Mouthpunchers versus Dracula


Some superheroes can lift absurdly heavy objects, fly, or run across the world in mere minutes. Some superheroes can teleport, move objects with their mind, or control the minds of others. A few superheroes can even change their form, or have an unusual form to begin with.

Some superheroes can punch mouths.

The main characters of this campaign are all uniquely talented (but not especially so) individuals, exploring a spooky old castle on some sort of strange group dare. If they manage to stay the entire night in the castle (from sunset to sunrise), they get a fame (albeit not all that much, I mean, it's just a spooky old castle), glory (again, not all that much), and a sweet prize.

The setting is modern Earth. The theme is deadly horror with just a touch of silliness.


This game is very close to freeform. Whenever you perform an action where some unpredictability is required, I'll tell you to roll a happy die, and use the roll to interpret the results of your action. Happy dice are six-sided dice, with emotions and faces instead of numbers. Happy results ( :D and :) ) represent good outcomes, indifferent results ( :| and :/ ) represent neutral outcomes, and sad/angry results ( :( and >:( ) represent negative outcomes. Outcomes represent a change of state rather than an absolute, so if you're being chased by someone faster than you, a neutral outcome could very easily represent you being caught.

If two PCs come into conflict, and dice must be rolled, typically each PC will roll their own happy die, and the GM will determine the results from there.

Each character has four stats (Power, Agility, Intelligence, and Mana), determined each by a happy dice roll. They also have a strength, a weakness, and a special ability. An example special ability is mouthpunching - alternatives may be allowed, but are fully under the GM's discretion. A safe alternative might be the Mystery power, if you really have something against mouthpunching. But why would you? That'd be mean. :(

Characters also ought to have at least one paragraph for each of the following topics, although this requirement is not super strict: backstory, personality, physical description, and likely starting equipment.