Before you start reading go grab the system, thanks.
Errata is here, not that there's much. But just in case!


"Hey therrre!
Welcome to Society, tha only haven in our worrrld! Not that I need ta say that or anythin', havin' prrrobably lived yer whole life herrre. After all, wherrre else is therrre ta live? Underrrwaterrr? Onna the Dead Islands? Pah! That ain't how it works, kid, ya'd starrrve. But we both know that.

I see ya brought that with ya. Yep. Everrry one of us got a copy of it not too long after we were born, it's tha law: 'The Guide to the Worrrld.' Cats & Dogs on page 24, Distractions on 97? Yeah, that's it, we all have it. Teaches us who we arrre, how to find gearrr, 'bout divin' and stuff. But there's somethin' weirrrd about those things. Want me to go on? Surrre.

Y'see, everrry now n' then, there's an errrorrr. Well, not really, more like… an extrrra. A little section in the back page that a few get, but otherrrs don't have. Seems like it's some kinda descrrrription on how to find a certain group of treasurrres. Forrrtunately for you, kid, I got it right herrre… ah, here y'go:

'Seek the ultimate reward, young one.
The Sword pierces the earth deep, where only your eyes cannot reach;
The Armor is being eternally forged, with a cacophony your ears may never hear;
The Shield is perceived by all forevermore, yet is never touched;
And the Gate, where they all come together, was right beneath your nose from the beginning, revealed only at the end.
It waits eternally, for those few who unite the impossibilities and have their fated meeting.

Strrrange, innit? They say tha only ones with that written in their Guides arrre the 'chosen ones,' who'll find the trrreasures sometime in their lives. Everybody else? Scrrrewed, if ya ask me. I'm sure I didn't need ta tell ya all that, though.

After all, if ya didn't have that bit in yer own Guide, ya wouldn't be here. So what'll it be?"


So! This'll be a -shot or short campaign in CATastrophe, because why not? Being a new system, most things will be RAW just to see how well they work, and multiple groups are more likely than not but depend on who all shows interest. One 'group' being a 1on1 is entirely possible! Pickups are all doomed from the beginning so the most likely turnout is that 'major' sessions will be set on a day and if anything needs to be cleared up between those, they can happen, easy.

The setting is as detailed above, mixed with what's implied by RAW: Big, open world, a single metropolis simply called 'Society' in the middle of the ocean. It's not a pretty place, considering 99% of it is salvaged parts, but it's all you've got unless you really DO want to spend your whole life on an uninhabited island. It's not unheard of, but the Dead Islands are small enough and resources are few enough in general that the biggest 'settlement' you'll find is one weirdo living alone in a log cabin. Considering how Society makes it its mission to provide for everybody who lives there and give Guides to the newlings, it's better than nothing.

The 'animals' the kemomis (or whatever else they may call themselves) are based off are virtually unheard of. They're only really known as being what THEY are; 'earless' fluff is pretty much just as usual though. Lost relics, occasional weird pictures of people without kemomi ears, etc etc. Obviously they're considered a myth.

Hey Tree you dumbass, when will you stop using the same format for every page?

  • Never.
  • So, as stated above, probably not a pickup; Tues might work? If all else fails with the group idea, then at least the 'final' session will definitely have a set date.
  • Mediums sessions will run in are probably varying; like, I want to try some over voice in addition TO text, even though most are probably used to the latter. In the former case there'll probably be some kinda 'summary logs' provided or something just so those not involved won't feel left out or something.
  • Don't think groups are mandatory, because they're probably optional; it should go without saying that 'major' sessions are treasure hunts - being how -shots work - and it's just as workable with one group going after all of them as it would be a bunch of different folk on their own quests (personally I just find the latter idea interesting, but, still!).
  • REGARDLESS, be expecting sessions to probably be years apart, just in case that jostles your fluffbones any
  • Let's do chargen as RAW by now: 3d6 drop lowest x5, roll and assign, reroll <7 If there's a problem like someone getting 7/7/7/7/7 and somebody else getting 12/12/12/12/12 we can either do rerolls or work out a point-buy, but I don't expect it to be necessary, that just sounds pretentious.
  • Custom races? Sure! The list as-is is fine but if you're really hungering for a 20% furry not on there let me know, we can slap stats on them and let them go. Fluff-wise still assume the RAW races are the majority by far though.
  • PENDING: Might fuck with starting gear/fangs a bit due to -shot, might not. Might be fine as-is.
  • PENDING: ALMOST want to say boats are made of handwavium and don't detract from starting cash, because, you know, -shot. Probably will, in fact, expect a decision to be made by the time interest gets shown or somesuch.
  • That's it!