Din's Death Diner

(that's a joke, it's not actually called that)
(or is it)

Tier 1

Metal Pipe (Blade) - Properties: Reliable Strike.
Bent Rod (Arcane) - Properties: No MP Cost.
Worn Knuckles (Brawl) - Properties: Counterattack.
Replica Gun (Ranged) - Properties: Distance.
Rickety Gauntlet (Concealed) - Properties: Backstab.

Tier 2

All-Purpose Knife (Blade) - Properties: Reliable Strike, Skill Bonus (Synthesis: Cooking)
(What's that? Skill bonus can't be synthesis? FUCK YOU, FUCK THE RULES)
Varista (Ranged) - Properties: Distance, Stop-Touch.
Practical Chain (Reach) - Properties: Critical Attack, Special Ability (May cross impassable chasms up to a medium range, provided something to grab onto)
Iron Punch (Brawl/Huge) - Properties: Counterattack, Heavy Swing, Gemini.

Tier 3

Light Whip (Reach) - Properties: Critical Attack, Thunder-Strike.
Walloon Sword (Blade) - Properties: Reliable Strike, Attribute Bonus (+2 PWR)
Braised Knuckles (Brawl) - Properties: Counterattack, Fire-Strike.
Visk-235W (Ranged) - Properties: Distance, Stop-Touch.
Wals-MK2 (Ranged) - Properties: Distance, Confuse-Touch.
Flare Baselard (Concealed) - Properties: Backstab, Fire-Strike.
Justy-235T (Ranged) - Properties: Distance, Spellburst: Demi.
Demon Fang (Blade) - Properties: Reliable Strike, Special Ability (Job Ability: Shockwave)
Serpent's Tooth (Brawl) - Properties: Counterattack, Poison-Touch.
Svaltus Sword (Huge) - Properties: Heavy Swing, Zalure-Touch*.

Tier 4

Elysion (Blade/Arcane) - Properties: Reliable Strike, No MP Cost, Gemini, Spellburst (Fire)
to be continued

Silverclaws' Silverthreads

Should I blog about the possibility of having a clothing equipment slot in here? Just like PSU? Maybe?
Maybe not, armor coming very soon

Lemmens' Atelier

Iron Ore - 100
Gold Ore - 300
Silver Ore - 500
Damascus - 1000

Vegetables - 10
Fruits - 10
Dairy - 10
Meats - 20
Grain - 20
Seafood - 50

Cost: 10g
Effect: Restores 15% of HP.

Cost: 20g
Effect: Restores 25% of HP.

Cost: 50g
Effect: Restores 30% of HP.

Cost: 10g
Effect: Restores 15% of MP.

Cost: 20g
Effect: Restores 25% of MP.

Cost: 50g
Effect: Restores 30% of MP.