Rose Teastar

In brief

Rose Teastar
AKA: Daaark Princess Thorn
Age: 14
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Pink
Notable physical characteristics: Short-lived.

A reclusive girl that dropped out about a month ago. There's a bunch of nasty rumors about her last day at the school, but nobody seems to know the full story. Something about BDSM?

What kind of girl are you?

Rose was born into a wealthy family, albeit missing a parent. Her father was a busy lawyer for some large company, so she really just lived alone. She lived a mostly normal life, going to school, participating in school activities, but never really making any friends. She wasn't picked on or bullied, she just never found anyone she connected with. She ended up giving up on life, accepting that she’d just be another nobody that lived a normal life, accomplished nothing, died, and was forgotten. This was, of course, all planned from the start. By making her past into something insignificant, she could tempt fate just enough to set her true plan in motion. And it had worked. The world shall know her wrath.

What convinced you to make a contract?

She saw as an opportunity to be someone significant. She’d be someone remembered. She’d go down in history books, famous for what she had done. The biggest sue the world had ever known. All according to plan.

What is your wish?

She wants to conquer the world. Not to simply be granted ownership of it, but given the tools to conquer it herself. The power of unlimited sue.


Is a sue, but not the biggest sue. Wings, etc, nobody wubs me instead of the desired 6 or more wings, etc, everyone wubs me because I'm perfect in every possible way


Costume: Please make my inevitable turn to daaarkness even more apparent by use of BLACK DAAARK LEATHER, I CAN'T WAIT TO BE THE SUE-ANTAGONIST THAT TRIES TO BEFRIEND THE PARTY AFTER HER DEFEAT. OH, AND A CROWN OF THORNS TOO. …LIKE JESUS, BUT MORE SATANIC. OH, AND SOME SPIKED SHOULDER PADS JUST TO SEAL THE DEAL OF HOW BAD I AM. I have to be bad at least once before becoming completely perfect, after all! Pity me!

Magical Element: Daaarkness - Rose’s magic involves manipulating daaarkness. Hiding within it, moving freely within it, and striking with thorny physical shadows. For the most part, she dances around in the daaarkness before she strikes with an overwhelmingly powerful magical shadow attack.

Magical Power: Melding with Shadows - As mentioned above, Rose moves within the daaarkness and shadows to avoid damage, hide, and travel almost instantly from shadow to shadow.

Magical Weapon: Why can't you have a practical weapon, like a scythe or something, that'd suit you-oh wait, scythes aren't practical, are they…WELL, I GUESS IT'D BEAT USING A STAFF

Tsukaima: Neet - A white furry boneless fox creature. Mysterious and secretive. Rarely gives a straight answer. Only meets with Rose in private. Snickers to himself frequently. You can only imagine what it snickers about.


Resolve: 18/18

Normal Attributes:
Aggro: 3
Cool: 7
Social: 5
Sharp: 6

Magical attributes
Magic: 10
Heart: 7
Fury: 3

Advances on the other party members:
- +1 to a Magical Attribute (Magic)
- Gain a new Magical Effect (Magic Boost)
- +1 to a different Magical Attribute (Heart)

- Rose sprouted a pair of extremely large bat wings, NOT enabling flight that is not how that change works you're just using it as an advantage for this terrible sue that seems to be unaware of what she is. The sue is extremely difficult to conceal.

PDF effects are bad stop using them

- “Abysmal Shadow Daaarkness of the Night” - Magical Element, Powerful type - An additional 1d6+6 damage.