Outsiders And Overseers

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Overseers are from another world. They take on many forms close to our animals. Outsiders are monsters from that same world who served the Overseers but now have escaped. But there's something unique about that world. It is depedant on ours and the Outsiders and Overseers seek to emulate our world. Outsiders are horrifying creatures who turn humans into servants of the Outsiders and eventually they become one through The Calling. This is a sick form of reproduction and Magical Girls and Magic Knights strive to protect the world from them. Given strange powers and promises of a wish if they collect the seeds the Outsiders drop by the Overseers, a group of kids in the resort town of Santa Maria on the island of Avalon off the coast of California strive to change their world and become gods in the process.

But the Overseers possess dark secrets…

We will be using the Hope and Soul rules. http://timidgirls.wikidot.com/experimental-burst Magical girls/knights start out with 90 Soul and 100 Hope.


Name Player
Fenna Giantree
Fina Read
Harmony Celeste
Liliah DuskDancer
Serenity MediPack


Episode 1 - More Risk, More Rewards
Filler 1
Filler 2