Noel Intro Part 1

<Blue_> Having just barely missed the bus, Noel begins the long walk home. Dark clouds are beginning to gather in the sky.
* Noel_Astor sighs, softly
* Doktor_Q (again…)
<Doktor_Q> Watching her feet, Noel mumbles to herself as she follows the sidewalks.
<Blue_> ((BGM: ))
<Doktor_Q> Missing the bus wasn't that unusual for her
<Doktor_Q> She scowled deeper as the first raindrops fell, though-
<Doktor_Q> "…I left my umbrella…"
<Doktor_Q> In fact, most of what should have been in her backpack- pencils, erasers, and several textbooks- were still at school.
<Doktor_Q> Her steps came to a stop before the crossing.
<Doktor_Q> It wasn't like she would die if her things were gone for the day, and even if she missed a day's homework it wouldn't hurt her grades more than she had already
<Doktor_Q> But she was a bit worried, and it was an excuse to stay away from home for a little longer.
<Doktor_Q> Maybe Dorothy would get home before she did- it might make it easier to avoid her talking about work.
<Doktor_Q> Turning lightly, Noel jogged back toward school as the rain slowly became heavier.
<Doktor_Q> By the time she reached the gates, the rain had become a downpour.
<Doktor_Q> Soaked and shivering, Noel pushed open the doors, and sloshed inside.
<Doktor_Q> (at least they didn't lock up yet,) she thought, as she tried to wring out her clothes.
<Doktor_Q> Despite her best efforts, she left a trail of raindrops to her locker.
<Doktor_Q> She opened the door with a squeak, and began to press her books into her bag, but…
<Doktor_Q> (this isn't my umbrella)
<Doktor_Q> She held up the garishly pink and clearly broken umbrella that was stuffed into her side of the shared locker.
<Doktor_Q> Hers was nowhere to be found.
<Doktor_Q> After several moments of grinding her teeth, she gave up
<Doktor_Q> throwing the umbrella back into the locker, and shoving the last book into her bag, she swung the metal door shut and trudged back out of the school.
<Doktor_Q> (the umbrella wouldn't have helped now anyway,) she thought, dragging her already-soaked body back into the rain.
<Doktor_Q> (If I don't hurry, Dorothy will probably use all of the hot water again)
<Doktor_Q> With this in mind, her steps became more urgent.
<Doktor_Q> She paused momentarily at the crosswalk, the red "do not walk" glaring dully at her through the sheets of rain
<Doktor_Q> As a sharp wind blew, chilling her, Noel glanced to each side.
<Doktor_Q> It looked clear enough…
<Doktor_Q> She sprinted across the road, ignoring the puddles. When she was less than a meter from the curb, her foot suddenly dropped.
<Doktor_Q> "Ah-"
<Doktor_Q> She barely had time to cry out before she hit the ground.
<Doktor_Q> Her chin, her wrist, and her ribs ached. Her ankle felt strange- she'd probably twisted it in the pothole.
<Doktor_Q> She could see her bag to the side, zipper broken slightly ajar, allowing a thin stream of rainwater to flow in.
<Doktor_Q> She didn't move to get up, even when a solitary car stopped behind her. It honked once, then, impatient, drove around her and vanished into the rain. Her eyes felt hot, and started to water as well.
<Blue_> A shadow passes over Noel's face, and she no longer feels the rain coming down on her.
<Doktor_Q> "…huh?"
<Doktor_Q> Gingerly, she rolled over, looking up.
<Blue_> A white angular figure floats above her head, the rain vanishing as it draws near it. Each of the perfectly flat faces of the figure sports exactly one red bloodshot human eye, each one focusing on Noel as it slowly turns and tumbles in the air.
<Blue_> A voice echoes in your skull.
<Blue_> HELLO
<Doktor_Q> "…Hello." She mumbles in reply.
<Doktor_Q> She wonders if she hit her head.
<Doktor_Q> "What are you?"
<Blue_> The figure freezes for a moment before it starts sliding slowly, side to side.
<Blue_> I  AM  A  TSUKAIMA
<Blue_> ((BGM: ))
<Doktor_Q> "A tsukai…ma?"
<Doktor_Q> Noel squints at the… thing floating above her.
<Doktor_Q> "Ah."
<Blue_> The words seem forced and unnatural, as if it were reciting something.
<Doktor_Q> Noel goes silent, looking between each of its eyes.
<Doktor_Q> After a moment, she shivers, and then coughs, painfully.
<Doktor_Q> "What are you doing?"
<Doktor_Q> As she asks, she gingerly moves her arm over her stomach, laying on her back completely.
<Blue_> The figure begins slowly rolling in the air. The voice begins speaking quickly and hurriedly, as if it were in a rush to tell you everything. Few of the words make sense, you recognize less than half of them, but as far as you can understand, it's protecting you from the rain for some reason it deems important. You don't understand how, though.
<Doktor_Q> Noel slowly shakes her head back and forth. Or rather, rolls it from side to side on the wet asphalt. "…Why are you here?"
<Blue_> The voice states plainly
<Doktor_Q> "Why?"
<Doktor_Q> (Am I dreaming? Did I die?) Noel wonder.
<Doktor_Q> *wonders
<Blue_> The voice begins.
<Blue_> That unnatural evenness from before returns.
<Doktor_Q> "So you want me to fight them?"
<Blue_> YES
<Doktor_Q> "…How?"
<Blue_> The figure launches into another speech, but you can't understand what he's talking about. Something about magical girls, nightmares, and demons.
<Doktor_Q> "If I make a contract, and become a magical girl, then I'll be able to fight youma?"
<Blue_> The figure quivers, and the voice sounds strained, as if speaking caused it great pain.
<Doktor_Q> "Ah."
<Doktor_Q> Noel makes her best guess at eye contact with the thing.
<Doktor_Q> "Why me?"
<Blue_> The voices launches into another rant, talking about wavelengths and resonance. You manage to grasp that only certain individuals are capable of becoming a magical girl.
<Doktor_Q> "…Why should I do it?"
<Doktor_Q> She couldn't imagine the tsukaima simply handing her a pay check.
<Blue_> The voice states without further explanation.
<Doktor_Q> "What is an oblivion seed?"
<Blue_> The voice launches into another rant, but he speaks more slowly, more understandably, and you're starting to pick up more of what he says. Oblivion seeds are apparently a powerful magical artifact, and if you collect thirteen, with a tsukaima's help you can use them to grant yourself a wish.
<Doktor_Q> "Any kind of wish?"
<Doktor_Q> "None at all?"
<Blue_> The voice repeats.
<Doktor_Q> "Could it… change the way the world works?" Her voice catches.
<Doktor_Q> "Completely change the rules?"
<Blue_> The voice repeats these words slowly, emphasizing each one.
<Doktor_Q> "Then… Then…" she swallows.
<Doktor_Q> "I'll do it."
<Blue_> A flash of yellow envelops both of them. Inside, a yellow gemstone floats out of Noel's hand, a silvery chain growing from it, wrapping around her wrist.
<Doktor_Q> Noel grasps the yellow stone, which continues to glow through her fingers. The silver pales to white, and loses its form, flowing over her body like a mist, before solidifying on her chest and legs as a dress shirt and a pair of tall white boots. It passes over her hair as well, leeching out the color until it's as white as her clothing. On her hands, it becomes a pair of spotless opera gloves.
<Doktor_Q> She opens her hand with a flick, revealing not the pendant she had held before, but a yellow top hat, its white band adorned with a star-shaped golden gem. Flourishing her other hand, she plunges it into the hat's opening, and draws out a yellow cape, which she wraps around herself. When she throws the cape open, she is also wearing a matching yellow buttoned vest and nearly knee-length skirt. Making a half bow, she places the hat atop her head.
<Blue_> The clouds begin to part as the rain ceases, rays of sunlight shining through. The figure begins spinning on its end like top, slowly.
<Blue_> IT  IS  DONE
<Doktor_Q> Noel looks at herself, and her costume, wordlessly.
<Doktor_Q> "What happens now?"
<Blue_> WHAT?
<Blue_> The voice doesn't seem to understand the question.
<Doktor_Q> She gingerly steps from foot to foot. The pain in her ankle is completely gone.
<Doktor_Q> "I made the contract. What am I supposed to do next?"
<Doktor_Q> "Do I have to fight a Youma right away?"
<Doktor_Q> Noel removes the hat, gingerly, and stares inside it.
<Doktor_Q> "Ah."
<Doktor_Q> Noel shoves one hand into the hat's interior.
<Blue_> The brim of the hat twists and warps to allow passage of the object inside. Out pops an expensive bright blue bike!
<Doktor_Q> "Ah!"
<Doktor_Q> Noel stares at the bike for a moment, and sets it down gingerly, popping out the kickstand.
<Doktor_Q> It's exactly the kind she had wanted when she was 9. The one Dorothy had laughed at when Noel pointed it out.
<Doktor_Q> "…I'll need an excuse…"
<Doktor_Q> "I'll do it when I get home," she muttered.
<Doktor_Q> "First, how do I change back?" she turned to the Tsukaima.
<Doktor_Q> For emphasis, she gestured to her outfit.
<Blue_> The voice begins a relatively brief explanation, and while most of the specifics go over your head, you understand that it's as simple as letting your magic flow back into the gemstone.
<Doktor_Q> Noel nods, and closes her eyes, placing a hand on the gem on her hat.
<Doktor_Q> With a flash, she returns to her normal clothing, now dry. The gemstone necklace is held in her hand.
<Doktor_Q> She quickly fastens the chain around her neck, and mounts her new bike.
<Doktor_Q> "Oh," she turns to the tsukaima again. "Do you have a name?"
<Blue_> I  AM  CALLED  M
<Doktor_Q> "M." She nods, and begins to ride toward home.
<Blue_> M follows her, hovering slightly behind her at an amiable pace.
<Doktor_Q> As she finally approaches the decrepit apartment building where she lives, the question of how to explain the bike presses on Noel's mind.
<Doktor_Q> There was no way she could afford something like this on her own, even if she had been saving up. If Dorothy thought it was stolen, she would get rid of it. And Noel didn't know anyone who would just give something like this to her.
<Doktor_Q> Finally, she settled on simply hiding it out back.
<Doktor_Q> (I'll need a bike chain, now), she thought to herself, as she reached her door.
<Doktor_Q> She eased open the door, and stepped inside.
<Blue_> M follows her, tumbling in the air at a restless pace.
<Doktor_Q> The room was as usual- small, cluttered, and pervaded by a familiar yet unidentifiable smell.
<Doktor_Q> Noel left her shoes at the door, and treaded softly on the carpet. She saw her mother, Dorothy, laying across the couch, watching the television.
<Doktor_Q> It seems she hadn't heard the door.
<Doktor_Q> Noel took a step back, and turned to M. "Can Dorothy see you?" she whispered.
<Doktor_Q> Good enough. Noel slipped through the den, dropped her bag in her room, and stepped into the bathroom.
<Blue_> M follows her in, still tumbling restlessly.
<Doktor_Q> Even though she had been dry since she had made the contract, she felt like taking a warm shower.
<Doktor_Q> She shrugged off her clothes, and stepped gratefully into the torrent of warm water. Dorothy hadn't used it yet, apparently, so she didn't have to worry about running out.
<Blue_> M tumbles slowly for a bit, before speaking.
<Blue_> I  AM  NEEDED
<Doktor_Q> "What?" Noel pokes her head out of the shower.
<Blue_> I  AM  NEEDED
<Blue_> He repeats.
<Doktor_Q> "Okay." She returns to washing herself.
<Blue_> Without making a single noise, M is simply no longer there, leaving Noel alone.
<Doktor_Q> Noel finished her shower, wrapped herself in a towel, and walked to the kitchen to find dinner.
<Doktor_Q> Several minutes later, she returned to her room- technically "the" room- carrying a sandwich she had scavenged from things her mother hadn't eaten.
<Doktor_Q> At the same time, she had cleaned out several items that were well past expiration, and one which was not in its original container, but had already become something unrecognizable.
<Doktor_Q> After finishing her meal, she laid back on the bed and closed her eyes, drifting off into though.
<Blue_> You hear M's voice boom out.
<Doktor_Q> Noel started up from the bed, holding her towel in place on instinct.
<Doktor_Q> "What?"
<Blue_> There's a pause.
<Doktor_Q> "Where?"
<Blue_> IT  IS
<Blue_> Another pause.
<Blue_> FOLLOW  ME
<Blue_> M drifts lazily towards the entrance to the apartment.
<Doktor_Q> "Wait," Noel holds up a hand.
<Blue_> M pauses, spinning on one end like a top.
<Doktor_Q> She throws open her dresser, and hastily pulls on a set of clothes.
<Doktor_Q> "Alright"
<Blue_> FOLLOW
<Blue_> He repeats.
<Doktor_Q> She moves after him, sneaking a peak in the den- Dorothy is still there, apparently having fallen asleep to the television.
<Blue_> M keeps up his amiable clip, before stopping suddenly at the door.
<Blue_> OPEN  THIS
<Doktor_Q> Noel wordlessly opens the door, focusing to make sure it doesn't squeak.
<Blue_> M drifts down the hallways, leading Noel to the entrance of the building.
<Blue_> M leads Noel outside the apartment building, guiding her towards the youma. Once outside, she takes her bike and follows him downtown, to an old abandoned apartment building. A large red X sign hangs over the door, marking the building as condemned.
<Blue_> HERE
<Doktor_Q> "Inside this?" She asked, panting lightly. She hadn't ridden a bike for years, so her legs felt a bit sore.
<Doktor_Q> She dismounted, resting the bike next to the entrance.
<Blue_> M says, unhelpfully.
<Doktor_Q> Swallowing, opened the door, and stepped inside.
<Blue_> The inside of the apartment is dark. Just enough red-orange light streams in from the windows for you to make out the vague outlines of the inside. A staircase up, a hallway in front, and a room to your left.
<Doktor_Q> Noel takes several tentative steps into the middle of the room, and looks around.
<Doktor_Q> "Where's the Youma?" She asks M.
<Blue_> The room appears to be a living room. There's an old brown couch with several red stains, a television with a hole in the front, and a metal ceiling fan, turning slowly.
<Blue_> Faintly, the sounds of choking or coughing can be heard echoing throughout the building.
<Blue_> M doesn't respond to the question. In fact, it appears he's no longer here.
<Doktor_Q> "Is someone there?" She calls out.
<Blue_> Noel's voice echoes throughout the house, but no response is made. Upstairs, you can hear the sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor.
<Blue_> ((BGM: ))
<Doktor_Q> Clenching her teeth, Noel runs to the staircase, and flies up it as quickly as her feet can carry her.
<Blue_> Upstairs, there appear to be four doors. One in front of you, and three along one side of the hall. At the end of the hallway, another staircase up. The doors themselves appear to be metal, and the windows providing light are boarded up, allowing less light in.
<Doktor_Q> "M, is there a way to pinpoint the Youma's location?" She asks, pausing in front of the doors.
<Doktor_Q> Noticing his absence, Noel scowls.
<Doktor_Q> With a sigh, she reaches out for the door in front of her, and tries the handle.
<Blue_> The handle turns, but the door doesn't open. It seems to be locked with a deadbolt.
<Blue_> A faint scratching noise can be heard on the other side of the door.
<Doktor_Q> Noel backs away several steps, and checks the first door on the side.
<Blue_> The door opens, and reveals what, at first glance, seems to be a bare apartment aside from the bed against the wall. The floors and wall of the apartment seem to be made of rusted metal.
<Blue_> A ceiling fan turns silently within the room.
<Doktor_Q> She walks in cautiously, scanning the room.
<Blue_> Nothing immediately jumps out at you. It appears to be empty and featureless, aside from the bed and the fan.
<Doktor_Q> Noel doubles back, and tries the next door as well.
<Blue_> The handle doesn't twist. It seems to be locked.
<Blue_> You faintly hear weeping coming from the room you were just in.
<Doktor_Q> "What is a Youma?" She mutters to herself, as she quickly checks the third door.
<Blue_> The door handle breaks off in your hand.
<Doktor_Q> Noel glares at the handle, then looks at the place where it broke off. Could she peek through?
<Doktor_Q> She squats down, closing one eye, and tries to peek into the room.
<Blue_> You see yourself, lying on the bed in your home, sleeping peacefully.
<Doktor_Q> "Ah!" Noel lets out a gasp involuntarily, and backs away from the hole.
<Doktor_Q> She takes another wary glance at the doors, and then looks to the stairs.
<Doktor_Q> She ascends them quickly.
<Blue_> The third floor has the same layout as the one before it. The door in front of the stairs appears to have some form of leathery skin growing over it, sealing it tightly.
<Doktor_Q> Noel pokes it gently.
<Blue_> The skin feels warm and depresses slightly.
<Doktor_Q> Pulling her hand back and quickly wiping it on her shirt, Noel proceeds to check the next door.
<Blue_> The door swings open easily. Inside, there is a lot of blood. On the ceiling, the floor, the walls… As if someone had exploded, and all their blood flew out of their body.
<Blue_> A ceiling fan turns silently. Despite the blood on the ceiling surrounding the fan, the fan itself has no blood on it.
<Doktor_Q> She recoils, slamming the door.
<Doktor_Q> Stumbling, she backs up to the staircase, and faces the wall.
<Doktor_Q> "Haa… haa… haa…"
<Doktor_Q> She blinks forcefully, trying to clear her mind, taking deep breaths.
<Doktor_Q> "Guh." Swallowing, she bites her lip.
<Doktor_Q> She looks down the stairs she just came up.
<Doktor_Q> Then, she looks over to the set going up.
<Doktor_Q> Controlling her breathing, she climbs up to the next floor.
<Blue_> The layout is the same as the previous two floors, but there are no doors along the hallway. There is one door, right in front of you, and a set of stairs at the end of the hall.
<Doktor_Q> Noel stares at the door, thinking, and then walks down the hall to the stairs, and ascends them.
<Blue_> The layout is the same as the previous three floors, but there are no doors along the hallway, nor in front of you. There is a set of stairs at the end of the hall.
<Doktor_Q> With no other options, she walks down the hall, and climbs the stairs.
<Blue_> The layout is the same as the previous four floors, but there are no doors along the hallway, nor in front of you. There is a set of stairs at the end of the hall. The building was only three stories from the outside.
<Doktor_Q> Moving more cautiously, Noel walks to and ascends the next set of stairs.
<Blue_> The next floor is identical to the previous three. An empty hallway with a staircase.
<Doktor_Q> Grimacing, Noel turns around, and descends to the previous floor.
<Blue_> The layout is identical to the other floors in the building. At the other end of the hall, in front of the stairs, there's a single door. There are no doors along the hallway.
<Doktor_Q> "It repeats?"
<Doktor_Q> Muttering this, she re-crosses the hallway, and stands in front of the door.
<Blue_> The door is metal and rusted, like other doors in this place.
<Doktor_Q> Pressing her ear to the door, she listens.
<Blue_> You faintly hear what sounds like a girl crying on the other side.
<Doktor_Q> Stepping back lightly, she tries the door handle.
<Blue_> The door swings inward a few inches before stopping. It seems to have hit a brown couch pushed up in front of the door.
<Doktor_Q> Tensed, Noel attempts to peek inside through the crack.
<Blue_> Inside, you see what seems to be a young girl in a blue dress. She's crying softly and cradling her arm. It seems to be bleeding quite badly, and the back of her neck appears to have been burned.
<Doktor_Q> (This is a condemned building, isn't it?), she thinks
<Doktor_Q> After a moment of hesitation, she calls out. "Are you alright?"
<Blue_> The girl freezes at the sound of Noel's voice before screaming "NO! Get away!" She runs from the center of the room to the corner of it, curling up in a ball while cradling her arm.
<Doktor_Q> (There's other people here?!) Noel's eyes widen. "What happened to you?" She calls, again.
<Blue_> "Go away! GO AWAY!" She screams repeatedly. "I don't wanna die! Go away!"
<Doktor_Q> Reluctantly, she backs away from the crack, and closes the door.
<Doktor_Q> (They kill people- is she going to die?)
<Doktor_Q> She blanched at the thought.
<Doktor_Q> Scowling deeper, Noel descends the stairs again.
<Blue_> The layout is unchanged. Three doors, two unexplored, and one door at the end of the hall, covered in skin.
<Doktor_Q> Taking a deep breath and holding it, she attempts to open the nearest of the three doors.
<Blue_> The door swings open. Inside, there's a perfectly skinned corpse surrounded by blood. It's wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket. Despite the pool of blood surrounding the corpse, the clothes are pristine and clean.
<Blue_> …They're the same ones you're wearing.
<Doktor_Q> Keeping her calm, Noel examines the rest of the room.
<Blue_> It's empty, aside from the ceiling fan above the corpse, and a grandfather clock in the corner. Something seems to be attached to one of the blades of the fan by a red string, but you can't make out what it is.
<Doktor_Q> Taking a cautious step closer, she squints at the object.
<Blue_> It's too dark to make out any fine details. It appears to be round, white, and about the size of a golf ball. The corpse lies directly under the fan. You'd have to step in the blood puddle to get close enough to grab it.
<Doktor_Q> After glancing at the puddle, she eventually steels her resolve, reaches for it, trying to step in as little of the blood as possible.
<Blue_> As you reach out for the object, you notice it's squishy yet firm in your grip. Turning it towards yourself and seeing the underside, you realize it's a human eye.
<Doktor_Q> Without having time to think, Noel shrieks, releasing the eye, and losing her balance in the process.
<Doktor_Q> She scrambles out of the room on all fours, splashing herself and her clothes with blood in the process.
<Doktor_Q> Outside, she presses herself against the wall, gasping, and fighting down the urge to vomit.
<Doktor_Q> (This… this is too much…) she tries desperately to block out the smell of the blood on her.
<Blue_> The third door suddenly slams shut.
<Doktor_Q> "Eeek!"
<Doktor_Q> Noel flinches, curling herself back against the wall even further.
<Doktor_Q> Heart still pounding, Noel looks at the middle door.
<Blue_> The middle door is made of the same rusty metal as the other two uncovered doors in the hallway.
<Doktor_Q> She crawls toward it, doggedly, and pulls herself to her feet in front of it.
<Doktor_Q> She grabs the handle, and gives it a twist.
<Blue_> There's a sudden powerful impact against the door, causing it to bend and deform from the blow.
<Doktor_Q> Noel jumps backwards, to the wall.
<Doktor_Q> (…where is it?!) She attempts to calm down by focusing on her objective.
<Doktor_Q> She breathes slowly, and uses some of the blood on her hand to make a quick, boxy map of the apartment.
<Doktor_Q> She takes a step back from the drawing, and pull out the broken door handle. (where is the Youma?!)
<Doktor_Q> Closing her eyes, she tosses the handle at the map.
<Blue_> The handle lands on the first floor, in the unexplored hallway.
<Doktor_Q> (Ah.)
<Doktor_Q> Feelings of triumph are somewhat dampened by another surge of nausea, after having used the blood.
<Doktor_Q> Recovering, Noel staggers down the stairs, back to the first floor.
<Blue_> You briefly see something moving in the shadows of the living room, but you can't quite make out what it is before it's hidden by shadows.
<Doktor_Q> She watches the shadows suspiciously for a moment, and then moves toward the hallway.
<Blue_> As you pass by the living room, you hear a throaty, strained, uneven breathing, as if someone was trying to breath with a throat full of glass shards.
<Doktor_Q> She glances toward the sound as she passes.
<Blue_> Out of the shadows staggers a humanoid figure. It appears to lack arms, or any of the details of a face. There are several holes where a mouth would be, the leathery skin that grew over it expanding and contracting as it breathes in and out as it awkwardly limps towards you.
<Doktor_Q> Noel sets her shoulders, and glares at the thing.
<Doktor_Q> She touches the pendant around her neck, and transforms- immediately whipping off her hat, and reaching inside.
<Blue_> An ornate sword flies out of the hat, impaling the approaching creature. It shrieks in pain as it falls to the ground, thrashing wildly.
<Blue_> The thrashing gradually slows, and eventually, stops.
<Doktor_Q> Noel gently set the hat back on her head.
<Doktor_Q> "Is that all?" She calls, putting up a bravado.
<Blue_> The creature does not respond, being dead.
<Doktor_Q> She turns, and continues down the hallway.
<Blue_> At the end of the hallway, you come across a kitchen. There's a door in the kitchen, sealed behind a heavy iron bar with two keyholes. There's a stove, a refrigerator, cabinets, and everything else a kitchen should have. The tiled floor appears to be covered in a crusty brown substance.
<Doktor_Q> Noel removes her hat, in preparation of battle, and gingerly steps around the kitchen, examining it.
<Blue_> On the counter, the top half of a creature like the one you just killed is pinned to a cutting board by a knife so large it travels through the creature, through the board, through the countertop, and out the other side.
<Doktor_Q> After glancing suspiciously at the creature, she moves to the refrigerator, and tries to open it, staying behind the door.
<Blue_> The door opens, and warm air pours out as the light comes on.
<Doktor_Q> "Warm?"
<Doktor_Q> Knitting her brow, she looks inside.
<Blue_> The inside is splattered with the same crusty brown substance the kitchen floor is covered with. Inside, on one of the shelves sits an unopened can of soda, but you don't recognize the brand, nor the language on the can.
<Doktor_Q> She shuts the door, and begins to examine the cabnits
<Doktor_Q> *cabinets
<Blue_> Aside from a broken glass, the cabinets are empty.
<Doktor_Q> Lastly, she examines the stove.
<Blue_> As you open the stove, a pair of legs flop out, badly burnt and seemingly belonging to the creature impaled on the counter.
<Doktor_Q> She looks away, and leaves it.
<Doktor_Q> Having completed her cursory investigation of the room, she confronts the barred door.
<Blue_> It's metal, barred, and heavily sealed. Barring the bar, it seems just like every other door.
<Doktor_Q> She gives one of the bars an experimental kick with her boot.
<Blue_> There's a loud clang, but nothing unusual happens.
<Doktor_Q> (I wonder how sturdy they are…)
<Doktor_Q> She takes a few steps back, and swiftly moves to draw something out of her hat.
<Blue_> A morning star flies out and slams into the door, bouncing off and leaving a mark.
<Blue_> The door doesn't budge, though.
<Doktor_Q> "Hm."
<Doktor_Q> She repeats the action, putting all of her power behind it.
<Blue_> A pure white light flies out of the hat, blowing the door off its hinges and into the room behind it.
<Doktor_Q> "Simple."
<Doktor_Q> With that, she strolls through the door., into the room.
<Blue_> The room is vast and dark. You can't see the walls or the ceiling, and the floor is made of concrete.
<Blue_> A pulsing grumbling noise comes from a point ahead in the room.
<Doktor_Q> (The Youma?) she wonders.
<Doktor_Q> She approaches it cautiously, trying not to make any more nose that she already did. As an after thought, she circle around to the side, as well.
<Doktor_Q> Hat at the ready, she peers into the gloom.
<Blue_> As you draw near, you see a bulging sack of leather flesh bolted to the corners of a bedframe. It's twisting and thrashing, drawing blood from the wounds where the bolts pierce it. There are a few tears in the leathery sack from which human limbs pop out.
<Doktor_Q> Noel recoils at the sight of the grotesque… thing in front of her, wobbling slightly. With some effort, she fights down the urge to vomit.
<Blue_> Combat START! BGM:
<Blue_> The bed frame, suspended by chains, suddenly swings itself towards Noel, dragging the youma along!
<Blue_> !roll 2d6+6
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 2d6 + 6 ] { 4 4 + 6 = 14 }
<Doktor_Q> !roll 2d6+6
<BlueBot5001> Doktor_Q rolled [ 2d6 + 6 ] { 6 6 + 6 = 18 }
<Doktor_Q> !roll 2d6
<BlueBot5001> Doktor_Q rolled [ 2d6 ] { 3 3 = 6 }
<Doktor_Q> !roll 1d6+7
<BlueBot5001> Doktor_Q rolled [ 1d6 + 7 ] { 2 + 7 = 9 }
<Doktor_Q> Noel swings her hat in an arc, as if it throw it's contents at the approaching enemy
<Doktor_Q> -'
<Blue_> The hat twists and grows to allow passage of the object it launches! A refrigerator flies out, crashing into the youma, knocking it off course! The youma spins wildly and out of control, a deep tear on its flesh, as limbs fly out from it onto the floor!
<Blue_> The limbs on the floor animate, moving towards Noel! Grasping hands and tightening grips attempt to pin her down and pull her to the ground.
<Blue_> !roll 3d6+6
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 3d6 + 6 ] { 3 4 5 + 6 = 18 }
<Doktor_Q> !roll 3d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Doktor_Q rolled [ 3d6 + 5 ] { 1 4 2 + 5 = 12 }
<Doktor_Q> !roll 2d6
<BlueBot5001> Doktor_Q rolled [ 2d6 ] { 5 4 = 9 }
<Blue_> A hand manages to grab Noel's ankles before another hand pulls it away. The limbs fight with each other, all attempting to be the first to grab Noel, none of them managing to do so.
<Doktor_Q> Noel takes a running leap, vaulting over the Youma, and tips her hat, releasing her attack from above.
<Doktor_Q> !roll 2d6+6
<BlueBot5001> Doktor_Q rolled [ 2d6 + 6 ] { 1 3 + 6 = 10 }
<Blue_> !roll 2d6+8
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 2d6 + 8 ] { 4 2 + 8 = 14 }
<Blue_> A five pound barbell comes out, and drops one of the youma's open wounds, accomplishing little.
<Blue_> The youma completes its arc, swinging like a pendulum back at Noel!
<Blue_> !roll 2d6+6
<BlueBot5001> Blue_ rolled [ 2d6 + 6 ] { 1 5 + 6 = 12 }
<Doktor_Q> Noel tosses her hat into the air, letting the opening point down.
<Doktor_Q> !roll 2d6+6
<BlueBot5001> Doktor_Q rolled [ 2d6 + 6 ] { 5 6 + 6 = 17 }
<Doktor_Q> !roll 1d6
<BlueBot5001> Doktor_Q rolled [ 1d6 ] { 4 = 4 }
<Doktor_Q> !roll 1d6+5
<BlueBot5001> Doktor_Q rolled [ 1d6 + 5 ] { 6 + 5 = 11 }
<Blue_> The hat bulges and expands, as a life-size statue of the The Thinker plops out, directly into the youma's path! The limbs torn from the youma grasp onto the frame, desperately trying to slow its movement, to no avail. It splatters messily on the base of the statue, the bed frame twisting, warping, and breaking, as the chains it was suspended from drop down from the ceiling, pooling around the youma.
<Doktor_Q> Noel deftly catches her hat as it descends, placing it back on her head.
<Blue_> The world turns wavy and begins fading back into the real one. You find yourself standing in the basement of an apartment building, a strange glowing gray-green stone laying where the youma died.
<Doktor_Q> "…an Oblivion Seed?"
<Doktor_Q> Noel approached the stone, and looked around for any sign of M.
<Blue_> A familiar white and red shape rushes through the ceiling above, stopping just before running into Noel.
<Blue_> It stares at her, perfectly still.
<Doktor_Q> "M?"
<Blue_> I  AM  SORRY
<Doktor_Q> "Where were you?"
<Blue_> M launches into one of his tirades, explaining that the Youma had managed to trick and detain him, preventing him from contacting you, but forcing him to watch. He thoroughly congratulates you for handling yourself so well.
<Doktor_Q> "So they can do that…" she muses, then points at the stone on the ground. "Is that an Oblivion Seed?"
<Blue_> YES
<Doktor_Q> "Ah." With a curt nod, she picks up the stone.
<Doktor_Q> "Where do you suggest I keep it?"
<Blue_> M is silent.
<Doktor_Q> Noel sighs, and changes back to her normal self. She then slips the stone into her pocket.
<Doktor_Q> "I need another shower," she breathes, as she climbs the stairs to the first floor.
<Blue_> M follows her silently.
<Doktor_Q> Recovering her bike, which had managed to not be stolen, despite no form of security, she quickly pedaled home.
<Doktor_Q> To avoid waking Dorothy, she compromised the shower for simply washing her face and hands vigorously.
<Doktor_Q> Dumping her second set of clothes for the day into the hamper, she walked quietly into her room, and slipped into bed.
<Doktor_Q> Before she drifted off to sleep, she slipped the Oblivion stone under her pillow.
<Doktor_Q> She'd decide what to do with it tomorrow.