Treasure of Mana

The World

"In 1,000 years, Mana will return to your world…"

Barely a year ago, these words came true in the most fortunate way possible; when Mana returned to the land magic and civilization flourished, people who otherwise went hungry began to live comparatively luxurious lives, and so on. The past thousand years had brought about great change to the world, the depleted flow of Mana causing many lands to disappear and people to change, creatures to become extinct. Now, with its return, the chaos-torn world has quickly reestablished order, with the world being rebuilt and festivals being constantly held in every town. But, unfortunately for this happy world, it may not be quite as safe as it seems…

Treasure of Mana is an FFD6 campaign that doesn't even belong on this site, but it's here anyway for ease of operation. Some basic things of note:

  • Characters begin at level 3, with appropriate stat points (33 total) and default amount of Job Abilities (2).
  • Everybody starts with 1 point of Destiny; 1 point of exp is given upon chargen for not slacking off, as in the pdf. Don't slack off.
  • 1,000 starting lucre. Toolkits for synthesizing are free.
  • Races are mostly homebrewed, they're down there.
  • Freelancer isn't banned.
  • At some point late in the campaign there may or may not be a Light/Dark system akin to Seiken Densetsu 3 that may involve extra skills and/or spells; details will come when they come, but be thinking about that.
  • Let's realtalk here, Japanese names are better than Western localized ones— Poron to Chobin, Angel's Grail to Cup of Wishes, etc., but let's use one or the other in each case for consistency, okay? Please? At least the Mana Spirits are better left as Jinn, Wisp, etc.
  • If anybody else wants to seriously join a game with 9 confirmed players already, please ask about it. Seriously, if somebody else invites themselves they're going to be getting a reaction so angry it doesn't even belong on the internet. Just don't do it.
  • Sessions run Fridays on 5 PM CST, and Sundays on 3 PM CST. Subject to change.
  • Skills and some other things are changed around a bit because they were ass, check below (when I get there).

The Inhabitants


As Humes in the PDF.

The OTHER Inhabitants

Group A
Eirene the Siren Entertainer — Anise
Lyle the Human Samurai — Aori_Radidjiu
Terse the Human Freelancer — Tim
Briar the Chobin Thief — Web
Group ??
Flammie the Flammie Blue Mage — LInaInverse

Group B
Naida the Sprite Red Mage — `maki`
Breezy the Sprite Monk — Bardy/The Bard/Celeste
Lucia the Carmilla Ninja — BB
Rodidja the Human Gambler — Inu88

The World

(The Sprite Village's most recent map of Mana Spirit locations— about 100 or so years ago, that is)


Holy City Wendel - Having upheld its title and reputation for centuries upon centuries, Wendel is a peaceful town to the southeast where many from around the world find themselves going on pilgrimages to, considering its sanctuary is a renowned holy place. The High Priest's life is well-guarded, as the castle doubles as a training ground for Gemma Knights who've signed up to protect the newly-reborn Mana Tree, all of whom often stand at guard. In recent years, the city has become surrounded by a thick forest, though historians spoke that it once used to be blocked off by a sealed passageway. The Mana Spirit Wisp is known to reside here.

Willow Village - A poorly-named village, Willow doesn't have the ancient history most other cities are known for, just now bordering on its first century since being built as a small rest for zealots en route to Wendel. Now, as a full-fledged village with many homes for those who can't afford to live in a holy place, it still serves its purpose and is often infested by mercenaries seeking to make quick cash escorting travelers through the ever-so-dangerous Willow Trail. Oftentimes the mercs end up being more dangerous than whatever lies on the Trail itself, though.

Hidden Chobin Village - Off the Willow Trail, people who get lost sometimes find themselves here. That is to say, nobody stumbles upon this place ever because the Trail is so cleanly marked. Goblins are a different business, however, and the species find themselves in a pseudo-war constantly. Though fortunately for the Chobins, Goblins are awfully dumb and forget what they're doing most of the time. Still, the Village is a serene place for those who enter it, perhaps boringly so.

Fortress City Jadd - Located to the east, Jadd is an ancient city that used to be known for its castle walls. Over the past few centuries, it only became more and more reinforced until it had ended up as the largest, impenetrable city on any continent, requiring hours or even days for a single traveler to be permitted entry, much less for anybody to actually attempt to attack it. The much-more-peaceful beastmen have made their home here, now coexisting with humans and even the much-more-common half-breeds, and it is said that whoever rules the city is more protected than the city's walls themselves, going so far as to hide their name and even their title. Rumors spread that it used to be located elsewhere as opposed to the middle of the desert, while others say it was always a desert paradise surrounded by multiple oases.

Sprite Village - Most humans cannot enter the Sprite Village because it isn't even in the same dimension they live in. Located in the Holy Lands of Mana, Sprites born from Mana energy populate a village that used to be small and gradually declining. As of the past year, despite an incident talked about in hushed voices, Sprites have been born from the Mana Tree in larger and larger numbers, forcing the expansion of the village. Going to the outside is still fairly taboo, and is only done by those with good reason.

Island City, Topple - What used to be a peaceful village is now a village that's peaceful in a different way, divided into numerous islands. That's not to say it isn't still peaceful though, of course; a well-known port lies at the edge of this town, and supposedly offers to provide travel to anywhere in the world.

Dwarven Village - Still told of mostly in rumors, there lies somewhere in the world a city populated by stout craftsmen. Nobody seems to have actually been there to tell stories of it, if it actually exists.

Moonlight City Menos - Many claim the city used to have a different name, or that it used to be a different city entirely; in addition, there are even claims that it used to be surrounded by a massive forest. But none of that is true now, at least, as this city to the northwest is a bustling hub for excitement and activity. Nightly gambling rounds are held at the only "real" Casino in the world, and rumors are spread that the city has a mafia problem of some kind. Most of it is dismissed, though, as when villagers end up disappearing they're mostly broke old drunks anyway.

Wind Paradise Rolante - Once supposedly a great kingdom, Rolante debunks these rumors by being home to fun-loving, yet mostly peaceful folk. Their town guards and politicians are all women, following historical tales about how it was once a kingdom of 'amazons' or 'valkyries,' but the folk claim this to be a coincidence and go about their lives otherwise equally. The Mana Spirit of Wind, Jinn, was last recorded as being here… about a hundred or so years ago. Considering the nonmagical nature of the city's residents, its existence was mostly regarded as being as a spiritual overseer and never directly observed.


Willow Trail - Instead of any silly sealed cave, the Willow Trail is a simple road through the thick forests - and possibly a few unsealed caves - on the way to the holy city. It's notorious for its abundance of thieves, as most forests leading to villages where people bring holy artifacts are.

Castle Carmilla - A nickname given to the ominous, looming castle outside the outskirts of Menos, this somewhat scary-looking building is actually known for having government-related business deals with the city often and is thusly overlooked by the people there. Rumors spread that some kind of sorcery flows within its halls as well as that those who have bad luck with gambling somehow end up there, never to be seen again. Or at least never to be seem gambling again.

Mana Palace - Previously inaccessible to most humans, the Mana Holy Lands radiate supreme life energy and supposedly hold the Mana Tree. However, in ancient times, a 'bridge' between the two worlds was known— with the rebirth of the Mana Tree and flow of Mana into the world, the bridge was reconstructed in the form of the ancient, though shoddy, Mana Palace, which has since been guarded by Gemma Knights who've completed their training in Wendel. It's still fairly mysterious and referred to as a 'ruin,' since most people don't know much about it.

Gaea's Navel - The place of many a rumor; labeled as an abandoned mine by some and a cave totally devoid of life by others, a massive mountain hosts the entrance to this mostly-underground land of mystery. The reason why so few people know about it probably have to do with a bridge being out.



Niccolo Niccolo - A… sort of enigmatic cheerful, hefty rabbit who claims to be 'from the family of Niccolos,' Niccolo is a traveling merchant who puts more priority in keeping his wealth safe than trying to find clever ways to make more. Despite having traveled the world multiple times, he has a terrible long-term memory and gets lost often.


Kurt Auriga - An oaf of a Gemma Knight who can be serious and dedicated when it matters, Kurt is known for having a lax attitude with his subordinates and keeping a comforting attitude so long as they're within city walls. Elsewhere, he's been known to be fiercely protective and quick to jump to conclusions. He's earned the nickname 'The Three-Armed,' but hardly anybody knows why.

High Priest - an exaggeratedly well-kept man, the High Priest of Wendel is actually an eccentric Bard-type, writing ballads and poems as often as he reads them. Unfortunately for Eirene and friends, his songs aren't good enough for people to steal, so he isn't really all too sure what that's like.

Wisp - The Mana Spirit of Light, also known as 'Lumina' by some less-creative people, is known to make its home in the palace of Wendel. Wisp is sort of talkative, and while it gladly acts as a muse and inspires people, it gets bored of doing it for too long.

Hidden Chobin Village

Bark - A Chobin merchant from a village hidden to most outsiders, Bark doesn't take his business nearly as serious as he should because other races rarely visit and barely puts any effort into defending his stock. Still, since it's the only stock in the village, it's always dangerous when his store gets raided at least once every week.

Thorn - The chief of the Chobin village, and a wizened sage who shows no tolerance for petty acts such as thievery. Despite this, he's still the sole force responsible for keeping the village hidden from outsiders through illusions, as he claims to have seen too much harm be done through mingling with the other races.

???? - Willow's Chobin tribe is small and close-knit enough to not have many faces that aren't familiar to each other. Maybe they're hiding something from the outside? Chobin from this particular village tend to have names related to plants.


Corona Escamille - The hard-working head maid of Castle Carmilla, Corona is a bright-eyed youth always seen carrying a broom and never spotted without her uniform. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't have many curves for the outfit to adhere to, leaving her mostly ignored when visitors come to the castle, most especially the old men who lose gambling matches and become food for the curvaceous, lesser maids who do nothing but sit around and the lounge and compare stories of seducing men. At least, that's how the rumors go. Corona has iron dedication to her Mistress, unlike the rest, and always does everything in her power to assure her general well-being.

Shade - Contrary to popular belief, the 'Moonlight City' of Menos isn't home to Luna, the Mana Spirit of the Moon; rather, her location is unknown, but some sorcerors have been known to attempt to pay visits to the castle Shade impulsively decided to take up his home in one day. Most of them were either turned away or got so frustrated with all the business applications and forms that needed to be filled that they gave up partway through and got lost forever looking for Luna instead. That said, Shade is rarely visited by even the Carmilla because of his habit of speaking far too softly.

Monster Reference


What's For Sale?

Name Cost Effect
candyx.gif Candy 20luc Recovers 20 HP
chocolatex.gif Chocolate 60luc Recovers 60 HP
cupofwishes.gif Cup of Wishes 150luc Revives 1 ally with 1 HP

Up-to-Date Stuff

  • Current Party Level: 5

Current Craftable Inventory

Crafted/Discovered Equipment

(Pre-existing equipment upgrades not included)

Name Crafted/Discovered Stats Current Owner Miscellaneous
Failclaw Drake Claw + Old Sword (C) Tier 0 Concealed N/A The wrath of dicemaid. A critically failed crafting attempt. Poor Eirene. ;_;
Duality Sprite Assassin (D) Tier 3 Reach; Special Ability1 Lyle Wielded by a mysterious sprite girl who self-terminated with a strange blue powder. Somehow has two minor Mana Spirits living inside of it.
Gnomeblade Earth Palace (D) Tier 3(+) Blade; Special Ability2 Flammie Supposedly contains the Major Mana Spirit Gnome. Likes to drink up Mana when nearby abundant sources of it.
Draconic Tome Drake Heartstring + Old Tome (C) Tier 2 Arcane; Special Ability3 Naida Naida's weapon. Its pages are blank, but being struck with certain types of magic causes it to fill itself out with arcane runes. Being struck in certain conditions even allows it to use the spell it was damaged with.
Chaos Hand Failclaw + Rocket Fist + Scrap Metal Tier 3 Brawl OR Accessory; Special Ability4 N/A A full hand-covering, clawed gauntlet that radiates negative Mana. It seems to compel its user to grab their opponents by the face and infuse them with mentally-debilitating effects.
Black Robe Sprite Assassin (D) Tier 2 Light Armor; 6 ARM, 14 M.ARM Briar(?) A robe that proved to be fairly big on a child-sized person. However, it is light enough as to not hamper movements, and even has a neat-looking hood. It's black with a gold trim and has multiple pouches for storing small objects.
Drake Manteau Drake Claw + Drake Wing + Drake Eye (C) Accessory; Special Ability5 Briar A strange capelet with claws on the edges and an eye on the back. Something like "Said to give the wearer a third eye" could be included if its creator were famous or its wearer were an adventurer of great renown, but it's currently worn by its creator who is neither of those things right now. It still looks sort of cool.
Blue Pollenjuice Death Flower/Lullabud Pollen + Blue 'Goop' Use Item; Single-target, casts Sleep + Inflicts Armor Break Lucia A potion made from the remains of a previously-sentient flower and part of the Mana Eater's corpse. It makes its opponents nearly as weak to physical attacks as the 'eater was when it was blue.
Magic Scale Drake Scale + Drake Eye

1 - Possesses both Firestrike and Waterstrike. At the beginning of combat, 1d2 is rolled to determine which effect is on the weapon. Every other turn, the effect is swapped.
2 - Damage dealt, aside from Piercing Strike, is done to M.ARM as opposed to ARM.
3 - Counter Magic, as per the Black Mage ability
4 - As a full-round action, treat a single target as though the Confuse spell were cast on them with no MP cost; the negative status effect Confusion is applied to the target if they fail a DC14 resist check.
5 - Mutation: Dragon, as per the Blue Mage ability. Grants Dragon Killer, but only grants +1 EVA (as opposed to the original ability's +2).



Day Description
Luna Day Moon magic deals 150% damage, ???
Salamando Day Fire magic deals 150% damage, Moti's CANDY on sale
Undine Day Water magic deals 150% damage, ???
Dryad Day Wood magic(?) deals 150% damage, ???
Jinn Day Wind magic deals 150% damage, ???
Gnome Day Earth magic deals 150% damage, Moti's CHOCOLATE on sale
Mana Holy Day All inn rooms are free, ???


Quest/Rumor/Etc Details Date Reward
Into the Depths In a cave in a place known as Gaea's… Something, the Great Spirit Gnome supposedly made his home for years upon years. The Dwarf Lotts refined him into a sword, which… may take drastic measures to wake him up from. Salamando Day, 1 Gnomeblade
Beach Party… Kind Of The seaside town of Topple, according to Wisp, is not only a place for the musically-inclined but where the Great Undine had been said to make her home… supposedly. Undine Day, 1 Undine?
The Valley of the Winds? The Great Spirit of Wind, Jinn, supposedly resided on a kingdom atop a mountain… of course, what's there now is more a tourist trap than a kingdom. Who knows? ??? Jinn?
Within Castle Walls The desert to the east is taken up almost completely by the heavily-fortified kingdom city of Jad. Ancient maps and the Great Spirits themselves both point to the Great Spirit of fire, Salamando, having lived here, but… ??? Salamando?
Battle of the Breezes! Every other Jinn Day, combatants gather round the city of Menos for something that actually ISN'T gambling. The participants that show up most of the time, however, are usually a different story. Jinn Day, 1 Glory?


[01:47:02] <&Tim> Your picture is Ilya
[01:47:39] <&Tim> …claims to be male
[01:47:42] <&Tim> goddamnit
[01:47:53] <&Tim> You made an androgynous trap, didn't you Celeste? :|
[01:48:39] <@Breezy> Preeeeetty much
[01:48:41] <&Tim> Although Breezy doesn't seem that young, just kinda silly
[01:49:03] <&Tim> …Saaay, how would you like to help Terse teach Lyle how to talk to girls?
[01:49:22] <@Breezy> Haha, okay
[01:49:46] <&Tim> "Alright, put on the dress, and…I think you're a girl, just…just answer him like a girl would?"
[01:49:57] <&Tim> "…oh god get off his lap that wasn't what I meant at all."

History of the World

Not-So-Canon Combat Test - Group vs. Mantis Ant, srs bsns.
Group A Session #1 - Terse meets a traveling Siren and decides he doesn't give a fuck about his life, so the two go on adventure- sounds like a real JRPG, right? There are multiple half-furries and some goblins involved, too. Also, bonus footage at the end.
Group B Session #1 - The Sprite Naida's adventure begins in a town too noisy to be as close to home as it is; her journey takes her and an idiotic new friend of hers to the nearby castle known for its mafia infestation where they meet a drunk who hates their guts and constantly tries to escape, wasting everybody's time in the process. The 'vampire' herself turns out to be Dracula with double the amount of "what is a man" speeches, and shade is a jerk. As for the end? Nobody knows or really cares.
... What?
Group A Session #2 - The newly-formed team has a lengthy breakfast and then proceeds to say hello to Wisp, who is almost annoyingly talkative. Taking to the skies after some goodbyes, they fall under attack from a jerkface drake and its similarly jerkface rider unprovoked, sending the beast flying into a castle after its demise. Hoo boy. Later becomes "Lesbo Vampire Creeping on Siren: The Game: The Session."
Group B Session #2 - After a lengthy breakfast, Naida's group heads out to meet Gnome, the Mana Spirit of Earth. Instead, they find a dwarf who makes hats. Is there really anything more that can be said?
Group A Session #2.5 - Briar and Lyle have a trip into Mentos- I mean Menos, where they shop and other silly things. Afterward, they make an attempt to hunt only to become the hunted themselves, leading to DRAMA.
Group N/A Session #0.1 - Terse goes fishing! Breezy comes too. It's cute.
Group B Session #3 - The group continues descending the 'tower' in Gaea's… Something, meeting some plants along the way, until they finally come face-to-face with the horror that is the Lost Number- I mean, Mana Eater.
Group A Session #3 - A fun dinnertime… fun. But nothing really happens. Isn't that just so exciting?