The Missing Piece



A Word…

"A change from the imperfect. A world that isn't able to die, where everybody can live out their own lives without fearing for their children or their children's children.
To dampen the negative. Make as little despair as is needed to feel joy. As little hate as is needed to love. As little disease as is needed to embrace health.
An Earth where all things flourish, and nothing is diminished. A vessel for perfection.
I wish…
It ends there. Are you surprised?

Have sex with me.

Oh? My name?
… I hope "S.S.S." doesn't sound too silly to you.

What is this?

The year 2090 is what it is, in a mysterious world where nothing is what it seems. Or rather, in a world where history seems to have been recorded and then dropped off out of nowhere. A few people, perhaps fortunate or perhaps unfortunate, find themselves meeting strange creatures that offer them second chances to live after their deaths, or claim to be able to give them power beyond what they've dreamed of, on the condition that they defeat them and their comrades.

They've gone through different names: Magical Girls? Puella Magi? Spellweavers? Mages? Magi? With nobody to define a name for them, they find their own way in a big city that seems to form itself whenever it wants to. And at the same time, they have to deal with their own mysterious power AND their everyday lives in an expansive, lively planet Earth where every day seems to be just perfect.

More detail, here

  • Due to impulse, this seems like it's probably going to be a high-lethality campaign. It's best not to get too attached just in case, but having decent effects and strategies would be an even better idea.
  • Characters begin with a total of 40 points to distribute between Magical and Normal Attributes. No two numbers within the same category may be identical, and all stats may not be below 3 or above 9.
  • If you're DESPERATE, a single Magical stat 10 or higher costs 3 points per 1 point, and 2:1 for a Normal attribute 10 or higher.
  • You MAY go lower than 3 in a stat, but it isn't recommended as having 1 or 2 means you aren't able to make challenges using it under any circumstances. Hi there Beatrix, ready to get autohit?
  • Magical effects and Finishers are strongly encouraged to be homebrewed and not taken straight from the PDF. Ask for ideas if you need help!
  • Two magical effects (Element, Power) and one Finisher are the default, but just to spice things up, by reducing the total number of poins to buy stats with from 40 to 34 at chargen, you may take a single extra effect, or even an extra Finisher upon approval. If desired, you may couple this with an additional element/power for fun fluff.
  • Magical boys are fine. Don't even start asking me about sexuality, everybody is lax about that stuff in 2090. Even religion is essentially just fashion. Humanity still didn't leave Earth because they realized they didn't have a reason to.
  • An experimental homebrew resolve system is in the works, expect to be told about it AFTER chargen is finished.
  • Time? Fuck no, pickups only. The more hefty-scheduled of individuals will be waited for for important sessions, but expect time to be lax.
  • Countries are obsolete, the entire world is separated into numbered 'districts' under their own government. Surprisingly, it's actually less of a hassle. People claim that the districts used to be something else…
  • Schools are a bit different. Learning is accelerated and schooling systems filter useless trash finally, so most children will graduate high school by age 14. With technology still replacing jobs, it's much more common to see 'invalids' who stay at home because the economy lets them do that.
  • Changes will not be rolled on the change table (except in a few extreme lazy moments) but instead decided by the narrative. Expect overuse of magic to explode relationships or hurt the environment more often than turn you into a moé magical boy with an insane twin.
  • Reviving rules apply, however once reduced to 0 resolve you must wait one turn before making a Revival attempt.
  • For the last bit of CRAYZAY, the Half-Attack Stat rule will not be implied. Instead, for damage, you may add your WHOLE attack stat, just for scaling experiments. Fun incoming. However, this is only against targets who aren't 'Seers' themselves. Any Seer attacked by magic takes damage by applying the half-attack stat rule instead.


Nobody is for absolute certain what the Guardians are yet.

This page is only here in case any of you goofs are trying not to spoil yourselves or something.


Tinkerer: Dicemaid's kindness allowed the Scape's personal robotoy, Francesca, to be granted +1 in two normal attributes.
Robo-Buster: Stealing a high-quality empathy chip due to a lucky guess from the party's droid-hater has given Francesca a +3, +2, and two +1s in normal attributes.
Sanguinis Defeated: Magical energies in the Scape have been unlocked. All Seers, even those who did not participate, are given +1 in any magical attribute of their choice.
Mystique Defeated: Magical energies in the Scape have been unlocked… more. All Seers, even those who did not participate, are given +1 in any magical attribute of their choice and an upgrade to a single magical effect or finisher; new effects are fine within limitation.
Ship Mastery lv1: Anybody involved in a love confession may have immediate +1 to their social score. As long as they don't break up, that is.
Stormy Skies: Sometimes getting too angry can be rewarding. This probably isn't one of those times, but Rochelle, Hasu-Hasu, and Mrrn can all have +1 aggro for doing a good job of expressing themselves… angrily.
Social Links Lv1: Everybody in the Scape who actually does things may choose a normal stat and take a +1 to it, within logical reason. Note that this isn't mandatory, and… some cases may not apply before actually letting the other Seers come talk to them or something. Hey there, Novenus.
The Long Road… Conceded?: The Guardian gave up fighting and scattered her magical energies around the Scape. All Seers, even those who weren't screwed over by her, are given +1 in any magical attribute of their choice OR a static +3 to their max resolve.
Masamune Defeated: Magical energies in the Scape have been unlocked yet again. All Seers, even those who did not participate, are given +1 in any magical attribute of their choice and an additional element if desired, which comes with an effect; otherwise, an upgrade to a preexisting effect or a new finisher.
An Introduction to Suffering: Gardenia has made her presence known! Though it may come gradually, all those resolved to combat her - or even to take her side - have access to more of the Scape's energies than before. Not only does that involve having new costumes, but new applications will be granted with it as well. She's watching in anticipation.

Who's in?

Name Player Element Power Magical Attributes Normal Attributes Resolve Waifu Tier
Alicia Valka Super Saiyan Grace Inspiration M>H>F Sh>C=So>A 22 B
Beatrix von Braun Spirefitter Light Prophecy M>H=F Sh>C>So>A 1/25 Ω
Celeste Lyon Bardykins Veil Command F>H>M Sh>A>So>C 21 S+
Claire Kilbire Charmander Heat Inertia F>M>H A>So>C>Sh 21 B-
Hannabel Barca Blacksplosion Conspiracy Tinfoil Coat H>M>F C>A>Sh>So 25 S+
Hasu-Hasu Too Plonis Change Extreme Omnivore M=H>F A=C=Sh>So 19 SSS
Mrrn Bacon Tomato Nature Shapeshifting F>H=M C>Sh>A>So 24 SS
Novenus Xia castfromgrimbright Scientific Method Creative Analysis M>F>H Sh>C>A>So 21 A-
Rochelle Francois Raw Shell Justice! Protection H>M=F Sh>A=So>C 21 A-
Taldeer Boreal An Enormous Zoof The Dice Metagaming H>M>F C>Sh>So>A 23 A
Valene Morana Ginshookoo Liquid Metal Personality / Absorption M>H>F C>Sh>A=So 28 A+




How did it happen?

?, 2078 - Celeste Lyon's introduction. It's too DEEP for jokes to be made about it.
?, 2082 - Novenus Xia's introduction. He lived an exciting life to say the least, ebbenv before discovering the sCape. Load up every Miles Edgeworth .gif you can find before reading.
July 2, 2090 - Valene and Eliza's introduction. Two lucky people win the magic sweepstakes and are dragged into the usual business, where a hemophobe thinks it's a genius idea to go into a magical hospital. CLEARLY there won't be anything there that'll set her off, nope, no way. Also, old people in loli bodies bickering at each other. What a place, that Scape.
July 3, 2090 - Valene decides it's a great day to go fucking with people's minds because the plot bullshitted around and she had a dream that was like "Hey, just so you don't have to actually do WORK to find out what it is, your power is to fuck with people's heads." Guess what? She did. So, she decided it would be a great idea to go to the scape after buying some food for some fucked-up robots and met this crazy bitch who tried to do all kinds of fetishy nonsense. Then the token tsundere was transformed into a timid girl. And that's what this campaign has become.
July 13, 2090 - Claire's introduction. George Orwell gets thrown about 150 years into the future and is enslaved into writing or something silly like that. BUT IT'S OKAY because there're Mary-Sue DMPCs to save the day! Celeste referred to as 'Washboard' count: 1.
July 17, 2090 - Hannabel's introduction. Ragequitting happens, people realize they don't like the token summoner very much, just another typical day. Because tinfoil-wearing crazies are very much 'typical' in the place that the Scape is.
July 21, 2090 - A big group gets together and fucks around, ready to have a party. Messing with the emotionless robot, insulting each other's powers, typical fun stuff. No need to go piss off the Guardians everyone's about to fight or anything because that'd just be silly, right? Yeah, you guys are jerks.
July 22, 2090 - Beatrix von Braun's introduction. It's mostly training sessions getting interrupted for shits and giggles and people messing around with the local robot. Especially the latter, as it tends to show some results. Unfortunately, since logs are only on Pastebin for now, you can't see Francesca's lovely dialogue the right way, and porting them over would be a pain. You just had to be there.
July 23, 2090 - Another training session and another robobuilding session, both in one! Don't you love that? Celeste's washboard count is at like 3 or something, even though Beatrix could probably totally show her up in flatness but nobody bothers to compare the two because in the latter's case they know if somebody stared at her too hard she'd probably keel over and they're just trying to be polite.
July 27, 2090 - BOSS FIGHT. Celeste, Valene, Hannabel, Beatrix, and Half-Maschilina take on Sanguinis, the 'bleeding heart' created from Eliza's desire to visit a hospital again. One lengthy fight filled with big numbers for a first boss battle later, they spend hours upon hours upon hours having stupid drama for no reason afterward. Celeste x Valene becomes an official ship and fanfictions are already being produced in the background.
August 1, 2090 - Some more training sessions, and some more arguments. Just another day in the Scape. As a bonus, transformation fetishism and certain little girls realizing how godawful at videogames they are— but it gets infinitely worse when something happens. A must-read, but most of you jerks will probably have to scroll through it with one hand since so many of you are apparently into this stuff. Goddamn.
August 5, 2090 - "I'm sorry." "k"
August 6, 2090 - Maschilina does some dumb shit and Beatrix gets fucking paranoid. No really that's it…. is what I'd say if not for tons of PLOT coming out and smashing readers in the face like a hammer. And who knows, maybe it's not even the truth? Gotta love these things.
August 9, 2090 - Valeste ties the knot before it's too late to hide from Claire's advances, and the group realizes that even in 2090 there's a place where they all belong: The kitchen. So they go there.
August 10, 2090 - Valeste ships some more. This time they recover from their last training session and Valene has a fallout wherein she fucks her own head up every few seconds, it's really cute. What happens next is also cute but only if you're a sadist.
August 10, 2090 - What happens next. Essentially part 2, Valene goes batshit and realizes no matter how evil she may be, she's not fucked up enough to mess with children and old people. Yet. Afterward, back in the Scape, a lovely new friend appears and turns out to be a total bro. Who is it, you ask? Shut up and find out yourself. Goddamn, the logs are right there, I hope you aren't seriously just reading these descriptions and hoping they'll give you an idea of what happens. Jerkass.
August 11, 2090 - Longass day. Taldeer shows up, techpriests pop out of nowhere and it's all cool and shit. Oh yeah, Maschilina did something too but who cares, the rest of the session focused on important characters like Beatrix who got trolled again. Does that cover everything? No it doesn't. They found out what the Guardian was up to and planned to go kick its ass. There we go, now it's covered.
August 11, 2090 - A lengthy dream sequence in which the prequel's players are all trolled to fuck and a certain somebody fails to catch the myriads of hints given to them. Again.
August 12, 2090 - A lesbian threesome.
August 14, 2090 - Claire fixes a robot and people get slightly more suspicious of the plot. Well, it's not necessarily fixing nor is she 'a robot,' because she's more like the robot if she's able to make the robo-hater fall in love with her because "OH, SHE'S A MAGICAL ROBOT" and not because the player wants to totally tap that or something.
August 14, 2090 - The lesbians go on a date and eat what a certain angry Danish man whom fortunately hardly anybody knows would refer to as 'pancakes with fruit in them.' There's also a good dosage of that thing where protagonists are able to do things no normal person is able to do just because they're protagonists, and everybody "ooh"s and "aah"s when they do like it's actually a difficult feat, but no, the people of the world are just dumb.
August 15, 2090 - Boss Fight #2! It's actually still part of the tutorial, I hope you weren't expecting it to get difficult yet. But… regardless, Valene and Celeste take up all the time at the end talking about lewd things again. Gotta love them, huh?
August 16, 2090 - Rochelle Francois' introduction. It could have been a generic superhero intro with fighting off costumed men in the name of JUSTICE, but it wasn't. So, cue anothWHAT THE FUCK IS THAT A MONSTERGIRL?
August 16, 2090 - Lesbians get wet. The typical hotspring scene with a twist of more gay than you can possibly handle; take caution.
August 17, 2090 - A situation known only as that. It was called 'that' because it rhymes with 'cat,' get it?
August 17, 2090 - Another loli eldritch horror invasion. This time Hannabel's actually there and everybody attempts to not-so-subtly metagame the mechanical fact of what happened into everybody else's knowledge. It's funniest when you consider how everybody but Hasu-Hasu takes this SO exaggeratedly seriously while she herself just doesn't give a fraction of a fuck. What a great character.
August 18, 2090 - Detective Valene goes a-investigatin' and realizes it really wasn't something special enough to sleuth over in the first place. That and the librarian gets a ridiculous workload to take care of. Will she ever finish in a world where sleep deprivation doesn't exist? Who cares, I'm not Charm, I don't need to ask questions like that.
August 19, 2090 - Francesca essentially becomes Valeste's adopted child, as the usual crew hangs out in the library like this campaign is some sort of sitcom with hardly any real humor. Sort of like Big Bang Theory, but without laugh tracks. Still, Claire writes a few programs, Blaxploitation has Freudian slip and doesn't notice Hannabel calling her 'Clair,' everybody has a fun time… until the dark truth of what the blank disk does is revealed. Afterward, another Hasu invasion, oh boy! And Taldeer becomes the embodiment of "why this game doesn't need a GM 98% of the time." Have fun reading.
August 20, 2090 - It becomes painfully apparent why 'Moran' is part of Valene's surname, as the group wakes up ANOTHER goddamned Guardian. Though, they really thought it wasn't going to be dangerous this time, so they have an excuse, but sure shows them, huh? Otherwise, it's a session of Taldeer's powers doing silly things and… the Francesca-trip not happening because everybody's too depressed. How fun.
August X, 2090 - Torture Sequence #1. Celeste's.
August X, 2090 - Torture Sequence #2. Valene's.
August 23, 2090 - Alicia Valka's intro. Words get tossed around and everything turns into a massive clusterfuck, but that's possibly what's so lovable about the Scape to begin with. And Hannabel's harem gets bigger— can you guess with whom?
August 25, 2090 - Protags show everyone else up again.
August 26, 2090 - Lesbians in the tinfoil loveshack do some lovin' but then decide it's a good idea to talk to the Guardian they were told not to talk to again. They're wrong, of course, and everyone gets butthurt at each other so they go to mess with the robot and put crazyass disk combinations in her instead. Too bad she never gets to fight.
August 27, 2090 - Hannalene are bored so they take naps.
August 28, 2090 - On another exciting day of Cooking with Hannybell, Hannabel and Taldeer become a high-powered warship and blast through the skies! They also make muffins and a bomb shelter while they're at it.
August 28, 2090 - Hasu-Hasu makes a new fr- er, 'big sis.' Social awkwardness ensues.
August 29, 2090 - A magical, shipping adventure. Alicia stumbles into Taldeer and Hannabel going at it again, and overall it's just an enormous amount of cute. Introductions and talk of nerd-stuff ahoy.
August 29, 2090 - Hasu-Hasu and Rochelle invade the lesbocastle, throwing off Valeste's groove. It's ultimately just pretty adorable.
August 30, 2090 - Hannabel tries to befriend a Guardian. It's adorable.
August 31, 2090 - Taldeer gets a message from a certain bitch Guardian who doesn't feel feel like fucking around with somebody who can read IRC logfiles, and begins shipping with Hannabel some more. Their confession is ruined when…
August 31, 2090 - ANGRY FELINE.
August 31, 2090 - Alicia builds a castle that may as well be solely for playing Princess Dog, but at least everybody has an enjoyable time there. The cat comes too.
September 1, 2090 - Right before the big boss fight, the other Guardian shows up and gives the protags a hard time. Partway through she gets lazy and decides fighting isn't fun anymore, forcing an NPC into the scene for bullshit like what's about to just happen.
September 1, 2090 - Bullshit happens. As Valeste went missing, the assault was set to begin; only, a certain redheaded lesbo decided it would be the perfect time to get mad at nothing and storm out, becoming Road-food. So instead of the fight happening with a tiny group the day got boring and everyone presumably went home. Drama logs coming soon.
September 1, 2090 - Meanwhile, the protags have kissytime instead of giving a shit.
September 2, 2090 - Hannadeer session. Claire comes into apologize for her player doing That Guy things as well as ragey lesbo stuff, which turns into some silly discharges. Read it yourself.
September 3, 2090 - Beatrix and Alicia hang again. Cute gifts are exchanged. Is this the beginning of a new ship? (The answer is yes.)
September 3, 2090 - Valeste invade Alicia's cybercastle and are joined by a new friend of theirs, who proves that you don't need to actually know strategy games to beat bads at them. Also lesbian silliness at the end.
September 6, 2090 - BOSS FIGHT #3! It took long enough, didn't it? Valestrrn, Alichelle, and Taldeer without her other half show up to explode a bunch of ninjas. They do just that.
September 6, 2090 - Meanwhile during the boss fight, Beatrix received an order that was actually subtly inserted into one of the other recent logs but nobody noticed it because people don't pay attention to those, so they don't realize it happened in PM and not actually during the session. So, that puts her in all the better position to get thrown into MAXIMUM OVERTROLL as a possibly malicious entity does horrible things and reveals how overall fucked up everything is. After all, who was it that said being meguca isn't suffering? Oh, right, nobody.
September 6, 2090 - The aftermath of the trolling nonsense that just happened. Armless moe, and even MORE trolling.
September 6, 2090 - Shipping.
September 6, 2090 - More Shipping.
September 7, 2090 - Less shipping and more fighting.