Patty 034-XD
Name PATTY 034-XD
Age ????
Alias/Nicknames Patty


Element: Rubber
Effect: Defective Bouncy Body
Incoming damage is reduced by 1d6 (but cannot be reduced below 1). If hit for MAXIMUM DAMAGE, Patty 034-XD is knocked away and bounces back to hit the attacker for the damage received. On the turn after, all rolls to hit or dodge will be at -2, due to lack of balance.

Power: Everything's Edible
Patty 034-XD's not a picky eater, possibly one of the many reasons she was released from company care. As the name implies, she can eat everything… And if she can't (or shouldn't) eat an object she'll be eager forsatisfied with just a little nibble.

Effect: You Are What You Eat
You may eat an enemy or an ally… And become them. Not really. Spend 1 OC to make an attack to eat and if it connects, deal damage as usual and take half (rounded up) of a target's MHF values and add to Patty 034-XD's MHF values. Spending 2 more OC to chew the helpless victim allows for better digestion, dealing 2 damage and adding all of a target's MHF values to Patty 034-XD's MHF. The effect lasts for 2 turns before she expends the caloric value of her victim's genetic structure. Patty 034-XD gains an appropriate costume change to reflect her current dietary habits.

Finisher: Overstuffed
If Patty 034-XD is under the effect of You Are What You Eat this attack may be used. Spending 2 OC and making an attack, you may opt to vomit stars dealing damage equal to the total stat changes Patty 034-XD has absorbed (if she absorbed 1/2/3 MHF, she would spit out 6 damage). If this finisher is clashed and the clasher succeeds, Patty 034-XD explodes (taking damage from the original attack) and spreads her starry goodness on everything dealing 1/3 this damage to everyone other than Patty. Invoking this finisher removes any MHF changes due to You Are What You Eat.

Effect: Undigested Meals
Patty 034-XD's copying traits are efficient enough due to a peculiar quirk in her digestive system: it partially reconstructs objects which she has previously eaten and reuses those parts in future ventures in her habit of copying local cuisine. A side-effect is the reconstruction of "Junk Objects" within her body. A Junk Object is a complete and fully functional (possibly living) object which she has previously eaten and cannot be implemented into her physical structure, which causes some inefficiency elsewhere in her body. Patty 034-XD does not take notice of these objects since they are, at least in her mind, a part of her body. However, this phenomenon is highly distracting to others. Once per turn, roll 1d6. On 6, something sticks out of Patty. As a free action, another character may pull this object out. Pulling out the object restores 1 resolve, gives +1 to all rolls for Patty 034-XD's next turn and… well… You get something for pulling whatever it was out.

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