Shit We'll Never Use

Put yer components and synth junk in here, ya gits


1x Imp Knife (Tier 1 Concealed)
1x Spiked Knuckles (Tier 2 Brawl, Counterattack, +2 PWR)


1x Magician's Gown (Tier 2 Light Armor. MND +2)
1x Leather Cuirass (Tier 1 Medium Armor)
1x Waterproof Kimono (Tier 3 Light, Water-proof, 10 Arm, 20 M. Arm, 1,500g)
1x SHELL OF CAGNAZZO (Tier 6 Medium, Water Absorb)


1x Speed Bracers (Tier 2 Bracers, +2 DEX, 1 AVD)
1x Boots of Facekicking (Tier 3 Bracers, +2 PWR, 2 AVD)
1x CLOAK OF RUBICANTE (Tier 6 Bracer, Fire Absorb, 3 AVD)


1x Projector Parts (Spellburst: Homing Laser)
1x Bone of Lich (Zombie-Touch, Shadow Field, Special Ability: Bone Armor (increases the defensive stats of an armor or shield made with it but inflicts auto-zombie))
1x Ivy-Laden Drill (Tier 4 component capable of making a weapon with the special ability of 1/battle causing Geomancer's Leaf Swirl or Local Quake)


Nuke Cannon
Missile Launcher
Warmech's Eye

Synthesis Skills

Character Skill Rank
Amaryllis Cooking 6
Celina Tinkering Who?
Lenore Alchemy 6
Mr. Prickles Cactuar Cactuar
Natalie Polishing 7
Theta Weapons/Armor 7/7