Terri Ahlstad

In brief

Name: Terri Ahlstad (Full Metal Valkyrie)
Age: 15
Hair: Green
Eyes: Red
Notable physical characteristics: Red jacket

She’s the hot-headed member of the soccer team, which she joined because she loves the thrill
of competition. She is very competitive and quick to anger, but calms down quickly, too. One might think she isn’t very bright, but she can think just as well as anyone else when she isn’t mad.

What kind of girl are you?

Terri is a tomboy through and through, which was probably not helped by the fact that she grew up with two older brothers. Her oldest brother, Rodney, moved out to attend a faraway university, which displeased Terri because to her, Rodney was a role-model, hero, and most of all, her brother.

It's due to Rodney's influence that Terri grew fond of fantastic things like knights and dragons. They played video games together featuring these, which no doubt helped it grow. Her other brother, Harold, was not fond of such things, but was more into sports such as hockey. He and Terri played together when they were young, but they stopped since Harold and his friends felt that playing rough with a girl was wrong. Terri, although peeved off enough to tear apart one of Harold’s spare footballs, didn’t really hold it against him. She knew that it was his friends, not him, that excluded her. Instead of moping around, she decided to play some other sports since she was not particularly attached to football. She decided to try her hands at soccer, and joined the girls’ soccer team.

Both her parents own and run a deli together called Ahlstad Delicatessen, which is known for its delicious head cheese. Terri has various friends on the soccer team, and also various enemies thanks to her competitiveness and hot temper. Around school she is easy to approach and easy to anger which makes her rate of friendship with her around 50/50. Despite her anger, she just as sharp as anyone while she isn’t angry.

What convinced you to make a contract?

When she saw her familiar, Rodney, for the first time, she knew she had stumbled on to something straight out of her dreams. Coupled with the fact that the familiar had the same name as her brother who had been gone for a long time, she couldn’t help but feel some sort of connection with it.

What is your wish?

Terri wants a world of adventure and fantasy, in which she can be a hero, have adventures, and slay monsters. Of course, at the age of 15, she knows that wishing such a thing would kill many people. You cannot have monsters without having causalities, after all. Even so, such a world would be her dream.


Rumors of a dragon being sighted outside of the city reach Terri’s ears. Those that see it fall report falling unconscious shortly afterward. One person supposedly died to it. Feeling her blood pump at the prospect of dragon hunting, Terri prepares for a hunt.


Costume: Plate metal armor that conforms to her body, giving her a nice sleek look, even though such a breastplate wouldn’t give much in the way of protection. A dark scarlet sash around her waist and a matching cape draped over both of her shoulders. Her helmet doesn't cover the top of her head, so that her hair doesn't get stuffed inside. She wears her hair in a pony tail so that it doesn’t get in the way. Her helmet covers her face, except for her eyes, which are visible until she pulls her visor down.

Magical Element: Metal - Terri can manipulate metal to transform into varying weapons depending on the situation or use it as a shield or additional armor.

Magical Power: Metal Working - Terri can play with metal as though it were clay and mold it into any shape. If the need arises, she can even pass through metal objects without much hinderance.

Magical Weapon: A Claymore.

Familiar: Rodney. A white raven with red eyes, beak, and legs. Overdramatic, dapper as fuck, and has a habit of randomly yelling the last few words he said.


Resolve: 18/18

Normal Attributes:
Aggro: 7
Cool: 3
Social: 6
Sharp: 5

Magical Attributes
Magic: 5
Heart: 4
Fury: 9



- Double Action: Once per scene you can take two points of Overcharge (to any one attribute) to act twice on your turn.
- Regeneration: At the start of each turn you take you regain one point of Resolve, to a maximum of 13

- “Full Metal Gungnir“ - Fury Element, Powerful type - an additional 1d6+6 damage