Rosalyne Holst


My hair is a bit crazy.

Name: Rosalyne Holst

Age: 17
Height: ???"
Weight: "???"
Bust Size: "Does it even matter?"

Resolve: 18/18

Combat Effectiveness

Stat Assigned Value Overcharge
Magic Attack 9 0
Heart Support 8 2
Fury Defense 3 2


Heterochromia(Temp): Is there something on my face?
Normal Copy(Temp changed to Perma): This sure is going to get complicated. How are mom and dad going to react?
Symbols in the Air(Perma):Odd little symbols sometimes float in the air around you.
Magnetic(Temp): You are quite attractive to metal!

How I really am.

Stat Value
Charm 6
Tenacity 4
Insight 4


Element: Wind

Power: Speed

Weapon: Sword

My dad told my mom through a letter to teach me how to use a rifle in self defense. Although I found it to be strong as the kickback hurt my shoulder I still take care of it. For hand to hand combat though, nothing beats having a sword even though pistols are much more useful. Sometimes it's the sentimentalism that counts.

Specialization: Witch



To be finished later.


To be filled in later.


  • Tier 1
    • +1 Magic
    • +1 Heart
  • Tier 2
    • Common Talent:Speed Burst
    • Common Talent: Lets move


Person Memory Notes
Dad A big Mustache "Report from front: Vaulme Line under heavy attack by renewed Nov offensive!" Oh God no, Dad!
Mom A cup of wine I'm sorry for taking this mission mom, I hope you're doing good living with my uncle.
Henriette Incomprehensible gibberish I still think she is incompetent, but she is pretty strong.
Lily A warm summer day I'm certain the poor girl is gone in the head completely. She tried to kill that Nov soldier until Cille stopped her
Naida All-consuming Darkness with spots of light Not that scary anymore.
Cille A big red X Seriously, what were you thinking?
Hans The feeling of melting into a chocolate puddle He's cute and got the top grades on the academy before he graduated. I wonder what he's up to?

To adapt into the format later.

Magical Talents:

Boost:Normal overcharge 3/scene

Recover: Recover 1d6+2 resolve out of combat. 2/episode

Dash Strike: Major action, Move and attack 2/scene

Bypass: Minor Action, 1 OC (Support) 2/scene Move 2 disregarding enemies or engaged status.

Teleport: Minor Action, 1 OC (Support) 1/scene Move anywhere on the battlefield

Hex: Minor action, enemy takes 1 damage per turn, 1/turn

Speed Burst: Free Action, 2 OC (Support) Move once or use talent that uses a minor action that moves you. Usable outside your turn

Lets move!: Minor action, 1 OC (Support), Minor action. Move ourself and an ally one space