Practical Burst

Not a campaign. Just throwing ideas down on paper to make things more PrAcTiCaL.


Changing stats to make them less confusing and make more sense.

  • Magic (Mind) - Your general, all-round magical stat for magic-making. For offensive and defensive magics. May also be a shoe-in for psychic abilities.
  • Form (Body) - Your physical punchy stat for anything requiring some physical effort to cause an effect and your oomfy stat for taking hits head on like a boss. Use of weapons (for whacking things), punching, blocking and taking hits. Replaces fury.
  • Swift (Technology) - Your technical expertise in using objects, mainly technology. Includes use of weapons for less than intended purposes (tripping people) and practical/impractical use of weapons of higher tech (guns, lazer beams, zappy stuff). Also is your dodgy stat… If you're one of those lame pretty-boy types who doesn't like getting hit. Replaces heart.

Heart? What kinda lame stat is that?


Skills (replaces "moves") are things your character does, in general. Any verb you can think of is a skill. Skills are seperated into two categories: General Skills and Personal Skills.

General Skills

General Skills are things any character can do. Listed below are the most basic:

  • Searching
  • Conversation
  • Lying
  • Keeping Calm
  • Running
  • Magic (outside of battle)

Personal Skills

Personal Skills are skills that only your character can do, they are often summarized in a quote or as a very specific capability. Some examples include:

  • "I can see forever!"
  • Suplexing bunnies because cute things suck.
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Magic and Weapons

All characters have magical capabilities as well as basic martial arts to cover all three stats. "Basic martial arts" means that characters have some physical means by which cause physical pain/damage to something else. Basic martial arts is basically: punching, kicking, grabbing, headbutting, biting, tentacle jiu-jutsu, body slams, elboing, etc..



Weapons themselves lend themselves to either Form or Swift, but can always be used by the other in some way. Swords, spears, clubs, knives, staves, etc. are all weapons which primarily rely on whacking things (Form) or can be used to trip, get past enemy defenses or hold people in a lock (Swift). Ranged weapons such as guns, bows, rocket launchers, etc. are technical weapons, needing some sort of dexterity and skill to use such as shooting, disarming thugs with said weapons and making bullet art (Swift) but can be used for whacky, clubby purposes (Form).


Anything that is paranormal and/or performs unnatural phenomena is more than likely magical. This includes psychic mind-doohiggeys of various sorts, artifact weapons (which do poorly in the whacking department) and innate alien weirdness. The Magic stat is used for both technical and practical purposes which would normally be Swift and Form by regular weapons. Magic may also be used instead of Form or Swift to bolster existing physical power of weapons when beating things to a bloody pulp with the blunt edge of your sword just isn't enough and you need to set those fuzzy bunnies on fire is prefered… Or you just want to fire magic bullets from your handgun.