World War Burst: EXTRA 3

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<Oxford> Elsa leans back in her cell, eyes burning. While she didn't have to be put under today, the alternative almost seems worse: in lieu of the retinal probe, Dr. Gartensen performed a full retina mapping; a procedure which involved no small amount of irritation for the skeletal physician. For Elsa, though, it involved staring directly into a bright light for the better part of the day. Even with breaks between imagings, the burned-out
<Oxford> bright spots make seeing anything difficult.

  • Elsa is blinking hard, trying to get the spots from clearing from her vision, "Now they're going to make me blind eh?" she sighs

<Elsa> "Hey, can I at least talk with someone? Its really borring being here alone." She yells out to the guards.
<Oxford> There is a short pause, followed by a polite rap on the cell door. "Ms. Elsa? How are you feeling?" asks Dr. Gartensen. The concern in his voice is real, though whether it's for his patient or his research is hard to tell.

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<Elsa> "A little bit blind, and my eyes hurt" she complains
<Elsa> "Not like it matters to you guys"
<Oxford> "Ah, yes… well if you hadn't fidgetted quite so much… nevermind. I can prescribe a sleep aid, if you would like. Your vision should be back to normal by tomorrow."
<Oxford> "But that isn't what I came to tell you…" he continues, flipping through his papers absentmindedly. "Ah, we've considered your request to be allowed to speak with the other patients."
<Elsa> "Don't give me anything, if you put me to sleep who knows when I'm going to wake up" She really doesn't trust these guys at all. "Hey I've been good so far, right? Let me talk to one of the other girs down the hallway. Chelsea looks like she could use someone to talk to."
<Oxford> "Ha-hahmm no. But Dorris seems very eager to make your acquaintance, and she's improving steadily. If you feel up to it, we can let you see her now. Well," he adds, in a tone too flat to tell if he's trying to be funny, "in a manner of speaking, of course."

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<Elsa> "Okay, take me there then." She practicall orders the doctor
<Oxford> "Alright. I'll just get an orderly to bring your helmet in…"
<Elsa> "No helmet" SHe states flat out, "I'll melt it if you bring one."
<Oxford> Gartensen's sigh is short and prefunctory, like most of his expressions. "Ms. Elsa, we've discussed this before. If you're going to leave your cell, this is absolutely non-negotiable. Dorris will be wearing one too, and she's far less…her safety rating is much lower than yours."

  • Elsa glares at him, "I'd rather be able to see the person I'm talking to."

<Oxford> Gartensen waves a hand in front of Elsa's face. When her eyes don't follow it, the touch of amusement in his voice is just barely perceptible. "I don't think you'd be able to do that, regardless. Elsa, I'm offering this as a courtesy; I know how much it means to you to be able to interact with others your own age."
<Elsa> "I remind you that I COULD have melted the bars and used the metal as clay because I was bored, thought about it several times. But I didn't, I deserve at least that much. I'm just not doing it as a courtesy, those things must cost a fortune."
<Oxford> Try as he might, Dr. Gartensen is not infinitely patient, and Elsa can hear the irritation creeping into his voice. "While I appreciate that 'courtesy', understand that what that gains you is the right to have a cell with a door. Why is it that every time I try to be nice to you, you answer with nothing but threats and provokations?"
<Elsa> "If thats you trying to be nice, Mirster 'oh hey lets stick a clumsy steel helmet on girls heads' then I don't want t- actually I do, what are you doing to Chelsea, sticking someone in a dark room for so long isn't good."
<Oxford> "Ms. Matthis is a very extreme case, and her treatment is totally consistent with a diagnosis of… nevermind that!" he says angrily, his face (or what she can see of it) turning a deep red. "Now you can choose to wear the helmet and speak with Dorris, or not; but those are your options and I care very little which you choose."

  • Elsa sighs as she dusts off her clothes, "What is it with you and those damn helmets, they're just pieces of junk once you figure them out." And with that she heads towards the door of her cell. "Is it that hard to have smeone to talk to when I haven't done anything wrong?"

<Elsa> someone*
<Oxford> Gartensen sighs again, but this time it sounds a little more genuine. "It /is/ that hard when you're a psy- a potentially very disturbed individual. Ms. Elsa, I try and I try to impress upon you the seriousness of your situation, but you persist in this belief that you are entitled to certain things. Access to other patients is not one of your rights."
<Elsa> "But treating me like a person is, and putting that helmet on me just screams that you think I'm a wild animal. Besides I'm really good at area attacks so its not like it would matter either way." She leans closer to the lock in her cell and puts her finger against it. "Now my legs are cramped from being here all day, I'm in a bad mood because I had a lamp shoved up in my face all day,
<Elsa> I don't even know if its day or night right now." She looks at the doctor, "I feel more like I'm in a zoo than with a doctor."
<Oxford> "There's a difference between treating you like an animal and treating you like a very dangerous, very unstable patient, and if you'd just try to see things from my perspec- what are you doing to that door? Get away from that."
<Elsa> "You see, the part that you are missing is that I'm not really dangerous." and with that she partially melts the lock and the door along with it, trapping the doctor along with her.

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<Oxford> "Wh-what are you doing?! Guards! Guards!!" shouts Dr. Gartensen. He takes a step over to grab the bars, but they're still too hot, and he releases them quickly. "Guards, there's a problem with one of the patients!"

  • Elsa goes to the back of the cell and leans against the back wall. She just sits eating a packet of salt crackers that they left with her. "Now if you excuse me, I think I'm going to sleep, to ge these damn spots away from my sight." She sits down on her bed and takes her shoes off before lying down.

<Elsa> After that se decides to completely ignore the doctor and anything else unless someone touches her.
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