New Regions of Gaia

Mist Continent

Burmecia - The city of eternal rain has been completely rebuilt and expanded upon thanks to funding and labor sent from Alexandria, and now the city exists in two halves - the traditional lower city, and an upper city on the cliffs above where the new Burmecian City Council meets. Steam-powered cable cars connect the two city halves, and the rain is collected in Lower Burmecia through an elaborate sewer system for a variety of purposes. Prince Puck finally did return to the city, but has refused to take the throne and is urging Burmecia towards something he calls a 'republic'. In this light, a city council rules over the day to day administrations, with the highly respected Dragon Knights Sir Fratley and Lady Freya being given positions of honor. Still have a highly respected military.

New Cleyra - A forest settlement on Popos Heights above Gizamaluke's Grotto. Despite the death of Master Gizamaluke, the waters in his channel have remained clean and pure as ever. The Cleyrans, also with help from Burmecia and Alexandria, constructed this quaint forest village to act in harmony with nature. The artisans of this town tend to be tailors, having cultivated a proud and long-standing tradition of clothes-making the old-fashioned way from harvest silkworms in old Cleyra. Others find their calling in wood carving, jewelry-making, or performance arts, such as music, dance, and theater. Still hippies at heart.

Outer Continent

Madain Sari - While technically not a 'new' region, the town of Madain Sari has undergone a massive change in the past ten years. Scholars from the Mist Continent and treasure hunters have settled the area, restoring as much of the architecture as they've been able to while preserving the sanctity of the past. Thousands of new homes have been built as well, making this city the most inhabited spot on the Outer Continent, and a hub of trade, receiving both ships and airships from Lindblum often. The Eidolon Wall is an enormous tourist attraction, and said to be a favorite spot of Queen Garnet's. The moogles that once lived here have been cast aside from their duties as caretakers of this sacred place and now live under the city's stretches in small tentboats that gently float along the ocean's surface. Sometimes a sad song can be heard if you stand by the water at night… The famed thrillseeker and adventurer Lani Coral lives here as well, sometimes harboring the moogles in her own home.

Conde Petie - The home of the dwarves has become even more of a small and desolate abode as many of the dwarves promptly moved out after the place was largely damaged by the Iifa tree's roots ten years ago. A small number still dwell here, their numbers ever dwindling, and many other dwarves have scattered across the world to see the rest of the blessings of nature themselves. Some have taken up residence in the tunnels known as Gargan Roo, between the outer and mist continent, and search for another passage, the rumored 'Kanga Roo'.

Black Mage Village - bigger than it used to be, but feels so much smaller nowadays as the Black Mages themselves are almost all but gone. A few live in the village still, but most under a year of age. The exceptions are Bebe, a geomancer mage doll who claims to be the biological son of the prototype Black Mage, Vivi, and a jolly fellow named Mr. 529 who sports an old grey beard that flows in front of him and nearly meets the ground. Both of these Black Mages have survived the past ten years, but none know how. Bebe intently performs research to find the answers, and is often gone to conduct field investigation. Otherwise, the village is inhabited strictly by the Genomes, a race of monkey-tailed humanoids from the Planet Terra, who migrated with their leader Mikoto when their world was destroyed in the events of the previous game.

Forgotten Continent

Durandal - An Alexandrian colony town that quickly thrived on a rich ore mining trade and farming local fertile lands, but the Qu in charge of these lands have come in charge of the business dealings of the town, legitimate and not-so-much. The Qu Mafia is headed by a sinister figure named the Glutton, who is concerned only for his own wealth and power, but nonetheless lets the citizens of Durandal go about their business as long as they pay the proper respect (and protection money) to the mob boss. Aid from Alexandria has been requested, but response seems buried under red tape…

Lesetira - Some Burmecians and Cleyrans decided to distance themselves completely from the Mist Continent in case war should ever brew again, and chose a more suitable location to make their home - the cliffs in Gusty Valley, the location of the Wind Shrine. The strong winds that blow there continuously power the masterfully crafted Cleyran windmills installed there, to draw fresh water from the cliff's aquifers, and the Lesetirans also subsist on a diet of hardy legumes, roots, mushrooms, and wild birds and other game. The windy cliffs also provide ample practicing grounds for aspiring dragoons, drawing Burmecian Dragon Knights to train here even if they live back on the Mist Continent. Rumor also has it that a faction of anti-Alexandrian rebels holes themselves up in these cliffs somewhere…

Lost Continent

No new places just yet - Esto Gaza has been abandoned by those who lost faith, scholars now swarm the ruins of the volcano for clues to the past. All in all, not much has really changed, people still come and go, the migrations are just for different reasons. People are looking into the minability of the vast, snowy peaks, however…

The Vast Blue Sea

Hypel - A newly discovered underwater city full of the strangest aquatic creatures one could ever meet - they call themselves the Hypello, and on land speak with a slow and shomewhat dimwitted ackshent? They look after enormous, trunked amphibians called Shoopuffs, which they apparently use for travel. No one's even heard of them up until five years ago…