Liliah Gardener

Liliah is a veteran magical girl who has seen a lot of terrible things. Although she is naive to the sinister truth, Liliah knows a lot about how magical girl society works.

And she doesn't like it. At all. What's with the chip on her shoulder about it? She's not telling.

But if you'd like to know, you can see subtle hints in Filler 1 currently.

Relationships: Heart - ??? She doesn't talk about him much. At all. Seriously. She hasn't mentioned him yet.

She looks like this
Except her hair is bright green and her eyes are light blue.

Aggro: 6
Cool: 3
Social: 5
Sharp: 7
Magic: 9
Heart: 5
Fury: 4

Power: Growing plants
Magical Effect: Regeneration: Heals people 1d6+Half Attack Resolve

Magical Power: Manipulation over said plants
Effect: Briar Patch: Stabbing multiple enemies for 1d6+Half Attack Stat damage with no penalty to damage. Rules for striking are still in effect, however.

Finishing move: Wrath of the Thorns: Thorns rip and tear at the Outsider while binding it down. +15 to attack and 2d6 damage as well as half of a rolled 1d6 damage in the next turns the Outsider has.