Hokay, so there's this catgirl, now, right?

She looks like…

Her name is Mrrn. Like, trill the r's and stuff. It's important to pronounce it right. She might get mad if you don't. It's not Murn or Marn or Mern. It's pronounced like the 'm' in 'mother', the 'ear' in 'bear' only you trill the r's like 'rr' in 'perro'. Man, we gettin' Spanish now. Anyway, the 'n' is normal like in… uh… 'normal'. Mrrn. Got it? Good.

Let's see. I have records saying she's aloof and flighty, but if you check over a tab, we'll get into the nitty gritty of things, background and stats and stuff, those sorts of important things.