Game : The Missing Piece

Vital Info

In The Grim Darkness of the 21st Century…

Name: Taldeer Boreal

Age : 23
Height: 6'1''
Weight: Weight Class 4
Cake Day: October 7th

Magical Element - The Dice: 'Well, it ain't really much the dice as much as what they represent, I guess. Creative thoughts, narrative and mathematics combined to create somethin' truely magical.'
Magical Power - Metagaming: 'Well sure playin' a one legged, no armed blind man sounds fun and all but you're gonna get yourself killed if you ain't careful. With a little research, creativity and sometimes some math, your cripple could be the deadliest assassin on this side of the universe. As for me? I can change things about myself to fit the situation, even if it's a bit out there sometimes.'

Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhbR9dWh3Kc



So We All Met and an Inn and went to Kill Some Goblins…

Got a Bag of Holdin' Packed with D20's

Holosheets Are Pretty Cool, but Fuck Holodice!

Magical Attributes

Stat Value OC Growth
Magic 7 0 +1
Fury 6 2 +0
Heart 10 7 +1

Resolve: 23/23

Normal Attributes

Stat Value Growth
Sharp 5 +0
Cool 8 +1
Aggro 3 +0
Social 5 +1

My Feats, Check Em'

The Dice: Fittin' The Archtype: Taldeer doesn't HAVE a main transformation, she just changes to whatever she sees fit for a situation. Based on what her current highest combat stat is, she takes on a 'class roll!'

If Attack is her highest, she can take a point of overcharge add another 1d6 to the roll.
If Defense is her highest, she can perform cover actions without a dice check, and takes one less resolve damage when hit.
If Support is her highest, she can take a point of overcharge to heal an ally or herself for 1d6 + half her support stat resolve.

"Thank god they added a cross class from Tech Priest to Dark Knight - wait a minute that doesn't even -"

Metagaming: Fudgin' The Numbers: As a free action once per turn, Taldeer can edit her Magical Attributes by removing a point from one and placing it into another. A Magical Attribute cannot be lower than 1. If a Magical Attribute raises above 9, it becomes a 2:1 ratio to increase it further.

"Damn it I knew I shoulda taken that feat in Dinosaur Slaying two level ups ago!"

Metagaming: Grapplin' the BBEG: Take an additional point of Overcharge and roll your attack, if it hits, the target must remain in one place, use its lowest attribute for defense, and cannot attack. The target may make a Support challenge (succeed on a 15+) one a turn to get free.

"I'm using 3.5 rules for this, so it's gonna take a while…"

Finishing Move: Slayin' The Dragon: Taldeer's got a THING for d20's. Make a normal attack roll. For the damage roll, roll 1d20 + Attack Attribute + Attack overcharge
"Let's Roll the Dice!"

S-Shut up it's perfectly healthy for two girls to be in love!

Name Attribute Opinion
Alicia Magic She's a game designer, and used to work on Princess Dog. God that job must have sucked, everyone knows Princess Dog is shit tier.
Celeste Magic I'm not sure what to think of her yet…
Hannybell Heart I'm not really sure what to say other than I'm really glad things worked out, and we're together now!
Hastur Magic Awww what a cute little abomination you are!
Mrrn Fury She ruined my confession and made Hanny sad, so I'm sorta mad at her.
S^3 Tea I hope she doesn't find the little additions I made to the library obnoxious.
Valene Fury I don't think she likes me very much for some reason. Did I do something to upset her?