World War Burst: Part #6

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[19:10:31] * Oxford changes topic to '"Extra, extra! 'DEFEAT AT SEA!' Albaean Home Fleet sunk off Sachsen! Read all about it!"'
[19:17:28] <~Oxford> It has been nearly six hours, and Elsa hasn't woken up from her coma. The girls have been evacuated from the railroad tracks by Defense Volunteer soldiers, after managing to convince them Elsa was safe to move. A flat-bed truck in drab green drops them off outside of Caitlin's hometown, and two young men toss their suitcases down to them before the truck speeds off.
[19:18:54] <Joslyn> Well, at least they're close now…but the driver could have been a little more considerate. "You two okay?"
[19:19:12] <Flaurentine> "Th… thank you." The most scared one of all of them waves as the air distorts her suitcase's handle a couple inches up to her hand, allowing an easy grasp. Really, that's the first word she's spoken in hours, considering how much time she'd spent adapting to her new 'changes.'
[19:20:03] <~Oxford> A few other families got off the truck with them; all people on their way here by train. They split off and head for their destinations.
[19:20:28] <Caitlin> "Yes, I'm quite fine, but worried about Elsa. I can't apologize enough for being so lax in my duties. I'd like to tell Elsa I'm sorry, but she really is out cold…"
[19:21:36] <Joslyn> "We couldn't have known. At least I was able to recover the other two focus pendants from Flauri's magical double…I do hope that she's gone for good."
[19:21:55] <Flaurentine> Still, with a gulp, little blackhair holds her suitcase with both hands, maybe even out of fear of her arms ripping themselves out of their sockets again. And very slowly, shy nods once. "I… think she'll be okay. But… I'll take care of her. You should worry about…" A stare into Caitlin's eyes. These words really aren't true, but she has to make at least an attempt to put on a brave face.
[19:24:45] <Joslyn> "besides, Kate, you're kinda distracted from the whole pneumonia thing, aren't you…"
[19:25:12] <Caitlin> "We didn't know, but we could have." Caitlin sighs with finality. She really should have looked into both of their minds, as invasive as that might be. Plus there were all the other signs she didn't recognize until it was too late. To Flauri, Caitlin nods and forces a weak smile, "Thank you, I… Let's just hope for the best in both cases, alright?" Hope for the best? Sure, but she's
[19:25:12] <Caitlin> still terrified about the worst.
[19:26:47] <Joslyn> "I'd like that…so where is your house, Kate?"
[19:26:47] <~Oxford> Caitlin's hometown is a quiet little town. Despite the growth that the rail connection has brought it, it still has much of its provincial charm.
[19:26:54] <Flaurentine> A shy nod in return. That is, if that adjective can even really apply to nods- regardless, Flauri makes it work, being herself as she is. "Yes… I truly apologize for everything. L-Let's go." Though terrified to have her fingers make contact, she's ready to move Elsa the fun way if necessary.
[19:30:52] <Caitlin> "I would give you directions, but I'm afraid they wouldn't mean much, so please just follow me and I'll lead the way." Onwards. Feeling guilty, Caitlin will try to take more than her fair share of the Elsa-load if given the chance.
[19:30:55] <&Flaurentine> 2d6+3 dragging with magic is suffering
[19:30:55] <+DiceMaid-9001> Flaurentine, dragging with magic is suffering: 9 [2d6=4,2]
[19:31:57] <Flaurentine> A few small touches. Flaurentine obviously has trouble being able to make physical contact, but grabs the firebitch softly by the fingertips in order to move her a few inches at a time just to not be painful to her. Or noticeable, for that matter.
[19:32:54] <Flaurentine> Not that she does a very good job of mustering up the courage to make it look like anything other than a total chore, causing both of them to drag far behind.
[19:33:52] <Caitlin> Caitlin slows the pace and helps with the Elsadragging.
[19:34:41] <Joslyn> And Joslyn does her best to turn Elsa-dragging into Elsa-carrying
[19:34:45] <Flaurentine> "I'm… sorry." Flauri's fingers visibly twitch. She'd gladly grab by the shoes, though, unless Elsa walks around barefoot, which wouldn't be TOO surprising coming from an ex-circus performer.
[19:35:01] <~Oxford> It's getting close to dinner-time, and in all the excitement earlier, they never got around to getting lunch.
[19:36:42] <Flaurentine> Oh, that's fine, Flauri's actually been subtly teleporting bits of human flesh straight into her stomach with every touch to sate the appetite; only, she doesn't realize it yet. … Just kidding, but can you imagine? No, that rumbling's definitely coming from the only place it could come from that could make the black-haired girl blush as much as she is. Not that she isn't blushing nearly that hard ALL the time.
[19:39:48] <~Oxford> Most of the roads are dirt, but the town center is cobblestone. Main street is lined with attractive storefronts with wide plate-glass windows.
[19:41:09] <Caitlin> Wait a minute! With black hair, Flauri doesn't look as much like she's Caitlin's little sister. That's sad. Past Main street, the group comes up on a library. "This one's ours. Well, we certainly don't own it, but my mother's the librarian here. My home's just down the street."
[19:41:48] * Joslyn takes a few moments to window shop. "Oh, okay. Oh if only I'd remembered to bring my coinpurse!"
[19:42:23] <Flaurentine> Wide eyes stare at it, curious as can be, though Flauri's still naturally keep shot mostly to the ground. Not like she has a lot to say after all that happened, and silencing her poor stomach takes a lot of effort.
[19:44:01] <~Oxford> The town is a fairly small one, and the broad, uncovered windows give the impression that the odds of an attack here are considered low. If the lack of AA emplacements and raid-siren towers wasn't enough of a hint already.
[19:45:12] <Joslyn> Pray that no one wanting them taken out doesn't know they're here. "So…should we just go straight to your place Kate?"
[19:46:39] <Flaurentine> "I'll… follow." And it's truth.
[19:48:37] <~Oxford> It is only a short time before the house comes into view.
[19:50:30] <Caitlin> Nervous nod, "Yes, that'd be for the best. I don't think our library will have anything on the subject to tell the doctors anything new." Time to go, Caitlin walks up to a small, brownish-red brick house.
[19:51:56] <Flaurentine> "Ah… I…" Nervous Flaurentine looks at the unconscious body they're all carrying/dragging, terrified of what to do in the case of bringing a sleeping stranger inside somebody's house. With the shuffling she's doing, it's clear she has no idea what to do. "Should we… um… leave her…?"
[19:52:58] <Joslyn> "…We really shouldn't. Her wings will attract a lot less attention inside than out."
[19:54:06] <Flaurentine> "I… I see. I could, um, bring her somewhere safe and watch her until she wakes up, but…" Worried eyes look toward Caitlin, but that really isn't the reason why she's hesitant. The others should know why.
[19:55:35] <Caitlin> "…I'm sorry, Flauri. I really don't know what to do. It's… very difficult for me to concentrate right now."
[19:56:09] <Flaurentine> "R… Right. I don't want either of us to get in your way…" Touching her in enough detail to warp them both out is still hard, though.
[19:59:08] <~Oxford> Before she gets a chance, the door swings open. A tall man with brown hair and a scruffy beard stands within. "Caitlin! You're here! Who're these people?"
[19:59:54] <Joslyn> "We're friends from school. You must be Mr. O'Connell?"
[20:00:04] <Flaurentine> OOPS, DIDN'T MAKE IT IN TIME. Little Flauri gasps, with the unconscious girl in the heavy clothing essentially resting on her lap by this point. "I… I'm very sorry, sir…"
[20:02:10] <~Oxford> He goes to one knee and wraps his arms around Caitlin, squeezing her tight. As Joslyn speaks, he sheepishly holds out one hand to shake, still embracing his daughter tightly. "Kevin, please. My pleasure."
[20:03:00] <Caitlin> Deep breath. "…You could put her in the library if you wa-Dad! These are my dearest friends from school. I'm sorry to come by so suddenly, especially with guests, but when I read the letter… I just had to come!" Caitlin hugs back very tightly.
[20:04:19] <Joslyn> "It's nice to meet you, Sir. Anything we can do to help Caitlin get through this…"
[20:06:01] <Flaurentine> Mustering up a little bravery, Flauri sets Elsa against a wall or something and extends a hand of her own, though extremely showly and shakily. In fact, she even clamps her eyes closed while doing so. "Please! I-I'm very worried too, we all are…"
[20:07:30] <~Oxford> He finally releases the redhead and reaches out to shake the other two girls' hands. "Thank you all for being with us through… well, at any rate, do come inside. Is…is that girl quite alright?" His glance indicates who he's refering to.
[20:08:36] <Joslyn> "She's just tired from the trip. She'll come to soon.
[20:09:18] <Caitlin> "A-ah, our friend Elsa has very poor constitution, she overexerted herself a little bit on the journey here." That's… sorta true maybe? Caitlin still feels horrible over sortalying.
[20:09:18] <Flaurentine> "Ah… she's…" The littlest gives a disappointed look, before nodding. "I'll…" The fact that she attempts to drag her body back a little probably says enough. Burdening a stranger with something like this? No way.
[20:09:51] * Joslyn double checks that Elsa's wings are covered up.
[20:10:35] <~Oxford> "Ah… roight. Well then, show them in, dear. I'll get those bags, girls, not to worry." To Caitlin especially, he seems far more anxious than usual.
[20:11:37] <Flaurentine> Them? That's a little confusing considering Flauri was trying to take Elsa and leave. So, she shoots Caitlin a look for confirmation.
[20:14:34] <Caitlin> Caitlin makes eye contact with Flauri briefly, "I apologize for the circumstances, but… Please, come in. Welcome to our home." Strained smile. Be a good hostess.
[20:15:50] <~Oxford> Mr. O'Connell steps outside to grab the luggage, allowing the girls to enter and take a look around.
[20:15:51] * Joslyn enters, taking off her shoes and holding on to her bag. "I appreciate you letting us stick around, sir…"
[20:15:59] <Flaurentine> "I…" She can't help but feel compelled to force a smile. "I'll make sure she doesn't bother anybody until she wakes up. I-I'm sorry." So, some cheap dragging later, the phoenixgirl is set in a probably uncomfortable position, out of the way. Flauri'll even close the door if it isn't already done by somebody else.
[20:19:16] <Caitlin> Inside is presumably the living room. There's an old couch by the fireplace and a slightly worn bookshelf stocked to the max. Caitlin lingers by the door, though not in anybody's way if she can help it. The question she has for her father is blatantly obvious. How is she doing?
[20:24:03] <~Oxford> He reappears a moment later. "There we are! I put the bags up in your room, Cait; we can figure out who's sleeping where later on. I'll put the kettle on, I just…" He catches the look on his daughter's face and frowns. "Um…Mum's sleeping now, but she's doing a little better. I'll bring her soup up in a bit if she isn't awake already."
[20:24:42] <Joslyn> "I…I'm sorry about her, sir…I wish there was something we could do to help…"
[20:25:30] <Flaurentine> A shaky nod. "We'll… do all we can." Not like there's a whole lot TO do at this point.
[20:26:23] <Joslyn> Taking a step to the side, Joslyn whispers. "I might be able to help her…worth a shot if nothing else…"
[20:27:03] <Caitlin> …A little better. That could mean anything or nothing. It could be the metaphorical calm before the storm. "That's good. The letter sounded very…" Her eyes shift to the ground, "That's good. I'd really, really like to see her when she wakes up." Who was Joslyn whispering to?
[20:27:15] <~Oxford> He shakes his head, gesturing for them to sit. "Ah, no need for that… I'm sorry we won't be better hosts to you; the house is just a mess…"
[20:27:23] <Joslyn> Caitlin of course
[20:27:58] <Joslyn> "I don't mind - you couldn't have been expecting guests. We're only here to support our friend…"
[20:29:03] <Flaurentine> Scribblescribble. Having been writing in her flipbook the whole trip to town instead of speaking, it suddenly turns out this is a good time to do the same thing again. Very much out of the way, of course.
[20:30:20] <Caitlin> Caitlin returns the whisper, "I think… That would be… As much as I truly appreciate your offer, I think my power is most suited to try something like that." She looks around before speaking in a louder voice, "Please have a seat, I'll try to sort out the mess." Menial chores to distract her mind. That might work. No, it won't, but she'll try anyway. At least the house will be cleaner.
[20:30:42] <~Oxford> He nods and pours them each some tea. "Make yourselves at home, please. Dear, if you'd like, you could bring that soup up to her. She's been asleep all day, and she needs to eat…"
[20:35:06] * Joslyn nods. "Thank you sir." She's about to salute out of habit but stops herself halfway through.
[20:36:36] <Flaurentine> This time, Flauri's over to the side, 'experimenting' while nobody's looking. Maybe even a few attempts to fix her magically-caused problems? Perhaps nobody will ever know. Still, she keeps near the living room, monitoring Elsa for when she awakens just to make sure she doesn't end up burning the house down. And it turns out she has a lot to write about, anyway.
[20:38:22] <Caitlin> Nod. "Yes, Daddy." She goes off to grab the soup if it's already made or fix it if it isn't. Unless a delay occurs, she heads up to deliver the soup to her possibly sleeping mother.
[20:39:18] <Joslyn> Joslyn follows on Kate's wing, an apologetic look on her face as she nods to Flauri.
[20:39:30] <~Oxford> Caitlin's parents' room is up a narrow flight of stairs. The door is cracked, and she can see that the blinds are drawn and the lights are off. A large bed dominates the small room.
[20:41:52] <Caitlin> Deep breath. Caitlin's heart pounds like a jackhammer; anything could be in there. She tries to enter as quietly as possible so as to avoid unnecessarily disturbing her mother.
[20:43:01] <Joslyn> "I…I'm so sorry Kate…" Joslyn whispers behind the writing magical girl. "What do you think we can do?"
[20:45:55] <~Oxford> In the bed, a mess of wavy red hair lies tangled across the pillow. A pale face, specked with freckles and damp with sweat, is just barely visible beneath the covers. She bears a striking resemblance to Caitlin.
[20:46:30] <Caitlin> "I-I'm not sure… Mom… Mommy, are you awake?" Caitlin whispers quietly, the question slightly louder than the statement. Her voice is very unsteady.
[20:49:19] <~Oxford> Eileen O'Connell stirs, and her eyelids flutter open uncertainly. "C…caity…?"
[20:52:15] <Caitlin> Caitlin approaches the bed, offering up the soup, "It's me, Mommy. I heard you were… s-sick, so I came to see you." Tears are welling up, but it might be hard to see in the dark.
[20:52:18] * Joslyn stands in the shadows silently, doing her best to hold a tear back.
[20:55:12] <~Oxford> "Oh, thank you, sweethea-" She's cut off by a fit of thick, wet-sounding coughs. She grabs for a handkerchief and holds it to her mouth until they subside, then turns to smile weakly at Caitlin. "Thank you. How…has school been, dear?"
[20:59:21] <Caitlin> "S-school's been going really well, Mommy. I've made new friends who came here with me and studied really hard and… and…" Caitlin sniffles, "I-I'm scared Mommmmmmmy! Y-you have to get all better!" The downpour of crying begins, Caitlin leans in and hesitates, unsure whether it'd be okay to hug her.
[21:00:00] * Joslyn flinched at the coughs. That sounded horrible…How something this deadly could exist didn't make any sense. caitlin does feel something in her pocket, though.
[21:03:32] <~Oxford> "Oh, darling…" Mrs. O'Connell weakly returns the hug, whispering soft, comforting words into her daughter's ear. "Really, I'm feeling better than I wa-" She starts coughing again, and this time she can't get to the handkerchief in time. A thick glob of blood-specked sputum lands on the wool blanket.
[21:06:21] <Joslyn> "are…are you okay Caitlin?"
[21:07:14] <Caitlin> It takes a little while before one of Caitlin's hands finally fumbles its way into her pocket after the strange object, but before then, Caitlin holds on tightly, as though clutching for her life, when it really is more her mother's. "B-b-but, you still look so sick, Daddy and I don't want to lose you or see you suffer like this!" There is no stopping her pitiful crying.
[21:10:04] <Caitlin> For obvious reasons, Caitlin isn't in any condition to answer Joslyn.
[21:11:13] <Joslyn> She isn't really expecting one. But caitlin has a way to unlock her magic - and she said she would be the one to help her mom.
[21:11:56] <~Oxford> "Shhh… there, there, honey… Mommy's not going anywh-…anywhere." She holds the girl close and pats the back of her head gently. "Dr. Murphy says if I get plenty of rest and fluids, he's pretty sure I'll get better…"
[21:17:23] <Caitlin> "I-I'll make you better! I'll make you all better, r-right now! Close your eyes, Mommy, I'll make it all better. Don't peek until I say so, o-okay Mommy?" Caitlin pleads frantically as she decides to do something completely reckless. The Doctor's probably just saying that to make her feel safe. Caitlin has to do it herself.
[21:18:23] * Joslyn locks eyes with the redheaded Mage and nods. "Do it."
[21:19:23] <~Oxford> "Honey, what're you.." Eileen closes her eyes, somewhat confused. "What's going on, sweetheart?"
[21:21:46] <Caitlin> "Please, Mommy! I'll make it all better, so close your eyes and give me your hand." Through the sobbing and tears, Caitlin begs like a child far younger than herself, but somehow with both more confidence, or at least determination, and desperation than normal.
[21:24:05] <~Oxford> Her mother cautiously extends a hand, fumbling around until she finds Caitlin's.
[21:31:57] <Caitlin> Caitlin waits for her mother's eyes to close before initiating a swift transformation. With a quick reminder of "Don't peek!" Caitlin writes on her mom's hand. It's probably too dark for Joslyn to read what was written. With Eileen's eyes closed, for a few moments, Caitlin's probably the only person in the world to know what she wrote. But does it actually do anything?
[21:33:36] <@Oxford> Sorcery; Heart would be appropriate.
[21:34:14] <Caitlin> 4d6+9 Fortunately, I happen to specialize in heart
[21:34:15] <+DiceMaid-9001> Caitlin, Fortunately, I happen to specialize in heart: 24 [4d6=2,2,5,6]
[21:34:34] <Caitlin> 1d6
[21:34:34] <+DiceMaid-9001> Caitlin, 1d6: 2 [1d6=2]
[21:34:46] <Caitlin> twennysix
[21:36:31] <Caitlin> Immediately after writing, though, she lets the transformation fade. It would be awfully hard to explain why she was in a costume suddenly.
[21:42:05] <Joslyn> "…do you feel any better?"
[21:44:16] <Caitlin> Just as the weird costume faded, so do the symptoms Eileen's suffered from. The coughing? Any compulsion to do so disappears, and due to an inexplicable change in her body, there's no reason for it. Somehow, it seems that the very presence of the disease was reversed, undone, erased. From the minor symptoms like the sickly sweating to those more sinister… In an instant, it's as though
[21:44:17] <Caitlin> Caitlin's mother was never sick, though she surely remembers being quite ill.
[21:44:21] <Caitlin> Does the crying stop? Of course not, as soon as her costume's gone, Caitlin's returned to hugging her mother with all the affection of a child who was scared of losing her parent.
[21:46:50] <~Oxford> "H-honey…? What did you do?" Eileen's voice betrays her bafflement.
[21:47:51] <Joslyn> "Mrs. O'Connell, you should rest. Just…try to get your strength back, okay?"
[21:48:05] <Caitlin> "I-it's a miracle, Mommy!"
[21:50:51] <~Oxford> "It's…" She sits up in bed, energy suddenly restored. "Well, I suppose those do happen from time to time." She smiles. "But honey, why're you crying?"
[21:52:26] <Caitlin> "I-I'm sorry, Mommy, I'm just… I'm… really happy you're all better!" It's true, she is, and that's a large contribution of happy tears. A little bit of magic's side effect makes it even harder than usual to stop, though.
[21:54:25] <~Oxford> "Oh, sweetie…" For the first time, she seems to notice Joslyn. "And who's this? We haven't been introduced." She extends a hand and smiles. "I'm Mrs. O'Connell, Caitlin's mom."
[21:55:46] <Joslyn> "Joslyn Parnocus, one of her dorm-mates." The girl shakes before sighing. "I'm glad you're feeling better…but I think you probably should take it easy for a few more days."
[21:56:52] <Caitlin> "One of my roommates, Mommy. She came with my other best friends to make sure you'd be okay." The sobbing's more or less stopped, but some tears are still running.
[21:58:27] <~Oxford> "Oh, it's a pleasure. If I'd know we were having guests over, I'd have tidied up…" She cautiously pulls off the blankets and gets up, stretching. "It feels like I've slept for days. Is your Daddy downstairs, Cait? We should see about getting a bed made for your friend…""
[21:58:59] <Joslyn> "Please, it's not a problem. Don't worry yourself about it - we'll make do."
[22:00:14] <~Oxford> She's fairly determined to get out of bed. "Nonsense. Cait, get some fresh sheets out. What time is it? I should start on dinner…"
[22:00:30] <Caitlin> Nodnodnod. Even when she stands, Caitlin sticks very close by. "Um, Mommy… I brought three of my friends, actually… I'm sorry not to give any warning."
[22:01:37] <Joslyn> "I think I speak for all of us when I say this kind of recovery is very unexpected. Please don't feel a need to rush on our account…" Well, that explains where Kate gets her stubborn streak…
[22:02:00] <Flaurentine> But does it explain where she gets her bad dicerolls too?
[22:02:38] <Joslyn> No, those clearly come from her dad's side of the family
[22:04:38] <Caitlin> Fresh sheets? Oh gosh, do they even have enough for three extra beds? Time to check and get out all the sheets. Or at least three, because no way Caitlin's about to disobey her mom.
[22:05:40] <~Oxford> Mrs. O'Connell practically bounds down the stairs, prattling on about minor chores. The shocked look on her husband's face is underscored by the cup he drops in surprise. They stare at each other a moment, filled with relief; then, perfectly synchronized, they rush over to clean up the broken glass.
[22:06:07] * Joslyn follows. "…so what exactly did you write?" once they're out of earshot, Joslyn whispers it with a sense of curiosity.
[22:06:53] <Flaurentine> "Ah…" The flipbook instantly finds a way into a pocket as Elsa's STILL snoozing away; little Flauri stands and looks around with worry, sensing this not to be a very common scenario. "M-Miss Caitlin… what happened?"
[22:08:00] <~Oxford> "Oh, Kev, you're such a klutz. Here, let me… no, you start setting the table. And set out - no, dear, in the pantry…"
[22:08:39] <Caitlin> Caitlin blushes to match her hair, "Please don't worry about it, Joslyn. It's… kind of embarrassing." Turning to Flauri, she's struck with a pang of guilt at using magic so recklessly, "I made a wish on a pendant." That's subtle enough to avoid saying YEAH I USED MAGIC AND FIXED HER if overheard while still conveying the meaning, right?
[22:09:56] <Flaurentine> It's okay, Flaurentine's blush is unbeatable, so she's able to show Caitlin's up solely by being close-by. Still, hand-to-mouth, she gasps. "I-Is that really alright?! Ah, maybe I should go…" Glancing over to the couple in the kitchen, she shrinks down a bit, afraid to make the first move as far as introductions go. This woman's much more energetic than her daughter is, at any rate.
[22:10:20] <Joslyn> "…Are you okay? I mean, you aren't going to pull an Elsa, right?"
[22:12:13] <Joslyn> It's worth noting that Joslyn has a pen and a couple paper clips sticking to her uniform.
[22:13:25] <Caitlin> "I really wish you didn't call it that, Joslyn, but I don't feel like anything so drastic is about to happen… I know it's wrong, Flauri, but what choi-no, that's not right. I won't feed you excuses, but it's done and I won't regret it, though I apologize." There are some dried tears on Caitlin's face still, but the waterworks cut out a little while ago.
[22:14:19] <~Oxford> After a moment bustling about in the kitchen, Eileen returns to the sitting room. "And you all must be Caitlin's friends! I'm Mrs. O'Connell," she says, holding out her hand.
[22:15:48] <Joslyn> "And this is Elsa, but she's still asleep…she'll wake up, 'when she's ready and not a minute sooner.' she said." Joslyn stifles a chuckle.
[22:15:50] <Flaurentine> Even Flauri manages a little smile. "I-I don't think it was wrong at all! You wanted to… I mean… you…" Shuffle, shuffle. She's really not sure at ALL how to phrase it, shaking her head violently before walking over and slowly brushing the woman's fingertips with her own, expecting to be led on the handshake instead of doing it herself. After all, there's terror on her face in doing so. "I… ah… m-my name is Flaurentine il via Veronica Claudia Flamenca I, Miss, but… my fa- I-I mean, my friends call me Flauri."
[22:17:16] <~Oxford> "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Flauri! And you, Elsa," she adds, smiling.
[22:17:38] <Flaurentine> "I… Miss Caitlin's helped me a lot. I'm very thankful to her!" Her typical curtsey follows up, even if it isn't appropriate. The blush on her face is as red as ever though.
[22:18:17] <Caitlin> "I really am sorry to bring people unannounced, Mommy, but they're family to me."
[22:19:06] <Joslyn> "We were all really worried about you, ma'am…it's the least we could do to make sure Caitlin was alright."
[22:20:57] <~Oxford> "Oh, well then you're welcome to stay here any time." Mrs. O'Connell comes out of the kitchen with a steaming pot in her hands. "Now, who's ready for dinner?"
[22:21:15] <Flaurentine> Rrrrrrumble.
[22:21:45] <Joslyn> "Oh…I missed lunch too…"
[22:22:39] <Caitlin> "I am!" Caitlin's practically deliriously happy about having managed to 'save' her mother. It carries straight into enthusiasm.
[22:23:30] <Flaurentine> "I'm…. sorry, but if you don't mind…" Agreeing to consume in the most timid way possible? That's our Flauri. She even shoots a glance back to poor Elsa, remembering to save some of her portion.
[22:28:44] <~Oxford> They gather around a table that usually seats three, but nobody minds the crowding. The potato stew is plain, but well-seasoned and very tasty. It is served with black bread and cool milk. The food is suitable for the small brick building - not exotic, not fancy… but it's home.
[22:29:53] <~Oxford> /session