Magnus Steel

Name: Magnus Steel
Magical “Girl” Name: Muscle Hurricane
Age: 35
Height: 2,1 meters.
Weight: 108 Kilos.
Element: Muscle!
Effect: Hulkin' Out: By summoning the power of every muscle in earth, Magnus' pecs and biceps swell with magical power! By taking up to three points of Overcharge, Magnus' attack and damage rolls increase by two by each point spent. Roll your support when using this effect to know how many turns it will take. 1-10: 1 Turn, 11-15: 2 Turns, 15-20: 3 turns, 20-25: 4 turns.
Power: Strength and Stamina of thirty men!
Effect 2: Commando Chokehold: Your rippling muscles and iron strength are putting these suckers on lockdown. Take an additional point of Overcharge and roll your attack, if it hits, the target must remain in one place, use its lowest attribute for defense, and cannot attack until it can spend a turn to make a Support challenge (succeed on a 12+) to get free.
Costume: A frilly white short skirt leaving his toned legs bare, with a pink top with three giant red ribbons, two in the shoulders and one in the chest. It’s pretty tight for his body, since it was not designed for a girl half his weight!