Lorelei Loveless is a twelve(and a half!)-year-old girl and not-so-proud sister of a crazy wizard wannabe, having followed the latter to performing a crazy ritual after having heard her girlish crush was going to show up, even if it was just a sudden thing and he didn't even know what was going on. Always getting her way, she's probably a living hell to actually be related to but puts on a nice face to strangers, if a little nervous around them.

This important day, she dressed up in her fanciest outfit as if expecting to go to a rich people party or something, and made sure to wear her favorite light-up sneakers too without regards to fashion probably because she's not mature enough to stand the discomfort of wearing fancy shoes. They're probably lime green, by the way, if her dress is turquoise; like, the lights are. As if that weren't enough, she lugs around an empty backpack for seemingly no reason. Also, much like her sister dyes her hair a ridiculous color like purple she does her own natural black with a few tinges of some bluish color, maybe streaks. Or maybe it just took on entire shade of blue all on its own? Regardless, the sides are a bit messy (think Saya no Uta) and she just doesn't make enough of an effort to keep them down.

Personality-wise, she's often fairly shy - or god forbid, timid - and easy to simply not notice to anybody who isn't a close friend, which isn't saying much because she doesn't HAVE any friends close enough to count. She has no qualms flat-out bullshitting to get what she wants and often agrees with Larissa's peers who taunt her or find her weird for being a creepy wizard. Of course, she understands what her sister's going through and how she got to the point she did to begin with, but just plain isn't supportive in the slightest or useful to her sister on her own besides as 'hey guys, I brought my cute little sister' material. Apparently that improves morale, if the situation that just happened says anything.



(aka Capture, Reappropriation, Seizing, Snatching, Taking, "Making Things Mine")
It takes a lot of effort to rephrase 'Stealing' to make it sound less awful than it's usually seen, but is it really? Little sister-types who always get what they want at their siblings' expense are nothing new, and Lorelei's sure to abuse that tradition even when it isn't necessary. She'll throw a fit when she doesn't get something she wants, too- maybe it's a phase to grow out of?


Being ignored
When someone has something more important to do or just doesn't have time for childish antics, that's okay! But it's when it starts to go beyond that, to "I'll pretend this kid isn't here until she shuts up" or "I'll completely blow off that trip we had planned because I have more important work to do," that the whole world starts to crumble and it becomes apparent how little anybody actually cares, much worse so when it's from an important person. That kind of loneliness is really soul-crushing.


Losing things
Specifically, having something taken by somebody else. Nothing gets a bratty imouto in a rage like getting something she wants only to have it go away some way or another- sure, some cases it's trivial and is something she forgot about or didn't need anyway, or maybe she got rid of it on purpose? But it's when something is gone and it was completely out of her control that she flies off the handle and summons planet-rending tantrums.


(pun intended)
No really, how much do you think a kid gets teased about this sort of thing for having a name like 'Loveless?' Maybe that in itself just provokes a stronger drive to pursue it with all her heart! Some might argue that she tries too hard, and while she doesn't agree, it's probably true. What if it's also just a phase?

Personality: Murderer Brat Innocent, Sweet Girl

Status: Arrow-Wound-In-Leg / Stung a Bit


Body 33 (Just as buff as you'd expect a preteen to be- as in, not at all)
Speed 77 (A natural shining golden goddess at Hide-&-Seek)
Mind 44 (Homework? There're more fun things to do…)
Soul 66 ("Not getting what I want" is a foreign concept)


Body Speed
General Athletics 15% Dodge 55%
Struggle 15% Snatch 37+13+5=55%
Squeeze 33% Initiative 38+2=40%
Mind Soul
Conceal 44% Hounding for Sympathy 34%
General Education 15% Bond 15%
Notice 30% Lying 55%
Ritual 40%

~Mystery Meter~

X / / (/ _)







|||| |||| |||| |||| |||| |||


Name Desc.
Backpack An important carrying tool! Can hold lots of weight.
Torn Dress The fanciest Lorelei has; became a victim to haunted house shenanigans and is pretty much a blood-soaked rag now.
Red Crayon A red crayon. Probably writes in red.
Skintight Suit (E) Small-size, but would probably look better on somebody curvier…

12 exp left + more I need to remember to ask for + ANOTHER batch I need to remember to ask for


Campaign: Corpse Par- I mean this thing