World War Burst: Part #7

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[21:47:38] <Flaurentine> And poor timid Flaurentine was shooed out by her beloved Major, at least for a period of alone-time for him. All she could do is accept, giving a gesture of thanks to the others. But as most of them had their conversation and whatnot, she slipped away to a corner to scribble in her flipbook.
[21:50:51] * Elsa is conveniently sitting in the same corner Flauri was headed. Almost nodding off with her already signature coat. She's just waiting for the ship to get to port, and with no cards theres really not much to do to pass the time.
[21:52:08] <Flaurentine> The feeling is mutual. Scribble scribble… scribble. The not-as-timid-anymore girl's writing slows down as she shoots a glance. "Ah… um…" She gives a small gulp. "I hope you don't mind if… if I say 'thank you' for coming to see us."
[21:56:56] * Elsa nods and almost snorts as she wakes up a nd looks at the tmid black haired girl. "Oh sure no problem! We were worried about you and Donalds." She crosses her arms, "THough I think it was weird that the soldiers would attack both of our schools."
[21:58:46] <Flaurentine> "B-Both?!" Flauri's lip quivers, but she settles down to sit in a more comfortable position. "I… was very worried about everybody while we were gone, no matter how happy I was that we were able to be together again… and that he was… well… still alive." She pauses to take a deep breath before continuing. "It… was resolved okay, right? With no more innocents getting hurt?"
[22:02:43] <Elsa> "None of the girls got hurt at our place, but some of the officers died, I barely knew them but it was really sad regardless." She twists a bit to make her wings more comfortable and looks up at the girl again, "Worrying about things that already happened isn't too good of a habit."
[22:04:34] <Flaurentine> "I… you're right, I'm sorry. It's just… if any of you get hurt…" A cringe. Slowly, her finger reaches up to point to the other girl's back. "But… ah… I was wondering… how are they? They're not… uncomfortable, are they?"
[22:06:47] <Elsa> "Yeah, I just wish I could just spread them without any worries. But I can't really do that unless its somewhere private…and I don't really know any of those places in this ship. Its worse when I get a cramp."
[22:11:54] * Flaurentine puts a hand to her mouth and giggles a little. "I'm glad to see you're getting along okay! I… really was worried that they'd end up being a burden. Ah… and I…" With a small gulp, one hand pinches the other arm's wrist, noting the odd sounds coming from it.
[22:15:33] * Elsa looks at the girl, "So how are your memories coming along? Its been a while since we last saw you." She pats the ground beside her. "You got lost very far away from home too."
[22:18:33] * Flaurentine slowly scoots over, blush on her face returning. "I… I remember most of it. From what I remember and what the Major told me, I used to be more… cheerful and assertive." Forcing on a smile, she still looks straight down. "I'm trying my best to do that again to make him happy, even if… I don't think I'm doing a very good job. I guess… there was a reason why I forgot it all too, though."
[22:22:18] <Elsa> "Well, don't force yourself too much with that, you are maybe different now than then." She squirms in her coat and single orange feather falls to the floor. "Hey by any chance do you know a room people don't visit too often?"
[22:25:00] <Flaurentine> "W… Well… I haven't been here for long, but if I…" A hand reaches toward her chest for something that's been there all along, while the other hand presses its fingers together and then to a wall. With a happy smile, she stands up and steps back, pointing slightly downward. "There's an empty room down there. I-I can take you there when nobody's looking?"
[22:27:16] <Elsa> "Really? that would be great!" She begins unbuttoning her coat in anticipation and grabs the not-so-timid girl by the wrist and says, "Lead the way!"
[22:29:07] <Flaurentine> "R-Right!" Flauri's hand slowly stretches out, but then pulls back. With a small gasp for air and her eyes clothing it yanks straight back out, causing the two to vanish from existence and reappear in a vacant, probably storage room. On top of some boxes, no less! "Is… this alright? I gauged the distance to make sure nobody would get stuck in a wall or the floor, but I didn't actually feel for the kind of room it was…"
[22:32:54] * Elsa looks surprised and promptly tries moving around to see if she actually isn't stuck anywhere. After a quick look around she takes off her coat and her wings spread out with whoosh. "Ah~ thats much better."
[22:33:32] * Elsa takes a look at her wings and wonders out loud, "I wonder how the people back home will react to this."
[22:34:16] <Flaurentine> Another little giggle. "Hee hee. It must really feel nice… I'm glad I didn't do anything unnecessary to them." Flauri herself reaches for her arms before headshaking and deciding against an idea like THAT. "I… does that mean you have somewhere to go back to, Miss Elsa?"
[22:38:26] <Elsa> "Oh yeah, raised in a circus, can't tell you its name because da- Mister Foreman sometimes changes it whenever he wants to, to make people think that its a different one or something." She says proudly, "I was going to be a firebreather but he sent me to school. I think the only reason I got in was because I could use magic."
[22:40:32] <Flaurentine> A very girly gasp comes from the twintailed little girl, as she shakes her head with VIGOR. "I-I'm sure that's not true! Only some of my memories came back… but I remember being told I studied hard my whole life just so I could meet the Major again. So… I don't think any of us are only there just because of that." A pause. "… Right?"
[22:41:22] <Flaurentine> "Still… I'm a little envious. Remembering your family must be…" The sentence cuts off halfway for the opportunity to wipe a small tear off.
[22:42:19] * Elsa looks unsure and twiddles her thumbs, "Well, I'm not really smart…and I need help in most of my classes."
[22:42:46] <Flaurentine> "But… you really wanted to be in them and try your hardest, right?"
[22:44:36] <Elsa> "Well…yeah…but.." How did she end up in being interrogated by the shy girl again?
[22:45:58] <Flaurentine> Magic, is the only answer. "T-Then you just need to know that you're doing the best you can! I know I don't want to disappoint him, so even after I forgot everything I learned I studied hard to learn it again…" Her eyes dart to the side. "And… you're a braver person than I am. I know you can do it, if I could."
[22:48:42] * Elsa nods weakly, "Yeah…I guess you're right, its just that all this flying and fighting…just makes it seem that way."
[22:50:33] * Flaurentine brings a hand to her heart. "I'm… proud that I can serve my country, even if everything I have to do is really scary. Even if I can't force myself to forget what I have to do to living people with homes and families… it's all for the sake of peace, and of everybody being happy later on, right?" The shy girl slinks down and goes back to being shy after the patriotic speech. "I-I think studying is a part of that, too."
[22:52:17] * Elsa looks nervous, this Flauri is very different from the other one, "I…Never thought about it that way…maybe I should study math harder, you need that for money things, right?"
[22:53:26] <Flaurentine> "I… I study math because I like learning, and because I get to be closer to…" The blush on her face explodes like a volcano. "O-Oh no, what am I saying? T-That's not why I study math at all!" … It actually is. The shock on her face is enough to show that much.
[22:54:42] <Elsa> "Oh~ you got someone you're interested in?" she knudges the girl's side with her elbow, thankful a change of subject happened.
[22:55:24] <Flaurentine> "Ah… um… that's right." The blush is even heavier, with a hint of confusion as though she thought everybody knew.
[22:56:42] * Elsa is as thick as lead when it comes to this sort of thing ad if she knew she forgot already. "Oh really? Who is he?"
[22:57:33] <Flaurentine> A blink, in return. While Flauri isn't dense herself, she's also not a liar. "The Major, of course! I love him!"
[22:58:41] <Flaurentine> "After all… without him, I never would've had any idea what having a father was like." An afterthought sends her eyes straight to the ground. "I might've starved to death too…"
[22:59:38] <Elsa> "Donalds?" She sounds surprised, "He's old enough to be your dad…but I guess your heart is in the right place…Though Jus and Kate are hard to figure out, I think they…like each other?"
[23:00:30] <Flaurentine> Maybe a HINT of denseness. Her head tilts to the side with an unending smile. "We're all like family, though, aren't we? I see them like sisters!"
[23:00:50] <Flaurentine> "And… sisters are… supposed to like each other, aren't they?"
[23:02:16] <Elsa> "I mean, Joslyn did some weird things before we met you, she kinda kissed Cait on the mouth. I've only seen gypsy girls do that."
[23:03:23] <Flaurentine> "O… Oh…" Sitting on a box, her legs dangle. "If anybody asked me, I'd still think that's… what all family members do. I haven't had a real one, and my memories before coming to Bruinham are still…" A small shake.
[23:04:01] <Flaurentine> Another afterthought. "Then again, the major and I haven't…" Her hand covers her mouth before another word, with a loud gasp.
[23:05:45] <Elsa> "Well, my family is pretty big, but different from a normal family and the only ones that ever kissed other girls like that were the gypsies. So really, I don't know."
[23:07:25] <Flaurentine> "A kiss… is just a way of telling somebody that you like them, right?" Another small head-tilt. "I hear it talked about at school… and since all families like each other, it's okay, right? I'm happy that they're able to feel that way." Of course, she's not quite making the connection about kissing on the lips and not anywhere else, but fragmented memories ARE fragmented memories after all.
[23:08:05] <Flaurentine> Shuffle shuffle. "Um… Miss Elsa…?"
[23:09:05] * Elsa stretches her wings and flaps them once, her scar visible uner her right sleeve. "Yeah?"
[23:10:22] * Flaurentine looks away— she would've anyway, with her eyes tossing their gaze to a corner. "Would it… be to unprofessional of me to ask the Major permission for a… kiss on the mouth? We've been through so much, and I know how I feel about him, but I don't know if he sees me the same way…"
[23:10:37] <Flaurentine> "I-I don't want to hurt him any more than I already have."
[23:11:43] * Elsa sighs, "I really don't know…mayybe you should try and figure out how he feels about you, it would be weird if he sees you like a daughter."
[23:12:50] <Flaurentine> Another head-tilt. "But.. But I do see him like a father! You mean… that isn't normal for parents after all?"
[23:15:17] <Elsa> "Well, I don't feel like kissing my dad on the mouth, never even thought about it."
[23:15:49] <Flaurentine> "O… Oh.. Then… maybe it's something else." Now the look on her face is as confused as it gets.
[23:16:35] <Flaurentine> "Um… i-if it wouldn't be too much trouble, do you think you could tell me about what it's like to grow up with a family sometime? I'd… definitely love to hear it."
[23:18:20] <Elsa> "Well, just so you know, almost no one is blood related, so I guess Cait or Jos would be better for a more normal way of growing up, but I would love to tell you sometime."
[23:19:41] <Flaurentine> A big, chipper nod. "My childhood is still missing! I feel like… I'm so behind everybody else sometimes because of that. So I'd like to hear what it was like from everybody else…" Looking straight up, a jump. "Ah… um… w-we should probably get back to the others, shouldn't we?"
[23:20:24] <Elsa> "Yeah…we really should."
[23:20:55] <Flaurentine> "Okay… um, please don't move." Their fingers brush together…
[23:21:00] <Flaurentine> VWOOP.
[23:21:05] <Flaurentine> And that was that.
[23:21:10] <Flaurentine> /session