Executing Identification Procedures

Identity: Multiple Equilibrium Reactive Yggdrasil Liberator-unit 20311212
NOTE: This unit accepts commands when addressed as 'MERYL' or its lowercase variant.

Estimated Date of Production: ???????

Current Reinforcement Plating Value: 15 / 15

Estimated FELLOWSHIP Evaluation Rating: 38
Estimated PERCEPTION Evaluation Rating: 34
Estimated STRENGTH Evaluation Rating: 32
Estimated WEAPON SKILL Evaluation Rating: 31
Estimated BALLISTIC SKILL Evaluation Rating: 31
Estimated INTELLIGENCE Evaluation Rating: 31
Estimated AGILITY Evaluation Rating: 31
Estimated TOUGHNESS Evaluation Rating: 30
Estimated WILLPOWER Evaluation Rating: 23 - Malfunctioning, requiring upgrades


Luck: 46

'PACA' Capacity: 1 / 2

Miscellaneous Trait: Machine [1]. Immune to human breathing requirements, temperature thresholds, vacuum. Reinforced armor plating to a value of "+1."

Current Equipment: Beretta 92F
Found in: Safe, Residence
Combat Statistics: 1d10+3 I, S/3/-, Pen 0, 10 Clip, Rld Full
Statistic Clarification: Fires 9x19mm Parabellum FMJ, 10 rounds per clip magazine. Reloading is a full-round action. 3(?) shots per turn.

Miscellaneous Equipment: Baseball Bat, Wooden, approximately 86% sturdiness value.
Found in: Unidentified Educational Facility, Gymnasium, Storage Area.
Combat Statistics: 1d10(+STR) damage.

Backpack, Fuschia
Found in: Residence
Statistics: Storage for compact objects.

External Module


The Unit's Capabilities…

155 'Skill' capacity Points for use.

Befriending (Fellowship) - * - 38(+38)=76 - The unit is designed to interact with humanoids and act as a friendly interface for sharing information and providing any necessary assistance. With the absence of authority figures its directive has become less clear and its secondary instructions are to act as is logical according to the situation; however, confirming friendly relations with humanoids unless explicitly otherwise is to always be considered a top priority.

Observation Module (Perception) - * 34(+34)=68 - The unit's built-in instructions involve observing surroundings to locate objects and other points of interest with which to assist humanoids when necessary. Furthermore, its scanners are able to locate signs of life and ascertain details which may be necessary to be aware of before accidentally causing harm. However, privacy is prioritized and unnecessary scanning of nonhostile individuals is forbidden unless explicitly ordered otherwise.

Firearms Systems - Sentinel Mode Functions 1-317 (Ballistic Skill) - * - 31(+31)=62 - Upon releasing locks on combat functions, the unit's compliance with the three laws of the Robotic Code are temporarily re-prioritized, with the order to engage in combat outprioritizing the inability to harm humanoids. Sentinel Mode's functions include the defense of allies and neutralization of immediately hostile entities. The first 317 functions of Sentinel Mode are firearms regulations and the handling of ranged weaponry. Sentinel Mode may be de-activated at any time when ordered, and is automatically activated in emergency situations.

Heavy Lifting (Strength) - * - 32(+20)=52 - The unit possesses enhanced physical capabilities in comparison to average humanoid specimens, and is therefore able to lift multiple tons without requiring backup hardware. Expressing this capability is optional and not a prime objective of the unit, thusly circumvented unless absolutely necessary.

Self-Repair Unit (Intelligence) - * - 31(+12)=43 - The unit's internal structure mimics a humanoid's and is therefore able to reconstruct itself gradually upon being damaged. The Self-Repair Unit is strictly backup hardware and may not be activated in non-dangerous environments.

Conditional External Protection (Toughness) - 15(+15)=30 - The unit's external plating is notably resilient and may resist lasting damages, including but not limited to crushing pressure, vandalism, intense heat, et cetera.

Memory Databank Recollection (Intelligence) - 15(+5)=21 - Assessing damages… unidentified. Memory databanks approximately 80% offline. Drastic measures may be required to salvage data. The unit apologizes in advance.

Campaign: This Thing.