World War Burst: Part 1

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[21:06] <@Oxford> St. Cheswhick's Girls Academy: a newly-opened all-girl's "junior military academy" in the Albaean Empire. A former monastery, the rough-hewn sandstone building sits atop a hill overlooking Bougnetsport, a minor trading hub and port city.
[21:07] <@Oxford> The Academy is one of many military-run schools aimed at instilling a "patriotic spirit" in the nation's youth. In turbulent times like these, the progam's goal was to ensure a devoted officer corps is ready to answer the nation's call in an emergency.
[21:07] <@Oxford> It couldn't have come at a better time. With Albaea's army tied up in fighting on the mainland, the Novgoraadi declaration of war has caught the military off-guard. As fighting intensifies along the front, the Empire's island homeland has come under intense pressure from sea and air.
[21:07] <@Oxford> The Fall semester starts on the last day of summer, 1935. A plump dorm-mother has seen her newest charges to their room, a plain square cell with a pair of bunkbeds and four seaman's chests. After instructing the girls to settle in and get to know each other, she departs, leaving them alone in this strange new place.
04[21:08] * Joslyn looks around and sighs. Nothing here worth tinkering with. She'd get bored quickly at this rate. "Ey. How're the three of ye?"
[21:09] <Joslyn> Oops. Seems there's only two others. No matter.
00[21:10] * Elsa has everything she owns inside a duffel bag, including but not limited to:An unlit torch, her performing outfit and some american comic books she managed to steal from some dumb tourist kid. Frankly, its a miracle a circus kid managed to get all the way here. "Looks that way, bugger, I thought we would get rooms for ourselves."
[21:11] <Caitlin> A freckled girl looks around with wide green eyes, "I'm just excellent! Isn't this exciting? I can't claim to have been attended such an important academy before."
00[21:12] * Elsa looks more nervous than excited with her black, messy, shoulder length hair. "Ummm, yeah, lets hope we don't screw it up."
[21:12] <Joslyn> "Me either." Ginger's accent is a bit dodgy. The brunette makes note of that.
[21:13] <@Oxford> Even with the national emergency, admission to military academies is selective. The test to get into St. Cheswick's included a physical fitness test, multiple essays, and an oral board.
00[21:14] * Elsa must have gotten REAL LUCKY given her lack of a formal education and having circus people teach her stuff. Apparently this circus actually had smart people.
[21:15] <Caitlin> "Screw it up? Don't be ridiculous! It's still a school. It's all about learning from mistakes! Or, at least, that's what my mother always told me."
04[21:15] * Joslyn bullshitted her way through the essay and oral exam, so whatever she said must have worked. It isn't that she's stupid, but she's got more street savvy than book savvy
00[21:16] <Elsa> "Yeah…well…I think I just got lucky, I didn't expect to get admitted." She admits and laughs nervously, "I'm not much of a bookworm."
[21:16] <Caitlin> Caitlin's just a nerd with nerdy parents. They might not be the rich types that you usually find in prestigious academies, but she's smart and better learned than many.
[21:16] <@Oxford> Thus far, the staff has been an odd mix of elderly nuns and crisply-dressed army officers. They strike quite a contrast, but neither is known for lax discipline.
[21:16] <@Oxford> In the distance, a bell rings, signaling dinnertime has come at last. The refectory is down the hall and to the right, past the chapel and infirmary. Lateness is looked upon harshly.
00[21:16] <Elsa> "So yeah! I won't screw it up!"The girl says a bit louder than she should have and clenches her fist.
00[21:18] * Elsa leaves her duffel bag on her bead and starts heading to get some chow, hopefully the food is better than back at the circus, "So, are you girls comin' or what?"
[21:19] <Joslyn> "Aye. Well we best be gettin ta mess. Fall in, lassies!" and off she goes, letting her hair fly behind her.
[21:19] <Caitlin> Caitlin smiles and nods, "Let's dine," and follows the other two to the dinnerhall.
[21:20] <@Oxford> off she goes, letting her hair fly behind her.
[21:20] <@Oxford> <Caitlin> Caitlin smiles and nods, "Let's dine," and follows the other two to the dinnerhall.
[21:20] <@Oxford> The dining room is a long stone hall, only recently fitted with electric lights. Three handsome wooden tables are already laid out with food, and a few other girls have taken their seats and begun to eat.
04[21:22] * Joslyn does likewise. Food is expected to be rare and she'll need her energy with how she fights. So there isn't time to waste on waxing poetic.
[21:23] <Caitlin> "Would the pair of you mind if I were to sit with you for dinner?" Caitlin looks from Elsa to Joslyn as she asks.
00[21:23] * Elsa stands in line to get some food and when she eventually gets it she sits down in the most unladylike manner possible and starts chowing down. "Sure, go ahead." she says in between gulps.
04[21:23] * Joslyn stays silent, letting Elsa decide. If she had her way, she wouldn't - something about her seems wrong.
[21:25] <Caitlin> Caitlin doesn't quite pig in like the youngest of the trio. She fixes herself a plate and eats politely at a slow and steady pace.
04[21:25] * Joslyn isn't pigging out, but she has a fucktonne of food on her plate.
00[21:26] * Elsa takes a big chunk out of a bread bun before asking, "So whats your stories?"
[21:27] <Joslyn> "Whatcha mean?"
[21:28] <@Oxford> The meal consists mainly of bread, mashed potatoes, and gravy, all of which are available in quantity. The plate of meat is under the headmistress' watchful eye, and she's doling out only a thin slice to each student.
00[21:29] <Elsa> "Yeah, what were ya'll doing before you got here."
[21:29] <Caitlin> "Someday, I intend to take after my mother and become a library. The head of my very own, even! This was the best school I could get into it, and my family says that education is very important…" She pauses. "It really does feel like a lot of work, but I won't let them down."
[21:30] <Joslyn> "Eh, I'm just a tinkerer. Mostly I don't know what I'm doing until I'm halfway done. Folks wanted me to be doing somethin stable, guess."
00[21:32] <Elsa> "Huh," She takes another gulp of water, "Circus girl here, they called me the Extraordinary Elsa, though all I ever got was a small part in another person's show." She says proudly
[21:33] <@Oxford> The conversation is cut by a klaxon's wail. Everyone freezes - could it be? In theory, air raid protocol was in the preparatory manual sent to every student over the summer, so an orderly evacuation should've been possible. In practice, the results are more chaotic.
00[21:35] <Elsa> "Wait…what?" She looks around confused…apparently she didn't read ALL of the manual
[21:35] <Joslyn> These things never go as planned. People panic. So she'll have to improvise. Something she is very good at.
[21:35] <@Oxford> Girls are running in every direction, despite the nuns' best efforts. Even the officers seem uncertain, realizing they don't know where the monastery's bomb shelter is.
[21:36] <Caitlin> Of course Caitlin would have the manual memorized. "Oh! Well, I imagine this is just a drill. Follow me!" Caitlin attempts to lead the pair to the designated shelter.
00[21:37] * Elsa quickly chows down whatver meat she had left, don't want to waste food and she prepares to follow th- oh hey looks like the girl knows whats going on. "Sure, lead the way."
04[21:37] * Joslyn starts following, looking to find out where the throngs of people are going.
[21:38] <@Oxford> Fortunately, it's in a repurposed wine cellar, located just behind the kitchen. Caitlin can find it easily, though aside from her two roommates it won't do the rest of the students any good.
[21:39] <Caitlin> "That's no good." From the entrance, Caitlin attempts to raise her normally quiet voice to catch people's attention, "This way! Shelter here!"
[21:40] <@Oxford> One of the officers seems to be acting oddly - he's calmer than most, and is ignoring the majority of the cadets. He seems to be looking for someone in particular, though who is unclear.
[21:40] <Joslyn> Sigh. Joslyn tries to drag anyone who comes across them into the cellar. Teachers won't be manhandled like that, but classmates, oh yeah. No temper here.
00[21:40] <Elsa> "So uh, whats going on? I kinda…didn't read ALL of the manual. These sound like air raid sirens." She asks as she munches on what was left of the bread.
00[21:41] * Elsa is extremely calm somehow, ignorance is bliss
[21:41] <Joslyn> "…that's because they *are* air raid sirens. Hey chap, over here!" tug tug.
[21:42] <Caitlin> Well, if that fellow's got his head on straight, more power to him. Caitlin continues attempting to shepherd whoever she can into the shelter.
[21:42] <@Oxford> One of the younger girls is sobbing in a corner, ignored by the rest of the students. At the front of the room, the headmistress is blowing on some kind of whistle, though that only seems to add to the confusion.
00[21:44] * Elsa suddenly pales, "Bloody hell." And runs up to besides the headmistress and yells at the top of her lungs, "DUMB BROADS, SHELTER OVER HERE."
[21:44] <Caitlin> "I'll be back in a moment, please don't go anywhere!" Caitlin hurries off through the crowd to bring the crying girl back to shelter, "Excuse me, miss! This way, please. I'll direct you towards the shelter."
[21:45] <@Oxford> Joslyn has reached the end of the hall. Turning back, she makes eye contact with the odd army officer, just for a second. A look of recognition crosses his face, but he disappears behind the surge of girls rushing toward the exit after Elsa's call.
[21:46] <@Oxford> The little girl looks up at Caitlin, tears in her eyes. She nods, but doesn't move to get up. At least she's not sobbing quite so hysterically.
[21:46] <Joslyn> Damn. Well that's no good. Back to the shelter then.
[21:47] <Caitlin> Caitlin gently offers the kid a hand, "Here, just follow me."
[21:48] <@Oxford> It's just down the hall - the entrance is a little hard to see, tucked in behind what looks like a statue of St. Cheswhick, but it isn't far at all.
00[21:48] * Elsa gets pushed back by the swarm of girls heading to the shelter, at least she isn't getting knocked down and stepped on.
[21:49] <@Oxford> The little girl allows herself to be pulled to her feet, but you practically have to drag her through the crowd.
[21:51] <@Oxford> Outside of the shelter, Joslyn feels a firm grip on her upper arm. Turning to look, a stern-faced man in a Lieutenant's uniform stares back at her. "Those other two girls - get them and meet me on the balcony! Hurry!"
[21:51] <Caitlin> Well, then that's what she'll do. The girl's getting dragged through the crowd back to the shelter, then. Caitlin at least tries to be as gentle as she can without losing her in the stream of people.
[21:52] <@Oxford> Her and Elsa meet about half-way. Collide, even.
[21:52] <Joslyn> With a quick salute,the girl runs back to the shelter and grabs Caitlin and Elsa and heads out.
[21:53] <Caitlin> As she's dragged away, Caitlin calls to the little girl, "Make sure you stay in the shelter, miss!" She then turns to Joslyn, "What exactly is the meaning of this?"
00[21:54] <Elsa> "Ohh hey" She sounds lost, "I didnt think there were so many people inside."
[21:54] <Joslyn> "Following orders! Now move it!"
00[21:54] <Elsa> "What? Move where?"
[21:55] <Joslyn> "Balcony. Come on!"
00[21:56] * Elsa unsure what to do follows, "Really? Are you sure you didn't hit your head? We're supposed to be going down, not up."
04[21:57] * Joslyn is running as fast as she can, dragging the two others with her.
[21:57] <@Oxford> The balcony is at the far end of the hall, away from the kitchen and up a short flight of wide, smooth stairs. After the press of the dining hall, it's a relief. However, their path is blocked by a large, dour-faced nun with a ruler in her hand. "S'elters back t'eir, gels."
[21:57] <Caitlin> "Well, I'm certain if these were orders that it's the appropriate course of action!" Caitlin struggles to keep up with Joslyn's breakneck pace.
[21:58] <Joslyn> "We know, ma'am. A lieutenant gave us orders to meet him on the balcony."
00[21:59] * Elsa is really lost, she's just a circus girl. Why did she have to get mixed into this sort of thing?
[21:59] <@Oxford> "N'don't be fibbin' me, missy! Back to t's'elter wit t'lot of yae, now!"
[22:00] <Joslyn> "Negative, ma'am. We're just following orders. I'm not lying!"
[22:00] <Caitlin> "Well, miss… uh…" Right, what was her name again? No clue. "Who issued the orders to you?"
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04[22:02] * Joslyn describes the man, and looks at the Sister with puppy dog eyes. "I swear, we wouldn't leave the shelter unless we had a direct order to the contrary."
00[22:02] * Elsa checks Josy's hhead for any bumps, "Are you sure? Maybe you tripped and imagined it." Nope, no bumps.
[22:04] <@Oxford> The nun begins to raise her ruler, but a look of dull realization crosses her face. "It counae 'ave bin…" She looks uncertainly up and down the hall.
[22:04] <Joslyn> "I'm positive, ma'am. May we proceed, please?"
[22:05] <Caitlin> "We sincerely apologize for the trouble, ma'am, but I'm afraid the situation is urgent."
[22:06] <@Oxford> No other authority figures are around to pass the decision off on. With a resigned sigh, she nods. "But iff yea're nae back in t'elter promptly t'arafter, ye'll have no sup far a munth, 'ear?" She waddles past you down the hall, still muttering.
00[22:07] <Elsa> "I guess your head isn't hit hard yet." She begins walking up the stairs following the others
[22:08] <Joslyn> "Yes ma'am." well, that went well. Time to proceed, apologizing for their lateness.
[22:10] <@Oxford> The balcony overlooks Bougnet's Bay, a lake of fire in the setting sun. At the far corner, the Lt. from earlier steps quickly forward.
00[22:10] <Elsa> "Ah, so you weren't lying."
[22:10] <Caitlin> Once clear, Caitlin turns to the others, "I'm afraid I didn't give my name. Caitlin O'Connell, pleased to meet you both."
[22:11] <Joslyn> "Joslyn Parnocus, reporting as requested."
[22:12] <@Oxford> "Lt. Westfield, ladies. I'm sorry, but time is short and I need you airborne as quickly as possible."
[22:13] <Joslyn> "A-airborne? Is it not just a drill?"
00[22:13] <Elsa> "Wait, airborne? Did you smoke some wierd herbs or what?"
[22:14] <Caitlin> "I'm sorry sir, but I've never taken a flight class in my life."
[22:14] <@Oxford> "Do you see those dots? Black, against the dark blue sky? Novgoraadi bombers. Early warning picked them up 30 minutes ago."
<Oxford> "This is most certainly not a drill. I need you to put these on." He hands each girl a necklace, featuring a silver-gray medallion and a crystal set in the center.
<Caitlin> Caitlin is clearly confused but wastes no time in following orders

  • Joslyn puts on the necklace. "I…are these gonna let us fly?"
  • Elsa snatches one of them and inspects it. And out of instinct she bites it to check out if its good quality metal.

<Oxford> It isn't especially good quality, no. And what initially appeared to be inscriptions turns out to be some kind of warning label.
<Elsa> "So…how are we supposed to fly?" she says as she reads the label
<Oxford> "That's a mk.II focus pendant. It'll allow you to access your dormant praeternatural abilities. Yes, flight among them." He nods curtly. "Please, try it out. Depress the crystal and focus your mind."
<Caitlin> Caitlin focuses; she'd read about stuff kinda like this before, but it was all mostly science fiction or old myth. Maybe she floated a little? Who knows.

  • Joslyn closes her eyes and pushes the button. She had no clue how it would help, so she focused on anything that she could think of to fend off a bomber squadron.

<Caitlin> Caitlin struggles over what to focus on. Random words begin to appear in her mind as the center of her focus. These words began to manifest at an exponentially growing rate around her until she disappears in the text. After a flash, the girl finds herself floating with an oversized pen in her hands, spectacles across the bridge of her nose, and flowing blue robes.

  • Elsa focuses, unsure what to focus ON? She closes her eyes and bushes the buttons as well. And as soon as she does that she is enveloped in a bright orange flame for a single second before emerging completely changed. She is wearing a red-orange-yellow outfit not too dissimilar to her performer outfit though a bit more skintight, jester hat and all. Her hair hasn't changed much but its now

<Elsa> a dull red color, her eyes bright orange.
<Oxford> Westfield blinks and leans back, mildly surprised. "I can see the recruiting report was accurate. And you, Ms. Joslyn?"

  • Joslyn 's body is quickly swallowed up by an orb of shining metal before the ball melts away, revealing the girl clad in a somewhat armored form-fitting jacket, a metal skirt down to her knees meeting a pair of steel greaves. And in her hand is something that could accurately be called a small rocket launcher.
  • Elsa holds a super stylised torch in her right hand. "Whoah, AMAZING" She spins around.

<Elsa> "Wait so I didn't get in because I got goot notes on the exams" She says with a lot more energy than she should have.
<Caitlin> Caitlin looks from the rocket launcher to the stylin' torch to her pen. "…Oh."
<Joslyn> "They say the pen's mightier than the sword. But what the hell did we just do?"
<Caitlin> "We… accessed dormant praeternatural abilities, I suppose."
<Oxford> "Very nice, Parnocus. As you can see, you've taken on a combat form suitable for defensive operations…" He glances quickly at the bombers, which have grown larger as you spoke. "Listen, I'll explain everything later. For now, the important thing is to engage and destroy those aircraft."
<Elsa> "Umm alright." She says before focusing on the bombers, 'go ther, go there' she thinks before launching herself straight up., "Whoah! awesome!" She yells from high up
<Joslyn> "…Understood, sir. Well, are we ready to fly?" She doesn't sound too sure of herself, but…what choice do they have?
<Oxford> He has a pair of high-grade binoculars in his hands, which he's turned to face the incoming flight. "I count 4 targets at 5000 feet. You're all cleared to engage. Go!"
<Caitlin> "If you say so, sir." Caitlin hovers nervously for a moment before taking off. This had to be serious.

  • Joslyn focuses her mind on getting off the ground and is surprised how easily she floats, given the weight of the metal she's wearing. Speaking of…it should feel heavier. But it doesn't.

<Oxford> The dusk skies are chilly, and a brisk wind rolls in off the sea. After a little experimentation, the girls find they can ascend and descend quite quickly.

  • Elsa heads zips over to the bombers leaving a thin trail of fire behind her. She might not be all that smart but she is pretty good at this!

<Joslyn> "This is Private Parnocus, assuming the callsign Iron Maiden. Preparing to engage Novgoraadi bombers."
<Joslyn> She's all business now - she doesn't exactly understand what she's doing up here…but she cant be fooling around.
<Oxford> As Lt. Westfield said, there are four bombers - ugly, three-engined planes spotted with bulbous glass turrets at the front and rear. They are painted black, and bear the Red Axe of Novgoraad on their tails.
<Caitlin> "You haven't done this before, have you Miss Jo-um, Miss Maiden?"

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<Joslyn> "I read a few books, apparently everyone in a plane has a secret name they use so the enemy can't pinpoint who is who."
<Caitlin> "But we aren't piloting planes…"
<Joslyn> "We're flying, right? I figure it's close enough…"
<Oxford> The bombers are in tight formation - easy pickings.

  • Elsa flies to the middle of their formation and lets out a massive burst of flame, its starts at her position but it quickly forms an expanding sphere of flowing flame, enveloping all the bombers.

<Elsa> "BURSTING INFERNO" You hear her yell out immediately before the ball of flame gets thicker and then dissipates.
<Oxford> The enemy craft swerve wildly as the flames engulf them. At this range, Elsa can see the looks of panic and confusion on their pilots' faces.
<Oxford> The bomber's aluminium shells wrinkle and sear on the side facing the blast, but none of them seem to be severely damaged.
<Joslyn> Well that was impressive. Joslyn isn't gonna try to one up Elsa. Instead, she's just gonna fire a rocket at the plane farthest to her left.
<Joslyn> "Iron Maiden, Fox 2!"
<Joslyn> The rocket screams out of the blunderbuss-like launcher and screams towards its target. Not much time to react to the shot even if you see it.
<Oxford> The projectile hits the left-most bomber dead-on center, plowing a six inch hole through the fuselage and emerging on the other side before detonating. Even so, the attack does serious damage.
<Caitlin> "Oh… How exactly am I supposed to do this? Um, guns!" Right, the pen. Caitlin sketches the word GUNS in the air, creating a glowing word. An assortment of guns fall out of the word to no effect or apparent purpose before it fades away. "…I'm afraid I did something wrong."

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  • Elsa summons a bottle from…somewhere and takes a heavy gulp out of it and then she puts the torch near her mouth and then spits the contents of her mouth to the most damaged bomber craft. The flame expands and forms some sort of fire snake as it chases the first one from behind and then turns around to hit a second target.

<Elsa> The snake bites down as it engulfs the first plane.
<Oxford> The aircraft shudders, but is still flying when it emerges. There are burns up and down the tail section, and part of the left aileron seems to have broken free. The left-most engine is smoking.
<Oxford> The bombers reform and continue on, turrets rotating to face the girls.
<Joslyn> The formation allows Joslyn to line up a barrage of tiny missiles swarming at the damaged plane and the one on its wing.

  • Elsa smiles and she begins chasing down the less damaged planes.

<Oxford> The swarm of missiles streaks into the damaged bomber, setting off multiple explosions up and down the craft. One of them must have reached the magazine - without warning it explodes in a fireball of shattered metal. A nearby plane is riddled with shrapnel.
<Joslyn> "Splash one! I took one down!" holy shit. She just destroyed a bomber with magic. Holy freaking crap, this was crazy!
<Caitlin> "How did you DO that?" Caitlin scribbles FIRE into the air, this time, with effects equally anticlimactic. A puff of flame escapes before the word fades.
<Joslyn> "I shot missiles at it, and it blew up?!?"
<Oxford> As Caitlin forms an attack of her own, the ball-turrets in the rightmost two bombers spew a barrage of bullets toward her, tracers lighting up the darkening sky.
<Caitlin> For a girl who had never so much as gotten into a fight… That's going to hurt. At least, her loud, pained screams suggested that it did.
<Elsa> "I spit- oh god." She squirms at the view.
<Joslyn> "You okay Bookworm?" Joslyn is a bit scared as well. That looked quite painful.
<Oxford> On the left side of the formation, the most heavily-damaged of the remaining planes turns away from the other two, thick black smoke streaming behind it. It appears to be breaking off to return to base.
<Caitlin> Caitlin returns a teary eyed nod. It'd hurt anybody, but someone tougher might've shrugged it off. "Hurts."

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<Joslyn> "Calm down…concentrate, and we can take them out together. You wanna try that?"

  • Elsa chases down the planes, she gets in between both of them and swings around with a sword made out of flame. Its not too solid but it leaves the metal red hot where it hits.

<Oxford> The aircraft on the right gets its rudder sheared clean off. The detached piece falls, glowing red, and drops into the bay with a hiss.
<Caitlin> Another nod. "Don't like them. Take them out." She still seemed to be in a bit of shock at being shot at, but at least she was ready to do something about them.
<Joslyn> "Okay, gimme something big. Something I can use to smash it!"
<Caitlin> Big? …Hm, something big… Caitlin's pen moved quickly, writing out the word HAMMER. She added on the adjective HUGE in front of it. A hammer launched out of its word and passed through huge, becoming modified to match, before floating over to Joslyn.
<Joslyn> It was huge, but it felt so light. With one wide swing, one plane was promptly decimated.
<Oxford> Once again, the attack is met with a glowing hail of turet fire. Joslyn is unscathed, but behind her, Caitlin takes another fierce pounding.
<Caitlin> Ouch. More screams can be heard from Caitlin as her injuries are pounded upon by the plane's fire. The girl balls up and sobs in mid-air.
<Oxford> The hammer impacts squarely on the rightmost plane's cockpit. Shattered glass sprays backward in the wind, and as Joslyn pulls the weapon back, a mangled form in a flight suit drops toward the sea.

  • Joslyn snaps. Magic spirals out of control until the hammer has a giant spike on one end, and got even bigger. And it's aimed right at the last plane, that's been tormenting Caitlin all this time. "DON'T hurt my FRIEND!"

<Oxford> The stricken bomber falls, unguided, on a lazy glide downward. Whether by chance or the dying pilot's last efforts, t's on a direct course for the city below.

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<Joslyn> And smash! The hammer rips through the fuselage like a hot knife through butter.
<Oxford> A gaping hole tears through the aft section of the fuselage, just behind the wing. The belly-gunner screams as his entire turret rips loose and drops into the ocean below.

  • Elsa speeds to the falling bomber plane as she completely engulfs herself in flame and heads straight to the middle of it, she can do this! Her form becomes engulfed in flame, and you are reminded of some sort of fire arrow as she cleaves right through it and goes all the way through to the ground, the ammunition inside it exploding due to cookoff.
  • Elsa lands on her feet in the middle of some road in the nearby town.

<Caitlin> Caitlin gives it one more try with her pen, writing out the word LEAVE. However, rather than removing her opponent, an orange fall leaf floats out of the word and through the air, offering her little protection.
<Caitlin> "That's not even spelled the same!"
<Oxford> The spine-gunner on the final bomber roars in some northern dialect, fire reflected in his goggles. He directs a stream of bullets at Caitlin, criss-crossing her with fire.

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<Joslyn> Now you did it. She's fucking pissed. And she takes her anger out by perching on the bomber's nose and sending a missile at the pilot's head from point-blank range
<Caitlin> Or rather, uh, Caitlin got criss-cross fired again. Yet another loud moan of pain—what is she, a bullet magnet?
<Joslyn> "Die, monster…and don't fucking come back!"
<Oxford> The bomber is directly above the port proper, its bomb bays hanging open like a hungry maw. The bombardier dies with his finger millimeters from the release as the missile's blast envelops the entire nose of the aircraft.
<Oxford> Debris rains down among the ships at dock. From altitude, it looks as harmless as a fistful of pebbles thrown at a lake.

  • Joslyn sighs as she hovers, heading over to Caitlin's location. She really got beat up pretty badly. "Hey buddy…you still alive?"
  • Elsa looks up at the last plane getting blown to bits, she slowly lifts off and heads to the balcony where they took off, wisps of fire occasionally appearing around her mid flight. She ends up sitting on the handrail on its edge, balancing herself on it.

<Caitlin> Her carefully constructed, high brow manner of speech more or less evaporated before the pain, "Wanna go home.
<Caitlin> "
<Joslyn> "…Can't. But we can at least get you back to school. Will that be okay?"
<Oxford> Lt. Westfield nods to Elsa as she lands. "Well done, Ms. Elsa. Mission complete - I'll need to take custody of that Focus Pendant back now, if you please."
<Caitlin> Caitlin sniffles and nods. Somewhere, she knows that she's acting like the little girl who got lost in the crowd and ought to control herself better, but she's ultimately too freaked out and too scared.

  • Joslyn and Caitlin land shortly after. "Lieutenant…O'Connell was pretty badly hurt in the skirmish. Permission to take her to the medical wing?"

<Elsa> "But…can't we keep them? They're soooo amazing!" She begs with puppy eyes.
<Oxford> The lieutenant frowns. "You may, Parnocus. Leave the pendants here with me. I'm afraid it's impossible to let you keep them, Ms. Elsa. But don't worry; you'll be given ample opportunity to use the Focus Pendant from here on out."
<Caitlin> Getting the pendant away from Caitlin is quite easy—she wants nothing to do with the thing.
<Joslyn> "…Is it a logistics issue? Or something else?"
<Oxford> "I'm sorry, Ms. Parnocus, but the regulations are extremely specific. Rest assured I do this only for your own good."
<Joslyn> "My own good?" In any case, disobeying an order is a Very Bad Thing. So she (with some reluctance) hands over her pendant. "uurf…"

  • Elsa summons a bottle of some italian wine and sets it on the ground before taking off the pendant, returning to her normal form in another burst of flames. She tosses it to the lieutenant, "All yours."

<Joslyn> "I…feel…dizzy…"
<Oxford> He catches it deftly and slips all three into a small leather pouch.
<Oxford> "Now go get some sleep, ladies. I've already provided an explanation to your dorm mother. I will meet all three of you back here tomorrow night after vespers, and will explain everything then. Dismissed."
<Caitlin> Caitlin looks at Joslyn with a bit of worry and confusion. She hadn't been hit, right? Flight sickness? She wasn't feeling articulate enough to try diagnosing her, though. "Are you okay?"
<Joslyn> "F-fine…just…it f-feels…" she seems a bit less than "fine", for what it's worth. "Dunno…"
<Joslyn> Well, there's the fact that every non-living thing she's touched has been coated with stainless steel.
<Oxford> The lieutenant seems not to have noticed. He's out of sight, probably headed back to the faculty quarters.
<Caitlin> "Medical wing?" Maybe they could BOTH use a trip to the nurse. Caitlin half expected Joslyn to collapse. The steel thing was weird, too. Pendant's side effect?
<Joslyn> She didn't collapse. But there was a trail of polished steel behind them. And her flushed face didn't help matters.

  • Elsa looks for the kitchen to see if she can snatch some food, all that action made her hungry, and hey, she has a bottle of wine to use!

<Caitlin> Caitlin's probably a little discolored, too, though not necessarily centered on the face. She'd gone from pale white to painful black and blue in the areas where she'd been injured.
<Joslyn> "…You got beat up badly…I'm sorry I couldn't help any more."

  • Joslyn gives Caitlin a hug from behind.

<Oxford> The infirmary is on the other side of the dining hall - it takes a bit to limp over there, but they reach the room eventually. The glazed-glass window on the door glows golden into the darkened hallway.
<Joslyn> Wait a minute…that's a bit high for a hug.
<Caitlin> "My fault. Did nothing. You two did all the fighting. Would have died al-Oww." The girl jumps as she's hugged. Sore, sore, sore!

  • Joslyn mutters something and readjusts her grip, being more gentle. And her hands are DEFINITELY too high for a hug.

<Caitlin> Caitlin squirms a little bit, "Is this normal? Girls' schools are weird. Military academies are weird."
<Joslyn> "It…it feels so good…" yeah, that's where her hands went. She's either out of her mind or about to get punched. Maybe both.
<Caitlin> "Really sleepy. Infirmary beds." The younger of the two struggles to break away and enter the med wing. Hopefully they'd let her crash there, because she feels like her consciousness is gonna slip soon.
<Joslyn> Joslyn is similar, although it's half faked to make sure that Caitlin is okay through the night. After all, she couldn't bear it to see her best friend suffer alone…
<Oxford> It takes some explaining, but the nurse on duty eventually accepts their explanations and lets the two curl up in adjacent hospital beds. A quiet falls over the monastery, and the two girls fall asleep almost immediately.
<Oxford> /session