Legend of the Phinal Phantasy Star Ocean Heroes CMXVIII: Director's Cut EX 0

This Isn't a Placeholder at all, Nope

Welcome to the wonderful world of outer space! Just kidding, you won't be seeing this at all next time you read this page so instead I'll put a paragraph about what my room smells like right now. Coffee and Fritos. It smells like both of the two things I'd been doing last while debating with myself how I wanted to write this page, and when I didn't actually get an answer I decided to just go ahead and do it anyway. What's that? You want to hear about races? Well I'll do those next update because I really want to! Instead, I'll tell you about the campaign and houserules before I forget them, because I'm obligatory going to.

Some Cheesy Comment About 'Beginning Your Voyage' or Something

WOW all of that was written in a really mean way, let's change that a bit. Here's what you'll need for this campaign's chargen:

  • Level 5 (4 job/shared abilities, 1 limit ability, 1 limit break)
  • 3 Destiny (can be used for one jobchange or saved)
  • 5,000 starting currency for equipment by RAW, one Special Abilitiy is allowed for any starting gear on request
  • Any race from anything you can think of, though the Dictionary has some nice examples; Earthlings or anything more simple is fine too, all characters get a starting bonus ability gifted either way
  • A reason to be a part of an organization that's actually just a convenient renaming of 'Hunter's Guild,' but really, your wondrous GM wants to do solo intros for most characters while possible, although some may be in batches or something, it all kinda depends!
  • The desire to actually have fun— no, seriously, you wouldn't believe how many idiots join games and DON'T bring this with them
  • Two Killer Moves to start off, detailed below

Killer Moves

Hey look, that crazy kook Giantree is coming up with a bizarre-ass move system that probably nobody will be able to understand! Well, here's how it works anyway: Calculate your Force and Finesse scores normally, and first determine which is higher than the other and which is lower (if they're both the same, congrats, these are interchangeable); the higher of these scores will be referred to 'Major' and the lower as 'Minor' from here on. These scores will be used as 'point' pools for each KM. Even upon gaining levels these moves remain the same as they were at their creation, so they would eventually neither to be replaced or possibly upgraded.

ie. Steve the Spacebear has 8 force and 2 finesse because he's a motherfucking grizzly. Steve's player would create two KMs at this level, the 'Major' using a whole 8 points on the chart below and the 'Minor' only being allowed two. The former will obviously be more powerful, but on the other hand, the Minor will be relatively inexpensive to use and probably useful for that alone.

How to use this Chart: After your points are decided, refer to this chart - which is freakishly similar to the Creature Creator's by no mere coincidence - to use them for building your crazy nonsense. By default, all KMs are Standard Actions and if they are attacks that target ARM, they cost a certain percentage of the user's HP to utilize; if they target M.ARM, they use MP instead. This can be decided freely upon creation for no point cost. If it's a supportive move instead (which is uncommon, because magic usually does that) then it automatically defaults to MP cost instead. Obviously, if you don't have enough HP or MP remaining to meet the requirements, it can't be used at all! Finally, as a rule of thumb, the minimum cost is 10%, and the maximum allowed is 50%, regardless of which value is used.

Point Cost HP/MP cost Effect
+2 +20% The move requires 1 destiny per use.
+1 +10% The move has a 50% chance of not working.
+1 0% The move cannot cause damage to a target.
+1 0% The move is a slow action.
0 +10% The move is a slow action.
+1 10% Gain an additional point by increasing the HP cost further. This may only be taken up to three times per move.
1 +10% Spend one point to reduce the HP cost somewhat. This may only be taken up to three times per move.
1 10% The move's ACC is increased by 1.
1 10% The move deals Earth, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, or Wind elemental damage.
1 5% The move may be used at a medium range (if it were already medium range, it may be used at long range with no penalty).
1 5% The user moves up to a medium range upon using the move.
2 10% The move deals 1 additional damage step.
2 15% The move causes short-range knockback on a successful opposed roll.
2 20% The move targets an entire Group.
3 10% The move targets an entire Group.
3 10% The user may substitute their PWR, DEX, RES, or MND for the attribute that would normally be used.
3 15% With a successful opposed roll, the move causes Zombie, Blind, Poison, Sleep, Stop, Confuse, or Seal.
3 30% The move does Holy or Shadow elemental damage.
4 10% The target deals 1 additional damage step for the next several rounds.
4 10% The target gains +1 ACC and +1 AVD for the next several rounds.
4 20% The target suffers a penalty of 1 to all damage steps for the next several rounds.
4 20% The target suffers a penalty of 1 to both their ACC and AVD scores for the next several rounds.
4 15% The move, which must deal damage in some way, deals additional damage equal to half the difference between your current and max HP or MP; the cost to use the move is applied after dealing damage.
4 15% With a successful opposed roll, the move causes Transform, Curse, Slow, or Petrify.
4 15% The target gains Reflect or Flight for the next several rounds.
5 10% The move does Holy or Shadow elemental damage.
5 15% The target gains Protect or Shell for the next several rounds.
5 20% The move ignores ARM and M.ARM (but still costs either HP or MP).
5 20% The target is afflicted by Armor Break, Magic Break, Power Break, or Speed Break after a failed opposed roll for one round.
6 15% With a successful opposed roll, the move causes Stun or Charm.
6 20% The attack has a target range of Local.
6 20% The move, which must deal damage in some way, may attack twice per use, may choose different targets for each hit, and may be taken multiple times, for one additional hit for each instance.
7 15% The target gains Haste or Auto-Life for the next several rounds.
7 20% The target is afflicted by Armor Break, Magic Break, Power Break, or Speed Break after a failed opposed roll for several rounds.


A Big, Unmissable Dictionary Link

Space Dictionary


The Exceliaire, often called the Excel by its passengers because nobody can remember its name, is a large mercenary-owned mobile space station acting independently from the Pangalactic Federation, housing all sorts of lousy Space Drifters who take on missions the Federation doesn't want to touch, such as extremely subtle intervention missions on undeveloped planets or assassinations to resolve conflicts. Et cetera, et cetera.

Important Places

Mission Counter: Where the Seekers do, uh, missions. The receptionist is a bit too eager to help (unless the substitute is fillingin) and can prattle on forever about details, but often the requests are from somebody else.

Bridge: Where the ship is controlled from, duh. Since it doesn't need to move often it's on autopilot more often than not, because the Cap'n has ADVENTURES to do. The comm crew and others who actually have consistent work to do there aren't as lucky, though. At least it's always clean!

Vendor District: Kept close by the mission counter, this is where the merchants reside and provide supplies to the Seekers. There's a lot of "Don't go to that one, go to the good one" whispers going around even today, so they may not be as organized as one would hope.
Spaceshops has the ones that matter.

Residential District: The biggest part of the Excel, spanning 80% of its entirety, considering there are a huge amount of live-ins. Considering this, transporters are a big way to get around, though every now-and-then they'll be dysfunctional due to an alcohol spill or something. Huh.

Engine Room: A manly place full of sweating, bulging muscles… is the common consensus. But really it's a crew of accomplished mechanics fine-tuning the ship's equipment and making sure it doesn't blow up, which is a good thing considering it uses new, fancy equipment.

Dock: Most Seekers own their own vehicles to embark on missions with when they can't use the large-scale Transporter, so what kind of a station would the Excel be if there wasn't a place to store them? Most like to just use the Transporter when they can, though.

Hot Springs: What? Really? The Excel has a simulated environment so as to provide a realistic-feeling hot spring without damaging any of the other facilities, so the captain ordered it installed just for the hell of it. Guess you can do that when you're rich.

Recreation Area: A big, relaxing park with a huge tree in the middle of it. There are, in fact, gardens too, and the Excel has its own plots of farmland for growing food. Because being lazy just isn't good enough!

Casino: Upstairs is… well, it's pretty self-explanatory. Even in the 800s people still love slot machines.

Arena: Near the casino, a combat simulator maintained by a strange creature. Supposedly you can combat anything there, from crew members to enemies encountered on Seeker missions…

Kitchen: EVERYBODY is a chef on board the Excel so they don't need an official one! There are Master Chef competitions held every week, with a randomly-selected crew member as the judge. You know, somebody who isn't a participant.

Storage: Sure is storage.

Character Sheets

Player Character Race Class(es)
BG Burd ??? Bird? Red/Time Mage
BN Cracky Bruin Duskmaw Space Bear Dragoon/Dark Knight
CL Kainy Cael Green Elf Gambler/Thief
EN mocky Erina Grace Prescott Earthling? Red Mage
GV Timmy Gamma Vert Septem Septem Clone Fighter/Dark Knight
JZ Blacksie Jazz Robot Fighter
LN Shookie Leen Moébot Paladin
SR Doggone Sherry Portsmith Earthling Gambler/Ranger
SC Nisey Spica Venant Mermaid Gambler/Geomancer
UT Plooty U.L.T.R.O.S Tentacle thing Monk
VN Roarer Vanity Nothing Time Mage

And there's a few others. Add your sheets when you get them on here!

Other Things

Mission Schedule

Is anybody going to read this? No? Oh cool, I guess that means I get to do it in this really informal voice then! Okay.
The way this works is, missions are named by numbers (and names letters, see that up there? neat, huh?) for easy dividing-up; the '-' means 'Standby' which will be updated in JUST a second when I decide how exp will work. As of now everybody has the same amount but it MIGHT change to be individual per mission, with standby granting a solid 1 each time. Who knows?


Exp Distribution

  • +2 for everybody who had an intro
  • +2 for mission #00's completion
  • +2 for mission #01's completion (kind of)
  • +2 for mission #09's completion
  • +1 for visiting the void
  • +1 for mission #12's completion
  • +2 for mission #02's completion
  • +2 for mission #06's (first) completion

Destiny Distribution

  • +1 for Cael for being awesome
  • +1 to Jazz, Gamma, and Leen for doing a beefed-up practice fight for no reason
  • +Howevermanyneededtolimitbreak to Jazz for doing an awesome finisher. Too bad that spent them all!
  • +1 to Gamma for actually roleplaying the side-effects of being a badass
  • +1 to Gamma because the Cap'n has the hots for him and is biased or something I don't even remember what happened
  • +1 to Gamma, Bruin, and Cael for being super awesome in the face of horrorterror parasite things.
  • +1 to Leen, Vanity, and Spica for going out of their way to investigate a big ball of pretty-much-nothing.
  • +1 to Leen for winning a simulated battle by hugging.
  • +1 to Cael and Spica for fighting off their assailants and claiming the arena for their own… even if they forgot to use it.
  • +1 to Leen, Vanity, Narina, Bruin, and Gamma for clobbering that dracula wannabe like he was a wet paper bag. DOT's pretty insane
  • +1 to Leen, Vanity, Jazz, Bruin, and Spica for defeating the White Bonita Pirates! Spica gets an additional +2 for talking down Doomsday and saving the day, thus completing her first goal!

Records of the Past

The Final Assault! There's Nyo Way We Can't Win!
Jazz, the Hero of Justice! True Courage Overcomes All Obstacles!
Cael, the Ambassador of Nature! What a Mix-Up!
Gamma, the Clone With a Soul! What Is Good or Evil?
Leen, the Defender of Innocence! Who Am I, Really?
Spica, the Discoverer of Truths! Let's Go On a Tour!
Marah, the Earthen Enigma! Even Plantmen Grow in Fertile Soil!
Captain Julienne, the Paragon of Heroism! Stab the Sword of Justice!
Françoise, the Beacon of Cheer! All You Need is a Big Hug!
Pop, the Secretive Seeker! What Kind of Robot FAINTS?
U.L.T.R.O.S., the Many-Armed Joker! FUNGAH!!
Sherry, the Insecure Security Contractor! Bruin, the Not-So-Barbaric Bear! Is This Ship Full Enough?
The Night Ends With a Feast! To Friendship!
Erina, the Doctor With a Heart of Coal! But At Least Someone's Safe, Right?
Pop, the Iron-Willed House-Roid! I've Got a Secret...
Meet the Crew Some More! Just a Regular Day!
Din, the Musclehead Without Muscles! GIVE ME MONEY.
Vale, the Bodyguard With a Secret! Now the Real Work Starts!
Xog, the Overbearingly Fashionable Ursine! Who DOWNLOADS Costumes?
The Mysterious Bird and the Shining Force!How Setting-Appropriate IS This?
Vanity, the Absolute Nothing! ...
The Strange "Ghosts" and a bunch of Manly Men! Nothing, no matter how terrifying, can quench hotblood!
First Light! Crafting Isn't Quite Like Home...
Lemmens, the Not-So-Cheerful Workshop Director! And Why She Hates Her Job.
Pluto and the Big Ball of WHAT! WHAT?
The Obligatory Beach Episode! That Could've Been Worse...
Vanity and Leen's Embarrassing Magical Adventure! ... That's It.
Ulphia, the Accidental Traveler From Another World! She Doesn't Mean Any Harm, Honest!
Cornet & Innes, and Why They're Cheaters!
Au, the... What IS That, Anyway?