Siu B. Nicholson

Name: Siu Balthazar Nicholson
Age: 27
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 120 lbs.

Eyes: Left Green/Right Red (Hetrochromia)
Hair: HORRIFYING, She has hair the colour of dried blood,
and patches of it will seem wet or damp for no reason.
If you touch the wet patches, your hand comes away
bloody. However, the blood is always different, and
is not her blood, if it's ever tested. It also for reasons unknow grows at speeds inhuman. (Elemental Hair, Fast Growing Hair)

Likes: Blood, Animes, Books, Comics, Model Trains, Model Airplanes, Yandere Girls, Violent Sports.
Dislikes: Environmental Protesters, Moe Girls, College, Work, Socialites, Mainstream TV, Eagle Screeches.

Birthdate: 02/18/20XX


Stat Name Strain
Magic Asmodai 0
Fury xXBL4Z3K1N45Xx (Internet Rival) 0
Fury Kaz (What a punk, He bailed on us) 0
Fury Clocktower (Stupid robot) 0
Heart Krona Metzinger (Her thing-friend, dating) 0
Heart Natalyia (She makes sense, and doesn't hate me.) 0