Cuddly Party Mascot

Vital Info

Nnnnnot much at all

"Nonchalantness - Who do you think I am, the Eidolon of Taking Everything Seriously? Gettin' riled up isn't gonna help me any."

Name: Carbuncle
AKA: The Glittering Eidolon
AKA2: Ruby
AKA3: Natalie Ellis Floruna Lazuli Annette-Maria Cynthia Cathaoir Aitchison III
AKA4: Nat
AKA5: Natty
AKA6: Azure
AKA7: Nacchan
AKA8: The GREAT Azure
AKA9: Catalie
AKA10: Natbuncle
AKA11: Carlie
AKA12: Nuncle
AKA13: The Bunc
AKA14: Bunky
AKA15: Bunclie
AKA16: Dumbuncle
Age : About 4,000
Sex: Female(?)
Height: 4'11" / 2'5"
Weight: x / (x/2)

Job: Turquoise Mage* / Ninja / Monk / Thief
Title: Easygoing Geezer

* - Turquoise Mage isn't a real job, don't try to be one

1. I'll find her again, no matter what it takes. If she doesn't actually miss me, too bad! But maybe… Stay safe, okay? I'll be back~
2. Is there a ribbon out there that's more fashionable AND more useful than other ribbons? Well if there is, I want it! If there isn't, I still want it! And now I have it! It wouldn't be as important if didn't come from from a good friend, huh? Maybe that's why I liked ribbons so much in the first place!
3. Peel the onion. (Uhh I forgot, what did that mean again?) FAILED

Life: Find the truth.

Theme: Call THIS 'Generic JRPG,' Fag


Level 11
EXP: 2/5
Destiny: 9 (+1 phantom)
HP: 300/341
MP: 159/319
AP: 25/100

Stat Value Bonus Total
PWR 9 0 9
RES 1 0 1
DEX 19 0 19
MND 19 10 29

Stronger Together: +3 DEX, +2 MND, +1 PWR

ACC: 1+(10/2)=6
AVD: 5+(19/4)+2=11 / 5+(19/4)+2+3=15
ARM: 0
M. ARM: 0

Force: 2
Finesse: 11 right now jesus

HP/level: 30
MP/level: 0
Weapons: Arcane, Blade, Brawl, Concealed, Dual-Wield, Huge, Ranged, Reach
Armor: N/A
Skill Points: 42


Winter Outfit
Adviceowl Edition
Cat + Imouto
Default Outfit
Formal Outfit
Yukkuri Shiteitte ne!

This stuff is easy

Athletics 11 ★
Escape 1
Healing 1
Lore (Any necessary things about life you'd see in an amnesiac's diary*) 1
Nature 6
Stealth 6
Synthesis (Polishing) 7
Thievery 9

*That's actually General now

Martial Arts (Innate)
Unusual Species (Arcana)
Twin Soul (Amaryllis)
Onion Knight
Stronger Together
Aura Bolt Ruby Death Laser
Master Thief
Reflect-Null (Temp)




Arms: Master Emerald Knuckles (Tier 5 Brawl, Counterattack, Special Ability: Job Ability: Lancet, +4 MND, Upgradable)(15200)
Legs: Moon Anklet (Tier 6 Arcane, Quick Cast, +2 MND, Auto-Shell)(26200)
Armor: N/A
Bracers: Diamond Bracelet (Tier 5 Bracers, Prismatic, 3 AVD)(3250)
Accessory: Ruby+1 (Tier 5+ Ore, Unified, Accurate(+2 AVD))(Free!)
Noms: Sashimi Platter (Tier 4 Food: +4 MND)

Note: Dual-Wielding and Bracers can't be active simultaneously
Note2: Equipment listed barely matters because it gets switched off like every round anyway; see Stances below

Current Inventory that matters:

  1. Hi-Ether x8
  2. Phoenix Down x2
  3. Dancer's Ribbon (Tier 3 Flexible Reach, +2 Perform)(one rat)
  4. Rainbow Roll (Tier 4 Food: +2 DEX, +2 MND) x1
  5. Mist Branch (Special: Spawn Mist Monster) x3
  6. Brigand Brew (Tier 2 Consumable: +4 Thievery) x13
  7. Ruby (Tier 6 Component, HP Restore, Auto-Reflect, Special Ability (Freeflect)) x1
  8. Oglop Oil Ceviche (Tier 4 Food: +4 Thievery) x3
  9. Espionage Espresso (Tier 2 Consumable: +4 Stealth) x3
  10. Sprinter's Shake (Tier 2 Consumable: +4 Athletics) x4
  11. Sashimi Platter (Tier 4 Food: +4 MND) x3

Key Items:
Uguu Nat-Chan's Super Happy Fun Not-So-Secret Diary =^-^=
Ipsen's Mist Bottle
Ribbon Collection
Celina's Ribbon goes in both inventories
Prototype Eidolon Mnemonic Enhancer System / Tiara of the Mirror Princess
First Memories of Ammy
Moemoe Espeon- I mean Carbuncle Carving
Curtain of Invisibility (Æther Realm-only)
An Entire Door Lock
The Crystal

 * - Probably doesn't do anything

Traveling Clothes
Formal Wear
Kawaii Winter Coat
Giftwear (Æther)
Stolen Mime Beret (Costume Add-On)

I think 42,621gil?

Magic and Etc

White Magic
Novice: Cure, Dia, Faith
Intermediate: Ruby HealCura, Ruby LightProtect, Pearl LightShell
Expert: Ruby LightReflect, Teleport, Ruby Heal IICuraga
Superior: Ruby EraserDispel

Limit Break
Brilliant Rose (custom)

Current prototype:

  • Athletics checks at increasing DCs (5>7>9>11>14>17>20>25>30)
  • Random target among all enemies per hit
  • Damage equal to (MND * [Successes/2]) + 2d6 per hit
  • (Example: 23, 23, 46, 46, 69, 69, 92, 92, 115)
  • Maybe piercing too possibly?
  • 1,1 counts as a failure, even if not

Nat begins glowing intensely, and undergoes a physical transformation! Fur begins to sprout from her body, and her hair lifts up, forming wavy combs on each side of her head! A thick tail begins to unwind from behind her, and her Ruby glows intensely!

Can be used for 3 Destiny BELOW 25% HP since I know I'll forget that

  • +1 -session ability uses
  • Limit Break, 0-destiny cost, standard action
  • +2 damage steps on everything
  • Actually remember the past 4,000 years for a few seconds!
  • Free, Standard Action spells as per self-sumonning
  • Extend Spell (aka Green Magic I guess): Non-damaging, non-healing single-target spells may be cast on an entire Group.
  • (Hey me remember to ask Kain about twin soul bonuses sometime thanks)

NOTE: Twin Soul's Twin Spell can be applied to a casting of Reflect to grant Protect in the same action. Kyaa.

I think it went… kind of like this?




Summoned Stats

Level 15
HP: 341
MP: ∞

AVD: 11
ARM: 0
M.ARM: 0

Searing Light: 2d6+1 or 2d6+36 (base)
Ruby Light: +54 MP (base)

Eidolomode Spells:

Stuff to Remember

  • Auto-Reflect
  • Auto-Regen
  • 200% Damage from physical, 50% magical
  • Cannot be Hasted ever
  • Impervious
  • Immune to Knockback/Disarming/Equipment Damage
  • Self-summoning (like all summoning) is a Slow Action
  • Astral Flow instantly at the end of turn 3
  • Astral Flow is Pearl Light (Shell+Protect), Emerald Light (Haste+Protect), Diamond Light (Invisible+Protect), or Ruby Light (Reflect+Protect)

Jewel Stat Reference

Dark Matter: Tier 8, ???
Diamond: Tier 7, HP Restore, Body Temp, Accurate, Special Ability (Prismatic*) - 6,000gil
Emerald: Tier 6, Auto-Haste, Special Ability: Lancet, +4 MND, HP Restore - 3,500gil
Garnet: ???
Moonstone: Tier 6, Beast Killer, Auto-Shell, MND+2, HP Restore - 2,500gil
Ore: Tier 1, HP Restore - 100gil
Pumice: Tier 8, ???
Ruby: Tier 6, HP Restore, Auto-Reflect, Special Ability (Cast Reflect as a slow action for no MP) - ?,???gil
Sapphire: Tier 5, Special Ability: Gillionaire, Special Ability: Fenrir, HP Restore - 1,500gil

*Ingame description: Synchronize with other gems!
GameFAQs description: Allows the use of alternative Astral Flows while transformed, no effect otherwise.

Polishing Reference

+1: 12gil, DC 7
+2: 37gil, DC 9
+3: 137gil, DC 11
+4: 500gil, DC 14
+5: 1,218gil, DC 17
+6: 2,500gil, DC 20
+7: 5,416gil, DC 25
+8: ?????gil, DC 30

Uguu Nat-Chan's Super Happy Fun Not-So-Secret Diary =^-^=

Section 1

A large glossary of terms, with lists of names of people and really, really teeny tiny descriptions of them. The first page is just lots of names with no contexts, the second is nobles and businesses, as is the third, but the fourth and fifth have photographs taped to them- or did. The former is Amaryllis with an arrow saying "This is Ammy!" pointing to it, and the latter is completely torn out. The rest is just miscellaneous scribbled notes.

Section 2

The biggest part, marked on the edge of the pages by a bit of Lenore's noseblood that was never cleaned, is a collection of long-winded musings on the adventure and such. There's a bit before that, on the tens of pages after 'guides' and dictionaries, but it hardly covers day-to-day activites or otherwise details so much as it is "remember to ask Ammy about x" or "remember to ask Ammy about y." It's still written in Natty's mostly-cheerful tone and riddled with exclamation marks, but it's clear that somewhere in the 50s it sped up and everything is more recent.

As only one person knows by now, the REAL purpose of it is to serve as a memory-jog while on the crystal-collecting rampage, and it may or may not actually reflect that! Also the diary is pink on the outside, with its own cute little pen. Was this an era where everybody used quill pens still? If so it's one of those and she probably gets the ink from Ammy or something.

Additionally, though the first ~5 or so pages are indeed section 1, 6-49 had been completely blank! … Until now; however, the diary is constantly on Nat's person now that the magic hiding what was written had been dispelled so 'finding it lying around' is less and less likely compared to just 'asking.'

Section 3

Intense-looking diagrams of move names and how to perform them! Most are stick-figures.

Name Desc
Full Force A figure kneeing another in the stomach, with the latter doubling over.
Break Into Fragments A '+' next to Full Force, with an additional roundhouse kick added.
Cutting Edge of Notion A silly drawing of a circular downwards kick, denoted by arrows, and some kind of lines shooting at another figure.
The Edge of a Decision The reverse of Cutting Edge of Notion, where the stick figure flips upward instead of downward. The lines shooting at the figure look scribbly and violent, like there's more deadly intent with THIS attack.
The Edge of an Oath ?
Like a Glint of Light An arrow circling around a stick figure and pointing to its back.
Climax of the Tower An arrow pointing to a stick figure's legs. There's enough detail to make it clear this is one of Nat's favorites.
Bloodthirsty Fang Riddled with question marks, it has a stick figure making a kicking motion and an arrow moving forward along the 'ground,' with a bunch of knives drawn at random positions and angles. Seems she's not sure on HOW to do it just yet.
Bitter Dance ?
Chaotic Dance Just a bunch of question marks. Apparently this one isn't controlled, it just happens.
Mad Dance ?
Wild Dance A circle instead of a stick figure with an arrow pointing downward at it. A bunch of lines surround it.
Keen-Edged Blade A bunch of lines surrounding an empty space at first, as if to imply blinking out of sight, and next to it, it's hard to tell if those are a bunch of complex mathematical formulas about convex lenses or just random scribblings. Probably the latter. Another stick figure, frowning, has a line through its midsection.
Stab the Sword of Justice This one has two stick figures surrounding a target - one of them adorned with hearts and other happy-looking things - with one holding what looks like a knife, the other coming from behind.
Distorted Sword Light A curvy arrow moving around a stick figure, with an upward arrow tacked onto it. From there, there's line pointing downward, a bit diagonally. Of course, the other figure with the knife is there too.
Relentless Assault A BUNCH of lines going through another figure. Like, really, a lot.
Rebel Against Destiny A shape obviously representing an axe-kick from above on an unsuspecting - or maybe suspecting - target.
Rise Above the World An arrow pointing up and cuuuuurving in an arc downward. It goes pretty high up.
Nostalgia for Hope ?
To the Last Drop of My Blood A stick figure, arms crossed, surrounded by a bunch of straight lines going in various directions.
Soaring Blade Tempest.
Break Down ?
Exceed the Limit Something seems to be emerging from a stick figure's forehead, taking up an entire page with what looks like a bunch of scribbles.
Violent Storm ♥ Lenny
Last Moment of the Wicked Way ♥ Ammy
Confidence in the Domination A strange-looking sketch that looks like it was scribbled more frantically than the others- has some instructions for movements (like an arrow tilting diagonally downward) and a bunch of circles.
Highbrow ?
Moody Goddess A big circle and a lot of lines coming off of it. Well, apparently she has an idea what it is, because looking at this there's no way anybody else can!
Brilliant Rose
The True Mirror ?

There's a separate section too!

Name Desc Mechanics
Impatient Sword "A stance meaning you're ready to attack and don't care what happens! The whole body has to be in on it, though, you can't be putting more strength in some places than others or anything." (Arms + Legs)
Earth-Piercing Sword "A stance mostly channeling upper-body strength, for when you want to fire laser beams a lot! … Uhh, maybe it doesn't always work that great, though." (Arms + Bracer)
Perplexed Sword "A stance that's all in the legs, when you don't know what the enemy's gonna do and want to move around a lot. Totally the most fun, A+++ I give it my own stamp of approval!" (Legs + Bracer)
Dancin' Sword "A stance for when you're ready to go all out and never stop for a second! I think some people called it capo… capo… uhh, I forgot." (Trance. Forgot to mention it. Whoops.)
Unbroken Sword "A stance that doesn't move at all, not for anything! It's boring because there's no attacking involved, but…" (Defense)

Æther Realm Castle Spergzone


"Hi! How's work?"
"It's a turbulent seesaw ride of difficult effort-in-motion and luxurious decadence. I can't tell you any details, of course, I'm forbidden to, but Grandfather has been quite busy, himself. Overall I am satisfied." (See… what?)
"That's good! By the way, did you ever go to see that new continent yet? That one was my fault too, but I dunno, there might actually BE something there, don'tcha think?"
"New continent? I'm afraid I've not the foggiest. Grandfather has no plans for New Years, but it seems he wishes to attend a play next month. Odd, I didn't know he had a taste for them. I should be going with him, and I do hope it's not dull. Perhaps on the way we can explore this 'new continent' business."
"What kinda play? Believe ir ot not I might know some maybe if I ask around- but! I just wanted to bring it up because the continent's a brand new place that popped up thanks to the Crystal. If you hurry you might find treasure or something there before anyone else! … Or maybe I'm just too lazy to check it out myself, eheheh. Work is busy. But whatever you do, good luck! I'm cheering for you, 'kay?"
"I see. That may be worth looking into then, thank you. We should catch up at a future point in time."
"Yeah, that'd be cool!"

*Flyer dumped into the mindworld*


  • Empty-looking room, which is actually the garbage dump for a bunch of broken mirrors but just has a curtain of invisibility thrown over it. (1f)
  • Painting room filled with ugly ruby lizards and stuff. (2f)
  • eh more later


Tiny Emerald/Ruby/Diamond Weapons and the Majora's Mask moon memories of ancient guardians of the planet who don't actually do anything but look cute.
ALSO Coffette the supercute… what IS she supposed to be anyway? Whatever, she's there, and she has a maid headband and everything. She is the BEST at cleaning.

~Secret Planning Zone~

Phase 1: Sneak into the Bastion, find a memory of Durandal
Phase 2: Get the OTHER Buncle to be busy, teleport to Gluttonland, assume her identity
Phase 3: Find Atomos + possible breakout, learn the Glutton's plans, get the fuck out
1) No lying! (Bending the truth is okay~)
2) Don't break the "we won't get in each other's ways" promise! (So if I do it behind her back…)
3) No selling out or using allies! (This is MY mission!)

Phase 1: Found 'decent' mirrors, detection unknown, no damage - B Rank, 80000 points
Phase 1.5: ~1 hour, no damage, almost caught, didn't get lost - A Rank, 90000 points
Phase 2: Undetected, stole a fucking door lock, 'borrowed' clothes, met Atomos - S Rank, 100000 points
Phase 3: Let Atomos be, met Glutton, gave Glutton the 'correct' answer(?), stole from mime, retrieved crystal&etc, escaped - A+ rank, 95000 points
Bonus Phase: Get fucked over! Escape anyway! - No Rank, 0 Points
Total: 365000/400000 points - A Rank
"Could've been better, but man I'm still pretty good, huh?"

Campaign : FFIX-2