Noel Astor

In brief

Noel Astor (Shining Star Lucky Noel)
Age: 14
Hair: Long, curly, strawberry blond
Eyes: Blue, usually only half open
Other: She wears cheap, practical clothes, and her bangs shade her eyes without hiding them. It gives her a rather gloomy look.

Poor, silent, and creepy looking, Noel never seems to fit into social situations. She lives with her divorced mother, Dorothy, in a small, messy apartment. Her only friend seems to be Rosemary.

What kind of girl are you?

She doesn't pay much heed to the presence of other people. She speaks rarely and haltingly, and her emotions don't often reach her face. In contrast, she's unassuming and a good listener. She's also quite patient.

Before making the contract, she seemed to have terrible luck- aside from being bad in school, a social strikeout, and a bit clumsy, she was also from a poor family, and her parents divorced when she was 6. She lives with her mother, who lives on a mix of welfare, the occasional part-time job, and child support.

At school, she only interacts with teachers and Rosemary, her closest friend. "Mary" is responsible for suggesting Noel's Magical Girl name, though she's unaware that it's for something real.

What convinced you to make a contract?

She accepted the contract in hopes of making sense of the world, discovering the rhyme and reason behind everything that happened. In a final stroke of misfortune, she discovered that the world is mostly random chance to begin with.

What is your wish?

Her greatest desire is to destroy the concept of "chance"- to give a reason and meaning to everything that happens. Her powers are already the first step towards that.


A rival magical girl (Miracle Genius Umi) showed up and said if I take any of her prey she’ll kill me.


Costume: White gloves, tall white boots, yellow top hat with a white band and a star-shaped decoration on it, and a gold cape. Underneath is a white long-sleeve shirt with a gold vest, and a knee-length gold skirt. In addition, her hair color changes to white.

Magical Element: Luck - The changing of chance and fortunes, circumstances that are unknown or beyond control. She doesn't define the method, though, just the result.

Magical Power: Chance prediction - she passively knows the outcome of any "chance" event such as dice rolls or roulettes.

Magical Weapon: "Grab Bag"- the top hat from her costume, which she can pull almost anything out of. Good or bad depends on her powers, as well as plain old luck.

Familiar: M. Serious, helpful, over-explains EVERYTHING to an absurd degree. Twenty-sided white polyhedron, in each face a bloodshot eye.


Resolve: 17/17
XP: 2/5

Normal Attributes:
Aggro: 5
Cool: 7
Social: 3
Sharp: 6

Magical attributes
Magic: 7
Heart: 6
Fury: 5



- Magical Fortune - Once per scene you can take one point of Overcharge (to any one attribute) to reroll any two die or one die twice, taking the result of your choice.
- Magical Shield - At any time you can take a point of Overcharge (to any attribute) to add +3 to your defensive attribute or that of another magical girl against one attack. You cannot use this multiple times against a single attack

- "Nemesis Extinction" - Magic element, Piercing attack - An additional 1d6 damage that pierces through enemy defense. - Causes a highly improbable but still possible event, ending with a flashy death for the enemy. Causes may include tornado-born semi trucks, spontaneous combustion, meteor strikes, or accidental attack ricochet.