marina> "… She didn't put them back on."
[20:27:04] <Henriette> "You have to be strong to be in zis place, non? I am certain you can carry it all yourself~"
[20:27:05] * Marina headshakes and walks up.
[20:27:31] <Lily> "Hm? Putting what on?" She flips around from the top of the stairs. "Was that for me?"
[20:27:47] <Henriette> Henriette is well ahead of the others and keeping a pretty steady pace. She looks like she's used to carrying loads of clothes around.
[20:27:57] <Marina> "Your weapons," she points out the shoes Lily's still carrying in her hands with a free hand.
[20:29:05] <Cloral> Short stuff takes up the rear, seeming as though her luggage could send her falling back down the stairs, though she manages.
[20:29:22] <Lily> She holds them up as she starts talking. "Shoes aren't weapons! They're just things that make it so you can't feel the ground! I guess they're weapons against sensation, if you really wanna' think that way!"
[20:29:31] <@Oxford> The wooden double-doors into the building are three inches thick, and turn heavily on their hinges.
[20:30:18] <Marina> "So you didn't even notice…. uuugh." Marina suddenly acts like she got a pounding headache and clutches her forehead while walking to the door, not sure if she's supposed to knock or let the kicker open it or what.
[20:30:28] <Cloral> A growl is heard from the back. "If you slow us down anymore, I'll show you a weapon against sensation."
[20:32:53] <Lily> She opens the door for everyone, actually, tilting her head at Marina. "Are you all right? I can take you right to the nurse if you want or I could make you a poultice from my Aloe plant or I could get you some mint tea or I could tuck you into bed or we could go outside and lie down in the sun in a meadow until you feel nice and fuzzy or…huh. I think I'm out of ideas."
[20:35:17] <Marina> "Ungh, no, I'll be-" She clamps her eyes shut and opens them, blinking a few times. "Get me some… what? Could you repeat that?"
[20:35:36] <Lily> "Mint tea!"
[20:36:04] <Marina> "… Mint tea."
[20:36:08] <Cloral> "Minty?"
[20:36:09] <Henriette> "A cureall, moa belle~" Henriette chirps as she sweeps past Marina. "I hope you're not already out of stamina."
[20:36:10] <Lily> "It's really good!"
[20:36:34] <@Oxford> Inside, the floor is marble, white streaked with wine. On either side are two more sets of double doors leading into the east and west wings of the mansion, and a long staircase with a polished cherry bannister leading up to the dormitories on the second floor.
[20:36:38] * Marina shiftyeyes back and forth. "No, no… that sounds nice."
[20:37:02] <Lily> "Okay, I'll be sure to get you some after you got your stuff all put away, then!"
[20:37:07] <Marina> "I'd just appreciate if you wouldn't kick your shoes at living, breathing people."
[20:37:32] * Lily turns her head slightly. "I'm not kicking right now…"
[20:37:40] <Cloral> "So it's fine if they're living and not breathing or breathing and not living?" Loewin looks bored.
[20:37:41] <Marina> "It's probably not safe to do it to objects, either, but it's not my business when I'm not the target."
[20:39:28] <Marina> "If they're living and not breathing," she gives Cloral a sort-of-amused look, weirdly enough, "people probably have more important things to do than pelt them with their shoes, don't they?"
[20:39:42] <Lily> "Anyway…your rooms were…uh…." She blinks a few times as she tries to remember where she was taking them~
[20:40:10] <Henriette> "Zis is quite the maison de fantaisie, non?" Henriette says from the side of the staircase, leaning out over the group. "I am très excité~"
[20:40:46] <Marina> "If you say so," with a shrug.
[20:41:43] <Cloral> "Generally one expects places like these to have servants and such." Another irritated huff.
[20:42:39] <@Oxford> Up the stairs, and through the smaller doorway into the second floor of the east wing. There, they find a long row of doors facing into a hallway.
[20:44:00] <Lily> "Right, up the stairs! Don't forget, I'll help if you ask~!" She dashes up the stairs and starts waaaaaaiting. While they're going up, she seems to be musing over her socks, occasionally pushing down one and then shaking her head and pulling it back up. Hm.
[20:45:54] <@Oxford> On the walls of the hallway hang paintings of sailling ships. Lily's room is the first on the left, and the other dormitories are unoccupied.
[20:47:01] <Henriette> "Zis seems like… quite the place for military training, don't you agree?" Henri calls back down the stairs. She heads for a door chosen at random, still hauling what seems like less clothes than anyone else but also this huge sack.
[20:47:22] <Marina> "… Lively. Maybe two lively." Marina muses as she goes and continues to the rooms, assuming she can just take whichever one if it doesn't have anything in it.
[20:47:35] <Marina> -w +o
[20:48:20] <Cloral> "I expected fewer rooms, more rats, and louder yelling." Loewin desperately hopes she has not gone to the wrong place.
[20:52:15] <@Oxford> Within each room is a simple double-bed, a wardrobe, and a utilitarian writing desk with a lamp. On the bed sit bedlinens and a school uniform, laid neatly.
[20:54:32] * Cloral claims the last room to be claimed solely out of exhaustion.
[20:55:39] <Henriette> "Zis is très pittoresque. Very quaint~" She has already claimed the first room, of course.
[20:55:47] <Henriette> Chosen at random, that is.
[20:56:04] <Marina> There's not much luggage to unload, so Marina takes a bit of time doing exactly that. It isn't long before she's ready to exit and find out where the tea girl went.
[20:59:45] <Henriette> Henriette's bags don't actually contain that many clothes. Most of it is actually just straight cloth of various sorts. "Did they know our sizes before we arrived? I don't recall being measured."
[21:01:21] <Cloral> Nothing of Loewin's is unloaded as she immediately drops her bag and flops on the bed upon entering
[21:02:05] <@Oxford> Upon trying it on, she realizes the answer. While their profiles clearly noted weight and height, the uniform isn't fitted beyond being the proper length. As a result, it's tight in some places and loose in others.
[21:04:22] <Henriette> With a huff, Henriette promptly rummages through her bags. "Oh, non! Zis is not it. Nor zis. Ooooh, où est-il?"
[21:04:29] * Marina put it on already, of course~ If Henri's question is REALLY so loud that everybody can hear it she muses on the thought a bit, but doesn't think much of it. Hers is probably loose overall, all things considered.
[21:06:41] <Henriette> Finally, she pulls out a small pouch. "Aha! Mes aiguilles! It will be a shoddy job for now, but it will have to do!"
[21:07:33] <Cloral> Loewin slips into the uniform with some hesitation, feeling like a child with its schoolgirl design. No self-respecting business woman would be caught dead wearing something like this.
[21:09:15] <Cloral> She trudges outside of her room. "When do we start blowing things up or whatever?"
[21:10:25] * Lily walks out of her room, finally, a tray full of teacups and a tea kettle. "I've gooooot teeeeaaaaa~!"
[21:12:44] <Marina> "Ah! Ye-" No no Marina don't tell everybody your secret weakness so soon aaaaaaaa. ".. I mean, that… smells nice."
[21:14:10] <Cloral> Lioness lass sniffs the tea.
[21:14:19] <Lily> Sure is Minty Mint Tea!
[21:15:01] <Cloral> Sip.
[21:15:18] <Lily> This is some of the best Mint Tea.
[21:15:25] <Henriette> Henriette doesn't even hear the rest of them, she's busy sewing.
[21:15:43] * Cloral shrugs and puts the cup back on the tray. Even good tea is mediocre.
[21:16:16] <Marina> 'Rina takes one and takes a sip, smiling bigger than she's smiled all day. She searches for a place to relax while they're at it, sitting down somewhere or leaning against a wall if she must.
[21:20:49] * Marina puts it down after a moment, nodding. "Not bad. It's relaxing. Where's…" It hits her that she didn't get the Gaul's name.
[21:22:17] <Henriette> "Non, zis is not going to do…" Henriette mutters from her room. Her door is wide open, and she's still dressed in the clothes she came in, a knee-length white skirt and broad blouse.
[21:25:08] <Cloral> "Do we actually have some sort of assignment yet or is this the 'settling in' phase?" Begin impatient tapping of her foot.
[21:25:32] <Lily> "You like it? I'm glad, there was this one girl who tried it and spit it out and I actually cried but now it's okay."
[21:25:53] <Marina> "You cried over that." She says not even as a question, just in disbelief.
[21:26:30] <Lily> "S-she spit it in my face!":
[21:26:34] <Marina> "Well, that's a waste. It wasn't bad."
[21:26:50] <@Oxford> At that moment, the intercoms hidden in the top corners of the dorms crackle to life, breaking up the brewing argument. A woman's voice comes over the line, half-hidden by the static. "Warrant Blevins! We've got enemy aircraft, heading for the point! Get those new girls their Pendants and get airborne!"
[21:27:06] <Cloral> Loewin mutters in Marina's general direction. "We are not going to last long…" She's betting the free spirit can only hear the words of people she's actively focusing on.
[21:27:16] * Marina briefly considers how effective this would be as revenge for getting assaulted by shoes before the intercom goes off.
[21:28:42] <Lily> "A-ah! Okay!" She sets the tray with the tea stuff down on a table and jumps into her room and starts rummaging, popping out with three pendants in her hand. Notably, ever since she came from her room earlier with the tea tray she hasn't been wearing socks or shoes.
[21:29:34] <Marina> When Lily disappears she gives Cloral a 'yeah, tell me about it' nod. Only not quite like that because that slang term won't be a thing until far in the future probably.
[21:29:52] <Henriette> "Quoi? But I am not finished!" Distressed, Henriette puts down the uniform carefully on the bed, making sure everything is right where it will not move around if anything shook the bed. Nothing lost. Nothing misplaced. Good.
[21:31:14] <Cloral> "Surely this is just a drill to shake our nerves…right?" Her nerves are surely shaken.
[21:31:36] <Lily> "Nope!"
[21:31:52] <Henriette> "At zis rate, I am going to forget where I am on mon travail!"
[21:32:09] * Lily swings the pendants around in her hand a bit and then tosses them in succession to Henriette, Cloral, annnnnnd Marina!
[21:33:01] <Marina> "Pendants…?" Marina takes the pendant, not getting pegged in the forehead with it, and stares at it a bit, admiring. Without much of a pause she slips it on her neck, since, pendant. Why not?
[21:33:32] <Lily> "Focus pendants! For magic!"
[21:33:43] <Lily> "So that you can fight, y'know?"
[21:34:04] <@Oxford> "Targets are at bearing 190, heading 260 - probable mission: naval interdiciton." Lily can hear the he urgency in the Major's voice as she briefs them over the intercom.
[21:34:06] * Cloral reaches up to snatch it out of the air, not positive Lily noticed the height difference.
[21:34:51] <Lily> "Okay, we gotta' go! Like…right now? I think? I guess it's okay maybe if we look in a meadow…or….naw, we should go there right away!"
[21:34:56] <@Oxford> "We don't have time to get the radios; once you're up there, you're on your own. Watch each others backs, ladies."
[21:35:50] <Henriette> Henriette marvels at how much hers refracts the light around her. "Oui, I am right behind you. I did not think that mes talents would be needed so soon after arriving."
[21:35:52] * Marina looks down and observes it a bit more, making mental notes. "I… see. So we don't even get a briefing."
[21:36:27] <Lily> "Nope! Unless you count that I got a briefing, because then that means that 'we' got a briefing and…oh we should get out!"
[21:37:16] <Henriette> Henri drapes hers around her neck as well, where the bottom sits nestled between her breasts. "Je suis très heureux! Let's go!"
[21:37:47] <Marina> "I guess that makes you 'Warrant Blevins.' Okay then, let's."
[21:37:51] <Cloral> "W-Wait surely things aren't so desperate to be sending first day people out on emergency missions?" She slips her pendant around her neck quickly, the trinket providing a little bit of confidence but not much.
[21:38:40] * Lily is running in place, now that you realize pendants are a thing you realize she's wearing one, although you can only see the necklace part because the actual gem is tucked into her shirt. "Warrant Lily Blevins, at your service~! Just call me Lily! Unless a higher up is nearby, then call me Warrant Blevins!"
[21:39:00] <@Oxford> "Target is flight of three SV-44b; angels five. Good hunting." The intercom clicks off, leaving the only sound their own hurried footsteps as they head out into the back gardens.
[21:39:22] <Henriette> "Non! I imagine we are the line of defense they have been needing!" Henri grins broadly at Cloral. "And yours looks good with your yeux!"
[21:39:36] <Lily> "Are you girls ready to go? Because if you are, let's go!"
[21:40:36] <Henriette> "Tojours, madamoiselle~"
[21:40:47] <Marina> "… Marina. Marina… Martel. I have to wonder why we waited this long." As if to thank Lily for the tea, she gives her a small nod, but doesn't bother extending a hand or anything.
[21:41:00] <Marina> "But there's no use thinking about it now. A mission is a mission, isn't it?"
[21:41:56] <@Oxford> A stiff breeze whips through the garden, yanking the door open and sending the girls' hair whipping around their faces. The sky above has grown cloudier, and they can see the gray haze of rain in the distance, out over the ocean.
[21:42:27] <Lily> "Right, right!" Runrunrunrunrun…she starts running a bit slower in place, her head off somewhere, and then she straightens her posture up completely, running in place again. "Out we go nownownownow!" She brushes her smoooth black hair out of her face as she starts running down the stairs for the door.
[21:43:34] <Marina> Marina senses the urgency and runs behind her, not quite grasping how this whole 'transformation' thing is going to work. Worth a try anyway…
[21:43:41] <Henriette> Pushing her brown hair from her eyes, Henri gasps for a moment at the sight of the rain in the distance. "We are going to be fighting up there!" Nevermind that she has had testing, this is the real deal. "Amongst all ze nuages, big and small~"
[21:43:44] <Cloral> Loewin curses having short legs as she struggles to keep up, wondering loudly what the hell a 'yeux' is.
[21:48:48] <Lily> She's running in place again outside, seeming to wait for everyone else. "Okay, uh, I guess you don't know how to fly huh? Um…you just…think a happy thought…and…uh…well, you'll figure it out! It's like in that story with the pirates and the lost boys!" Once she's sure everyone understood and heard what she's said, she turns around, and starts ACTUALLY RUNNING, jumping up
[21:48:48] <Lily> into a flip as she shimmers 9green and suddenly is wearing a very very rudimentary, almost druidic, greyish green gown, not doing much to cover her up but covering up everything that matters, and her hair is suddenly a vibrant green, although none of her other features seemed to have changed much…aside from her being a bit taller and older looking, and her hair ending in lilies for
[21:48:48] <Lily> some reason, and…okay that is a lot of a change. She floats, turning around and floating away from the girls still, but facing them, and then blinks. "Oh, and you need to transform, which is…a lot like flying! You just figure it out!"
[21:49:28] <Marina> "There's no use thinking about it- I'm ready." A chill breeze whips around Marina's pendant and brushes into her skin, blowing her uniform away as it goes~ She bengs down into the fetal position and grunts, segueing into a scream as large bulges erupt in the flesh at her back, writhing and struggling until an ENTIRE SWORD rips forth. Then another. Then four more! Each one seems to be almost crystalline in quality, and lacking a hilt, although curiously they have guards. As they begin to float around her unclothed body, the wounds nigh-instantly repairing themselves, she raises her arms, one at a time, as thin blue gauntlets coat them. The same with her legs, though it's more stretching out than raising. As her eyes close and armor begins magicking itself onto her torso, a long straight whip of some kind lashes out of her lower back, followed by many others that all fuse into a large, dragon-esque tail in lighter hue than the armor she's wearing. With a few swishes from it, the swords line up behind her to where there's three on either side of the albino. She blinks a couple times… eyes still red? Eyes still red. As soon as the sequence ends she's in the air.
[21:53:04] <Henriette> Still distracted by the sky, Henriette doesn't notice that she is needed for combat at first. It is only after the first of them transforms that she follows suit. "Ne craignez pas! Je suis votre sauveur!" she calls, and the glare of a white light emanates from the pendant. First it envelopes her chest, descending down and coloring her body white as her clothes seem to dissolve away. At
[21:53:04] <Henriette> her waist, it suddenly sparks outwards into several clear flower petals. With a gasp, Henriette feels it wash over her head, coloring her hair a golden hue and her eyes a similar shade. Her arms and legs are the next to be colored as they shimmer and spark, the light arcing around at the edges. With a ting, the cloth springs into being as a dress with stockings and elbow-length gloves.
[21:53:06] <Henriette> Finally, the light swirls into her hair and around her back to tie the costume off with two long blue ribbons. When it ends, she is afloat above the rest of them, a broad smile on her face.
[21:55:53] <Cloral> The lioness taps her pendant, furiously attempting to recall the scant training she received before. A warm, golden aura flares up around her as she begins the metamorphosis: The face of a lion forms around her head, forming a visor of sorts; a dull-colored flexible armor emblazoned with the profile of a lion head affixes itself across her body as a short, white cape stylized after a
[21:55:53] <Cloral> lion's mane attaches to the back. She raises her hand and a longsword in the form of a lion's fang forms with a roar. She summons up a surprising burst of confidence, "Then let us terry no longer!" and she takes to the air.
[21:59:06] <Lily> "Okay, that's everyone! Good! Follow me, the coordinates were…bearing 260, heading 190…? No, wait, other" way around, bearing 190 heading 260!" She nods. "That would be….this way!" She's flying off, her hairlilies leaking dew as she goes~, leaving a slight green afterimage behind her. "I'll lead the way!
[21:59:10] <Lily> "
[21:59:42] <Lily> (woops, my touchpad did that goofy thing which is why I have a weird " in the middle of her talking and not one at the end)
[22:00:37] <@Oxford> The sky widens around them as the shoot upward, the gardens shrinking below. The beach comes into view below them, snaking between surf and shore like a yellow-brown ribbon. The clouds above are dark, and moisture hangs thick in the air.
[22:00:46] <Marina> "… Too lively," she reminds herself with a headshake. Marina doesn't waste TOO much time admiring how silly her outfit looks, but by her face one can tell she's not amused. Maybe she wished her hair would change color too? But it didn't! A frosty wind follows her as she attempts to wobble in the air after Lily, as well as each icesword leaving a trail in the sky.
[22:01:58] <@Oxford> Strangely, the chill of the wind is gone. The transformation seems to provide each girl with a barrier, protecting her from the elements. How well they can protect them from gunfire is another question.
[22:04:12] <Henriette> "Ah~ Très chaud."
[22:08:31] <@Oxford> Warrant von Stolz spots the targets first - a small black dot, moving laterally across the clouds.
[22:10:08] * Cloral squints at the horizon. "Are we fighting black dots?"
[22:10:19] <Lily> "Huh? Oh, yeah, we totally are!"
[22:11:01] <Henriette> "I cannot see anything beyond the nuages."
[22:11:03] <Marina> "That's not what I heard we'd be fighting…" Tail swishing, the icewinged meguca floats up behind with a squint.
[22:11:07] <Cloral> Loewin points in their direction. "I'm going to assume that's them."
[22:13:35] <Lily> "Let's go, then!" She wooshes over in the direction of the black dots
[22:14:20] * Marina follows.
[22:14:31] * Cloral simply zooms. Wooshing is for the uncouth.
[22:15:34] <Henriette> Henriette floats along excitedly, trailing behind the rest as she's still enamored with the sky.
[22:15:53] <@Oxford> As they pull onto an intercept vector, the dot gradually seperates into three, and then gain definition. They are large aircraft, twin-engined, with the distinctive hump along the fuselage. Torpedo bombers.
[22:16:37] <Lily> "Oh those…those are bombers! I think!"
[22:17:51] <Cloral> "Do we just…uh…hit them?"
[22:18:14] <Marina> "Those are the enemy?" The wings flutter at the albino's back. After a few moments, one of them flies out of position and into her hand, leaving only 5 wings at her back. Looks uneven.
[22:18:17] <Lily> "…I have no idea, I've never been in combat!" 8D
[22:18:26] <Lily> "But let's try anyway!"
[22:18:28] <Marina> "What. Then how were you-"
[22:18:31] <Henriette> "I thought we'd be fighting people like us~"
[22:19:16] * Marina shakes her head and sets an icesword as a platform behind her, kicking off it to gain speed as she dashes forward through the air. It goes on to follow her after lagging behind a second.
[22:20:57] <@Oxford> They fly in a delta formation, with one in the center and two slightly further behind. As the girls draw closer, they can see the bristling machine-gun turrets, and the black axe of Novgoraad painted on their tails.
[22:21:16] * Lily grips at her hair as she WOOSHes forward, pulling out a vine which begins writhing in her hand, congealing into another form.
[22:26:38] * Oxford changes topic to 'Cloral->Henri->Marina->Lily'
[22:31:45] * Cloral novice rushes the central ship and hesitantly slashes at it, still quite unsure of how one fights a ship.
[22:35:34] <@Oxford> Not like that, apparently. As she approaches, she hesitates just a moment - long enough for the spine-gunner to draw a bead on her. A stream of crackling tracers lances out, stitching her with impacts from hip to shoulder. The bullets flash against her barrier and leave stinging bruises across her chest.
[22:37:41] <Henriette> Henriette stares at her gloved hands. "I do not understand how we are supposed to attack. Do I just throw magie at it?" With a whoosh, she grabs a hold of the ribbon in her hair, pulling it loose. The ribbon turns into a glowing light in her fist, which she pulses outwards at the enemy. It arcs in a stream outwards, still the same ribbon-y blue, but it misses by a mile. "I am not very
[22:37:41] <Henriette> good at this, I think~"
[22:37:51] <Cloral> She gasps on impact, not expecting pain to hurt so badly apparently, and air-stumbles back into formation after recovering. Her eyes are wide and alert now.
[22:38:04] <Lily> "I dunno' either! I've messed around with it a bit, but…"
[22:40:18] <Marina> "I'll try." Marina closes one eye - keeping one on her enemies at all time - and raises her right arm- the swords all gather together and shoot upward in a line, raining down on the bombers! ALL THREE OF THEM.
[22:46:57] <Henriette> "Is zere some trick to fighting zis way? I am non very good at this, it seems."
[22:47:02] <@Oxford> The pilot of the bomber on the far right, reacting to the shouts of his observer, jerks the stick hard and drops out of formation, blades of ice slipping past its tail. The other two hold formation, and suffer for it: swords stab down through their wings, tearing gaping wounds through the thin metal.
[22:48:33] <Cloral> "Apparently we should be finding ways to throw things."
[22:48:57] <Lily> "Oh, good, because that's what I had planned!"
[22:49:39] <Marina> "Damn," the icegirl grunts through her teeth calling the blades that missed back behind her. Her tail flails around angrily. "I'll have to try again…"
[22:51:07] <Cloral> "What, she's mad she hit two of the three?"
[22:53:49] <Marina> "It wasn't all three!"
[22:54:39] * Lily reaches in one hand into his cleavage and pulls out a little capsule of dirt, smudging it on the writhing ivy in her hair, and then tosses it at the middle plane, the writhing vine rolling up into a ball and then it explodes into a mass of thorny vines, hitting the one that Marina didn't hit and wrapping itself all over the plane, painful red pulsating thorns all over the
[22:54:39] * Lily surface of the vines engulfing the plane.
[22:54:48] <Lily> "That look good?" 8D
[22:55:14] <Lily> *her
[22:57:03] <@Oxford> The crew in the center bomber recoil in horror as vines engulf their aircraft, and it starts to falter, falling behind its compatriot.
[23:00:04] <@Oxford> The plane on the far right is the only one still on course for its target, and its gunners have a stable platform to direct their fire against the intercepting girls. Fire converges from the tail and spine on Henriette, boxing her in before closing in for the kill.
[23:11:32] * Oxford changes topic to 'Cloral->Marina->Henri->Lily'
[23:20:36] * Cloral growls as her sword flares up with a golden aura and the roaring image of a lion blasts forth from her body. She follows through with it and releases a torrent of calamitous slashes, extending across the length of two of the planes and devouring them completely. By some manner of luck, one final foe remains. She turns on the poor fellow and bellows with a blood rage before
[23:20:37] * Cloral returning to position, her hands shaking wildly.
[23:23:07] * Marina watches the destruction that results while floating in place, nodding along and giving a silent 'huh' to herself. "I see… if we can do this much, there's no reason be collected about it. Then…!" Marina's red eyes flash, it's almost as if they're even redder! But not, because that'd be too sue.
[23:26:03] <Marina> All the swords still conjured converge while she raises her hand, making disgusting crackling noises as they SMASH into each other. Then the massive blade that results slowly starts to fall toward the last bomber remaining.
[23:31:01] <@Oxford> The torpedo bomber drops into a sharp dive as the blade swings down, pieces still breaking off of it from the last attack. The belly-gunner sprays return fire wildly, but with all her focus in the attack, Marina is in no position to dodge. A bullet catches her square in the center of the upper leg, breaking her concentration and sending her tumbling in midair.
[23:34:02] <@Oxford> The torpedo bomber levels out at wavetop level, breaking off from its target and heading due south in a desperate attempt to escape.
[23:36:30] <Henriette> Gripping her ribbon tightly, Henriette whips it out to form a long rapier. Speeding towards the last plane, she sweeps it out and cuts through the plane's main section, where the ribbon suddenly spirals out in an explosion of magical energy. "Oui! Une victoire!"
[23:39:19] <@Oxford> The plane breaks apart, the halves barely seperating before plane crashes into the surf. At this height, the crew has no chance to bail out. Those that don't die on impact are pulled under with the wreckage.
[23:42:00] * Lily 's eyes widen and then she wooshes toward the plane, pulling otu a lock of her hair which becomes another writhing ivy and smudging it with dirt from the capsule stored in her cleavage and tossing it down. "C-c'mon…!"
[23:45:02] * Lily tosses down a plant which expands into a large network of ivy, looking like a spider web, but it doesn't even reach the ground before the plane and its crew does.
[23:45:30] * Marina tumbles in midair indeed, cringing at the pain of being FUCKING SHOT even though it's not as bad as it could've been otherwise! Notably, the spot of impact - and all of her skin - is covered in light frost, though it starts to fade once apparent there aren't any enemies left to attack.
[23:45:42] <Lily> If anything, it looks like she's trying to attack the plane with another bunch of thorns rather than save the crew!
[23:52:25] <@Oxford> As soon as the last pieces of torn metal disappear, the girls are alone in the skies. Only the sounds of the wind and surf, and their own heartbeats pounding in their heads, break the silence.
[23:52:56] * Lily is staring down at the wreckage, her eyes wide, panting.
[23:55:13] <Cloral> Loewin scans the skies wildly, looking for any sign of more enemies, as she wrings her hands and quite literally chomps at the bit. Or half-literally? She's chomping but there is not actually a bit.
[23:55:30] * Marina gets up, reforming the iceswords behind her back by collecting the melted drops that collided with the enemy planes earlier. Her red eyes peer behind Lily as she approaches, puzzled. "I think that's all of them."
[23:57:28] * Lily 1,1quietly sniffs, and then turns around, her face neutral. "Let's go back."
[00:01:22] <Marina> Marina pants a bit, still getting over the pain. She looks behind her to check on the icewings; they flutter. "You really wanted to finish it off? You're a strange one… but sure, let's go back."
[00:05:20] * Lily leads the way back, since she's the most familiar with the location!
[00:05:28] <Henriette> "Well, we have terminé l'ennemi, non?" Henriette replies, her clothes shining brilliantly from residual magic use. "We can return."
[00:07:58] <@Oxford> The storm is already reaching the shore by the time they make it back to the mansion, and they touch down amidst sheets of rain.
[00:10:15] <Cloral> The wind picks up significantly in the immediate area of Loewin, forming a short-range vortex. Some nearby clouds are caught in orbit around the ragegirl as well. As she realizes all threats are definitively gone during their return trip, she steadily calms down as does the weather…or at least calms down back to its regular storminess.
[00:12:08] <Henriette> "Oh, merci à tous, the tempête is picking up," Henriette says, eyeing the storm. "Ah! Ah! I forgot mon nom! Merci!"
[00:14:13] <Marina> Marina looks disappointed in herself the whole trip back, enough so to just ignore the storm altogether. So it shouldn't even be surprising that the look she gives to Henriette is one of 'what are you even trying to say to me right now!' Or… whatever it is you'd call that.
[00:14:23] <@Oxford> The droplets of water patter softly against their barriers as they descend, but with it coming down this heavily they'll be drenched as soon as they detransform.
[00:14:31] <Henriette> "Je m'appelle Henriette LeClair~. A pleasure to meet all of you!" She blushes and rubs her right arm with her left. "I apologize for taking so long to say that."
[00:15:05] * Lily turns her head. "What? I heard a bunch of French and then…"
[00:15:37] <Lily> (WOOPS)
[00:15:40] <Lily> *Gaullian
[00:16:29] * Cloral gives a bit of a gasp as well. "Ah…pleased to meet you." A slight curtsy. "My name is…" There is a sing-song and practiced cadence before she stops briefly. "…Cloral."
[00:17:21] <Marina> "Oh… Your name?" She muses on how long it is. Four parts? How silly! "I see, I suppose we should've all introduced ourselves earlier."
[00:20:45] <Henriette> "Enchantée, ma belle~"
[00:21:01] <Lily> "Like I said before, I'm Lily." She lands, now, and detransforms, rain soaking her body, she's not wearing shoes or socks so her feet get weeeet before she gets inside.
[00:22:01] <Henriette> Henriette's costume does not seem well-suited for the weather at all, but the rain doesn't seem to stick to her. It slides off, even shortly after her costume returns to her original blouse and skirt. Though, she begins to feel the cold then. "Ah! Brrr. I must get out of these."
[00:22:20] <Marina> "Marina." She obviously doesn't like repeating herself, but she doesn't like being left out EITHER. The distaste shows. As sne lands she absorbs all the ice-swords into her flesh, not very painfully so, and is wearing her uniform once more. She left the hat on though so it gets soaked.
[00:24:10] <Henriette> "Enchantée, Marina! J'adore your hair."
[00:25:19] <Lily> After they're all inside, she motions to the upstairs. "Anyone want tea to warm them up?" She doesn't seem to be TOO bothered by being wet, yet.
[00:25:38] * Cloral waits until she's actually out of the rain before …wait, it's still just transforming, I don't even think "detransform" is a real word. Anyway, she noticed the timing of everyone else dropping form and getting drenched. Being last is so useful.
[00:25:45] <Marina> "Jadore?" Albinorina looks over on the walk inside, hair getting wet. It takes her a few seconds for it to sink in what was just said, and on the way in she turns away from the Gaulian to hide that her face is almost as red as her eyes for a second.
[00:26:06] <@Oxford> Going inside the mansion gets them out of the rain, but does nothing for the cold. The marble floors of the first level are icy against Lily's bare feet, and their wet clothes stick icily to their flesh.
[00:26:08] <Marina> "If… If you say so."
[00:26:39] <Henriette> "I wish to change out of these vêtements first, but oui, afterwards~"
[00:27:43] <Cloral> "So that was…different."
[00:28:41] * Lily is already heading up the stairs~!
[00:29:23] <Henriette> Henriette is following Lily. "Ma chérie, you have so much energy! Where does it come from?"
[00:29:46] <Marina> "Hmm." She ponders- it WAS different, all right. But it's not until she gets to the top of the stairs herself that she remembers Lily's there and snaps out of her trance. "Oh! Tea? Yes, please."
[00:29:53] <Lily> "The sun! That's where all energy for living things comes from, you know!"
[00:29:55] <@Oxford> The floors on the second story are wooden, with thick rugs in the halls and in each dorm room.
[00:30:26] <Cloral> "Is this the part where we sleep forever or where we're awoken within hours for another emergency without being properly trained?" She trails the group by a fair margin, speaking to no one in particular.
[00:31:25] <Henriette> "Hopefully non!" Henriette calls back down the hallway.
[00:33:24] <Lily> "Okay, we can have tea in my room!" She picks up the tea set from before and starts warming up the kettle again 1,1and then pulls off her blouse and skirt because they're wet, fuck being too cold.
[00:35:01] <Marina> "… I'll change first." The albino watches Lily go but isn't embarrassed or anything, she's just… not amused. The door to her room shuts firmly.
[00:37:54] <Cloral> Liongirl automatically walks into Lily's room, having only been listening to what she was saying, before immediately spinning back around and leaving the room upon realizing Lily is touched in the head. "You might consider changing before inviting anyone over…"
[00:38:31] <Henriette> In her own room, Henriette changes into warm fleece pyjamas, royal purple things that flow down to her ankles. They're really cozy. Her upper body is wrapped in a fluffy shirt. She's got class~
[00:39:04] <Lily> "Hm?" She whips around, hair still a bit wet. "Oh, you're bothered by that? Okay!" She rummages in her drawers and puts on a nightie real quick. "This better?"
[00:40:12] <Lily> It's just a white plain nightie. Booooring.
[00:40:17] <Marina> Marina… packed pajamas too, sure, that's adorable. They're blue, much like the only color she looks good in. It takes a while before she gets out because she had to spend some time staring in a mirror and wondering why her new comrade praised her hair instead of saying she looked like a dear person.
[00:40:39] <Marina> … Dead person.
[00:40:43] <Cloral> "Presumably you have nothing I haven't seen before, it's just…uncouth." She turns on her heel once more and stares curiously at Lily, not bothering to change as the only one to successfully avoid the rain!
[00:41:17] <Lily> "I don't wear 'em unless my mom nags at me to wear 'em! And my mom's not here!"
[00:41:39] <Cloral> "…Undergarments or clothing in general?"
[00:41:48] <Henriette> "Ma belle~" she calls, heading to find Lily for teatimes. "Oh, there you all are."
[00:41:57] * Marina finally arrives and knocks at Lily's door, even if it's open.
[00:42:06] <Marina> In fact she knocks WHILE Henri's just going in.
[00:42:09] <Marina> Yes.
[00:42:44] <Lily> "Oh, pajamas! Sometimes I'd rather go without clothing, though, but usually I just go without socks or shoes!"
[00:43:00] <Lily> "Come in, Marina~!"
[00:43:44] <Marina> "Okay." She does and sits down somewhere, a little uncomfortable. Clearly she knows fuckall about social situations.
[00:44:14] <Henriette> Henriette follows in just after Marina. She's the last to get there, isn't she? "No clothes? Mais pourquoi? They are a pleasure! Comme des rêves!"
[00:44:22] <Cloral> The tiniest berserker stares at Lily. "Miss Blevins, allow me to continue in your mother's stead to reduce your chances of being committed to an asylum. Lobotomies may sound fancy, but they are anything but."
[00:45:35] <Marina> Everyone's favorite albino starts to speak but her eyes dart around instead for WHERE DA TEA AT.
[00:45:59] * Lily starts handing out cups of mint tea~
[00:46:29] <Marina> KYAAAAAA I mean "T-Thank you, Blevins." Siiiiiip.
[00:47:07] <Lily> "I-is it good Marina~?" She looks at Marina, sparkly-eyed~
[00:47:22] * Cloral rejects your damned tea.
[00:47:38] <Marina> "It…" There goes her face redding up again. She tries to cover it with the teacup. "It is, yes."
[00:49:02] <Marina> "Anyway, now that we're here" subject change subject change "Could I ask about the briefing you'd had before we came here? They called you by name and rank so I can only assume you've had one."
[00:49:23] <Lily> "Uh, well, I mean…all of us are Warrants, actually…"
[00:49:47] <Marina> "I guess we are," she looks down at her pendant and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiips.
[00:49:52] * Lily starts thinking about IMPORTANT MILITARY STUFF at which point the GM probably will give the player a nudge nudge.
[00:49:57] <Henriette> "Oh, may I partake?" Henriette says, still staring at Lily hardcore.
[00:51:35] <Marina> "Being thrust into combat as soon as we arrived REALLY wasn't my idea of how it'd be, but I guess it could've turned out much worse." Now she sips while closing her eyes, thoroughly enjoying the tea. Kyaa. Tea.
[00:52:30] <Henriette> "I rather enjoyed it! Even if I didn't get to do anything until ze end."
[00:53:27] <Cloral> "I had not realized how dire the war effort had become…" She stares at her feet in discomfort.
[00:55:24] <Lily> "Well, we all have COs that we have to listen to…I actually didn't listen too much…um…oh…sorry…" She hands Henriette a cup of tea. "And um…well, the big one I have to listen to is Major Stranahan, who was the one who gave us the orders before…and there's another one named Colonel Vaughn who I have to listen to too…but everyone has like, a specific higher up taking care
[00:55:24] <Lily> of them…"
[00:56:47] <Marina> "I see, I see," she nods along, understandingly.
[00:56:51] <Cloral> "That seems incredibly wasteful…why would you have a supervisor for every worker?!" Her tone is almost offended.
[00:57:18] <Henriette> Henriette listens carefully, sipping furiously at her tea. It's a very concentrated stare-sip combo.
[00:57:19] * Marina just takes another siiiiiiiiiiip while quirking an eyebrow.
[00:57:23] <Lily> "And like…I don't know TOO MUCH more than what you guys probably already knew before you got here, actually! Like, I have more practice with magic than you guys because I got a little bit of instruction but uh…I actually skipped most of it!" She hits herself on the head lightly.
[00:57:38] <Lily> "Well"
[00:58:10] <Lily> "I meant more like, we're organized inot groups…and all of us are going to have to listen to Major Stranahan, actually!"
[00:59:41] <Lily> "It was like, all of us here near my room on the second floor listen to Major Stranahan…and then there's some other ones that other girls living here have to listen to!"
[01:00:09] <Henriette> Another sip. More staring. She's not really staring at Lily's face when she talks. She's staring at her clothes, carefully studying the seams.
[01:01:33] <Lily> Her clothes aren't anything fancy, she's middle class-ish, and her family doesn't have lots of money to spend or anything, a bit more than some people but it's probably not as good as something Henriette could make.
[01:01:38] <Marina> "So Maj. Stranahan is our superior, but… we won't know anything else until tomorrow?" Sip. She looks outside if there's a window just to make sure it's as late as she's assuming it is. "I understand, but this definitely feels rushed for the military. I agree with Cloral, the war efforts must BE dire."
[01:01:44] <Marina> Sii- … oh. "More tea, please?"
[01:02:01] * Lily pours Marina some tea. "Here you go, hun~"
[01:02:07] <Marina> "Thank you."
[01:02:29] * Lily eagerly watches Marina drink her tea. Fascinating.
[01:02:30] <Cloral> Loewin begins a chain stare by staring at Henriette, watching her eyes to see if she's staring off or actually examining something. Still not sure if this one is closer to the albino or the loon.
[01:02:35] <Henriette> That makes sense since Henri's eyes have stopped on the sleeve's outer seam. "Ma belle, you have a loose seam." She's even stopped drinking her tea. It's just sitting in her lap as she leans in to look.
[01:02:40] <Marina> It is so fascinating like you don't even KNOW.
[01:03:02] <@Oxford> Outside the window, the rain isn't letting up. Though it isn't too late in the day, the combination of darkened skies and physical exhaustion makes it feel very close to bedtime.
[01:03:55] <Lily> "Hm? I do?" She turns to look at it, staring. "Huh, I do…" She slooowly starts pulling it apart, like how a kid might squash a bug to see how it squishes.
[01:03:59] * Cloral casually reaches out to prevent Henriette's tea from spilling because obviously this is about to happen.
[01:04:29] * Marina sits back and watches the chaos unfold while continuing to sip her own tea, in a world of bliss.
[01:07:05] <Henriette> "OH STOP! NON!"
[01:07:44] * Lily jumps back a step in surprise at Henriette's outburst. "E-eh? What's wrong?"
[01:08:09] * Cloral quickly finishes the teacup (and potentially also a saucer) extraction as Henriette goes all fiber loco.
[01:10:00] <Lily> "I-it's not like my clothes are a big deal…"
[01:10:46] <Henriette> "Clothes are important! I can sew it back together! Just don't make it worse, s'il vous plaît!"
[01:11:09] <Cloral> "Your clothing is your first greeting to people, well before you've opened your mouth."
[01:11:27] <Cloral> "Well…unless you're just really loud…"
[01:11:44] <Marina> "I still think I felt the shoes more than the enemy's weapons," sip.
[01:12:13] <Lily> "…but they make it harder to feel the wind and the bugs and the dirt and…" Pout. "If you really insist I guess I'll let you fix it…"
[01:12:15] <Henriette> "Ah, oui! And les vêtements d'une jeune fille are important for her to feel comfortable in as well!"
[01:13:32] <Cloral> A wild cringe appears. "You…you step on bugs…barefoot?"
[01:14:17] <Lily> "But they make it hard to climb and get wet and stick to you and…" She shifts her attention. "Naw, I meant crawling on you! It also makes it harder to feel the niiice textures of leaves and grass, grass is the nicest to walk in!"
[01:14:17] <Marina> "I'm not sure I understand the way you think," she eyes Lily. Redly. "(But the tea's nice.)"
[01:14:28] <Henriette> "But your pieds must be so dirty! I think I need une douche just thinking about it."
[01:14:37] <Lily> "My what?"
[01:15:31] <Cloral> "…" She places Henriette's tea on a table and rises to depart for her room. "There is a finite amount of stress a girl my age should have to deal with in a day and you've crossed it." The enemy fighters may have contributed to that but who's to know?
[01:15:44] <Henriette> "Your pieds!" Henriette grabs Lily's foot and holds it up to inspect the sole. "Did you do that whole fight without shoes?"
[01:16:18] <Lily> "Yep!" She was nice enough to wipe her feet on the doormat, but it's still wet and a bit dirty!
[01:16:26] * Marina watches Cloral go and waves with the hand she isn't holding the teacup with. Going by her eyes, she looks more amused than anything else at this scene.
[01:16:46] <Marina> Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip.
[01:17:25] * Cloral makes the mistake of looking back at the pauper feet and retires to her room in disgust.
[01:18:37] <Henriette> "Ah! Non! You must bathe and let me fix your gown, ma chérie!"
[01:18:48] * Chase is now known as Kain
[01:19:33] <Lily> "Okay!" She takes the nightgown off and hands it to Henriette. "I'll go to the bath right now, then~!"
[01:20:16] <Lily> "You'll have to let go of me, unless you want to go with!"
[01:20:23] * Cloral would also consider barricading the door shut in the event it can't be locked without a key just to make sure none of the parasites that must infest the hippie girl can freely wander in.
[01:20:49] * Marina is shaking her head by now, setting the empty teacup down. "I think this might be a good time to leave BOTH of you to your business."
[01:21:02] <Lily> "Oh, bye then!"
[01:21:28] <Henriette> "Ah…" Henriette starts, but she trails off. "Oh, non, I do not need une bain. My costume kept me clean. I may take one before I sleep, though."
[01:22:03] <Lily> "You sure? Maybe I don't scrub well enough for you? Or maybe I'm not washing my hair right? I mean, you seem like you'd know~!"
[01:22:05] <Marina> "It's been a pleasure to be acquainted," she says in a way that it's difficult to tell whether it's in disgust or genuine. Probably the former. "But I think we'll have plenty of time for visiting, anyway. (Maybe too much.)"
[01:22:14] <Marina> "Thank you for the tea," vwoosh outta there.
[01:22:41] <Henriette> "But you go get propre, ma belle, and- I am sure you are compétant enough."
[01:25:31] <Lily> "Really?" She wriggles her dirty toes. "Well, if you are sure! I'll look forward to your mending, and you'll look forward to my cleaning~!" She gently gets Henriette's hands off her leg and gives her a hug, then walks out for wherever the bath is~
[01:26:45] <Henriette> Henriette waves with a smile and gets to work fixing the gown. "I can make a better one, I am sure."
[01:38:35] <@Oxford> With the tea party breaking up, each girl finds her way back to their respective rooms. The flannel sheets, combined with the gentle sound of raindrops on the rooftops, ensure that even in this strange new place, none of them have trouble falling asleep. The first day of spring ends with rain, and warmth.
[01:38:54] <@Oxford> //sesion