The Organization

It is the year 2013. 60 Years after the second World War brought forth terrible paranormal weapons, and nearly ended life as we know it, things have changed. Magical girls, projects made by occultists, farmgirls with skills passed down from Salem, or orphans with unusual luck were taken in by "Denmothers" and added into small groups, called Covens in the States, Academies in Europe, and Squadrons in Asia. This informal group of girls, called the Organization manages to keep the paranormal at bay, fighting the darkness with light hearts and teamwork. However, in the new high tech city of Kingsford, in Canada, strange monsters have appeared, slaughtering the magical girls there with ease. A new branch has been sent there to eliminate the foes, and protect this brand new, gleaming city.

Unlike previous operations, this one has been spearheaded by the first magical girl owned corporation, and as such.. tactics have changed. Hiding in plain sight can be done when the cameras do not register your existence. The police will deny reports of 'giant dogs' as drunks, and strange lights can be explained away as particle accelerator accidents, leading one to ask, what does it mean to be a magical girl. What does it mean to be free?