World War Burst: EXTRA 2

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  • Oxford has changed the topic to: Attention! - Prisoners are to be shackled during ALL transfers!

<Oxford> After a rough, cramped ride to the militia garrison in Bougnetsport, Elsa and the other prisoners are transferred to a heavy duty military truck, procurred by Reiker to replace his badly damaged sedan (though not without some protest from the garrison motor pool's NCO). The long trip to Headquarters is familiar enough that, even without being told, she can recognize the route.
<Oxford> At HQ, the three prisoners are seperated. Westfield and Aerendis are both taken into the main Administration building, while Elsa - and three of the four Pendant Users - head toward the military 'hospital' back behind the barracks.

  • Elsa is at least thankful that she's no longer in the stinky car, but the truck isn't much better in ways of comfort. She is though, still being as annoying as possible occupying much more space than needed and if possible having her wings 'accidentally' get into the other girls' faces.

<Oxford> For perhaps this very reason, it was Amelia who was detached from the group to escort Westfield and Aerendis. Reiker stops at the entrance to the facility to fill out paperwork, leaving Paige, Madison, and Elana to see that Elsa is secured in the hospital's basement.
<Elsa> "Wait? Basement? What the bloody hell?What do I look like, a rat?"
<Oxford> The gleaming white corridors bring back uncomfortable memories, and the sickening smell of iodine and rubbing alcohol nearly makes her gag. Madison frowns at Elsa, concerned. "I'm sorry, but that's where you're being… er, accomodated. Weren't you here before, once?"
<Elsa> "Yeah, when they put a steel helmet on my head and nearly cut me up in bits. By the way thank you for bringing me here again" She says sarcastically, "Right when me and Westfield were going to suggest something to help the new girls out and have the rest have someone Else to talk about besides their wingmates and COs" She really doesn't want to be here and it shows as she looks around
<Elsa> nervously as she says this.
<Oxford> Paige gives her wingmate a harsh look, but apparently feels bad about leaving Elsa in the dark. She looks straight ahead while saying, in her most official tone: "If you need something, you can ask me, y'know. Don't need to be pouty."
<Elsa> "First off, this place gives me the creeps, the second one: why do I need to be taken there? Sure they think several things that are just wrong." she sighs, "Like cutting up girls into flanks of steak." She adds in a whisper. She turns to Paige, "I want to talk to the other girls that are in here. Thats what I want to do."
<Oxford> Paige quickly catches herself frowning, and her face returns to expressionless professionalism. "Can't help what creeps'ya, but the orders said you're some kind of safety threat. I dunno. Orders are to turn you over to some doctor here - Gardenson, I think. Name ring a bell?"
<Elsa> "Bloody fucking hell, not him again." She instinctively tries to find a way out, stopping for a moment at an intersecction and shrudders. before darting off in a random direction. "Run! If you don't he'll cut your brain off." Yeah, she really hates him, especially because he doesn't consider any of what he's doing wrong.
<Oxford> "H-hey!" Paige shouts as Elsa darts away, running a few steps before transforming in a flash of gold and green. This time, it's Madison who's right behind her; Elana is caught by surprise and takes a few seconds to grasp the situation.

  • Elsa turns right at another hallway, its not as if she expects to escape, maybe she might find where the other girls are being kept, maybe if she finds just one she might be able to know what they do to the ones that stay here.

<Oxford> The maze of corridors all look the same. Around the corner, Elsa finds a long hallway with doors at regular intervals - perhaps rooms for patients. She has about a second to take it in, before Paige skids around the corner and she's forced to continue to flee.
<Elsa> Jeez if she only had the time, as she runs she takes a peek around at the doors looking for one thats open, maybe it will give her a clue of whats in here, if not she will just open a random door and go in there closing the door behind her.
<Oxford> Looking through the windows, the first few rooms are completely empty. After passing a half dozen such empty rooms, Elsa gives up, opening the next room without bothering to look and ducking inside. Paige is right behind her - she can feel the older girl grab the knob even as she pulls shut the door.

  • Elsa closes the door with her whole body, yeah sure, that will be enough to stop her, there aren't even any girls in here.
  • Elsa kinda expected there to be more girls in here

<Oxford> "…h-hello?" Or are there? Elsa is breathing heavily as she braces the door shut as Paige rams against it from the other side. Only now does she get a chance to survey the room.

  • Elsa surveys the room and her eyes lock onto the girl examining her, "Hey! My name's Elsa, nice to meet you! Whats our name." She says in a hurry, "Sorry 'bout the hurry but I don't have much time."

<Oxford> The room is about 12 feet square, with a corner curtained off. In the center of the room is a hospital bed, with a small table beside it that boasts a vase and a single yellow flower, wilting. And on the bed is a girl, about Elsa's age, tucked in under a soft quilt. The girl is wrapped in bandages from the nose up, eyes completely covered.
<Oxford> "W-hat? Who's there? Nurse!" The girl seems to have just woken up, and panic hovers around the edges of her voice. Paige grunts an obscenity from the other side of the door, and it shudders from the impact.

  • Elsa 's eyes widen in shock "What in the…what did they do to you? To your eyes?" She look back at the door then at the girl, "Hey calm down, I'm not going to do anything to you I want to talk." She turns her head back to the door, "Hey Paige, can you give me a few moments? I promise I won't give you a hard time after I come out of this room."

<Oxford> "Don't think I'm buying that crap!" retorts Paige, and another impact shakes the door. Apparently escapees don't have much credibility with her. The girl on the bed flinches a bit and moves her head back and forth in an involuntary attempt to locate the source of the noise. Giving up, she manages, "I'm S-Sella. What's going on?"

  • Elsa tries her last resort and she tries to weld the door shut at its hinges and around the frame to give herself some more time, "I'm being brought here for the second time, and well, I don't really like this place so I kinda wanted to see if there were any girls around. I…don't think anyone here actually has a good time…I'm sorry to bring this up but…is there something wrong
  • Elsa with your eyes?"

<Oxford> "My eyes?" The bandaged head slowly nods. "I was with Barnouf Flight… there was some kind of explosion, and I got caught in the blast…"

  • Elsa steps away from the door and sits on the girl's bed, "Yeah those sometimes happen when you use too much magic, happened to me once." She laughs nervously, "I think I managed to light some clouds on fire because of it."

<Oxford> The girl's mouth, surrounded by white wrapping, manages a small smile. "It…really hurt. But all the doctors say I'll probably be able to see again, once I'm recovered."
<Elsa> "Well, my story isn't too happy, last time I was here I was locked in a cage I think? I don't really know because they had something covering my eyes. In they end they almost cut off some things." She flaps her wings before plucking a feather from one of them and putting it in the girl's hands, "Keep this somewhere for when you can see again." She sighs heavily, "I guess they aren't
<Elsa> all heartless bastards after all…this just makes things harder."
<Elsa> "Oh and by the way, I'm Elsa from Cheswick flight in case you didnt get my name."
<Oxford> "That's it! You just lost Door Privileges! Step back!" Paige shouts from the other side of the door. The girl's hand strokes the feather. "Elsa…it's very nice to meet you. I hope you can come visit."
<Elsa> "I hope I'll be able to, try asking around for me, I'll probably be in the basement." She says standing up, "Oh by the way, you might want to cover your ears." Aaaaand she decides to cut the door open to give Paige an easier time going inside.
<Oxford> With a blast of golden fire, the door shoots from its hinges, flies across the room, and crashes to rest against the far wall. Paige is framed in the doorway, fists at her sides and anger on her face. Probably more dramatic than she'd planned, thanks to Elsa's last-second favor.

  • Elsa steps on the door and out into the hallway, "Alright, lets go." She say seriously after gulping down some saliva. If Paige decides to punch her she'll let herself get punched.

<Oxford> "You. Are coming. With me," she pants, one eye twitching. As she leads Elsa out of the room, Sella lifts one arm to wave goodbye. "See you soon, Elsa!"
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