Personality: Serenity is the older of the two 16 year old Hamilton twins. She takes the fact that she’s the older one quite seriously and often tries to act far more mature for her age. Which is why she seems to be more interested in getting into the family business than her sister was; in fact, her parents seem to be grooming her to be the successor. Serenity often carries herself with a sense of grace and seriousness that she only ever lets up in the presence of Harmony, in which she quickly becomes overbearingly motherly. If there was anything she takes after from her parents, it would be the calculating and ruthless attitude she takes towards goals she sets herself to, willing to resort to any methods in order to achieve it. While she doesn’t share her parent’s views on Harmony’s humanitarian efforts, she personally finds it to be both unrealistic and naïve; why put a bandaid on a problem? If anything, at the forefront of her mind is wondering if her sister’s going to be ready to face the harsh reality of the real world. What’s gotten her even more concerned was finding out Harmony signed herself up into this war between Outsiders and Overseers…

Element: Poison
Serenity can opt to apply a poison counter to an enemy instead of dealing damage.
1 poison counter = 2 damage/turn
2 poison counter = 4 damage/turn
3 poison counter = 6 damage/ turn

Power: Command
Serenity can remove 3 poison counters to be able to take control of the enemy by making a sharp challenge every turn.

"I can't always be there for you."

Heart: 6
Magic: 9
Fury: 3

Aggro: 3
Cool: 5
Social: 6
Sharp: 7

Resolve: ?