Naida Jæger


Name: Naida Jæger

Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Weight: "Nope, I'm in a hurry."
Bust Size: "Your wingman must be terrible."

Resolve: 10/18

Fancy Stuff

Stat Assigned Value Noise
Heart Attack 9 0
Magic Support 9 0
Fury Defense 3 0


A Rather Lacking Way to Describe Myself

Stat Value
Charm 6
Tenacity 2
Insight 6

The Plot…Okay, My Plot

Element: Decay

Power: Shadowstep

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Enough time hunting with Dad and I'd say I got pretty good at it. Of course pretty much everyone in my family is good at it anyways. But don't think any of them can say they've ever shot from two bows at once accurately.

Specialization: Witch






  • Tier 1
    • +1 Magic
    • +1 Heart
    • +1 Magic (Stat rearrangement denied)
  • Tier 2
    • New Specialization Talent: Second Chance Attack
    • New Specialization Talent: Blast Strike
    • New Common Magical Talent: Bonus Action
  • Tier 3
    • New Specialization: Knight


Client Credit Notes
Dad It's on the house! If I live, you owe me so much tasty food.
Mom It's on the house! If I live, I might have to strumpeteer (only a little bit…) just to fuck with her.
Ingvar Aren't you a little young? Kidding~!…I mean…I'm not going to serve you. You ARE too young. If I don't survive, it's all on you kid. (Family things, not worldly things. Probably) So, g'luck!
Ludvig What, no, you can't pay with a song. Okay, fine, just one. Hey asshole, you better not be dead.
Dorothea Would you like to donate to feed the hungry? (It's me, I'm hungry) Hey stupid, you better let Ludvig know how you feel.
Henri You ask for something and it's yours …damn it. Guess I need to get to work on having a kid. Thanks…for everything.
Lily Buy one, get one free I have absolutely no idea how you'll readjust to society if we survive, but hey, you'll probably make it work. The weirder part will be what happens when you reproduce. But really, love ya, everything will probably be fine.
Rosa Full Price If we make it through this, we should probably figure out what's going on with her. She didn't really do anything to justify incarceration, she just needs a fist to the back of the head.
Cille Full Price So…that happened.
Me - You owe me a drink, you fucker.