Lily Blevins


Note that her hair is not actually green, I'm just lazy, it's actually black.

Name: Lieutenant Lily Blevins

Age: 16
Height: 5'3"
Weight: "I forgot!"
Bust Size: "Huh? I'm not sure how big they are, but they're jiggly!"

Resolve: 6/18

Magical Aptitudes

Stat Assigned Value Noise
Heart Support 10 5
Magic Defense 9 4
Fury Attack 3 0


Parameters Typical of the Animal Colloquially Known as a "Human"

Stat Value
Charm 5
Tenacity 5
Insight 4

Element: Plantlife

Power: Gentle Sunlight

Weapon: N/A

Lily is a technical pacifist.

Specialization: Priestess

Advanced Specialization: Oracle





  • Tier 1
    • +1 Heart
    • +1 Magic
    • +1 Magic no restat
  • Tier 2
    • New Specialization Talent
    • New Specialization Talent (Restat skipped)
    • New Common Talent
  • Tier 3
    • Advanced Specialization: Oracle

Magic Items


A parasitic vine that wraps around the wearer's wrists like handcuffs. The vine in the middle is naturally quite tangled, but the creator can untangle the middle a little to give the wearer a bit more room to move their hands. They are capable of growing thorns containing a paralyzing agent at the creator's command. Commands to the cuffs can only be made within a short distance, but the creator does not require line of sight to issue commands. They may be loosened and removed only at the creator's command. The vines usually aren't close enough to the creator to derive energy from her, so they gain nourishment from photosynthesis and from the wearer, draining nutrients from them. The wearer may become lethargic because of this, but it should not be enough to be life threatening. The vines themselves are exceptionally hard, and should prove exceedingly difficult to destroy by mundane means.

Sunkissed Journal

Person Sunshine Thoughts
Mr. Wolf Morning dawn with the dewdrops still there A nice little wolf I met in the forest near home! He growled at me a bunch at first so I stayed away but one day he got hurt and I bandaged him up with a nice poultice and now he loves me but he's at the forest at home and now I'm here! Oh well.
Mom An overcast, windy day, good for flying kites Mum doesn't think I'm a "lady" and should sit up straight and wear heavier dresses and not do somersaults too much because apparently people will think I've tried to mate with the wolves or some street man if I stretch too much and that I should only play with bunnies in cages, or the stuffed kind, and that I should be thinking more about boys than plants and mating with them so that she'll have a lovely little grandbaby but I thought she didn't want me to have intercourse and it's so confusing!
Dad Sun already set, but with still a few rays Dad likes that I like plants but he thinks I should like them less or something and that I should actually split my thoughts into paragraph sentences instead of really fun run-ons that are like how I actually talk and that I should stay inside and only study the plants in the greenhouse and in the lawn instead of the forest and I understand but they're so boring when you see the same thing every day!
My Pen-Pal, Maria Mallone An early spring sunny day with a few clouds but plenty of sun but it's not intense and you can't feel it on your skin Mom wanted me to be more normal so she got me writing to another girl but she made me be strict with punctuation and write some of my letters like five times but anyway Maria is from another country and they're at war with the same people and work with us so aren't we almost the same just in different spots but her family is a family of merchants that deal in goods from really far away places like the stuff they put in a lot of tea and she's like me and loves what her dad does but her dad doesn't want her to do it and it's harder to pull that off in secret because you still need to do things with people but I encourage her all the time and I hope she can sell me some of her tea some day because I love tea even if it's awful boring making it!
My handler, Colonel Ivers Hurricane This entry is scribbled out so much as to be illegible
Colonel Vaughan A thunderstorm, completely obscuring the sun but giving plants much needed water He's always telling me that I need to stand straight keep in formation don't give dirty looks always be on time never talk back no fidgeting NO FUN but I get the feeling he actually cares for my well being unlike my last handlers but has to be a PROPER ADULT and I still hate that and think he could be way better ugh! He's trying so hard though, so I'll do my best!
Major Stranahan A forgotten, sunny forest meadow, tread by few She's gone but I'll be a hero for her sake!
Deputy A Dull Wolf Evening, with some light to see still but everything's getting all dark WHOOPS
Major Vestergaard Sunny with a chance of clouds Yes let's get hitched, you owe me after all~
Onriette Layclaire A windy, but otherwise sunny hill, a few trees nearby shading the area It's hard, I know, and I wish I could make things easier, but there's just no solution to that, so let's work together to make the best of everything! There's got to be something we can do!
Marina Martell Oppressive Rain She's…gone…
Klorall A cloudy- but still sunny- windy day where everyone is flying kites Wonder how she's doing…
Bridge-it McDonalds A mysterious, dimly lit forest path GOOD AT SMASH! I hope she's SMASHing up politics!
Rosy Nasty day, melty snow paired with freezing rain No.
Violet Partly cloudy She seems a little nicer than the original, but I'm not sure about her still!
Naida Sunny, with scattered showers Let's keep it together, shall we?
Seal Skarpretter Lightning Storm The war's over! Please, listen to me!
Vladko Overcast, wind dragging along leaves She'll take care of you. I hope.
Enfys A brightly shining beach Glad to have you back~!!!
Dirk A bright winter's day, where the sun reflecting off the snow kind of blinds your eyes a bit He seems okay but a little dumb but Henriette seems to like him! I bet she misses him.
Angie A crackling thunderstorm, the sky illuminating with every crack of lightning BITCH! But I kind of miss that…
And Jole Middling meandering wind on a cloudy day He seems okay but I don't think the world really works like he might think it does!
Ingra Gently trickling storm I still feel guilty but I think she'll be okay now!
Harry A beautiful sunrise I want to make a garden with him! ♥