Novenus Xia

Game : The Missing Piece

Vital Info

Meet the Man

Name: Novenus Xia

Age : Looks to be in his 20s
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 158 lbs

Magical Element - Scientific Method: I don't choose to see the world this way; I just do. Everything fits in its right place, and if you look hard enough you can see why.
Magical Power - Creative Analysis: …But if you look even harder, you'll understand that everything ain't how it seems at first. Doesn't fit the principles of how shit works? What you saw was wrong. And I can fix it for you.

Snapshot Descriptions: Gives no fucks, chain smoker, lab junkie
Theme: I'll do it later

Changes: None, yet.


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The guy, you doofus. Yes, I am that shameless.

Welcome to the Lab…

The Devil's in the Details

Observational Data and Test Subjects

Magical Attributes

Stat Value OC Growth
Magic 9 - +0
Fury 5 - +0
Heart 3 - +0

Resolve: 21/21

Normal Attributes

Stat Value Growth
Sharp 9 +0
Cool 7 +0
Aggro 4 +0
Social 3 +0

No potential test subjects have been added at this time.

Lab Equipment

Scientific Method - Objection!: All Support rolls can be used as an interrupt. This means that when someone else declares an action, you may use a Support based action immediately before their action takes place. This consumes your next action.

"Not so fast!"

Creative Analysis - Fudge the Facts: Through extrapolation of scientific principles, allies can be buffed by explaining what is technically possible with their magical powers if they worked in a consistent set of physical laws. Enemies are debuffed by explaining how their powers violate physical laws. Roll Support against a roll with a Magical Attribute. The person who made that roll may choose to resist with Support, as a contested action. On a success, roll 1d6 and add your Support stat and an additional 2 for each point of OC incurred. Modify the roll by that amount, choosing to add or subtract from it.

"According to thermodynamic principles, there is no way his firebrand can burn like that!"

Finishing Move - Take That!: This can be used in reaction to any roll using a Magical Attribute. Roll Support as if you were clashing against this roll. On success, roll 1d6 and add 1 for every OC beyond the first taken to use Crippling Deduction. The target has the Magical Attribute that was attacked disabled for that many rounds. This means when choosing arrays, one stat will remain unfilled and they will automatically fail all rolls for that stat.