Dan Murderer Xiao

Element Tranquility
The element of peace, serenity, and acceptance.
Power Murder
The power to end life.
Weapon Edge
Swords, knives - anything with a sharp edge.
Magic 3
Just barely a mage.
Heart 8
Peaceful acceptance.
Fury 8
An anger-filled heart.
Resolve 18
The will of a sorcerer.
Aggro 9
A murderer.
Cool 6
Pretty chill.
Sharp 4
His blades are sharp for him.
Social 5
Pretty chill.


Half english, half chinese, he's a somewhat exotic member of the military (as if magical girls aren't). He's generally charming looking, if you actually notice he's there at all - he just gives off a disarming aura.


Extremely laid back and generally tolerant of things even his own inevitable death. He's also surprisingly nice for a murderer, but inherently selfish. He does as he wishes - he's just been on his own supernatural high for so long that he rarely actually cares about anything anymore.

While he enjoys new experiences, he seems to relish the act of killing above everything else. He's even excited about his own death.


His costume is an ornate, ceremonial robe, fit for a priest or perhaps even an actual wizard, but cut for combat and movement. It's a blood red color, making it impossible to tell if it's been bloodied or not, although it does have silver highlights. It seems to have knives hidden all about it, although perhaps its wearer is just able to summon them, but it comes with a scabbard for a full-sized sword.


Peaceful Aura - LV2

All allies restore 2 resolve at the beginning of each of my turns, up to l+(m-l)/2, where l is the lowest resolve that particular ally has ever had during the fight, and m is their maximum resolve.


At the cost of 2 overdrive, no one can perform any hostile actions until the end of my next turn. This only costs 1 overdrive instead if it affects 3 or less people.

Slow Death

An attack that deals half damage, but the target is incapable of escaping (or chasing escaping) targets (unless they've been equivalently slowed) until they make a Support check (15+). This has no effect on the target's combat ability - only their ability to sustain quick movement.


If 12 extra damage would defeat the target, then this attack deals 12 extra damage.


  • Speaking in Tongues - Sometimes, Dan accidentally speaks in the wrong language. No one's sure which one it actually is.
  • Unstuck in Space - Dan's position in space is no longer completely fixed. If only he could use this to his advantage.
  • Self Harm - Sometimes, he's so impatient about his own death that he inflicts wounds on himself. Although he always had a death wish, this behavior seems to have gotten stronger after he's gotten enveloped in magic.
  • Molting - Sometimes he has to molt. It's kind of weird, and he looks a little bit different each time.
  • Weak Aura - His presence is starting to fade too. People have a hard time even realizing he's there!
  • Happy Place - He sometimes gets lost in his own magical high.

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