Sunny Mckenzie

Sunny Mckenzie

Guardian: Hero's Will(+2 Base resolve)

Resolve 24/24

Magic 6
Heart 9
Fury 7

Physical 4
Finesse 9
Social 5
Will 7

Luck 2

Pocket dimension:Whenever she wants complete privacy Sunny can just hop into her own personal pocket dimension and can take someone with her. Using this up is not viable in combat.

Sundering Blow: Your attack can pierce through enemies, ignoring any special defenses they might have. This attack does an additional +1d6 damage, and ignores any special protection, resistances or barriers the enemy might have.

Magical Effects
Indomitable: Passive Defense is Attribute+8
Retribution: 2 damage to opponent when you recieve damage
Freebie: 2 damage reduction

Advances (30/37XP SPENT)
5xp +4 resolve
5xp +1 Heart
5xp +1 Finesse
5xp +1 Physical
5xp +1 Magic
5xp Upgraded Passive defense effect

[x][x][x] [] Computer Club (Heart)
[x] [] [] [] Lise (Magic)
[x][x][x] [] Little Brothers(heart)
[x] [] [] [] Melanie


1)Why did you become a magical girl? What convinced you to contract? Was it the prospect of a wish? The dream you had? The thought of having magic? What made you say yes?*
I didn't know I would be come a magical GIRL, Lise just told me I would get magic powers that would help me stop the dream from happening. Still it was really creepy how Alyioucious know all about it. Can she read minds? Stupid half truths?

2)Have any favors been asked of you? What were they? Were they heavy? Light? How many have you done? If they were heavy, how have they affected you? Does Lise still have favors you must fulfill hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles?*
None at all, Alyioucious din't care about that, or he knew I would try t fight youma anyways.

3)Why do you fight? If your favor was not to fight (and chances are it isn’t), what prompts you to risk your life for others? Is it a person? An ideal? A wish? Is it morals or just a desire to do something? Or is it something else?
I fight beause, well, its just the right thing to do. Sure I sometimes use my powers to some questionable things, but I don't really mean any harm. Some other girls are pure evil but I wouldn't want them to die. THough sometimes they make me think that youma are better than them.

4)Who do you love? Everyone has things and people they would give their lives for, what are yours? What would you be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for?
Who do you hate? What are things you cannot stand, cannot let happen, or people you want to die?
Fuck if I know, my whole world's been turned upside down thanks to Alyioucious.

5)What do you wish for? Beyond any other reasons for fighting, the existence of Seeds of Oblivion presents a tempting goal to risk one’s life for. Even if you’re not fighting for a wish, it is out there, what is your wish?*
Well, besides going back to being a guy, I would wish for either human technology to leapfrog some 500 years so we can get out of this rock ASAP, or for every person's immune system to be perfectly capable of fighting off absolutely any disease.

6)Tell us about your family. Who are they? What do they do? Are they rich? Middle class? Poor? Do both your parents work? Do you have any siblings? Is one of your parents a politician, a diplomat, a government contractor? Do they work for the government, the military?*

Well, my dad is a divorce lawyer in some minor firm, we get enough money to live confortably but certainly not enough to be able to affort for me to be here of go to college without a significant scholarship. My mom is too busy taking care of my two twin kid brothers, she has a small home business but the income isn't considerable.

7)Have you lived in DC all your life? If no, where are you from originally?*
Well, I'm from upstate New York but we moved here recently.

8)What are your dreams? What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
Computer Engineer at Microsoft, if I don't get killed or too wrapped up in this magic thing…though maybe I could try some magical engineering, if that thing is even possible.

How do you feel about school? Do you enjoy it? Do you dislike it? Are you there on scholarship or can your parents afford to send you there? Do you have many friends? Are you mostly a loner? Are there any teachers or subjects you particularly like, hate?*
Well, school is fantastic and as I said I'm here on a scholarship. The computer club guys are pretty cool though…ever since I turned into a girl I think they may be staring a little too much, my body isn't even that great damnit stop oogling me. Language and history suck though.

What do you desire? This goes beyond a wish, beyond a dream, and into what *you* want in your heart of hearts.*
Find a good girlfriend though its gonna be a bit harder with this body…curse you Lise, at least we're not in the bible belt.

What do you do for fun? What do you enjoy doing to unwind?
Videogames and uhh, other guy things…Don't ask.

What effect has becoming a magical girl had on your life? It has been a month since you have contracted and you have not met any other girls like you. How has this affected you? Have you confided in Lise? Have you been stopping crimes? Even the least physically fit magical girl is far and away more powerful than an ordinary human, and you’ve been given powers far beyond mortal ken. What have you done this month?* (Note: If you are sickly, you do find that in both guises you’re much healthier.)
Even though I disliked it I kinda cheked out my new body, its what I'm stuck with so I might as well treat it as my own while I go back to normal. Stopped a couple of rapists, they just ran away when their knives dissapeare into thing air…well it was dark maybe I got a bit of one of their hands…my aim wasn't too good back then. I've thought about destroying some trash in the street but…where do the things I make dissapear go to? I'd rather not take away mankind's potential resources if I can, I've been trying for air to filter through my spaces of nothingness, I think I've managed some improvements since then.

What do you feel about becoming a magical girl/finding out magic exists? Did it rock the foundations of your world view? Did it confirm things you already knew? Did it kindle or extinguish a belief in god? Is it something you are excited about? Did the fact that you need to pay Lise in some way, blood or time, change your mind about it?
Well, magic is pretty awesome, I've been trying to think of ways normal people could use it too. Maybe make a completely new branch of science/magic/whatever this thing is.

What do you feel about Lise? Do you find her annoying? Do you enjoy her presence? She has made a habit of appearing without warning and disappearing just as suddenly, yet is often willing to stay and provide company. Has she caused trouble for you? Has she helped you?
I just met her, she's a bit TOO cheery. Still I don't consider her or Alyioucious human from what I understand.

What do you like most about yourself? Hate most about yourself? Want to change most about yourself? Want to keep no matter what?

What stresses you out? What relaxes you?