Runs tuesday 2/14/2012

Level 20 Promoted units
400 growth to distribute however you want
Cost skills are free
Free rerolls if dicemaid poops on you
Any items/weapons you want
As many items/weapons as you can carry(3+[con/5] rounded down)
Feel free to snowflake

Enemies so far:
Assassin -
General -
Sniper -
Paladin -
Falcoknight -

For leveling, start at level 1 as normal, distribute your 4 points to stats and 400 growth points,
then level up to 20(19 levels) of your first class. Add your promotion stat bonuses and 5% to any growth
rate. Then level up another 19 times to level 20.

Nirel, SeianVerien,
Iris,Holy Guard, BB,
Abomination/Sylpi, Tree,