Terri Intro

<Rawl> Terri pedaled home harder than usual. Not because of the horrible murders of late but because she accidentally missed her last shot in soccer practice, nearly beaning another forward in the face.
<Blue_> As she travels along her usual path, an unusually colored bird sits on a nearby trashcan, staring at her. White feathers, red eyes, legs, and beak. It seems to be wearing a tophat.
<Rawl> Terri stopped in her path and slowly got off her bike, carefully placing against a building so it wouldn't fall over. She then begins to slowly walk towards the bird, careful to not startle it, but accidentally knocks over the bike, making a loud racket. She freezes and looks at the bike and back at the bird.
<Blue_> The bird flutters a bit, moving slightly from its perch. It looks towards the girl, tips its hat, and speaks in a cockney accent: "Afternoon, lass."
<Rawl> "A-afternoon, Sir?" Terri says as she tries to curtsey, but halfway she realizes she doesn't have a skirt so she settles for a weird bow instead.
<Blue_> The bird chuckles a bit at the girl's attempted curtsey. "My my, what a polite dear you are." He hops a bit closer, eying the girl up and down.
<Rawl> Terri kneels down, and tries get a better look at the bird. She reaches out her hand to touch the bird but decides to refrain from doing so.
<Blue_> The bird chuckles again, and his beak seems to almost be smiling. "Yes, I do believe you'll do." He mutters. He steps back and puffs out his chest feathers, rising to the fullest height he can, and beings gesturing dramatically with his wings. "Now then, lass, tell me. Have you ever dreamed of a life of wild adventure? Of monsters, demonslaying, and camaraderie? A world with true monsters and true heroes to slay them?"
<Rawl> Terri eyes open wider than she ever thought possible. "Yeah! Of course! I mean… yes."
<Blue_> The bird offers a wing for a friendly handshake. "Well then, my dearie, I'm your ticket there! The name's Rodney. Rodney the Raven."
<Rawl> Terri reaches forward with the biggest grin she could muster and takes Rodney's wing with an index finger and a thumb. "I'm Terri. Terri Ahlstad. So Rodney, tell me more about these monsters."
<Rawl> "Er, Mister Rodney," she adds on.
<Blue_> Rodney chuckles at Terri's correction. "No need for such formalities, Terri. Just Rodney will do." He pauses. "Though if you insist on it, Mister Raven would work just fine." Rodney pulls out a pipe from seemingly nowhere, and takes a long puff on it. "Well, Terri, they're called youma, and they're a dangerous threat to your world."
<Rawl> "How are they dangerous, Rodney? Do they want to take it over or something?" Terri asks letting go of Rodney's wing.
<Blue_> Rodney blows fine purple smoke donuts from his pipe as he exhales. "Well, dear, their aims are as shadowy and mysterious as the youma themselves are." He takes another annoyed puff. "I don't know what they desire to accomplish, but many seem content to simply kill aimlessly."
<Rawl> "So, what do I do? Save the people and kill the monsters?" Terri says leaning forward.
<Blue_> "First, dearie, you form a contract with me so that you can fight them." He punctuates his sentence by jabbing his pipe at Terri. "Secondly, you kill the monsters to save the people." He brings the pipe back up to his beak. "Thirdly, once you defeat enough, you'll be rewarded with a wish."
<Rawl> "Cool! So I get a wish? What can I do with it? Can I wish for more monsters to fight?" Terri says with more energy than before but suddenly stops. "Uh, you're not sending me off to get killed are you? I mean, you're not just using me as bait or something right?"
<Blue_> Rodney laughs off Terri's accusations. "No, you silly lass. I'm sending you off to become a hero! And I, your mentor!" He takes another puff from his pipe. "And as for the wish, you can do whatever you wish with it, dear." He chuckles at his little joke. "Riches? Power? Fame? All could be yours."
<Rawl> "Mentor? So, are like going to teach me to use a sword or magic?" Terri says as she regains her enthusiasm.
<Blue_> Matching Terri's enthusiasm, Rodney puffs out his neck feathers again. "Or? My dear, there is no or. I'll be teaching you both!" He taps the ashes out of his pipe, and stows it back within his wing. He pulls out a monocle, cleans it with a cloth, then dons it. He extends his wing out, like he did before. "Now then, Terri, do you wish to fight youma, and become a hero?" He asks with a serious expression.
<Rawl> "Yeah! So bring out this contract thing so I can sign it or put my blood on it or whatever." Terri stares back at him, trying to match his seriousness.
<Blue_> He proffers his wing again. "It's just a simple shake, lass." He says with a vexed tone.
<Rawl> "Oh." Terri scratches her head out of embarrassment and grabs Rodney's wing once again, tensing herself up for what may happen.
<Blue_> "THE CONTRACT. IS. SEEEAAALLLED!" He suddenly yells in a horrible screeching tone.
<Rawl> Terri feels a jewel in her hand and grasps it tightly in her right hand. As if responding to her, metal bursts out of the jewel like water from a fountain and begins to form what could be described as countless blades. The blades swirl and twist as they spread out into the air, and then in unison they begin to swing themselves at Terri, each one cutting a different area than the last, but instead of wounds, they simply leave a piece of themselves. The pieces begin to grow, connect, interlock, and conform until they form various pieces of armor that seem to made for Terri and only Terri. A decorative cape begins to flow out of the armor and a matching sash begins to wrap around her waist.
<Rawl> Terri gasps at the cold feel of metal over her body until a metal face plate covers her mouth, and with a slam, a metal visor covers her eyes. Terri's hair pulls itself back and binds itself with what seems to be a band made of gold. Feeling in control of the process Terri grasps at the jewel even harder, which causes another geyser of metal begins to spew out takes the form of a steel claymore. She gives it a swing, making a swift swooshing sound, the jewel embedded in the handle of the sword glinting as she does so.
<Blue_> Rodney flies over onto Terri's shoulder, adjusting his monocle as he lands. "Quite good, my lovely. You seem to be a natural."
<Rawl> "FUCKING SWEET!" Terri says as she looks at her armor.
<Rawl> "Uh, I mean. Cool." Terri corrects herself.
<Blue_> Rodney sniggers at Terri's outburst. "As exciting as it is, consider changing back for now. We're still where everyone can see you, dear."
<Rawl> "Oh, uh, right!" Terri begins to concentrate and makes the armor dissipate, changing her clothes back to what they were, and then she goes back to her excited state. "You're the real thing, Rodney!"
<Blue_> "I am indeed, lass." He sounds incredibly smug. "Now then, my lovely, you might want to hurry home. You've got an exciting night ahead of you."
<Rawl> "Alright! What about you, Rodney? You live somewhere that I can find you or something?" Terri says picking up her bike.
<Blue_> Rodney sighs. "I'm afraid not, my dearie. I don't have a place I can call home in the whole city." He spreads his wings wide. "THE WHOLE CITY!" He screeches!
<Rawl> "Then you can stay with me! My parents spend most of their time at their deli and no one goes into my room anyway." Terri gives Rodney a reassuring smile. "It'll be fun!"
<Blue_> He rubs his head against Terri's cheek. "Oh, that would be lovely, my lovely. It's been so dreadfully cold as of late, and those blasted pigeons have been driving me away from the good dumpsters."
<Rawl> Terri laughs as Rodney rubs against her. "Dumpsters? You eat out of dumpsters? We gotta get you something better to eat then," Terri says as she begins to pedal home with even more vigor than before.
<Rawl> Terri reaches her house faster than she expected and locks up her bike. She then opens the door and takes a peek inside to see if her brother Harold was anywhere in sight. Seeing that the coast is clear, she walks in with Rodney on her shoulder and heads straight for her room, opening the door and quickly entering it.
<Rawl> "Here it is, Rodney." Terri says waving her arm as though she was showcasing a prize. The room is neat and tidy with a single bed and desk. Various game consoles are tucked away inside a small cabinet on which a T.V. is placed. "Make yourself at home."
<Blue_> Rodney flies over to the television, before sitting down experimentally. "Hmm…" He hums, standing up and sitting down several times. "I do believe this will do."
<Rawl> "I'm gonna go get us some food. Wait right here." Terri opens the door but stops. "You can eat meat, right? I mean, you aren't on some special diet or something are you?"
<Blue_> Rodney looks over with a look of anticipation. "Oooh, meat sounds lovely, dearest."
<Rawl> "Great." Terri exits her room and closes the door softly. She then heads to the kitchen and sees Harold sitting at the kitchen counter reading a magazine while he drinks from a bottle of fruit and vegetable juice.
<Rawl> She gives him a smile to which he gives a nod and continues reading his magazine. Opening the fridge, she takes a variety of cold cuts which vary from ham to headcheese that were left over from her parents' deli.
<Rawl> She begins to put them on a platter and takes a few slices of bread and cheese and arranges them in the center. She then takes a packaged salad which is also sold at the deli and two bottle of fruit juice and puts them in a nearby plastic bag.
<Rawl> (Can birds drink fruit juice?) She wonders to herself. She then decides to take a bottle of water and puts it in the bag also. She slings the bag on her wrist and picks up the platter with her other arm. Harold looks up from his magazine and raises an eyebrow.
<Rawl> "What? I'm hungry." Terri says with a chuckle which makes Harold furrow his eyebrow and go back to his magazine. She heads back to her room and opens the door.
<Rawl> "Sorry for the wait, Rodney. I didn't know if you could drink juice, so I got some bottled water just in case," She says as she she sets the food down on the floor.
<Blue_> Rodney eagerly interrupts his… nestmaking? Is that… a miniature leather armchair, and a tiny fireplace on the TV? to hop down and eagerly peck at the plate full of food. "Oh, this is wonderful. Simply wonderful! I haven't had a chance to eat like this in months!" He glances up at Terri. "And don't you worry about juice, dearest. I survived for a month on soda and hamburgers. Juice is a delightful change of pace."
<Rawl> "Great, uh, is that fireplace safe? It's not gonna burn the house down right?" Terri says as she opens the salad. She then opens the bottle of juice and pours some of the liquid into the cap and places it on the ground next to the plate of food.
<Blue_> "Don't you worry, my lovely." Rodney reassures. "I wouldn't dare build a nest that was dangerous to you." He hops over to the cap of juice, and drains it greedily.
<Rawl> "Where did you keep all that stuff anyway?" Terri says as she refills the cap and grabs a piece of bread and meat.
<Blue_> Rodney spreads his wings wide. "I keep it hidden up my sleeve, dearest." He reaches underneath his wing, hiding it from view, and pulls out a jewel-topped cane. "You see?"
<Rawl> "Cool! So you can keep anything in there?" Terri says as she swallows some food and reaches for more. "What about food? Is it like a refrigerator too?"
<Blue_> Rodney balks at the suggestion. "My word, are you suggesting I jam food up my sleeves? Do you have any idea how much of a mess that would make?"
<Rawl> "Sorry, I was just thinking that you wouldn't have to eat out dumpsters if you kept some food with you," Terri says as she scratches the back of her head. She then decides to stuff her mouth before she says anything else insulting.
<Blue_> Rodney hops back to the plate, pecking off more of the food. "A kind thought, my lovely, but food from the dumpsters is perfectly palatable." He pauses for a moment. "If a bit bland." He adds as an afterthought.
<Blue_> Idle chatters continues between the two into the early night, when Rodney flies up onto Terri's shoulder, and whispers "It's time."
<Rawl> "Alright. Uh, what do I have to do? You didn't tell me the specifics," Terri says she stands up.
<Blue_> "We need to search them out at night. Youma gather in the forgotten, shadowy, evil places of the city." Rodney says, his tone uncharacteristically serious.
<Rawl> "Okay." Terri responses with a serious tone of her own. She exits her room as quietly as she can and exits the house undetected. She grabs her bike and sets off before anyone notices. "Hey, Rodney, any ideas where they are?"
<Blue_> "Hmm." Rodney takes a moment to consider Terri's question. "Places that have fallen into disuse. Abandoned buildings, closed down factories, houses that haven't been lived in for decades. Do you know of anything like that around here?"
<Rawl> Terri thinks for awhile and says, "Not really. I guess I could head downtown and search for something there."
<Rawl> After a few minutes, Terri arrives downtown.
<Blue_> Rodney suddenly speaks up. "Oh! Oh, dearest, I think I remember something."
<Rawl> "What? Do you know where the monsters are?" Terri says stopping the bike.
<Blue_> "I think I remember seeing something when I was flying over, dearest. A dark alleyway, nearby." Rodney peers around, as if trying to decipher the landscape from a new perspective
<Rawl> "There's a dark alleyway. Let's try that." Terri get off her bike and walks beside it carefully so that she doesn't end up crashing in the darkness instead. After a minute or two, she comes across a tall, dark building. "Is that it?"
<Blue_> Rodney hops off her shoulder, and gives an invisible something a solid peck. As he pecks, the sky briefly glows orange. "Yes, my lovely. I do believe it is."
<Rawl> "What was that?" Terri looks at the sky so that if it would change again she wouldn't miss it.
<Blue_> "I was testing the edge of the nightmare, Terri dearest." Rodney states. He draws a line in the ground with his wing. "Past this point, you'll enter the youma's realm, from which there is no escape." He pauses dramatically. "Unless, of course, you have a way to slay the foul creature."
<Rawl> "So I armor up, enter this nightmare, slay the demons, and that's it?" Terri says as she sets her bike against a wall and this time succeeding in not toppling it over.
<Blue_> "Not quite, Terri dearest." Rodney begins rooting around in his wings, searching for something. "Close, but not quite."
<Rawl> "What are you looking for, Rodney? A map? Because maps are always useful in dungeon crawls," Terri says trying to peer up Rodney's wing.
<Blue_> "Not quite, dearest." He pulls out a steering wheel, giving it a quizzical look before tossing it behind him, and resuming his search.
<Rawl> Terri walks over to the steering wheel and examines it.
<Blue_> It appears to be a perfectly normal steering wheel, probably from a car made in the past ten years. It has the logo of Well-Known Japanese Car Company on it.
<Rawl> Terri tries to honk the horn.
<Blue_> Rodney pulls out a garden gnome painted unusual colors. It's pure white, except for its blood-red eyes and blood-red clothes. Sighing, he sets it down next to himself, and continues his search.
<Blue_> Nothing happens when Terri attempts to honk the horn.
<Rawl> Terri walks over to the gnome and examines it while saying, "Can you at least tell me what you're looking for, or is it supposed to be a surprise?"
<Blue_> "You'll see in just a moment, love." Rodney pulls out an ornate golden revolver! It's beautifully detailed with intricate flower patterns. He gives it an incredulous look before stashing it back in his wings.
<Rawl> Terri drops the gnome. "What was that?"
<Blue_> Rodney gives Terri a worried, guilty glance. "Nothing, dearest. Nothing at all." A moment's pause. "A-ha! Here it is!" Rodney pulls out, with a dramatic flourish, a pair of walkie-talkies! He presents one of them to Terri with a dramatic bow.
<Rawl> "Oh, cool. I used to play with these all the time." Terri takes it and makes a somber face. "So you're not coming with me?"
<Blue_> Rodney shakes his head. "I'm afraid not, my lovely. Alas, I am merely a creature of flesh and blood, and cannot handle the powers and dangers of a youma." He flies up on Terri's shoulder, and gives her a reassuring pat on the head. "Fear not, love. I might not be there in body, but I will fight by your side in spirit."
<Rawl> Terri gives sigh but then makes a grin. "Well, having a disembodied voice guide you though a dungeon is standard fare. So should I head in now or is there something else?"
<Blue_> Rodney hops down from Terri's shoulder. "I'm afraid all that's left is for you to transform, and enter." He bows. "I wish you luck, my lovely."
<Rawl> "Alright. Here I go." Terri pulls the jewel off her necklace and lets the burst of metal suit her up. She then enters the nightmare.
<Blue_> The first thing you notice is the utter lack of any form of light. You can scarcely see more than a few feet in any direction. On the stale, cold air, a violin sings a mournful melody.
<Blue_> ((BGM: http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=PExdC9sdAPw ))
<Blue_> The radio crackles. "Terri, dearest, can you hear me?"
<Rawl> Terri raises the walkie-talkie to her mouth and says, "This is Terri. I can hear you just fine. Over." She then gives a small chuckle.
<Blue_> You hear Rodney laughing on the other end. "Terri, dear, what do you see?"
<Rawl> "I can barely see anything. There's hardly any light. I can hear a violin though." Terri says readying her sword.
<Blue_> You hear Rodney sigh. "Well, I suppose that's your only lead. Head towards it, would you, my lovely?"
<Rawl> "Alright." Terri walks toward the violin as carefully as she can so that she can make sure the ground is solid and not empty space.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 5 ] { 1 2 + 5 = 8 }
<Blue_> Traveling a short distance, you find yourself met with a piano and a violin. They don't sound like the source of the music.
<Rawl> (Always check for traps.) Terri walks over to the piano and gives it a slight poke with her sword.
<Blue_> The wood of the piano scratches a bit, but otherwise does nothing, being a simple piano.
<Rawl> Terri walks a little closer and tries to examine the instruments.
<Blue_> They appear to be in good condition, but there's otherwise nothing particularly remarkable about them.
<Rawl> Terri lifts the walkie-talkie to her face. "Hey, Rodney. I found a piano and a violin. My instincts say I should play them. What do you think?"
<Blue_> Rodney reports back. "I don't think you should be wasting time with them, dearest."
<Rawl> "Okay, I guess I don't see any door it would open anyway. I'm gonna keep heading toward the music then." Terri begins to walk to the music again.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 5 ] { 1 6 + 5 = 12 }
<Rawl> !roll 1d6
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 1d6 ] { 5 = 5 }
<Rawl> Terri instincts kick in and she suddenly stops walking and turns around and turns her claymore into a tower shield.
<Blue_> …Nothing seems to happen to the shield.
<Rawl> (Something's not right here.) Terri takes a peek from her shield.
<Blue_> Nothing seems to be amiss, but one of the strings of the violin seems to have snapped.
<Rawl> Terri walks over and turns her shield into a war hammer and swings it at the violin.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+9
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 9 ] { 1 1 + 9 = 11 }
<Blue_> The warhammer rings true, shattering the violin effortlessly.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 5 ] { 2 5 + 5 = 12 }
<Blue_> !roll 2d6
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 2d6 ] { 2 4 = 6 }
<Rawl> Terri's war hammer changes itself to a kite shield, and Terri instinctively uses it to block.
<Blue_> There's a loud crunch, but nothing seems to strike the shield.
<Rawl> Terri changes the kite shield into a halberd, jumps up, and swings it down at the piano.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+9
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 9 ] { 4 5 + 9 = 18 }
<Blue_> The halberd chops the piano in half! A few of the piano's springs strike Terri as they uncoil, but they uselessly bounce off her armor.
<Rawl> Terri turns the halberd back into a kite shield and walks carefully to the broken instruments and tries to examine them.
<Blue_> They appear to be perfectly ordinary smashed piles of instrument. Nothing unusual about them.
<Rawl> Terri checks the violin for marking where the string was snapped.
<Blue_> While it's difficult to locate where the string was snapped in the smashed remains, you do find part of it that looks like it would be around there! It doesn't appear to be marked, aside from the warhammer crushing it.
<Rawl> (It probably wasn't the instruments that attacked me.) Terri continues on toward the music, keeping her shield on guard.
<Blue_> The music is suddenly coming from a different direction! It seems to be coming from where you started, and it seems louder.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 5 ] { 1 4 + 5 = 10 }
<Blue_> You wander blindly in the dark for a bit, thought it's difficult to ascertain exactly where the music is coming from. After a bit you stumble across… A violin and a piano, identical to the previous pair.
<Rawl> Terri brings the walkie-talkie to her face. "Hey, Rodney. I'm in a looping dungeon. Any tips for breaking it?"
<Blue_> The radio is silent for a bit before Rodney speaks. "Do something unexpected, or do exactly what the youma wants you to do, depending on the situation."
<Rawl> "Unexpected, huh? Alright, I'll try it." Terri puts away the walkie-talkie and looks up and tries to see what's up there.
<Blue_> Above, all you see is an endless canopy of darkness. Nothing can be seen.
<Rawl> Terri looks down and examines the floor.
<Blue_> It appears to be dull gray concrete, with no cracks or unevenness.
<Rawl> Terri turns her shield into a drill and tries to control it to drill into the floor.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+9
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 9 ] { 5 2 + 9 = 16 }
<Blue_> The drill penetrates several feet down into the concrete.
<Blue_> !roll 2d6+1
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 2d6 + 1 ] { 3 3 + 1 = 7 }
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 5 ] { 4 2 + 5 = 11 }
<Rawl> Terri turns the drill into a makeshift wall and ducks behind it.
<Blue_> …Again, strangely, nothing appears to strike the wall.
<Rawl> Terri pops her head outside of the wall and tries to sense if anyone is there.
<Blue_> The instruments appear to have moved closer. The violin is within arm's reach, and the piano is just behind it.
<Rawl> Terri turns the wall into large spikes and tries to skewer both of them.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+7
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 7 ] { 6 2 + 7 = 15 }
<Rawl> !roll 1d6
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 1d6 ] { 4 = 4 }
<Blue_> The spiked wall crushes both the violin and the piano with little resistance, as the inanimate objects decide not to dodge.
<Blue_> …The music has stopped.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 5 ] { 1 4 + 5 = 10 }
<Rawl> Terri tries to dig even deeper, making another drill.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+4
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 4 ] { 2 3 + 4 = 9 }
<Blue_> The drill penetrates the concrete further.
<Blue_> You hear soft weeping from somewhere nearby.
<Rawl> Terri tries look for where the weeping came from.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 5 ] { 2 4 + 5 = 11 }
<Blue_> As you approach the weeping, it seems to drift farther away. You come across a violin and a piano.
<Blue_> The violin has been knocked off its stand.
<Blue_> The piano is missing one of its legs.
<Rawl> (Not again.) Terri picks up the violin carefully with her shield in her other hand.
<Blue_> The violin violently jerks away, attempting to club Terri!
<Blue_> !roll 2d6+2
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 2d6 + 2 ] { 4 1 + 2 = 7 }
<Rawl> The violin merely bounces off of Terri's armor. Terri then kicks it as hard as she can.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+9
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 9 ] { 1 3 + 9 = 13 }
<Blue_> The violin shatters violently.
<Rawl> Terri then kicks the piano for good measure.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+9
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 9 ] { 2 5 + 9 = 16 }
<Blue_> The piano slides a short distance, but does not break.
<Blue_> A monstrous, furious, bloodcurdling scream echoes throughout the area.
<Rawl> Terri tries to locate the scream.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 5 ] { 3 4 + 5 = 12 }
<Blue_> The piano begins twisting, snapping, and breaking as the scream continues to resound.
<Blue_> The scream slowly dies off, and a faint weeping can be heard approaching.
<Rawl> Terri readies her shield and slowly approaches the weeping.
<Blue_> Out of the shadows, a humanoid figure wanders out. It appears feminine, with outstretched elongated arms twice the length of its body. Its head is a fleshy eyeless skull locked in a perpetual scream.
<Blue_> Throughout the whole body, nails can be seen piercing through it, and blood drips from its many, many wounds.
<Rawl> "A demon?!" Terri creates a javelin and throws it at the figure.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+9
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 9 ] { 2 1 + 9 = 12 }
<Blue_> !roll 2d6+4
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 2d6 + 4 ] { 3 6 + 4 = 13 }
<Blue_> The spear flies true, and pierces clean through where the youma was.
<Blue_> !roll 2d6+8
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 2d6 + 8 ] { 1 4 + 8 = 13 }
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 5 ] { 1 4 + 5 = 10 }
<Blue_> !roll 1d6+4
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 1d6 + 4 ] { 1 + 4 = 5 }
<Blue_> The creature's arm painfully rips past Terri's armor, leaving several long, bloody gashes from the nails. A mix of Terri's blood and the youma's blood splatters on the ground.
<Rawl> "Ahhhg! Gnnhgh…" Terri stumbles back and turns her shield back into a claymore. (How the hell can it rip past metal?! I have to be careful…)
<Blue_> The youma screams a godawful hellshriek, and strikes again with its other arm!
<Blue_> !roll 2d6+8
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 2d6 + 8 ] { 5 1 + 8 = 14 }
<Rawl> "Now!" Terri charges forward and swing her claymore at the same time the youma attacks.
<Rawl> !roll 3d6+9
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 3d6 + 9 ] { 3 4 5 + 9 = 21 }
<Rawl> 1d6+4-3
<Rawl> !roll 1d6+4-3
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 1d6 + 4 - 3 ] { 4 + 4 - 3 = 5 }
<Blue_> The claymore pushes up past and through the youma's arm, splitting it in half! It doesn't seem slowed down by the injury at all, and moves to attack again!
<Blue_> !roll 4d6+8
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 4d6 + 8 ] { 4 1 2 1 + 8 = 16 }
<Rawl> "Once more!" Terri swings her claymore going for a crosscut.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+9
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 9 ] { 1 1 + 9 = 11 }
<Blue_> !roll 2d6+8
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 2d6 + 8 ] { 1 3 + 8 = 12 }
<Blue_> The youma rushes in, its injured arm catching Terri's blade, and stopping it!
<Blue_> !roll 1d6+4
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 1d6 + 4 ] { 5 + 4 = 9 }
<Blue_> It steps in, distending its jaw, and biting Terri painfully on the head, ripping off her helmet!
<Rawl> "Gnngh!" (Like hell I'm going to die here!) Terri readies her claymore, changing it into a spear. With an actual spring in her step, she steps forward and pushes off the ground, thrusting her spear forward, creating a swift vacuum that seems to turn the air around her into metal. With the full brunt of the hunk of metal, she slams forward.
<Rawl> !roll 2d6+9
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 2d6 + 9 ] { 6 3 + 9 = 18 }
<Rawl> !roll 1d6
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 1d6 ] { 3 = 3 }
<Blue_> !roll 4d6+8
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 4d6 + 8 ] { 3 3 2 5 + 8 = 21 }
<Rawl> "Not yet!"
<Rawl> !roll 1d6
<BlueBot5001> Rawl rolled [ 1d6 ] { 5 = 5 }
<Blue_> The youma moves in powerfully, trying to catch Terri's arm before it releases, but it's just a hair too slow.
<Rawl> The hunk of metal slams into the youma, making it stick it like a bug on a windshield until Terri begins to lose her momentum. Feeling the lowering speed, Terri guides the hunk of metal down into the ground, causing the youma to scrape against the concrete as though it was being sanded down, bursting blood out of every orifice.
<Rawl> Terri then pushes it even hard cause it create a crater in the cement, stopping the hunk completely. She pulls out the spear and lets out a deep breath.
<Blue_> The world begins to wobble, fade, and return to normal. Where the youma was, a gray-green stone remains. Nearby, you spy Rodney, calmly smoking a pipe. You appear to be back in the alleyway.
<Blue_> Rodney pulls out his pipe, giving off a puff of purple smoke. "Good show, my deary."
<Rawl> "That was close… I almost died." Terri releases her magical girl form and lets out a deep and haggard sigh. "It was also annoying. I'd always hated looping puzzles. It didn't even feel like I solved it. And that monster was just ugly. I barely made it out alive by putting everything I had."
<Rawl> "But that last hit… was awesome."
<Blue_> Rodney flies up on Terri's shoulder. "Indeed it was, my lovely. Give me just a moment, and I'll have you patched up in a jiffy." He pauses. "This might sting a bit."
<Rawl> "You were watching?" Terri says furrowing her brow.
<Blue_> He pecks Terri painfully on the side of her head. "Indeed I was, what little bits and pieces I could." The wounds on Terri's head close up as the blood dries and her hair ties itself back up.
<Rawl> Terri looks at the stone. "So? What's with that?" She says pointing to it.
<Blue_> Rodney glides down from Terri's shoulder, pecking her once in the back as the wounds there recover as well. "That, my lovely, is the key to your wish."
<Rawl> "Doesn't look that impressive. So what do I do with it? Do I have to collect all of them to create a crystal or something?" Terri says touching her now healed wounds.
<Blue_> Rodney hops over to it, picks it up with his beak, and stashes it within his wing. "Gather thirteen, and their powers grant you a wish. I'll keep it safe with me, and guard it with my life."
<Rawl> "Just don't get it lost. I don't want the thing I risked my life for to be your lost sock in the dryer." Terri give a small laugh and looks back at where the nightmare was.
<Blue_> He pulls the stone back out, admiring its shiny beauty. "Don't worry, my lovely." He says, fixated on the stone. "I'll make sure to take excellent care of it."
<Rawl> "C'mon, let's go home. Using all the magic made me tired," Terri says picking up her bike.
<Blue_> Rodney quickly stashes the stone back in his wings. "Just a minute, love. There's something you need to take care of."
<Rawl> "Huh? Like what? This isn't the part where you kill me as thanks for helping you is it? Because I always hate that," Terri says laughing.
<Blue_> Rodney chuckles. "No, my lovely, that would be something I would need to take care of. You, however, need to restore your magic."
<Rawl> "It's not something that comes back by resting?" Terri says setting her bike down again.
<Blue_> Rodney sighs. "Alas, I'm afraid not, my lovely. When you exercise your magic like this, nasty magic builds up, and has to be released."
<Rawl> Terri walks back over to Rodney. "So how do I do that?"
<Blue_> Rodney hops back a short bit. "Well, deary, you remember that feeling when you use magic? If you can feel that backwards, you'll know what to do."
<Rawl> "So I just do that here? I won't break anything, right?" Terri says skeptically.
<Blue_> Rodney stays silent for an uncomfortably long while. "I'm afraid not, my lovely." He says softly.
<Rawl> "Then can I go someplace more open then?" Terri says scratching the back her head.
<Blue_> Rodney glances back at the alleyway. "You might want to head a bit further back, my lovely. Buildings can be repaired much easier than people."
<Rawl> "Okay, I'll do that then." Terri walks deeper into the alleyways and surveys the area for people.
<Blue_> Rodney follows her in. "I'll be waiting back at your home, my lovely."
<Rawl> "Alright. See ya, Rodney." Terri turns her back to Rodney and begins to use magic backwards.
<Blue_> Rodney takes flight, making excellent time as he flies away from the girl.
<Blue_> Slowly, gradually, you feel a sharp pain grow where the youma had injured you.
<Rawl> Terri grips her forehead and clentches her teeth. (What the?) She feels along the her skin, touching the scar that has now appeared there. (The hell is this?) She squeezes her palm and creates a small metal mirror and peers at it. (That's kinda cool…) She furrows her brow and gives a serious stare at the mirror. (Okay, that's really cool…)
<Rawl> She pockets the mirror and then folds her arms. (How am I going to hide it though?) She searches around, looking for anything that might help her and remembers that she has a hood. (I'll just wear this for now until I can get Rodney to look at it.) Terri flips her hood on and head back to her bike. She then heads home.
<Rawl> Luckily, she arrived before her parents got back. They tend to stay at the store preparing for the next day and bringing home whatever goods they dont sell back. She slips quietly to her room and enters it quickly. "Hey, Rodney," she says as she takes off the hood and shows him the scar.
<Blue_> Rodney's nest now includes a footstool, a globe, and a few paintings of ravens hanging over the fireplace. He looks up at Terri in shock. "Oh, dear, lovely, what happened?"
<Rawl> "I used magic backwards. How'd you get in? The window was closed." Terri says looking at the various paintings.
<Blue_> Rodney hops up worriedly. "Wait, my lovely. You released your harbored magic, and injured yourself?"
<Rawl> "More like it reopened the wound that demon made and turned it into a scar. You know any way to get rid of it? It's kinda hard to hide." Terri says touching it.
<Blue_> Rodney hops up to Terri's shoulder, and from there to Terri's head. He bends down and delivers a sharp peck to the scar, but no pain is felt, and it doesn't go away. "Oh, oh dear, my lovely."
<Rawl> "I'm guessing that's not a good thing." Terri lets out a sigh. "I could probably cover it with my hair, but how am I going to explain this if someone sees it?"
<Blue_> "I think we have bigger problems than that, my lovely. I've never heard of this causing injuries." Rodney hops from foot to foot worriedly.
<Rawl> "You think it might grow or something?" Terri pulls out her mirror and looks at it again. "It doesn't look different and it only hurt when it scarred."
<Blue_> "I don't know what it might do, dearest." He looks at the scar quizzically. "It's beyond my power, at least." There's a pause. "Oh, I wonder if it was caused by that."
<Rawl> "What's that? It doesn't sound good." Terri says putting away her mirror.
<Blue_> Rodney silently flies back to his chair. "Well, my lovely, I choose you for a reason. You have…" He pauses dramatically. "A rather unique gift for combat. Your natural magic is different from others, and I think that may be what caused this."
<Rawl> "Natural magic? You mean like how I use metal?" Terri says sitting on her bed.
<Blue_> Rodney shakes his head. "Not quite, my lovely. It's more complex than that, and quite difficult to explain."
<Rawl> "So this complex thing is causing this scar? I'm guessing it's too complex to know whether I can get rid of it not." Terri leans back on her bed and looks at the ceiling. "I'm tired. I'm gonna take a shower. You want me to fill a sink with hot water or something for you?"
<Blue_> Rodney nods at Terri's summation, confirming it's correct. His eyes light up at the mention of a bath. "That would be lovely, dearest."
<Rawl> Terri gets up off the bed. "C'mon. Let's go to the bathroom."
<Blue_> Rodney chuckles. "My, my, my lovely. That's rather forward of you."
<Rawl> "Well it's not like you're interested in humans that way right? I mean, you're a bird so you like birds right? Unless you used to be a human or something," Terri says moving her hair over the scar.
<Blue_> "I wasn't always a bird, my lovely. I can assure you of that much." Nevertheless, he follows Terri.
<Rawl> Terri exits her room and enters the bathroom. "…But you don't see humans that way, right?"
<Blue_> Rodney chuckles mischievously. "What way, my lovely?"
<Rawl> Terri gives Rodney a deadpan stare. "In the way that you would make little Rodneys."
<Blue_> Rodney laughs loudly at this. "No, my lovely. My kind do not propagate like that."
<Rawl> Terri turns on the sink and starts to adjust the water when she hears that. "So how do you propagate?"
<Blue_> "Well, my lovely…" He begins, removing his tophat and jacket, and stowing them inside his wings. "First, we offer a human girl a contract and a chance at a wish. Secondly, we tell them a bunch of silly lies, granting them miraculous powers as the infection sets in." He says, entirely deadpan.
<Rawl> Terri looks at him silently and then turns off the water. She then creates a small iron knife.
<Blue_> "Thirdly," He says, blissfully unaware of Terri's weapon. "During the final stage, scars begin appearing on the girl's body, that eventually erupt into dozens of tiny spiders."
<Rawl> Terri turns the knife into solid gold waves and it in front of Rodney. "Do you want it?"
<Blue_> Rodney's eyes open at the sound of Terri's voice. Noticing the knife, he says "Oh, a gift? Well, I've always has a secret weakness for gold."
<Rawl> "Okay." Terri swings close to Rodney but not close enough to hit him.
<Blue_> Rodney flies out of the sink in a panic. "Dear God, woman, what's wrong with you!?"
<Rawl> Terri gives him a deadpan look. "What didn't you want it? You don't have hands so it must be hard to hold a knife right? I was just making sure it would hold."
<Blue_> "Good God, are you trying to kill me!?" Rodney yells from above the medicine cabinet. "It was a joke! A JOKE!" He screeches the last two words quite loudly and painfully.
<Rawl> "Oh, a joke." Terri turns the knife into liquid gold and lets it run down the drain.
<Blue_> "Did you lose your sense of humor somewhere when you were growing up?!" Rodney yells. "Lord above, remind me to never joke around you again!" He suddenly starts screeching again. "NEVER! AGAIN!"
<Rawl> "Kinda hard to joke around when you've got a scar from a monster that nearly bit your head off. Look, I'm just tired, Rodney. Maybe some other time," Terri says as she fills up the sink and goes toward the shower.
<Blue_> Rodney remains silent, keeping a watchful eye on Terri in case she tries anything else. He doesn't move from his perch on the medicine cabinet.
<Rawl> Terri begins to undress with her back toward Rodney, covering herself with a towel to hide herself. She enters and flings the towel over the side and turns the knob, letting the cold water hit her. (I guess I shouldn't have done that huh?) Her silhouette looks down at the floor through the shower glass.
<Blue_> Rodney remains on his perch, glaring daggers at Terri the whole while.
<Rawl> Terri sits down in the shower, playing with a small lump of gold no bigger than a thumbnail. She shapes it and uses her nail to make creases in it while the water hits her scar.
<Rawl> She turns off the shower and grabs a nearby robe and towel and dries herself off. She exits the shower and sees Rodney glaring, and she makes crestfallen look. She places a small raven shaped pin near the sink and says, "Sorry." Then she exits.
<Blue_> Rodney looks down at the pin, an indecipherable gleam in his eye. A few minutes after Terri leaves, he follows her, wearing the pin on his jacket.
<Rawl> Terri looks up from her fetal position as Rodney enters the room. Her eyes focus on the pin on his jacket and she lets out a warm smile. "Sorry about that, Rodney. I, uh, have a tough time with my temper." She then looks at the floor.
<Blue_> Rodney flies over to Terri, and gently strokes her hair. "There, there, my lovely. I'm not angry. All is forgiven." He coos reassuringly. "It's been a rough day for you, my lovely. Rest well."
<Rawl> "…Thanks, Rodney. Goodnight." Terri closes her eyes.
<Blue_> "Good night, my lovely." He murmurs softly, before flying back to his nest, and going to sleep.