Scape Filler Logs

[14:28:43] <Hailey_Markane> April 24, 2072 — Earth Public Protection Dome #47 — 7:12 AM
[14:29:56] <Hailey_Markane> "hmm…" Hailey has been spending the past day trying to crack the code to that holofile, with no luck. She needs a break…maybe she can get Skye to help…
[14:30:58] <Skye_Lyon> Skye, however, happened to be at home. Specifically, she was asleep in her room.
[14:33:10] <Hailey_Markane> Hailey isn't psychic. She is, however, bored out of her skull. So she will try and call Skye on her cell phone and see if she responds
[14:36:52] <Skye_Lyon> "Hey, my phone's ringing. I should pick it up" was the voice echoing from her phone. She'd recorded herself telling herself to pick it up for a ringtone a while back, and it did manage to wake her up. Skye answered in a sleepy voice, "Hellllo?"
[14:37:51] <Hailey_Markane> "hey skye…oh, did I wake you up?"
[14:40:07] <Skye_Lyon> "Hey, Hailey. Wake me up? Uh… not really, what's going on?"
[14:41:13] <Hailey_Markane> "nothing…nothing big anyway. Umm…if you have some free time and wanna hang out, let me know. I'm headed scapeside so…you know where to find me."
[14:44:30] <Skye_Lyon> "Yeah, I'll meet you there in a few." Skye hung up the phone, grabbed a snack, and got dressed
[14:45:20] * Hailey_Markane will hang up. She needs to relax. And even if it's a chaotic place like that. It's peaceful.
[14:46:52] <Hailey_Markane> Without thinking about it any longer, Hailey rips open a portal to the scape and jumps in, letting her mind go free
[14:49:14] <Skye_Lyon> Having completed her morning routine, Skye was a lot more awake. Celeste was still asleep, but Tara was up, so Skye gave her a quick, "Off to see Hailey," before slipping out and summoning a portal
[14:54:20] <Hailey_Markane> The scape didn't change. Hadn't changed without one of them doing something to cause the change. But it was alright. Hailey just wanted a place to gather herself. To get away from that holofile. To sort out her troubles
[14:57:55] <Hailey_Markane> *sigh*…Hailey was confused. The first time in a while. For some reason the thrill was gone. The magic didn't seem…magical anymore. "is this how it's gonna be?" Hailey said to no one in particular
[15:05:34] <Feli> There weren't any presences— everything was quiet. As she was now, Hailey didn't realize it was just a premonition to something bigger… or maybe she did and was just refusing to accept it. Either way, the Scape was a quiet place to organize her thoughts. But then again, that applied for everyone.
[15:07:12] <Skye_Lyon> Out of the clouds, a rainbow lanced into the Scape's ground before fading, leaving behind Skye. If she hadn't managed to find the right spot, Hailey should notice her entrance anyways.
[15:08:12] <Hailey_Markane> Normally the girl wanted to actually *do* something. Bit that drive was gone today. Even as Skye appeared right next to hailey, the girl was laying on her back, looking up at the sunless sky.
[15:09:06] <Hailey_Markane> She will tilt her head to acknowledge the other weaver's arrival but that's about it.
[15:09:35] <Skye_Lyon> "Did something happen, Hailey? You seem kinda depressed."
[15:10:35] <Hailey_Markane> "I…I dunno. I mean I don't really think anything big has happened…but maybe that's the thing."
[15:12:13] <Skye_Lyon> "Is there anything I could do to make you feel better? Do you actually want to hunt down a youma?"
[15:12:33] <Hailey_Markane> "it's like…this is something we do, in the same way school was something we did. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my experience here for the world…but I'm not sure what to do."
[15:14:44] <Skye_Lyon> "Okay, is the part bugging you the lack of control, the time spent, or what?"
[15:14:47] <Hailey_Markane> "I guess what I need is a good distraction. Used to be the scape was my distraction…but now I need a distraction from the distraction…am I making any sense here?"
[15:17:10] <Skye_Lyon> "What kind of distraction have you got in mind? I'm not doing anything today, and we've got a lot of freedom because of our powers."
[15:18:06] <Hailey_Markane> "yeah I know…but that's just it. It's like any idea I could come up with would be lame, overused and not really be that satisfying for either of us."
[15:20:08] <Skye_Lyon> "We can make something work. We could try adventuring outside the domes if we stay transformed. Would seeing something natural be fun?"
[15:20:52] <Hailey_Markane> "absolutely…if we could avoid turning into tiny little burnt pieces of flesh, I'd love it."
[15:22:13] <Skye_Lyon> "You've got power over fire, so you can probably keep the heat from killing us, and I'll stop the rays from giving us some kind of condition."
[15:23:35] <Hailey_Markane> "that…actually might work. It will definitely be an adventure…but at the same time, we should be careful. They never tell us what's outside the domes…we ought to be prepared for anything."
[15:24:22] * Hailey_Markane gently hugs Skye. "see, this is why I love having you around. You come up with ideas like this."
[15:26:04] <Skye_Lyon> Skye returned the hug, "Unless it's a hive for youma, we can handle it; we're puella magi, remember? It's not a job you're meant for if you can't figure out how to blow off steam!"
[15:27:30] <Hailey_Markane> "I guess…well, lead the way I suppose."
[15:29:54] <Skye_Lyon> Skye grabbed onto Hailey's hand with her left, her staff in the right. With a flash, the pair takes off on a rainbow into the clouds, their destination: Skye's vague idea of wherever "outside" is.
[15:29:55] <Hailey_Markane> L
[15:31:02] <Hailey_Markane> Remembering that going through the portals tends to force transformations, Hailey will attempt to maintain her angelic form through the breach.
[15:31:44] <Feli> With a VWOOP, the "rainbow" opened into a vortex, leading them into something… extremely bright. In comparison, the rainbow was nothing— as the portal closed behind them, they found themselves standing on a patch of grass.. and just a few feet in front of them, a cliff dropping off into god-knows-what. At least, it's explained that way considering that they didn't look to see what was there.
[15:32:38] <Feli> If anything, a good reason for why they didn't was probably because of some sort of shock that the weather wasn't deathly painful at all; it was definitely hot, but only enough so to make one sweat after being there for long enough. Above them was something they had never officially seen before, only heard rumors of… a ridiculously bright light.
[15:34:04] <Hailey_Markane> "this…isn't that bad, actually…" Hailey mutters, somewhat confused. "is this what you were expecting?"
[15:34:25] <Skye_Lyon> Skye, as well, kept her mind on staying transformed as they landed. Skye looked around in a mixture of awe and confusion, "Outside? We're really here?"
[15:34:49] <Feli> Furthermore, behind them was… well, it was more than obvious what it was, but it was something they'd never been able to see from the outside before. Or at least, not this part of it, considering inter-dome travel wasn't something that was barred. Only, walking was discouraged. Extremely so, in fact, considering armed droids prevented anybody from leaving on their own.
[15:35:55] <Skye_Lyon> "Hailey, if I ask a stupid question, will you not hold it against me?"
[15:36:55] <Hailey_Markane> "probably not…but in all honesty it depends on the question." Given the sparkle in her eye the question would have to be REALLY stupid to get any kind of reaction.
[15:37:37] <Hailey_Markane> And even then it would likely be limited to good natured humor
[15:37:41] <Feli> The brightness of the sun was making it difficult to look in any direction besides toward the dome wall… though, from the sounds of things they weren't really bothered much besides needing to squint a bit.
[15:39:06] <Skye_Lyon> "If it's so nice here, why aren't people allowed outside? I mean, they'll hurt you if you try. Feels like there's some conspiracy going on."
[15:40:57] <Hailey_Markane> "that's…actually a good question. Maybe our magic is suppressing the worst of it, maybe something happened decades ago and people got scared."
[15:41:17] <Feli> What it felt like was something past the cliff they stoof on was part of the reason… something they couldn't see from where they were standing. In fact, all they could see was sky.
[15:41:31] <Feli> The same went for Hailey… with one extra letter.
[15:42:15] <Skye_Lyon> "Look at all the stuff technology can do, someone has to know the truth, and if they know, they're hiding it. I say we explore and find out the truth."
[15:42:56] <Hailey_Markane> "I'm all for that. Besides, if something does go wrong we can just warp back right?"
[15:44:09] <Hailey_Markane> "you feel like sharing again?" Hailey will motion to her pistol, still holstered.
[15:44:31] <Feli> At the very least, it was still much warmer than anything they'd felt in the Domes. Normal people would be sweating by now. But then again, the amount of 'normal' they needed to be was limited by how many people could see them— at this point, that didn't seem to be a number much larger than zero.
[15:44:42] <Skye_Lyon> Skye peeked past the cliff, filtering the bright light hitting her eyes to make it easier to see, "Yeah, we've got it under control… sharing what?"
[15:45:14] <Hailey_Markane> "you do your mind thing, I let you fly while doing it. That thing."
[15:46:00] <Feli> And Skye met Oceane…. okay, not really, the narration has just been wanting to crack that joke for a long time. But, an expanse of blue lie before them, and it was much unlike anything they'd ever seen from the confines of their homes. At least, not often, if ever— that alone would amplify the beauty of it so much more. But… unsettlingly, that wasn't all they saw. Not at all.
[15:48:15] <Feli> Past the expanse of what was obviously ocean - and obviously very far below them, almost to the point where it seemed like it wasn't far from being an expanse of dry land - there was a small island, far in the distance. With what looked like… wood? Wooden buildings? Even more strangely, shapes were moving.
[15:48:16] <Skye_Lyon> Skye mumbled, staring at the grand view "Yeah… one second, you should take a look over here, first."
[15:48:30] <Feli> And smoke rose from said 'island' as well… faintly.
[15:49:57] <Hailey_Markane> "what's u-wow…" Hailey observed the view, and was entranced by it…such a place seemed more magical than anything she could think of. A sight for sore eyes, it was.
[15:53:43] <Skye_Lyon> Skye knew they needed to investigate, so she gave Hailey a poke with the staff, "Open your Mind's Eye!"
[15:54:46] <Hailey_Markane> Images flooded Skye's mind as their thoughts became intertwined. But they were much calmer, more peaceful…as if the sight had calmed the tension in Hailey's soul
[15:55:53] <Skye_Lyon> Hailey, on the other hand, received a slightly more urgent tide, one with a very strong undertone of curiosity
[15:56:15] <Hailey_Markane> <my turn.> With a gentle spin, Hailey withdrew her gun and fired a single shot, wings unfolding and exploding into existence from the girl's back.
[15:59:31] <Skye_Lyon> Skye stumbled, but didn't fall <This combination's really useful, but it'll take a long time to get used to.>
[16:00:39] <Hailey_Markane> <yeah, i guess…anyway, shall we?> Hailey is standing at the precipice of the cliff, wind teasing her hair. She was about to jump off, it looked like.
[16:01:55] <Skye_Lyon> Skye gave Hailey a playful push off the ledge and took off on her own behind her
[16:04:02] <Hailey_Markane> "wooaah!" Hailey does fall off. And for a second it looks like she might keep falling, before her wings open up and allow her to sail through the sky with a lot less effort than she remembers having needed. <you are a little devil sometimes, you know that?>
[16:06:13] <Skye_Lyon> Skye's giggled carried through the wind as she soared <Let's call it even. So, check out the island?>
[16:07:07] <Hailey_Markane> <even? What did I do to deserve that?> Still, she will head towards the airspace above the island. Not sure if she should go lower just yet.
[16:09:36] <Feli> While their arguing may have been more important, it became more and more apparent with their closeness that something was… off. There were wooden buildings and a fire lit on the island, but also moving shapes. Moving shapes that became bigger the closer they got… moving people. Men, women, children, all in.. well, it was hard to tell. But the island looked like the kind of things they'd
[16:10:00] <Feli> read in children's holobooks about primitive societies, thousands of years before their time.
[16:10:56] <Feli> The skin of the people was obviously darkened as well, as somebody in the reading audience would be able to imagine as somebody with a severe tan— but to the two in the air, it was something far beyond bizarre. Something they'd never seen.
[16:11:35] <Feli> … And flying teenagers was something the islanders had never seen, either. At least one of them, while performing their mundane tasks, pointed into the air while some sounds could be heard from below.
[16:11:37] <Feli> Then another.
[16:11:38] <Feli> Then another.
[16:12:07] <Hailey_Markane> <I think we got their attention…what should we do?>
[16:12:29] <Skye_Lyon> <What did you do? Oh, just stick your lips in my face a few times… Uh oh, this could be unfortunate, what now? Fly away or say hello?>
[16:13:22] <Feli> … The reaction could have been more than pleasant. At least, the stone sailing through the air at them said all that really needed to be said. Followed by another, and another.
[16:13:56] <Hailey_Markane> <pretty sure they don't want us around…I say we let them be.>
[16:16:05] <Hailey_Markane> <but one of those was lita being a bitch, and the other time…what exactly were we doing then? I forget…>
[16:16:05] <Skye_Lyon> <So, maybe this is what's hidden. A… tribe of people. Not very nice people, either, let's fall back.>
[16:17:03] <Skye_Lyon> <You freaked out about fighting youma and got literally up in my face.>
[16:17:04] <Feli> As close as they were, they could at least hear yelling. In languages they couldn't understand… well, a blend of languages actually. Universal couldn't be heard until the first uttering of "Witch," which definitely caught on. But the sentences, at least, were incoherent.
[16:17:33] * Hailey_Markane will send herself a bit higher as to stay out of rock throwing range…but instead of heading back to the clifftop, she decides to continue out to sea. She wonders if there is other stuff like this…
[16:18:32] <Skye_Lyon> Skye followed behind Hailey, <Maybe I should sneak back and look around?>
[16:19:31] <Hailey_Markane> <sneak back where? The island of rock chuckers? Unless you plan on shooting the rocks out of their hands, I wouldn't. Let's keep going!>
[16:20:34] <Hailey_Markane> <and if you do, then I want in.>
[16:20:59] <Skye_Lyon> <No, I have an idea, though. I could bend light around me to hide. Would be too hard to stay linked, probably.>
[16:21:25] <Hailey_Markane> <think it would extend to me as well?>
[16:22:59] <Skye_Lyon> <That would be tough, but if we stuck close and you could save me if I collapsed, we could try.>
[16:23:58] <Hailey_Markane> <okay…I'm willing to try it once.> Hailey will move in closer to Skye to make it easier for her to cast the spell.
[16:25:33] <Skye_Lyon> <So you know, I don't think I'll manage the link, too. If we have to talk, be really quiet.>
[16:26:19] <Hailey_Markane> "if it feels like you might run dry, tell me and I will portal us out. No need to burn yourself dry!"
[16:27:22] <Hailey_Markane> "gotcha." Hailey will speak her understanding while clasping Skye's hands in hers
[16:28:15] <Skye_Lyon> Skye exerted some power as she let the link go, for now, and called out, "Hide us behind the light," bending the rays around them for cover as she flew back towards the island
[16:29:21] * Hailey_Markane trails Skye as closely as possible, so as to try and conserve her power
[16:29:40] <Skye_Lyon> Along the way, she whispered, "Don't have long, when I squeeze your hand we have to leave and fast."
[16:30:09] <Hailey_Markane> "got it. I can portal us in a snap, just say the word."
[16:31:01] <Feli> The islanders ceased their hostility and returned to what they were doing… which seemed to be mundane tasks, but not unbelievable ones. Their outfits weren't excessively primitive, but in the Dome-dwellers' eyes it probably was pretty tacky to look at. At the very least, they looked worn-down to pretty heavy degrees. That said, some of them were washing clothes, and hanging them to dry.
[16:32:27] <Feli> Others were doing miscellaneous things like cooking food, having conversation… but Universal wasn't a common sound. At the very least, the island was awfully wide, like it may extend for maybe a mile or so… if measurement like that even still exists, anyway. Most importantly was the ground: The soil was much softer, very unlike anything they'd ever stood on before.
[16:32:33] <Skye_Lyon> Skye peaked around near the houses and apparent community centers, searching for clues about the people's presence
[16:32:53] <Feli> At the very least, it was the answer to how to escape 'fakeness' that Hailey had been searching for— yet, Skye's energy was draining fast.
[16:33:02] <Hailey_Markane> "it's so…so…" Hailey struggles to find the right word as she whispers to Skye "normal. It's like almost nothing has changed…"
[16:33:03] <Feli> It would still hold for a short while, though.
[16:33:56] <Skye_Lyon> Skye whispered back a soft, tired "Shh" and continued the search, not yet giving the escape squeeze
[16:34:22] <Feli> Wooden houses were everywhere, though, almost as if to make it more and more obvious that these people refused every aspect of technology. Log cabins. But, where stone roads seemed to converge was something that wasn't familiar… a fairly large pole standing straight up, with a vertical pole crossing it.
[16:35:39] <Skye_Lyon> Skye was getting uncomfortable about her energy level, but pushed onwards to examine the pole
[16:37:19] <Feli> It was something completely unfamiliar. But still it stood tall, as though it was something that represented their society— in fact, a man in white robes was kneeling next to it, eyes closed. Also an unfamiliar gesture.
[16:39:57] * Hailey_Markane imprints the image in her mind. She didn't do too terribly in art classes…maybe if she could recreate the scene, she could figure out something about it?
[16:48:08] <Skye_Lyon> Skye took a long last look, trying to figure out the objects' significance, but found herself out of time and gave Hailey a tight squeeze of the hand
[16:50:45] * Hailey_Markane didn't need to be told twice. With practiced motion, Hailey ripped a portal beneath their feet as the two magi fell in, the girl's wings sealing it the second they were clear.
[16:52:19] <Feli> At least, upon entering the well-known Scape, Skye could feel energy flooding in like her body was desperately crying out to it for help— but, neither of them were where they once were anymore, so they weren't able to use it for THAT purpose.
[16:53:12] <Hailey_Markane> The two found themselves back in the scape, Skye's cloaking aura shattered. "you okay?"
[16:53:55] <Skye_Lyon> Skye dropped down to the ground and looked up at Hailey, breathing hard, "Fine… sorry… Should've squeezed sooner."
[16:54:49] <Hailey_Markane> "sorry…but…hah…" Hailey started giggling. And she couldn't stop. It was like something had come over her.
[16:55:46] <Hailey_Markane> "hahahahahahahhaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"
[16:57:16] <Skye_Lyon> The laughter was infectious, and Skye started giggling herself, something about the shock of what they'd just seen magnified the humor in everything, "From this angle… you kinda look like that pole."
[16:57:43] <Hailey_Markane> After a few coughs, the girl seemed to calm down…sorta. But there was a kind of glow about her now. "oh come on now…that's not nice…"
[16:59:19] <Hailey_Markane> "I'm not as fat as that old hunk of wood, am I?"
[17:00:13] <Skye_Lyon> Skye was still giggling, if not as hard as Hailey had, "I just held your hand and took you on a grand tour of an uncharted island, and you're gonna complain about me not being nice?"
[17:01:53] <Hailey_Markane> "you're right…thank you…for everything…" Hailey wanted to kiss her for what Skye had done. But that didn't seem right…so she would settle for wrapping her arms around her, squeezing as tight as she could, cradling her head on Skye's shoulder.
[17:04:15] <Skye_Lyon> Skye calmed down and returned the hug, "Don't thank me, I needed a break, too. Next time you want an escape, we'll explore the island and outside some more, so just let me know."
[17:06:20] <Hailey_Markane> "you…you're a great friend…" a tear starts welling up in Hailey's eye. "I was starting to think I didn't deserve a friend as good as you…"
[17:08:21] <Hailey_Markane> "I'm glad to know I'm wrong…"
[17:08:56] <Skye_Lyon> "Don't worry about stuff like that, you're a good friend, and you're fun to hang out with."
[17:10:54] <Hailey_Markane> "oh yeah…that reminds me… There is something I have to tell you…"
[17:11:17] <Skye_Lyon> "I'm listening, what is it?"
[17:11:45] <Hailey_Markane> "I l…I…lo…" she is having trouble spitting it out.
[17:13:18] <Skye_Lyon> Skye gave Hailey a gentle pat on the back, "Is everything alright?"
[17:13:39] <Hailey_Markane> "y-yeah! Just got a little choked up…"
[17:14:08] <Hailey_Markane> With a cough, Hailey regains her composure as she gently breaks off the hug.
[17:14:17] <Hailey_Markane> "I lost my bank card last week…but I found it yesterday. Maybe we can go shopping or something later?"
[17:15:30] <Skye_Lyon> "Yeah, that sounds fun. I'm never really busy."
[17:16:41] <Hailey_Markane> "I'm gonna need an hour or two to get things ready. See you then?"
[17:18:16] <Skye_Lyon> "Works for me if it works for you, give me a call, alright?"
[17:19:36] <Hailey_Markane> "sure." Hailey will make one more rift, falling backwards into her reality. Sure there was a lot on her mind…but she could deal with it now. Today gave her perspective.

[09:45:00] <Feli> After playing this for like 6-8 hours straight yesterday then being pushed to MAXIMUM SLEEPINESS POTENTIAL and dozing off (before the session even finished but that's a story for another time) I had a series of dreams related to this group, waking up in a cold sweat each time. 4 of them, in fact.
[09:45:08] <Feli> They were all about drama or someone leaving or something
[09:45:18] <Feli> I think there were a few that were just arguments
[09:46:15] <Feli> Anyway, the best one was the last one where I'd woken up this morning and came in indicating that I was awake without reading backlogs for some reason - which is weird because I always read backlogs - and like the second after I did Charm posted some logpost of Skye killing herself.
[09:46:24] <Feli> then I scrolled up and read in OOC that you hated my scheduling and wanted to quit
[09:46:30] <Feli> woke up in a cold sweat again
[09:46:35] <Feli> but then I started giggling uncontrollably
[09:46:38] <Feli> and still haven't stopped
[09:46:45] <Charm> Dude. That's creepy as fuck
[09:47:30] <Skye_Lyon> u insecure bro

[13:53:33] <Feli> Hailey and Skye should do the swimsuit episode
[13:53:35] <Feli> that's right I said it
[13:54:20] <Charm> Maybe. If you can roll 14+ on a d20 I won't complain
[13:54:37] <Feli> roll 1d20 you bet your ass I can… though I don't think the dicebot is here. Is it?
[13:54:40] <Feli> no it isn't
[13:54:44] <Feli> !roll 1 20 you do it then
[13:54:44] <Presea> Roll 1: 1
[13:54:44] <Presea> Total: 1
[13:54:44] <Presea> Average: 1
[13:54:49] <Skye_Lyon> HA
[13:54:51] <Skye_Lyon> ha
[13:54:51] <Feli> … So enjoy your conversation scene.
[13:54:52] <Skye_Lyon> ha
[13:54:53] <Kesh> oh god
[13:54:54] <Skye_Lyon> oh wow

[14:17:13] <Kesh> Just because life is doom and everyone is out to eat you, doesn't mean you can't have lesbian sex.

[16:10:41] <Hailey_Markane> >drop down to island
[16:10:47] <Hailey_Markane> Advicehailey.jpg
[16:10:58] <Hailey_Markane> >declared aboriginal goddesses
[16:12:01] <Feli> Have I told you I just want to hug you sometimes?

[17:02:55] <Feli> >Hailey wanted to kiss her for what Skye had done. But she'd done it too many times already to get away with without being made fun of by everybody in the OOC channel…
[17:03:26] <Hailey_Markane> Also true, but that doesn't make for good story