Party Time

It's up to you to start prepping for the New Year's Eve bash!

You currently possess:

One Castle
One romantically frustrated Summoner
One immortal, one half-immortal, one teenager, and one young adult with attitude
One cactuar

Your current ideas are:

Date auction!
Wet T-shirt contest???
Magic Show (Natty and Lenny's Magical Miracles!)

It's up to you to save New Year's Eve and beat the Magus Sisters! What do you try to do?



Lenore goes to visit Treno real quick! She asks any of the BMGs there if they're interested in taking part in the party (especially with the Date Auction) or if they have any ideas, and also stops by home to ask anybody at home if they want anything to do with the party. Getting both Mom and Dad would be nice, but Dad never seemed like a partying type! Blade might make a good addition to the Date Auction, at the very least, as there's no males lined up. She also stops by the Rooks' to 1) meet them for the first time and 2) ask them if they want to help with the party, or if they're just going to do their own thing in Treno, since it SOUNDED like they would. Oh well. Maybe she could make some fancy shmancy speech at the party to help further their interests?


T-89 seems to be the only one with any free time, the others are all busy. Though, Adenine doesn't very much like the idea of the auction, she says "If you're that desperate, I guess it can't be helped." She offers to help with the organizational aspects of it, as well. Elena seems stoked about the celebration, and Renegade simply says "I'll think about it." which is more consideration than you've ever heard him give on a subject like that. Blade… admits there's someone he's interested in so he probably shouldn't. Alexis has a surprisingly contemplative stance despite the fact that you can't see her expression at all. She mentions she might know someone. The Rooks unfortunately can't help at all as they're rather busy with everything, but they do take the time to introduce themselves and familiarize themselves with you. They'd love if you could spread the word about Treno's need and the efforts going towards rebuilding.


Lenore returns to Lindblum, and bugs Ammy to help her find materials for the party. She's going to need A) balloons for turning that dumb wet t-shirt contest idea into a WATER BALLOON FIGHT and B) need materials for making lots of fireworks for mundane folks to join in with at midnight on the party when she and any other mages make big explosions.


FIREWORKS? You can find the shit out of some fireworks. Alexandrian candles? Sparklers? Palm, crossette, spider? There are a lot of varieties of professional and personal use fireworks, what do you want, exactly? Ammy also manages to find the balloons for you, and your nefarious plans are furthered one step.


ALEXANDRIAN CANDLES, SPARKLER, SPIDERS, BOTTLE ROCKETS UP IN THIS BITCH. WE'RE PAINTING THE SKY RED. Actually do bottle rockets even exist in a setting without guns? Probably not, but if they do Lenore's going to seriously consider stocking up on them and becoming a Jeff wannabe. She gets a smaller quantity of more professional fireworks for the guards to all set off, if they're willing to help, they get paid to hang around the castle so they're getting paid for this, right? She can totally make them light fireworks like her personal minions, getting fireworks that send off several salvos of flashy missiles for all of them that she'll make them set off in pairs from the outer rims of the castle to the middle. She makes sure to get balloons every color of the rainbow but perfect size for holding in your palm like B-cup breasts, and then stocks up a little on MEGA BALLOONS, not a bunch, but a few to just get dumped in the middle of wherever it is that they're holding this. Maybe the terrace up top? Naw, not big enough, this'll take some thought. Might also be a pain to clean up but WHO CARES I HAVE INTUITIVE WIND. Lenore goes to pester Dragoos to see if he has any STREAMERS AND CONFETTI, although she bugs Ammy real quick to ask what colors are going to go with the special aesthetic Ammy had in mind. After this she thinks about and decides maybe she should make some glowy…flashy…things. Synthesis Alchemy check to invent glow sticks? Systems check to make Strobe lights? Maybe she should ask Theta for that stuff instead.


Streamers? Check. Confetti? Check. You're all set to sex, drugs and rock and roll!


Lenore pesters the nearest moogle about getting FLYERS set up everywhere for her party (probably right before or after searching for Ayane). She holds up 25k gil and hopes for the best! She isn't too picky about the design, but she needs it to convey that there's a FLASHY fireworks display, a gourmet dinner with a theme emphasizing the Festival of the Hunt, a DATE AUCTION with plenty of adorable girls offering dates (for those in a reasonable age range) and that includes EIKO FABOOL, a WATER BALLOON FIGHT, Tantalus will be staging a play there (this is assuming she's had communication with Ammy on that), and a SPECIAL MAGIC SHOW, and that the party will prominently feature the Eidolon Carbuncle. She wants it to be advertised in Treno, Alexandria, Lindblum, Daguerro, Madain Sari, Black Mage Village, Burmecia, New Cleyra and any other big cities that could fit within that budget.


The moogles SET YOU THE FUCK UP and get their presses rolling. Advertising: Global flyers and Moglines: RANK S PARTY POINTS.


Ammy approaches Tantalus and asks them if they'd be willing to put together a short performance for the new year's party. Given it's so near to the day, she suggests if they have any particular performances they've been working on, she'd be fine with them adapting those instead of coming up with something new. She briefly explains the approach she's taking with her other preparations, celebrating various aspects of Lindblum - and the theatre district is what she doesn't have covered in her dinner plans.

However that goes, Ammy also goes to source food and drink for the party using whatever resources having the castle provides her. In particular, she's making sure she has enough trick sparrow, zaghnol and fang meat for her festival of the hunt themed dishes as well as getting fresh produce and fish from the Lindblum markets.

Baku says all they've been working on is I Want To Be Your Canary for the performance in January, but he doesn't think they can adapt that to your party. …Thouuugh, he suddenly GWAHAHAHAs and announces that he's got an idea. He tells you to get a stage inside the castle set up and they'll handle the rest.

The kitchen seems rather well stocked, and Eiko is sure to help place orders for things you don't have. Monster meat is a just a -tad- unusual for a party, but unusual is good, it may help you stand out. The markets are have a good selection of fish as well, but the produce is a bit out of season…

While working with Eiko on the food, Ammy also asks her just what Tantalus is gonna need for the stage for the sake of any special preparations. Out of season produce is only a problem if you don't use winter veggies! Ammy decides she can plan her dinner around brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, root veggies, kale and other cold weather vegetables.

If possible, the palace staff are put to work making decorations and putting them up throughout the city.

As she's out and about in Lindblum doing her shopping, she tries to find a moogle to get advertisement flyers sent out and an ad placed in Moglines. While she's far too busy shopping to do this yet, she keeps an eye out for good spots to do some hands-on advertisement of her own throughout the city.

Oh, and since she was in Treno for a bit to pick up her locket there, she sees if Noah is still around picking up his purchases. While avoiding accidentally spoiling herself on whatever Noah's picked up for a gift, she tries to quickly bounce some ideas off him for the bar they'll be running at the party. (Ammy's ideas for cocktail specials are as follows: a layered fruity drink, a rhubarb drink with bitters frozen into the ice, an herby gingery vodka drink with lemongrass, a pina colada variant with a slice of pineapple, a drink filled with cinnamon ice balls which melt and change the flavor of the cocktail over time, and a large flashy sangria served for groups) It's a quick exchange, if Ammy can find Noah at all, and she apologizes for being so busy lately. As she leaves, she starts to fret a little about getting a gift for Noah herself…

Eiko: "They have most of the props on the Prima Vista, it's mostly just about having the right stage, lighting, and crowd. The Prima Vista has a trap room, too, but I don't think you can get one set up on short notice…"

You get some of the palace guards out and about, on Eiko's orders. Fenrir, Phoenix, and Madeen also go out to help. There are definitely moogles a plenty to take your advertisement to Moglines. A small add run in the paper will cost you 5,000, it seems.

Noah is actually somewhat excited to bounce ideas with you about alcohol, and offers some suggestions himself, though the GM's idea of alcoholic drinks is sadly much inferior to his! And he doesn't have a problem at all with you being busy, he tells you he's the happiest he's been in years.

Also, you manage to succeed in hyping up some of the people in the Business District. Maybe the word will spread…

On the last full day before the party (so, Dec 30), Ammy's going to try to drag Noah off the airship to spend the day shopping for booze, experimenting with cocktail recipes at her place, practicing fancy ways to mix drinks and small parlor tricks, and catching him up on recent events and 12GIL-relevant stuff, and just generally keeping him away from the Stray long enough for the Jacuzzi room in the airship to be installed.

Other than that, she's making sure all the necessities are accounted for, like the stage Tantalus needed, and she finishes putting together some sort of estimated headcount so she can make sure there's enough food and drink for everyone.



Slightly later than the others the Lazy Green Reflect Cat paws her way into the Tantalus hideout as a green cat, swishing her doubletails around. Barely still remembering what happened a couple teleports ago, she looks for Baku and, if he's around. greets him as-is.

"Hi! You do that ray-dee-oh stuff, right? Is 'talking cat' interesting enough for a show quicklike before New Year's?"

Also are flyers a thing yet? If those are ready she has a PLAN with those flyers and it's terrible.


Baku: "GWAHAHAHA. I AM radio, kitty-kat! Sure, come on up to the station sometime, we'll put you on. Say, you like fish?"

And the flyers? Wasn't Lenore supposed to chip in for those with charity money or something? You guys bought an ad in moglines, but I don't remember you putting out the flyers!


"You kiddin'? I love ALL KINDS of fish! Oh by the way, the name's Carbuncle, in case you… didn't know that. I'm not really sure how known I am, really! That's why I want to see if I can't be one of those Eidolons everyone knows and talks about all the time- oh, and pump up hype for that party I'm gonna be the mascot of or whatever. Anyway, thanks!"

If that was enough prattling she's there next time they're broadcasting, unless there's more to be said. Yeah cat way to blab.

ALSO if there's any extra time and she can find the right person for it she pitches in some extra money HERSELF. Gotta have flyers for dumb plans.


"TOO BAD! We don't got any! GWA HA HA HA!"

You set up a broadcast with Baku, to be handled in the future!


"'Kay, I'll bring my own fish then!"

Bunky spends the rest of her day hounding Ammy to make fish so she can bring it to the radio show just to show Tantalus up. But MORE IMPORTANTLY she hounds Lenore for the flyers too.

Assuming she's able to get her hands/paws on one before the actual party starts, she begins an extremely dumb plan: Observing it enough to replicate its finer details in the æther realm, then just tossing it outside her castle and letting it be blown around in the wind(? If there isn't any wind there SHE'LL MAKE SOME) to possibly be eventually "discovered."

By advertising when and where she'll be, she thinks, that's appropriate bait. She aims to get the Glutton to send his "pet" out but, much like last ruse, isn't lying or making anything up; there totally could have been treasure at the new continent, she didn't even know! The important thing is what the people would think if they found out in the middle of a party there were TWO Carbuncles, under the control of opposing factions. It would be exciting! Thrilling! And a perfect excuse for a show if the magic show doesn't go so great!

But most of all, it's a chance to show her cute little sister how to have fun by encouraging a show. … What she DOESN'T consider is the possibility that Fatty himself might come or worse; or rather she just kinda shrugs it off, just because he's evil doesn't mean he'd attack random civilians for shits and giggles. … Right?
Riiiiiight. Besides, they probably won't even take the bait! No big deal!
Sending an indirect letter of challenge is the BADASS way to do it.

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