Rei Hyuuga

In brief

Rei Hyuuga
Age: 16
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale Blue
Notable Physical Characteristics:

A quiet, solitary girl. Kept herself apart from everyone. Rumours say a friend of hers was killed in an accident a couple years ago. She died a bit less than a month ago, in a tragic accident.

What kind of girl are you? What convinced you to make a contract?

Rei never really got along with other people. They were always so…unpredictable. Inscrutable, and hard to understand. She much prefers the people within the pages of a book, so much easier to comprehend. Characters, who can be broken down and understood. She even writes…or she did, for a while. A close…less a friend than an acquaintance, but still, one of the people she was closest to, died in a sudden accident. For almost a year, afterwards, she found herself going through life in a fog, mechanically performing as expected of her, unable to muster the inspiration to write, and hurting inside for this. Her words…her writing…that was how she best could express herself, how she could best bring to herself some comfort, when bad things happened, and how she assigned her own value as a person. She could create, she could form these worlds, and people…she was not simply drifting through life. She was worth something.

And then…as the full year drew closer…something incredible happened. She was approached by a Tsukaima. Why, she did not know, and for what purpose…she was soon told. 'Become a magical girl, fight, and get a wish…' She…did not have anything she truly wanted. Her family, while not wealthy, was still fairly well-off, and she was not particularly materialistic, as it was. But…this…perhaps this would give her her inspiration, that had been lost. Maybe like this, she could find within herself the worlds that she had once been able to relate in her writing.

And so she contracted. She found a power within herself…the summoning of bugs. …Well, it's certainly interesting at least. Her element was strange, as well. Who had heard of a Magical Girl using Bone…? But this was unimportant. In her efforts, she did rediscover her inspiration, her ability to write once more… And so she was pleased, and worked hard.

Until, one day…she woke up, to go about her normal routine, getting dressed, brushing her teeth, going to eat breakfast with her family, before her parents had to go to work, and her to school…but…they went pale, when they saw her, disbelieving in her presence, as though her appearance was a knife in their hearts, salt in a fresh, raw wound…

"No…y-you…you died…!"


One day, I started going about my usual routine, but everyone was convinced I had died the day before. …It turns out…I did.


Costume: Gothic-Lolita, Runes, Pentagrams

Element: Bone

Power: Summon Bugs

Tsukaima: Dran - A white four-sided polyhedron with a pentagram on each face. A massive bag of dicks that seems to have vanished entirely.


Resolve: 18/18

Normal Attributes:
Aggro: 6
Cool: 5
Social: 3
Sharp: 7

Magical attributes
Magic: 10
Heart: 3
Fury: 7

XP: 2/5

- Gain a new Magical Effect (Regeneration rank 2)
- +1 to a Magical Attribute (Magic)
- +1 to a different Magical Attribute (Fury)

- Swift Action: +2 to attack stat for purposes of turn order.
- Regeneration: +1 Resolve per round
- Regeneration 2: +1 Resolve per round.

- “Death's Lance” - Magical Element, Precise Attack - An additional +3 to hit and +1d6 to damage.

- Zombie, Fox girl, Animal Anathema