The Scape


2072. The future started with humanity living in a condition that totally wasn't taken from a /v/ thread about a tripfag claiming to be from the future detailing future conditions, nope, not at all. Out of fear of global warming, mankind took to forming large 'domes' on various parts of every continent to provide comfortable living conditions; this, however, meant that most children would grow up without ever seeing the actual sun in their lives. Before that, though, Japan sunk into the sea due to some tsunami-related cataclysm. That pretty much says it.



The Characters

Name Player Element Power Attributes
Adrianne Lavender Firespitter Shadow Arcane M>F>H
Althaia Atrum Mami-san Steam Mist H>M>F
Hailey Markane Charm Fire Holy F>H>M
Madobe Nanako Nanao-kun Vacuum Plasma M>F>H
Skye Lyon The Bard Eyes Light H>M>F

The NPCs

The Logs

Scape Logs
Scape Logs part 2
Scape Logs part 3
Scape Logs part 4
Scape Logs part 5

Scape Filler Logs