Sylvie Mizushima

Game : Curse Lolis

Vitals and Info

Meet the Girl

Name : Sylvie Mizushima
Alias/Nicknames : Matsuri

Age : 16
Height : 5'5''
Weight : 108 lbs
Birthday : January 24th, 1983 (birthstone: Garnet)

Magical Weapon and Costume : Varies, though it usually has to do with the dream or delusion being drawn on in a battle. The further Sylvie slips into sleep deprivation and delirium, the more vivid and elaborate the costume and weapon are. When she is fully awake, her costume and weapon are rather minimal, and her lack of magical power reflects that appearance.

Snapshot Descriptions : Professional DDR Player, Sci-Fi Nerd, Perpetual Sleepwalker, Math Lover, Dreamscape Painter, Synaesthete


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Left: Cynthia, Right: Sylvie Alternative portrait shot

So You Want To Know More…

Magical Girl Costumes

Magic and Crunch

Magical Element - Delirium : Dreams, more specifically the dream-like hallucinations brought on by a state of extreme sleep deprivation. To clarify, this means Sylvie's magical power is dependent on her state of sleep deprivation and exhaustion. The more sleep deprived she is, the more she walks the subtle line between wakefulness and sleep, the more intensely her deliriums become and the more they slip into reality and can be roughly directed with her magical powers. Fortunately for her, she gets sleepy more easily than most, as she isn't as firmly rooted in the waking world as most. Being completely lucid wipes out Sylvie's magical ability, so maintaining a (un)healthy level of sleep deprivation is the only way to ensure she can act at full magical strength.

Magical Power - Symbolsight : The ability to view the symbolic connections the world has with magic. Objects and places of significance appear with a distinguishable layer of symbolic visual content overlaying them. A common office worker or his totally mundane desk will appear as normal, but the CEO of a powerful company that funds imperialistic ventures in the 3rd world may appear with the trappings of conquest - a crown and conquistador style dress, perhaps stained with blood. Similarly, Michaelangelo's Pieta appears with a glowing halo above. There is a degree of synaesthesia associated with the power, sometimes causing a significant radio broadcast or musical performance to produce visual manifestations in the surrounding area.

Places of magical power and people who wield magic often appear with some symbolic content when viewed through the lens of symbolsight. The more powerful the magic, or the more curse tiers a magical girl has broken, the more likely it is that symbolic content can be viewed. While symbolsight visions of magical girls tend to be related to their powers or curse, this is not always the case.

As the power is based on dream logic and the delirium of sleep deprivation, the symbols viewed don't always make much sense. As Sylvie becomes more tired and sleep deprived, more of her delirium is able to slip into reality and the more intense and pronounced her symbolsight visions are. However, they also tend to become less and less coherent, whereas her visions are incredibly few but straightforward when awake.

Changes : None…yet.